CFK Weekly: March 12, 2023

Calling all Runners!

Still time to sign up (5k up to Marathon & Maraton Relay Options) or plan to come cheer on the runners from CFK!! 2023 Knoxville Marathon is just a few weeks away!

Programming Sneak Peek!


5×3 Front Squats! Then two, 3min AMRAP that will see how fast you can move a barbell and test a gymnastics skill on the bar!


You and a Partner are doing intervals of a AMRAP racking up Calories for a overall score!


5×2 (Building) Power Cleans! Our AMRAP today will see how we you can handle rounds of a Heavy movement paired with Jumps and Push Ups.


Single Leg stability and Pistol work. Then we have a Chipper that will see how your legs and shoulders handle some OH Walking Lunges


5×2 Pausing Bench! Then we have a Burner to finish off your Friday!


Partner Pacer today!

Deal Alert!!

CFK is excited to announce that through our relationship with Wes we are able to offer preferred pricing on Nike Romaleo 4 weightlifting shoes.  These are the exact shoes he wears to train and compete.  Through his partnership with Nike members of CFK can get them for $174.99, regularly $200.  We will be posting a preorder form and will charge upon order submission.  They will then be shipped from Nike and distributed at the gym.  Please see Dave or Wes with questions.


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