CFK Weekly: March 26, 2023

Workshop Alert!!

On Wednesday, April 5 stay after the 4 o’clock class or be there early for the 5:30 class (5:00-5:30PM) to learn how functional breathing can improve your fitness, recovery, and overall health.

Zack Kramer, a local CrossFit Level 3 coach, will join us between these classes to lead a workshop covering breathing for CrossFit, why you should care about your tolerance to carbon dioxide, and how breathing correctly will help you avoid injuries in training.


Check below for other events coming up!

Programming Sneak Peek!


We have a fun Chipper to start the week! Get ready Wall Balls and bring shin protection, we are climbing ropes!


Heavy Single Clean & Jerks on the 2 Min! We will follow it up with an EMOM that see how well you consistently put up reps.


5 x 3 Front Squats… we are working our way down for a 1RM coming up! We will follow up with a Metcon that will have your legs feeling heavy working them all the way around.


Starting off the day with some core and skill work… it’s time to get inverted! Our Chipper will test your shoulder endurance!


5 x 3 Snatch Grip Deadlifts for strength! Then You and a Partner will be going you go, I go for ascending Snatch weights paired with a synchro movement!


This all around Pacer WOD will be a great way to cap the week off!

Calling all Runners!

Still time to sign up (5k up to Marathon & Marathon Relay Options) or plan to come cheer on the runners from CFK!! 2023 Knoxville Marathon is just 1 week away!

CFK is Hosting a USAW Certification Course!

April 15th – 16th @ North!

Contact [email protected] for more details

Speaking of Weightlifting….

CFK will be hosting a USAW Meet 5/20/23!!

More details coming soon!

CFK Weekly: March 5, 2023

Join us for a Special Max Out Friday brought to by Wes Kitts and Caffeine & Kilos!

Friday Evening Schedule @ North: 4:00 CF then…

C&K Max Out Friday 5-8PM

More Details & Registration HERE!

Deal Alert!!

CFK is excited to announce that through our relationship with Wes we are able to offer preferred pricing on Nike Romaleo 4 weightlifting shoes.  These are the exact shoes he wears to train and compete.  Through his partnership with Nike members of CFK can get them for $174.99, regularly $200.  We will be posting a preorder form and will charge upon order submission.  They will then be shipped from Nike and distributed at the gym.  Please see Dave or Wes with questions.

Programming Sneak Peek!


5×2 Squat Cleans! Then we have a Ascending Rep Scheme where we are moving a Barbell and hitting box jumps.


5 x 10 Strict Press. Then our AMRAP with test your ability to cycle DB Snatches.


Pull Up work. Our Metcon will have you breathing Heavy and test your Air Squat Threshold.


Back to Pausing Bench! This time 5 x 3! Intervals will follow and see how consistent you can be.


Single Leg strength work! Then we are hitting a chipper that has a feel from a past regionals event.


Teams of 3 Chipper!

CFK Weekly: September 4, 2022

To all CFK Members,


  The goal or “tag line” of CFK for many years has been to “inspire a fitter Knoxville”.  But what does that really mean?  To me, to our team…it means we are helping people work towards their health and fitness goals regardless of what they are, no matter how big or small.  Whether it be a weightlifting meet, running a marathon, a first pull up, or your knees not being in pain while walking down stairs.  None are any more or less valuable, or more or less important to us.  “The needs of the Olympian and the grandparent differ in degree, not in kind.”  The things we all need to make progress on our own fitness journey are more similar than we realize.  The amount of weight, volume (number of reps) and speed at which they are performed will be different.
  We work towards these goals with “constantly varied, functional movements, performed with intensity”, “across broad time and modal domains”.  It’s literally the ethos of CrossFit.  We do different things, different lifts, different movements all the time.  It’s not about “muscle confusion”, that’s not really a thing, it is about minimizing the “holes” or gaps in your fitness.  We do “functional movements”, things that generally involve many muscles or muscle groups and force your body to work more as a complete unit.  The goal of these types of movements is to better understand how our body actually works and to make day to day life easier.  We may never perform an overhead squat outside the gym, but if we are capable of doing them the rest of our daily activities are probably more easily accomplished.  We occasionally “isolate” and work individual muscles but not all the time.  Accessory work is to complement our training and target smaller muscles or groups that help facilitate the bigger lifts.  Then last but not least is the intensity aspect.  That is truthfully a bit of a relative term and does differ for each of us.  We all have different strengths and weaknesses, levels of fitness and capacity to do things.  Intensity IS generally where the “magic” happens, but it also needs to be appropriately managed.  When we work harder we force our bodies to adapt greater.  However sacrificing technique, movement quality and safety to achieve greater intensity is not the answer and should never be the goal.  Once we have established we can move well, then we can move fast.  There is no shame in slightly altering a workout or movement pattern to move better and achieve the desired stimulus of a workout in a safe way.
  “Across broad time and modal domains” means the length of the workouts will change day to day.  Sometimes they will be shorter and more intense, other days they are longer and require more pacing.  If you run 2 miles every day, you will become pretty good at running 2 miles.  However you may not be very good at running 1 mile really fast or being able to endure running 5 miles.  Again we want to minimize the gaps in our fitness.  We may individually gravitate towards certain things or workouts, and that’s ok.  But we want to at least expose you to different things and allow you the opportunity to improve across the board.  We made a social media post a couple weeks ago about the 10 General Physical skills…cardiovascular endurance, strength, stamina, flexibility, power, coordination, speed, balance, agility, accuracy.  Being fairly adept at each of those in different length workouts, using barbells, gymnastics, running, rowing, all the different things we do in class will give a pretty broad spectrum of fitness.
  The reason for all of this is to explain a little more of the “why” in what we do at CFK.  Why it is important to us, why we think it is important for you.  For some that have been around a while this may not be anything new.  But a reminder from time to time is never a bad thing.  I open my CrossFit Level 1 manual from over a decade ago to this day to remind myself of the basics and the foundation of what we are trying to achieve.  For newer members this may be the first time this all has been explained to you at this length, sorry I am long winded even typing.  But it is important to know and understand these things.  To trust the process.  To know the coaches at CFK do truly want what’s best for you.  We work hard to constantly improve ourselves to give our best to you, because you deserve it.

