CFK Games 2017 – Event 2

Event 2 – Speed Hang Snatch Ladder 

There will be 12 barbells set up in a row. 11 Bars will have pre-loaded weights, the 12th will be a “Bonus” Barbell. If all 11 pre-loaded bars are successfully lifted, the athlete may choose any weight to attempt for the bonus barbell. At the call of “3-2-1 Lift”, the athlete will have 20 seconds to complete the lift successfully (until the call of “3-2-1 Rotate”). If at the call of “3-2-1 Rotate”, the athlete has completed the lift successfully, they will rotate to the next barbell in line. If they have not completed the lift at the call of “3-2-1 Rotate”, the workout is over and the heaviest completed lift will be scored.

Score = heaviest completed lift


Rx & Masters Male weights



Rx & Masters Female/Scaled & Scaled Masters Male Weights



Scaled & Scaled Masters Female Weights



Movement Standards:

  • Hang Snatch – The barbell must start on the ground. The athlete must deadlift the bar into the lockout-at-hip position, then perform a hang snatch. During the “dip”, the barbell must remain above the knee. The athlete must travel through a full overhead squat, and stand up with full extension of the elbows, hips and knees for the rep to be completed. Press-outs are allowed, but once the barbell starts moving in the upward direction, it must remain moving upward until lock-out is achieved (i.e. this is not a clean and press)
    • Rx Divisions – catching the bar while above parallel will only be allowed if the athlete continues to drop below parallel in a smooth motion, without pausing or rising before achieving the required depth. A power snatch followed by an overhead squat will not be allowed.
    • Scaled Divisions – athletes are permitted to power snatch, pause or stand if necessary, then perform an overhead squat. Full snatches are also permitted


Youth Division

7 Min. AMRAP
5 Hanging Power Snatches (choose 5 snatches at 25lb or 7 snatches at 15lb)
15 Air Squats
25 Abmat Sit-ups

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