Week In Preview, Saturday October 25th, 2020

“Talent without grit is just potential. Talent plus grit is unstoppable.” 

-Ben Bergeron


Event Spotlight:

On Saturday, November 21st we’ll be hosting our annual Travis Manion WOD. The proceeds for this event will support veterans, their families, and families of fallen veterans.  The workout for this event consists of 7 rounds of 400 meter running intervals and 29 Back Squats. The weights and variations of the squat will be altered to allow all athletes to participate. Come out and show your support for this awesome cause. Here’s how you can register.

Registration Fee: $29 (Individual workout), $58 (Partner workout) – includes event T-shirt, pictured below!

*Register by October 28 to guarantee a shirt day-of. Last day to register is November 9

How to Register: Click  Here for North, Click Here for West

Date: Saturday, November 21

Time: 10:00 AM

Location: CFK West & CFK North

Who’s Welcome: EVERYONE! Share with friends!

Weekly WODs: 

Monday  –  Triple Under Wonder

If you’ve been crushing double-unders then today’s workout will give you a chance to work the triple under. We kick today’s workout off with a 12 minute low intensity skill session of tempo sumo deadlifts, static holds, and rope work. Don’t let the EMOM format of today’s workout fool you! You should expect to see sumo deadlifts, up-downs, double-unders, and sit-ups in our 16 minute conditioning workout.


Tuesday  –  Tricep Tuesday

Tuesday is all arms! We have a five round for time workout of dumbbell snatches and the athlete’s choice of either box dips or ring dips. It’s wise to pick a dumbbell option that allows you to achieve 20 unbroken snatches in today’s workout.


Wednesday  –  Target Practice

We’ll be kicking off today’s workout with a heavy 5 rep front squat followed by a quad intensive conditioning workout. We’ll spend plenty of time at the wall as we complete over 100 wall balls in today’s workout. We’ll break up our sets of wall balls with longer running intervals to flush the legs.


Thursday  –  Push Pull Recovery WOD

We won’t lie the programming has been tough in the last few weeks! We’ll dial it back in today’s workout as we perform an AMRAP style 30 minute recovery WOD. Our workout includes rowing intervals, pull-ups, step-ups, and push-ups.


Friday  – Capacity Testing Couplet

Our day five workout will challenge even the fittest of athletes. We’ll  combine hang power cleans with high skill gymnastics. Our gymnastics movement for today’s workout is the handstand push-up, or a variation of the handstand push-up that allows each athlete to do quick sets of 5 reps.


Saturday  – Happy Halloween

Whatever your plans are for halloween be sure to do some damage control before raiding your candy stash! Our workout for today is “Elm Street”. Our regular crossfit class will perform one round of devil’s presses, sumo power cleans, floor presses, and front squats. Each movement in the workout will followed by a running interval. Level 2 will be performing two rounds of Elm Street.


Saturday  –  Burn

Pick your weights wisely in Burn class today. Our workout will test your grit as you attempt to perform each movement for two minutes each. The movements include russian swings, goblet reverse lunges, and Turkish-get ups. In workouts like this its always better to go lighter and stay moving.

Week In Preview, September 27th, 2020

“If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not doing anything. I’m positive that a doer makes mistakes.” 

– John Wooden

Supplement Spotlight

Puori M3

It’s no surprise that the rigors of intense training regimens require sufficient micronutrient support. Magnesium is responsible for over 3oo enzymatic reactions in the body, and also supports recovery from training stresses. Magnesium is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body, but can be depleted up to 20% during training. Magnesium’s role in sports performance lies in it’s ability to help with oxygen utilization and energy production.


If you’ve had trouble sleeping magnesium may assist you in your efforts to fall asleep. Magnesium helps with the regulation of neurotransmitters that prepare the body for a deep restful sleep. If you’re trying to dial in the supplementation aspect of your training Puori’s M3 will be a great addition to your current regimen!

