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CFK Games 2017 – Event 3

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Event 3 – Chipper

For time (15:00 time Cap)

300m Burden Carry

Plate push 15’

30 Toes-to-Bar

Plate Push 15’

20 Box Jump Overs (24/20)

Plate Push 15’

10 Bar Muscle-ups

Plate Push 15’

300m Run


Movement Standards:

  • 300m Run – Starts and ends at the start line marked outside the front door of CFK, turn-around will be marked with a cone just before Gabe’s
  • Plate Push
    • Rx Divisions: (25k/15k plate)
    • Scaled Divisions: 20k/10k plate)
    • Youth division: 10# plate
  • Toes-to-Bar
    • Rx Divisions: Both feet must contact the bar in between the hands simultaneously for the rep to count
    • Scaled Divisions: Hanging Knee Raises
      • Hips and knees start at full extension, knees pass above hip crease for rep to count
    • Youth Division: 15 TTB or 30 Knee raises
  • Box Jump Overs – the rep is counted when the athlete’s feet contact the ground after the jump over
    • Rx Divisions: Athletes must jump on the box, both feet must contact the top of the box, then athletes may jump or step down.
    • Scaled Divisions: Athletes may jump or step to the top of the box. Everything else is the same as Rx
    • Youth Division: 20” box, jump or step over
  • Bar Muscle-ups
    • Rx Divisions: Athletes may substitute 30 pull-ups with no other penalty
    • Scaled Divisions: Athletes will choose between 10 pull-ups and 30 jumping pull-ups
    • Youth Division: Choose between 5 Bar Muscle-ups, 15 Pull-ups, 30 jumping pull-ups

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