CFK Weekly: July 2, 2023

4th of July! 8:00AM & 9:30AM Classes!

CFK Cornhole Tournament & Potluck!!!

What is a better way to celebrate summer than with a Cornhole Tournament & Potluck!!

Friends Welcome (Must be partnered with a CFK Member)!

Cornhole & Potluck Sign Up HERE!!

Location: West       Date: 7/8    Time: 11:30

(Yes, there will be Prizes for the winners! If you haven’t checked out our Social Media you should! Our winners will be the first to get their hands on our NEW Insulated Stainless-Steel Shaker Cups!)

This Tournament will also Kick-off our Bring-a-Friend Week!! 7/8 – 7/15

Bring-a-Friend Week!!

Bring-a-Friend Week kicks off on Saturday, July 8th! Join us for the Cornhole Tournament!

  • Saturday, July 8th through Saturday July 15th!
  • This is for your Friends, Neighbor, or Family Member who always is interested in what you do at CFK and may be looking for something to change up what they are currently doing for fitness! Bring-a-friend week is for them!
    • We’d love it if y’all could come to class together but life is busy and schedules can be hard line up, Friends are welcome any class any time!
  • To make it even better, on top of getting to share the gym with your Friends & Family. Anyone who is referred by a member between July 8th and July 15th and signs up at the end of Bring-a-Friend Week…
    • The referring member (you) gets 40% your next month as a thank you!
    • The referred friend will get 40% of their first months membership as well! It’s a win / win!

Programming Sneak Peek!


Handstand / Wall Walk Gymnastics Strength Training. Then our Threshold Metcon will test how consistent you can move!


Partner Hero WOD Glen!! 8AM & 9:30AM Classes only!


Weighted Lateral Lunges for Strength & Stability! We have another partner WOD that is going to test your legs and core with a single DB.


Power Snatch Complex! Following ups the Complex our 10 Min AMRAP will have deadlifts that aren’t particularly but require smart pacing to keep moving the whole time!


5 Rounds for time! We are going to getting a DB up overhead and moving it over some distance!


EMOM Stations! Today is the First Day of BRING A FRIEND WEEK & CORNHOLE is at 11:30! Hope to see you there!

In-House 4 Person Mixed Team Competition!

Get your Teammates ready!! 2 Guys / 2 Girl!

This year we are going to have a few weeks of lead up into the competition; where you in-class score counts towards seeding come competition day!

Class WODs that will count will be on… 8/7 , 8/14 , 8/21!

The Competition will culminate with the Teams competing together on  Saturday 8/26 to crown the winners!!



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