Upcoming Events

    • Saturday, October 10th

On the second Saturday of October we’ll be assisting other habitat for humanity volunteers as we help with building from 8am-3:30pm. No experience is necessary!  If you’re ready to give back to your community here is the link to get signed up! All volunteers MUST register through the link and create an INDIVIDUAL account.

Sign Up Now





Weekly WODs: 

Monday – Tootsie Slide

We’ll be dancing like “drizzy” Drake on day one. We’ll be working for just over a minute on dumbbell sumo power cleans, dumbbell reverse lunges, and a new movement called the up-down side shuffle. We’ll be staying on the lighter side of dumbbell weights today in order to achieve big sets.


Tuesday – Cindy-Esque

We love the format of Cindy because its a great test of bodyweight endurance. We’ll be adding load and strict movement to the equation in today’s 12 minute AMRAP. The emphasis of today’s class will be on the hollow-body and how it contributes to great pulling mechanics and midline stability.


Wednesday  – Original Benchmark “Diane”

We have  great test of heavy pulling and bodyweight gymnastics later this week. Our goal is to finish our descending rep workout of handstand push-ups and deadlifts in less than 10 minutes. Weights on the barbell will allow us to complete sets of 5 touch and go reps while maintaining quick sets on the gymnastics element.


Thursday  – Popeye’s Pump Day

We’ve got lots of forearm work in store for day 4. Our workout is 4 separate AMRAPs of rowing calories and russian swings. Your challenge will be to hold onto the kettlebell for large sets as the reps and calories decrease. Our workout will be followed by a post-workout strength segment of barrel-chested bench presses!


Friday  – NCFIT Benchmark “Annie-Up”

We’ve put a different spin on one of our favorite workouts. We’ve added an ascending ladder of ring muscle ups between each set of double-unders and sit-ups. Athletes will the option to substitute ring muscle-ups for low ring transitions and jumping ring muscle-ups. There is something for everybody in today’s workout. Show up and Show out!


Saturday  –  Crossfit / Level 2

Saturday’s are for the squats and the snatches! We’ve combined both in today’s workout. We’ve got a moderate duration chipper of squat snatches, bike calories, and lateral burpees over the bar. Level 2’s class will include a double squat snatch complex that will allow athletes to get heavier loads on the bar prior to the conditioning.


Saturday –  Burn Class

We’ll take 10 minutes today to get better, faster, and stronger! We’ve got a 10 minute AMRAP of static and dynamic strength movements for your 3o minute class. Some of the movements include burpees, front rack holds, wall-sits, and dumbbell box step-ups.

Week In Preview, September 20th, 2020

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

 -George Bernard Shaw

Event Spotlight

Habitat for Humanity Build

October 10th

Want to challenge your fitness outside the four walls of the box? Say no more. Come challenge your functional strength as we raise the interior walls of another Habitat for Humanity home. CFK has a big mission ahead of us, and we NEED your help. On the second Saturday of October we’ll be assisting other habitat for humanity volunteers as we help with building from 8am-3:30pm. No experience is necessary!  If you’re ready to give back to your community here is the link to get signed up!

*All volunteers MUST register through the link and create an INDIVIDUAL account.

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Weekly WODs: 

Monday – Back To Baseline

Day 1 we’ll take a crack at the NCFIT Baseline Test 1. Since COVID has taken us outside of our comfort zone in 2020 we’ll use today’s WOD as practice before game day in January.  The baseline test begins with a 1o minute running clock where athletes will perform a max effort 1 mile run. Upon completion of the run athletes will row as many meters as possible until the sound of the buzzer. We’ll take a quick break and go directly into a bodyweight workout that is the perfect test of bodyweight endurance.  We’ll have many rounds of push-ups, pull-ups, and air squats in the second conditioning piece.


Tuesday – Liftin’ In the Library

Quality is the product of  high intention and skillful execution. Don’t get it twisted! Quality doesn’t necessarily mean “light”. We’ll be performing sumo deadlifts at a weight where total barbell control is challenging but certain. Other movements in today’s workout include planks and strict knee raises.


