CFK Weekly: June 4, 2023

Call All Lifters!!!

6/10 – North 10AM!!!

Please come join us at North next Saturday 6/10 at North at 10am for a once in a lifetime weightlifting experience.
Wes’ coach Dave Spitz, owner and founder of Cal Strength, is in town to help prep Wes for his next competition in Cuba.  With him will also be fellow US Olympian Nathan Damron.
Wes’ soon to be every day training partner, Morgan McCullough, will be there as well.  Morgan is the youngest American to ever C&J 400lbs, doing it the first time at 15 yrs old.
There will be more weightlifting experience and ability in one place than anywhere else in the country.
Coach Greg is out of town and won’t be at West again next Saturday.  So please everyone come join this amazing group of some the best weightlifters in the world.

Programming Sneak Peek!


Power Clean + Front Squats EMOM! Then we have 6 Rounds for Time with some Squat Cleans!


Let’s see how far you and a partner can make it on the rower in this pacer!


5 x 3 Deadlifts@ 80-85% of your 1RM. Then we are getting inverted in this shorter AMRAP.


We have a alternating EMOM where are climbing rope! (Bring Shin Protection) The goal is consistency across your rounds.


5 x 3 Bench Press. Then our Metcon will test your Lungs and Legs as you complete 4 rounds for time.


Karandy is BACK! This time she has some ABS!

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