CFK Games 2017 – Event 1

Event 1 – Sprint Couplet 

AMRAP in 6:00

2 Bear Complex

2 Bar-over-burpees

4 Bear Coplex

4 Bar-over-burpees

6 Bear Complex

6 Bar-over-burpees

…Continue to add 2/2 until time expires


Score = Total reps completed


Rx & Masters – Bear Complex (95/65)

Scaled & Scaled Masters – Bear Complex (65/45)


Movement Standards:

  • Bear Complex = Clean + Front Squat + Shoulder-to-Overhead + Back Squat + Shoulder-to-Overhead
    • Each rep starts from the ground. The barbell must be passed through each of the above movements. Once the last Shoulder-to-Overhead is completed, the rep is counted.
    • Any version of the clean, thruster & overhead movements are allowed, as long as the bar starts from the ground, the athlete passes through a full front squat and back squat, and full lockout is achieved overhead with the elbows, shoulders, hips and knees locked out and open.
  • Bar-over-burpee = Burpee on one side of the bar, jump or step to the other side, repeat
    • The rep is counted when both the athlete’s make contact with the ground after the jump or step-over
    • Hands must be off the floor before jumping or stepping over the bar
    • There is no requirement on orientation of the athlete’s body with respect to the bar