Wednesday  – NCFit Baseline II + Competitor’s Prep Program

We’re mixing it up on squat day! We have a 3 rep max back squat directly into two competition style AMRAPs. It’s burpees and biking for our quick hitting workout. Be sure to move with purpose so you can claim those bragging rights.


Thursday  – EMOM-ATHON

It’s a long workout today folks! We’ve got a 28 minute EMOM style conditioning workout planned for day four. Today is a great choice for active recovery if you are feeling beat down from the baseline test 1 and 2. We’ve got wall walks, dumbbell slides, glute bridges, and goblet squats planned for our sweat session.


Friday  –  NCFit Baseline III

You’ll have the chance to get the barbell overhead in any way possible in the first portion of our test. Clean and Jerks and Snatches are all acceptable. We’ll take the first 25 minutes of our test to establish a 1 rep-max ground to overhead. We’ll quickly deload and go into an AMRAP of barbell ground to overhead and double-unders.


Saturday  –  Crossfit / Level 2

We’ve tested quite a bit this week, and some athletes may be feeling the residual effects.  Today’s workout is a longer duration chipper of plate ground to overheads, plate runs, plate lunges, and plate step-ups.  Level 2 will include an added core development session of hollow rocks and Turkish Get-Ups.


Saturday –  Burn Class

You’ll have to bring the heat on the rowing portion of today’s workout in order to get rest in between sets today. We’ve got 6 rounds of odd object work and monostructural intervals planned for your mid-morning class. Some of the movements include heavy goblet squats and kettlebell floor presses.


Week In Preview, September 6th, 2020

“Normal people will accomplish normal things.” 

-Louie Simmons

Weekly Class Schedule

Monday, September 7th – Labor Day

Normal Schedule at Both Locations

Friday, September 11th – 9/11 Tribute WOD

Normal Schedule at Both Locations, all classes will perform 9/11 WOD




Weekly WODs: 

Monday – Benchmark Hero WOD “Wade” (Normal Class Schedule at Both Locations)

We’ll be cashing in and cashing out today with a lengthy run. We’ll be shedding lots of performance puddles as we crush four rounds of strict movement. Our workout will sandwich two 12oo meter running intervals on top of strict pull-ups, dips, and handstand push-ups. Our goal is to find a pace on the run that will allow us to finish in less than 7 minutes or less.


Tuesday – 2RM Deadlift + Double Bell Bro-Down

Our first test of the week after last week’s deload will come in the form of the deadlift. Since today’s lift requires a trip back to the floor it is critical to keep upper back tension throughout the entire lift. The kettlebell gods have blessed us with an awesome double AMRAP today. We’ll find a challenging weight today that will allow us to perform suitcase kettlebell lunges and double kettlebell Russian swings unbroken in our double AMRAP.


Wednesday  – 2RM Strict Press + Box Jump Pump

We’ll kick class off with a 2 rep max strict press. If you thought today was going to be all about shoulders you were wrong! Our workout includes a high volume box jump and push presses that will have your quads screaming from set 1. There will be no where to hide in this workout. At ” 3..,2..,1.. , Go!”, it’s off to the races!


Thursday  – 2RM Back Squat + Pop and Drop

We’ll be getting under some heavy weights this week in our squat. We’ll be performing a 2 rep max back squat followed by a spicy EMOM of dumbbell hang squat cleans and burpees. We’ll test hard at the beginning of class, and have a great training day in our conditioning.


Friday  – 9/11 Tribute WOD

Most of us remember this fateful day in American history like it was yesterday. We will honor the memory of American citizens, firemen, police officers, and the innocent by-standers that lost their lives 19 years ago in the attacks. The weights and rep scheme of this workout correspond with important numbers associated with this day. We’ll have lots of barbells and gymnastics to crush in their memory!


Saturday  – Crossfit/Lvl 2

We’ll take a step back in today’s Crossfit class from testing. If you’ve been missing gymnastics then this workout will not disappoint. We’ve got bar muscle-ups, double-unders, knees to elbows, and hand-release pushups planned for our conditioning. If you’re taking our level 2 class we’ve added one more test of raw strength! Level 2 will have a 1 rep max clean and jerk. Good luck and be quick under the bar!