Thank you and have a great week,


Programming Sneak Peek!


LABOR DAY 8AM and 9:30AM Classes only (Burn and CF)! We are doing Cindy today! Let’s cheer fellow athletes on and have some fun! Let’s find a push up variation that allows us to work for 20mins and avoid taking reps to failure.


Partners today. This Interval Pacer will give you a chance to work but just know that there is more work to do! Let’s see if you and your partner can be consistent on your intervals this will require some RPE Control.


Wave Loading Back Squats! Use Wodify to get your working percentages today. Then is the Metcon we have Power Snatches with your ability to go unbroken being tested!


Chipper Intervals! You’ll be Hanging (On a Bar) and Hanging (With a DB) today these rounds are intended to be done as unbroken as possible. Go fast, get more rest, go to slow and you’ll be working again before you know it. In this one it is important to find the best “aggressive” threshold pace but don’t go to hot because you will not have enough time to recover. Total working time is scored today.


Barbell Friday! If Squat Cleans get you excited then get excited for this complex building to a heavy weight! Following up the complex this EMOM will get you cycling the barbell!


Hero WOD “Nate” today! Time to put your gymnastics skills to work!

IT IS OFFICAL CFK is a Sanctioned USAW Club!

Save the Date: October 8th! We will be heading to the USAW 2022 Tennessee-Kentucky Meet in Johnson City!

So what does this mean? Our gym and Members will have the ability to compete and USAW events around the country like the “save the date” above. If you are interested in competing in OLY Lifting and pushing yourself this is you opportunity. More information will be coming. However, in the meantime check out Coach Nate’s Weight lifting class over at North Wednesday’s at 6:30pm and Weightlifting every Saturday at both locations! Any questions can be directed to [email protected]

Speaking of lifting…

Save the Date: September 17th, 2022 @ CFK West

Squat Seminar w/ Coach Blake

Spend some time with Coach Blake and take a deeper dive into squats, if you are looking to improve your numbers or adjust your squat this is the Seminar to be at!

Save The Date: Restore Core & Floor Workshop!

October 1st @ West w/ Dr. Kim Givelechian

Dr. Kim is back with another Restore Core workshop! More details will follow.

Bristol Burnout Header

Saturday, September 24, 2022
Bristol Motor Speedway Infield

Join fellow CFK Athletes and form four-person teams (2 male, 2 female) for the chance at victory, all while helping raise money to support SCC Bristol’s mission of helping local children in need. The event will be held in the infield at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Click here for all the details!

Not looking to compete? Come out & support your friends!

COmmunity WOD Saturdays

Fitness is always more fun with friends! Our community WOD happens every Saturday at both locations at 9am. Bring friends and family! These workouts will be both beginner and veteran-friendly — challenging enough to get a good workout, but simple enough for anyone to join!

PLEASE have friends sign a waiver beforehand!

Waiver Link

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Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity.

Why MCI?

Mechanics, Consistency, and Intensity. It’s the way we teach all movements, not only for technique purposes but for safety too, as well as longevity of training. When sticking to the MCI of training you are able to learn the proper way to do your movements, how to do them consistently well, and able to slowly increase difficulty over time so as to not overtrain or increase the risk of injury. When an athlete is brand new to this style of training their body will take on a fair amount of shock at first before it learns how to recover and adapt. Sticking to the MCI allows time for the new athlete to get in great workouts while increasing their ability over time.


What Is MCI?

