Week in Preview – Oct 24, 2016

It’s B4B week!  Don’t forget to check out the blog post for more info, get signed up, and help us raise some money. You can start your team donation page here: https://fundraise.barbellsforboobs.org/team/92667. We’ll be throwing down at CFK West on Thursday of this week and athletes from different gyms all over Knoxville will be coming out!

This week’s programming is going to be super fun and has a bit of homework involved. Each night we’ll upload a few videos to Wodify with the daily WOD. Be sure to watch them before coming to class, and if you keep an open mind you just may learn something new!

Monday – Hang power cleans, push jerks, monostructural intervals.

Focus is INTENSITY over VOLUME! Scale weights for unbroken barbell sets, and scale distances to a point where you can move fast. FAST where the money is made.

Tuesday – Front squats + Conditioning (leg focus)

FS are going heavy, get there fast.  Then after working those quads, get ready to fire up the hamstrings. Deadlifts, jumping lunges, and box jumps. Everyone’s jumping today in order to train explosiveness (no step-ups). Pick a lower box, stack some plates, just get those hops on!  Don’t skip the cool down.  You want to walk after leg day.

Wednesday- Get ready for some upper body gymnastics!

This one is nasty and FUN and involves weighted, strict, and kipping variations. A big focus here is grip strength – you might feel like you did 50 muscle-ups by the end of the day!  There will be scaling options for everyone, so don’t skip just because a movement looks hard. Today is about getting stronger!

Thursday – Barbells for Boobs!

See you out West! If you can’t make it, you can still attend the morning or noon sessions to get your “Grace” on! The goal is sub 4-minutes.

RED Friday – Long and hard!

Tabatas in the warm-up?! What?! Going for skill practice though, not intensity.  This is a fun little drill to practice the skill of jumping rope!  After that, RED Friday in honor of Command Sgt. Maj. Robert Gallagher with a pyramid of… Double-unders, wall balls, running, kettelbells, more running, more double-unders…still with me?  Write it on a white board so you don’t forget, and keep grinding!

Saturday – Find that battle buddy!

This one has both alternating and synchronized movements variations of Rowing, situps, overhead squats, and HSPU. We’ll time cap various movements for scaling purposes, so don’t worry if you get buried in reps!