Saturday – Burn Class

Unilateral stability counts in the gym and in life. Today we’ll test our grip and core in a workout that will challenge our midline stability. We have double unders, ring rows, farmer’s carries, and planks in today’s 30 minute sweat session.


Week In Preview, August 23rd, 2020

“If you think lifting is dangerous try being weak. Being weak is dangerous.” 

-Bret Contreras

Got Plans Next Weekend?

Don’t forget to poke your head into CFK’s tent to say what’s up to your favorite coaches at the Powell Station Celebration. There will be many activities that the whole family can enjoy. You can take a ride down the river during the flotilla, see the classic car show, or check out the skateboard competition. It will be a great time! Don’t miss out. 

Weekly WODs: 

Monday – Skillz to Pay The Bills

Ready to get comfortable with the movements that make you uncomfortable? We’ll take the first section of class to refine our technique on the handstand hold or handstand walk. In today’s workout we’ll be focused on becoming better gymnasts. We’ve got handstand push-ups, rowing, dumbbell snatches, and wall balls planned in today’s sweat fest.


Tuesday – Lunk Alarm

If you did this workout at Planet Fitness would most definitely set off the lunk alarm. Our strength and conditioning workout is going to bring the pump to your rump! We begin today’s workout with a heavy deadlift strength segment followed by an EMOM of back rack lunges, thrusters, and burpees over the bar. Our workout is unique because you’ll actually enjoy doing burpees more than any of the other movements in the conditioning.


Wednesday  – “Helen” + 1600 Meter Shakeout

Today is a great day to learn more about yourself as an athlete. We begin today’s conditioning with the benchmark WOD “Helen” which consist of 12 pull-ups, 21 American swings, and 400-meter running intervals. You’ll be forced to  fight the urge of putting the kettlebell down during large sets of American swings as your grip fatigues.  We will also be putting our track shoes on to see who’s the fastest in the box.


Thursday  – Big Back Attack

Today’s workout is all about brute strength and your will to continue fighting. Your task is to complete 75 renegade rows! We’ve also added an extra incentive for each time you take break from your renegade rows. Scaling today’s RX dumbbell weight is a great idea!


Friday  – Squat Day (1×5+) + Terrible Two’s

We’ll be performing our squat retest day a little different than usual. In today’s squat strength session we will be going for MAXIMUM repetitions at the weight we set for last week’s squats. Our goal is to not arrive at the 5th rep and check out. We’ll stay in the fight for the long haul. Our conditioning is an EMOM complex of hang squat cleans, push jerks, and front squats.


Saturday  – Crossfit/Level 2

Today’s workout is a belly buster in both regular crossfit and level 2. Our chipper style workout consists of double-unders, rowing calories, toes to bar, and burpees. If your abs feel fresh from the 50 toes to bar in the conditioning then you should have no trouble with our weighted plank finisher.  Did someone say “ABDOE”? Level 2’s class will get to play with the kettlebells as they perform Turkish Get-ups, farmer’s carries, and flutter kicks.


Saturday  – Burn  Class

It’s all about fast explosive movement in today’s conditioning. We’ve got lots of slam balls, double-unders, and short running intervals to keep you company in today’s 30 minute class!

Week In Preview, Sunday, August 16th

“To grow and adapt, we require stress, but equally, we need periods of rest and recovery. This is a delicate balance to strike: if we rest too frequently or for too long, we will become soft and move backward. We need stress to create adaptation.” 

-Chris Duffin

Hyperice Demo Week & Pre-Order!


Get your vibration on this week! We’ll have three high-tech recovery tools from Hyperice at each location this week for you to demo pre or post WOD – the Hypervolt, Hypersphere, and Viper. These things pack a major punch, unlocking the body by using high-intensity vibration and pressure.

We’ll have a sign-up sheet for the pre-order through Friday, so grab one when you’re done with the WOD and let us know what you think!





