CFK Weekly: April 9, 2023

CFK is Hosting a USAW Certification Course!

Contact [email protected] for more details

Speaking of Weightlifting….

CFK will be hosting a USAW Meet 5/20/23!!

Info & Registration HERE!


Check below for other events coming up!

Programming Sneak Peek!


3 x 10 Bench Press. Our Metcon is a 10 to 1 Triplet where you should keep yourself moving and get though the bigger set at a consistent pace!


Gymnastics Strength Training EMOM to start the day! Then we have AMRAP intervals that combine cardio with a max rep pull. Ideally we set ourselves up for repeatable sets.


Over Head stability work. Then we are going to test how efficiently you can move a DB, this one will be a leg burner!


5 x OH Press Complex. Then we have 10 Rounds for time, that will test how well you can keep your transitions short and continue to pick up the barbell.


5 x 2 Front Squats! Then we have time to accumulate max reps on movements over different time domains.


You get a bit of everything today! This Chipper is all about pace and working manageable sets.

Manion Hero WOD

Saturday April 29th

7 Rounds For Time

400 meter Run

29 Back Squats (135/95 lb)

Looking to add Accessory Strength or Get your Cardio up?


Coach Stephen has a program option for you!

CFK Build is 3 day a week Strength and Hypertrophy work designed around our weekly CrossFit programming.

CFK Endurance is a 3 day a week Running Program to build a better engine and get ready for you next 5k Р10k.

Each program is $15 a month added on to your monthly membership contact Coach Stephen for more details. [email protected]

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