CFK Weekly: July 30, 2023


CFK Summer Slam starts 8/7! SIGN UP HERE!

We would like to shout out a few of our sponsors for helping with the event!

Prime IV – In celebration of CFK Summer Slam Prime IV Hydration and Wellness is offering all CFK members a 20% discount off all vitamin infusions and injections. These treatments will not only benefit performance but also speed up recovery time. Reach out to Coach Keith for more information.

Clean Eatz Farragut – As a perk of membership and due to our relationship with Clean Eatz…all CFK members receive a 10% discount at the Clean Eatz Farragut location. They will also be a part of our CFK Summer Slam festivities and prizes! See Coach Hannah for more information and thank you to her husband Johnny!!

Brutal Bones – Brutal Bones Supply will also be a part of our CFK Summer Slam prizes! Those of you that know Ben, know he not only awesome…but also dedicated to making awesome products. Check out their website or see Ben with questions about their products. We will be offering them for sale at the gym soon!


Full Event Details Below!

Programming Sneak Peek!


Turkish Get Ups to start the week. Our Metcon will tax your midline and ability to keep moving.


6×2 Front Squats! Following up with a Chipper where you will be rowing and have wall balls that should be done unbroken in order to finish this in time.


Strict Press with descending reps and building weight to a 1RM. Then we have 10 rounds for time with gymnastics movements where being smart about your or rep pacing or scaling.


5 x 5ea Single Leg Deadlifts for Strength. Then benchmark WOD Helen!


Clean & Jerk EMOM to prime and prep… then we hit GRACE!


Partner WOD with some distance to cover on a bike!

Stainless Steel Insulated Shaker Bottle & 40oz Bottle Pre-Order!

Deadline 8/2/23 11:59PM – Order HERE!

40oz Bottle $41.99

20oz Shaker Bottle $34.99

CFK Summer Slam In-House Competition!

Get your team ready! 4 Person Teams 2 Guys / 2 Girls on Saturday – 8/26/23 @ West!

  • Sign your Team up!! (Below) Looking for a team? List your name and we will try our best to help find you one!
    • Deciding on between competing RX or Scaled? Here are some guidelines (Movements not guaranteed to be in competition, just as a guideline)
      • Rx Athletes: Wall Balls 20/14 – Thrusters 95/65 – DB Snatches 50/35 – Box Jumps 24/20 – Unassisted Pull Ups
  • How it is going to work?
    • Saturday, August 26th is where you will compete as a team to crown the winner!
    • The 3 Mondays leading up to the competition our in class WOD will count for seeding your team leading into the Competition. These WODs will be individual, but help you team. (There will be a weekly team prizes for these WODS too!) The dates…
      • Monday – August 7th
      • Monday – August 14th
      • Monday – August 21st


Running Workshop w/ Coach Stephen

Date: Thursday – 8/10/23     Time: 6:30-7:45/8:00PM     Location: West

Looking to learn how to run more efficiently? We are going to cover the ways we run and how we can improve. We are going to take a look at each athletes gait cycle and how/what we can do to improve running form and the muscle/mobility associated with proper running.


Spots are available on first come basis!

  • This workshop will be limited to 8 athletes only so each athlete gets time and attention.
  • Cost $15 – This workshop comes with a free month of my 3 Day a week Endurance Programming for free! ($15 Value)
  • 75-90 Min workshop including short lecture, mobility assessment, gait analysis, mobilization.

Want to compete at a Sanctioned Powerlifting Meet?

Register HERE!!

North will operate a modified schedule on Saturday August 4th in preparation… 7am Open Gym, 8am CF/Community WOD, 9-11am WL


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