You’ll be screaming “I COMMAND YOU TO GROW” at your biceps after taking a single serving of Transparent Lab’s L-Citrulline. This free form Amino acid has the ability to convert itself into L-Arginine which assists the body in nitric oxide production.  Nitric oxide in the blood allows vessels to dilate increasing oxygen flow to working muscles.  Vasodilation is not only important for when the WOD clock starts, but also imperative in the recovery process. When the smooth muscles of these vessels are relaxed it allows for speedy transmission of nutrients to damaged muscles. We forgot to mention the added bonus of having the biggest arms in the box!


Weekly WODs: 

Monday – Walkin’ on Sunshine

Today’s strength session is very similar to previous strength segments we’ve performed. We have 3 sets of 4 deadlifts increasing in weight. However, the goal of the last set is to hit a few extra reps with a heavier load. Athletes should strive to hit no more than 6 to 7 additional reps for a total of 10-11 reps on their last set. Our conditioning is 3 rounds of deadlifts, wall-walks, and rowing.  We suggest thoroughly preparing your shoulder stabilizers with the mobility bands before today’s class.


Tuesday – Swing for the Fences

Our extended warm-up today will prime the shoulders for our conditioning piece with the Turkish-Get up. Our daily sweat session will include an 800m run as a buy in. The run will be followed by 4 rounds of russian swings and double-unders. We’ll cap off today with a pump session of planks and push-ups.


Wednesday  – Squat Day + “Cali Love”

We know how to party on test day! It’s already week 8 and it’s time to show the PR bell some love if we’ve been consistently training. We will conclude today’s strength with one of our favorite benchmarks “California Love”. Today’s a great day to dial back the weight in our conditioning especially if we gave 100% of our efforts to our squat test day. We’d rather see you moving light and fast today then slow and sluggish in today’s clean and jerk WOD.


Thursday  – 5, 10, 15

It’s not Murph, but it will still hit you in your “feels’.  Our workout will include 2 ten minute cycles. Each athlete will perform 5 minutes of “Cindy” followed by 5 minutes of assault bike calories. We’ll separate each 10 minute interval with 2 minutes of recovery. If you needed another reason to start doing the pull-up program again we’ve sent you a sign!


Friday  – Snatches and Slams

We’ve got ten minutes of hang power snatches and slam balls planned for day 5.  Athletes will perform an ascending ladder of hang power snatches followed by 10 slam balls after each set.


Saturday  – Crossfit/Level 2

We’ve got some exciting new movements for both classes this week. We’llperform each movement for 1 minute and the final movement for three minutes in our 5 set workout. Athletes will perform dumbbell up downs, dumbbell power cleans, front rack holds, box jumps, and 400 meter running intervals. Level 2 will have an added skill session of unbroken power cleans and toes-to-bar.


Saturday  – Burn  Class – Banded Booty Work

Today’s workout will challenge the hamstrings to the max.  Our 10 minute AMRAP of v-ups and russian swings will be followed by a banded tabata finisher. Our finisher will give us exposure to the banded goodmorning and kettle-bell side bends.


Week In Preview, August 9th, 2020

“In training, you listen to your body. In competition you tell your body to shut up.” 

-Rich Froning

Upcoming Events:

Saturday, August 29th – Powell Station Celebration

Don’t forget about the Powell Station Celebration at the end of the month. There will be lots of great activities for the entire family.

Weekly WODs: 

Monday – Footloose

Ready to run? It’s day one and we’re kicking the week off with burpee box jump-overs and interval sprints. You’ll need to pace yourself to stay in the fight for all 7 rounds. Our post workout finisher will consist of 3 sets of shoulder accessory work .


Tuesday – Squat Day Week 7 + 5 rounds of Barbell Blessings

It’s week 7 already! We’ve almost cruised through another 8 week cycle. We hope during the last 7 weeks you have dominated your squat of choice. This week we will do our final weight additions before the big test next week.  The regular squat cycle workout will be followed by a fast paced barbell cycling workout.  On a two minute clock, for 5 sets athletes will perform hang power cleans, front squats, and push jerks.


