CFK Weekly, July 17, 2022

Programming Sneak Peek!

Whats up CFK! We have an exciting week of workouts coming up, lets take a look:

Monday: Push Press Day! Followed by a take on “Macho Man”.
Tuesday: Running, Devils Press, and Double Unders!
Wednesday: Pre-workout Push/Pull work followed by a bodyweight MetCon!
Thursday: A long sweaty Thursday workout, everything but the kitchen sink!
Friday: Overhead Squats followed by “Nancy”!
Saturday: Teams of 3, grab some friends and get to work!
Be there or be square (get it, cause you’re not aROUND).
Stay Classy CFK
Coach D, Out!

Happy Sunday CFK!

We hope you are all having a great weekend!

We wanted to share some news…it’s really exciting for one of our coaches, but sad for CFK.  Coach David Glies, a.k.a. “Da Baby” will be leaving us at the end of the month.  He has been offered a job with a great opportunity to a lot more individualized programming.  This is a true passion of his and something he has wanted an opportunity to do for quite some time.  Though we would of course love him to stay with us, we also really support him pursuing his dreams.  Whether it’s amazing Dad jokes or references to “up dog” he has always been light hearted and made you feel comfortable in class.  All while fine tuning even the most experienced lifters and improving movement technique across the board.  We at CFK want to thank him for his time with us and wish him nothing but the best.  Please make sure to get into class the next couple weeks to say goodbye and there might just be something fun in store before he leaves!

The silver lining to this is it gives an opportunity for Coach Nate to take in a much bigger role with CFK.  His true passion in life is also fitness and making people better.  Though often a man of few words, they are impactful, helpful and encouraging.  It’s really exciting to have him back in a prominent coaching role.
Our goal at CFK is to provide a fun, positive experience provided by a professional, supportive staff, all while pushing you towards the best version of yourself.  We feel fortunate to have the coaches that we do and look forward to building our community and “family” even stronger.
Thank you

COmmunity WOD Saturdays

Fitness is always more fun with friends! Our community WOD happens every Saturday at both locations at 9am. Bring friends and family! These workouts will be both beginner and veteran-friendly — challenging enough to get a good workout, but simple enough for anyone to join!

PLEASE have friends sign a waiver beforehand!

Waiver Link

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