Wednesday  – Fight Gone Bad Remix

We’ve got a “fight gone bad” style workout for day 3.  We will perform each movement for max reps on a one minute clock before transitioning to the next movement. We will be working through devil’s presses, tuck-ups, renegade rows, and rower calories. Our goal is to pick a weight that we can move consistently with for 50 seconds before transitioning.


Thursday  – AHAP

You may have never seen this acronym before, but please understand things are about to get REAL. We’ll be going as heavy as possible (AHAP) in today’s chipper workout of heavy deadlifts, bar muscle-ups, and bike calories. The weight on the bar should be something you struggle to achieve five reps with. It wouldn’t hurt to use a belt today!


Friday  – Butterfingers

Today’s workout is an excellent test of your grip strength and will power. Your only mission in today’s workout is not dropping the bar. We have a descending ladder of unbroken hang power snatches with rest incorporated in between sets.


Saturday  – Crossfit/Level 2

We have a great strength and conditioning piece planned for the weekend. We’ll kick class off with a strength segment devoted to developing strict pressing strength. We’ll follow it up with bodyweight ninja workout of butterfly sit-ups, running, double unders, and hand-release push-ups.


Saturday  – Burn  Class – Switcharoo

It’s all legs and lungs for today’s burn class. So bring your fellow WOD buddy to our 30 minute partner workout. In our workout, groups of two will work through 8 cycles of 400 meter runs and an AMRAP of wall balls and Russian swings. Each partner will work through the AMRAP of wall Balls and russian swings while their partner is running.

Week In Preview, July 19th, 2020

” The two things that most influence our physical appearance, exercise and diet, share in common the fact that doing them correctly means choosing to do things that involve discomfort.”

-Mark Rippetoe

 Supplement Spotlight

Black Market D-Aspartic Acid 

Want to lift bigger weights, increase your muscle mass, and lose fat this summer? Most males over the age of 30 see a decrease in natural testosterone levels by up to 1% each year. Testosterone is one of the primary drivers in keeping the male body in shape for the long haul. This critical male hormone is not only responsible for sex drive, but also plays roles in increasing red blood cell production and bone density.

The great news is that we can work to decrease declining levels of testosterone with supplementation of critical aminos. D- Aspartic Acid is an amino acid found in the body that stimulates testosterone production in the testes. Some studies have shown that supplementation with D- Aspartic acid has raised T levels up to 50% in just a few weeks. The benefits of high T levels include increased muscle recoveryand overall healthier overall body composition.

Weekly WODs: 

Monday –  Squat Day + Metcon

We’re rolling into week four of our squat cycle. The weights are beginning to get heavier, but we still should not be sacrificing great positions for heavier loads on the bar. Squats are not only a great exercise to develop strength in the lower limbs, but also provide performance enhancing hormone release. We’ll dedicate 9 minutes at the end of class to a challenging burpee and dumbbell front squat sweat fest.

Tuesday –  “The Cali Bear”

Our two part workout today is a CFK favorite. We’ll take 10 minutes at the beginning of class to establish a complex of clean deadlifts and power clean and jerks.  In today’s conditioning we’ll be ripping the bar off the ground every 30 seconds for twenty minutes as we perform a moderately heavy clean and jerk. We’ve done this workout quite frequently in the past so make sure to look up your scores in wodify.

Wednesday  –  Perfect your Pull

We’ve got lots of gymnastics movements in store for day 3. We kick today’s workout off with a skill session dedicated to kipping pull-up development. In our workout we’ll apply the skills we learned during our skill work. We’ll be tackling a triple AMRAP of box jumps, kipping pull-ups, chest to bar pull-ups and running intervals.

Thursday  –  Simon Says

You’ll either love or hate your coach after the warm-up, but at least you’ll be warm. We’ll play the CFK’s edition of “Simon Says” at the beginning of class to prepare for our 30 minute conditioning EMOM. Our workout will tax the lungs and the core as we crush bike calories, slam balls, Russian twists, and hand-release push-ups.

Friday  –  “Isabel”

We’ll prime the shoulders for today’s snatch-fest with a heavy three rep power snatch at the beginning of class. We’ll immediately de-load our barbells and, prepare to go to war with “Isabel”. There is no time for breaks in this fast paced snatching workout. Athletes will perform 30 snatches for time at 135 pounds for the guys and 95 pounds for the girls. Athletes can opt for quick singles during this workout or try 6 quick sets of 5 Touch-n-Go snatches.

Saturday  – Drop and Give Me 50

We decided 50 reps of just about everything under the kitchen sink would be acceptable for your weekend workout. Our chipper workout for regular crossfit and level 2 will have athletes working their way through double unders, wall balls, kettle-bell swings, box step-ups, up-downs, and sit-ups.  Level 2’s class will incorporate muscle up skill work and a pistol perfection section.

Saturday  – Burn

Our quick burner workout for the weekend will consist of plate ground to overhead, bike calories, and box jumps. We have a short time domain workout, and our goal is to go directly into plate ground to overhead after crushing an intense calorie interval on the bike.


Week In Preview, July 12th, 2020

 “If you’re asking if your squat was low enough, the answer is no.”
-Greg Everett, Catalyst Athletics

Supplement Spotlight:

Black Market Raw Creatine

In order to progress in Crossfit your body must adapt to the demands placed on it each day. If you are consistently challenging yourself with the appropriate doses of intensity then you’ve most likely seen results through improvements in strength and endurance.

In Crossfit, power production is the name of the game.  The energy needed to perform intense exercise as well as muscular contractions is fueled by Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). Most know ATP as the muscle cell’s energy currency. BlackMarket’s Raw Creatine helps to convert creatine phosphate into ATP to fuel intense exercise. Creatine is one of the most highly researched and proven sports performance supplements on the market. It’s no wonder why athletes have been supplementing with it for years. Get Some and Get At It!

Weekly WODs (CrossFit):


Monday – Squat Day Week 2

We reset last week to lighter loads that we could move with complete confidence. In this week’s squat workout we will be adding 5 pounds to last week’s load. Our mindset for this week will be to take accountability for our movement patterns and focus on quality. If an athlete adds too much weight to the bar at these early stages of the cycle then it could cause train wreck in week 6 as loading increases.


Tuesday – “Diane” Benchmark WOD

If you were practicing your handstand pushups in your home gym during the quarantine it’s your time shine. We last tested this workout in January, and now its time to see how far we’ve come. Our workout consists of a descending rep ladder of deadlifts and handstand pushups. We’ll preserve the stimulus of this fast paced workout by finding a scaling option for the handstand up that allows for consistent efforts on the wall. Don’t fall on the wall!


Wednesday – Sliced and Diced

It’s all about the midline on day three.  We begin today’s workout with a 12 minute skill session of strict knees to chest followed by an L-sit variant.  Our workout will challenge our ability to maintain stability and control during our 15 minute AMRAP of alternating dumbbell split hang snatches, knees to elbow, and wall balls.


Thursday – Glute Bridge Gain Train

We’ll embrace the bike today in our hard hitting workout. We’ll be smashing 2:00 worth of bike calories followed by up-downs and static positions.  Our finisher for today’s workout is will be a five minute glute bridge hold broken up by 20 quad heel taps.


Friday  –  “Fran” Benchmark WOD

Fran Lung Friday is here! Bring your fire-breathing buddies to the hardest workout of the week.  We have a short and spicy ladder of lightweight thrusters and pull-ups.  Our workout is a maximum effort sprint to the finish, so BRING IT! We’ll also have a post-workout strength segment of push presses when we recover from our Friday Fran!


Saturday – Crossfit/ Level 2

Heavy cleans and explosive movement is in store for your weekend workout. We’ll kick today off with a strength session of power clean doubles and follow it up with a conditioning piece in both classes. Our conditioning will tax your hamstrings as we hammer out high volume Russian swings and short running intervals.


Saturday – Burn

Our fifteen minute EMOM this week for Burn class will toast your legs and kickstart your heart. We have an alternating EMOM of dumbbell snatches, running intervals, and single dumbbell reverse lunges.

Week In Preview, June 21st, 2020

“Today more than 95% of all chronic disease is caused by food choice, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies, and lack of physical exercise.” 


–  Mike Adams

Supplement SPOTLIGHT:


Glutamine + BCAAs

Transparent Labs BCAA

If you live your life in soreness from tough WODs. You aren’t alone! It’s just the nature of the crossfit!  You most likely remember this feeling as you descend to the bottom of a plate loaded squat during our squat day warmup!  We go hard 3-5 times a week in hopes of creating incremental changes over time. However, without the proper recovery post WOD or even during the workout we negate the gains we could be making. You DESERVE better, right? Well, you can unlock the key to strength and recovery with one scoop of Transparent Labs BCAAs+ Glutamine. There are three branch-chain amino acids, and all of them are ONLY obtained through external sources! These amino acids include leucine, isoleucine, and valine. By supplementing with these critical aminos we allow the body to reduce muscle soreness, muscle fatigue, and build a body that can go beast mode! This trio of aminos blunt muscle breakdown which is common in our sport! Glutamine is also imperative for any type of fitness regimen. Glutamine is naturally found in the body, but is depleted during strenuous activities. When glutamine levels in our body plummet our ability to recover is sluggish! 5-10 grams of Transparent Labs Glutamine+BCAAs can be taken pre-workout, intra workout, or post-workout for optimal performance!


Weekly WODs (CrossFit):


Monday – Hone in on the Handstand

We’ll be knocking the dust of your favorite gymnastics movements on day 1! We’ll kick today’s 60 minute class off with 10 minutes of dedicated skill work. Our skill work will help athletes of all ability levels get more familiar with inversion. Our conditioning workout for today is a shoulder smoker of handstand push-ups, rower calories, and alternating heavy dumbbell snatches.


Tuesday – Squat Day Test Week + Pick Your Own Pain Cave

It’s test day for our squat cycle on Day 2. We’ll take 15 to 20 minutes establishing a new 5 rep max for the squat we chose for the cycle. Our finisher will finish you! Our conditioning is “athlete’s choice” of the CFK benchmark “bar fight” or “Knock-Out”. Don’t let your guard down and keep swinging!


Wednesday – Iron Abs

Our mid-week workout is all about the core! Our workout will be 5 sets of 5 minute intervals. During these intervals we will challenge our core strength with toes-to-bar, slam balls, and running intervals. Scaling to the toes to bar to a variation that allows for consistent movement will be critical in today’s workout.


Thursday – Old School Strength and Conditioning

Our two part workout for today’s class will incorporate various methods of gaining raw strength. Our strength workout for today consists of Turkish get-ups and weighted pull-ups. Our conditioning workout for today will be a grunt work grinder of long distance suitcase carries, single dumbbell burpees, and weighted step-ups.


Friday  –  Treat Yo’ Self with Trouble Unders

We’ll take 15 minutes at the beginning of class to build to a heavy complex of snatch deadlift, hang power snatch, and power snatch. Our conditioning will scorch the shoulders with double unders, push press, and moderately heavy power snatches.


Saturday – Crossfit/ Level 2

Our conditioning for Crossfit and Level 2 will help you gain a new love for the front rack position. Our conditioning workout for today is a longer duration EMOM that includes built in rest periods. We will be performing front rack lunges, front rack holds, and up-downs over the bar.  Our Level 2 class will have an additional strength session of strict toes-to-bar or strict toes to target.


Saturday –  Burn Class

Make the most of your Burn membership and come conquer today’s EMOM. We have an alternating EMOM of burpee box jump overs, dumbbell snatches, running intervals, and deficit push-ups planned for this weekend. Grab a buddy and burn!