As stated above, MCI stands for Mechanics, Consistency, and Intensity. When these three things are integrated into training the risk of injury goes down, the body’s ability to recover goes up, and gains/improvements can still be made at a steady pace. Aside from the obvious, reducing the risk of injury is crucial to achieving goals because it reduces the number of setbacks you may encounter. This goes hand in hand with MCI because of the “C” being consistency. So we have mechanics being your technique, consistency being frequency of good technique, but also how frequently you train, and intensity being what makes your workouts more difficult.


Mechanics are your technique. Every exercise, every movement, has certain mechanics that allow your body to perform said movement. This can be described as holding/achieving certain postures throughout a range of motion. For example, an air squat: chest up, knees out, feet flat, hips pass below the knees, and then stand to a full hip/knee extension. The chest up, knees out, and feet flat would be our posture. Passing below parallel and then standing to a full hip and knee extension is our range of motion.


Air squat mechanics have been established. Now we need consistent mechanics throughout our workout. Consistently achieving the proper mechanics of the movements is crucial to longevity and reducing injury. This consistency is not just to the end of a workout, but also to the end of a week of workouts. Alongside consistency of mechanics, we need consistency of activity. The more consistently you are active, the faster your body learns and increases its ability to recover; recovery-ability is key in making gains and improvements.


Intensity is any variation that increases the difficulty of a movement or workout. This could be a tougher movement, more weight, more reps, less rest time, etc. Continuing with the air squat example, the mechanics have been established and consistent, now to increase the intensity, so back squat will be the example. Starting with an empty bar, the mechanics are still going to need to be the same: chest up, knees out, feet flat, hips pass below the knees, and then stand to a full hip/knee extension. The difference now is there has been the added intensity of a load being a barbell. If able to maintain the proper mechanics under the empty bar, then begin to add weight. Only increase the weight if the mechanics can remain consistent to keep injury risk low, refine the movements patterns, and still make increases in performance/strength over time.

Barbells For Beginners

Barbells Can Be Daunting

It’s no question that a barbell can be daunting for first time users. While it’s very well balanced by design, it is also quite awkward until you figure out the things it can be used for. It’s one thing to know the exercises possible through using the barbell, but its another thing to feel confident enough to do them, and do them well. The purpose of this article is to help any of you who are timid about using a barbell for the first time feel more confident about trying it out!

Start With The Basics

Begin with the easy stuff, basic movement patterns: squatting, hinging, pressing, and lunging. It is first important to know how to move your body on its own through space before trying to add weight.

Learn how to properly perform…

Air Squat: Feet shoulder width or slightly wider, toes turned slightly out, core engaged, chest up, eyes up; begin with the hips breaking slightly back and then descending down while driving the knees out over the toes, cue yourself to keep your chest up with flat feet until below parallel, then stand.

Hinge: feet no wider than shoulder width, core engaged; begin with a slight bend in the knees and then drive the hips back while bending forward at the waist with a flat back (cue yourself the keep your chest up while simultaneously bending over at the hips), reach down to the floor while maintaining the flat back until you reach the object you are trying to pick up, specifically, the barbell.

Press: using a PVC pipe, hands just wider than the shoulders, PVC pip touching your collar bones, core tight with ribs pinned down, glutes squeezed, quads squeezed; pull your chin back and press straight up into the air to a full lockout of the elbows with the biceps by the ears and your head then pushed back in between your arms, maintain the ribs pinned down to keep the spine neutral.

Lunge: take a step forward, keep your full foot flat on the floor as to keep from being only on the toes, cue yourself to “be on train tracks” so that you don’t sleep your feet too narrow; once stepping forward, keep your torso tall and bend the back knee straight down to the floor, lightly tap your knee to the floor then stand back up bringing the back foot forward to meet with the forward foot, repeat on the other foot to alternate legs.

Time For The Barbell

Once you have been introduced to and understand the mechanics of the movements above, it’s time to begin introducing the barbell.

Squats: front squats, back squats, and overhead squats

  • Back Squats: the barbell will rest across the back of your neck/shoulders. Tips For Back Squats: keep your wrists straight, cue yourself to pull your elbows together behind your back, and keep your eyes forward.
  • Front Squats: the barbell will rest on the front of your shoulders. Tips For Front Squats: focus on keeping your elbows up, whether they stay up or not, the consistent self cue’ing will help make that happen over time.
  • Overhead Squats: the barbell will be locked out over head with a wide grip. Tips For Overhead Squats: always practice with a PVC pipe before using the bar, cue yourself to consistently “press up” into the barbell throughout the entire squat to lock your shoulders into place and remain steady.

Hinging: excluding the olympic lifts: deadlifts, RDLs.

  • Deadlifts: this is the “object” as stated above that you will pick up off the floor. Tips For Deadlifts: keep your whole foot flat by not lifting your toes off the floor, this will keep you balanced and allow for more muscle activation. If your toes rise up and you set too far back on the heels, it is likely your hips will rise too fast when really we want the hips and torso to move at the same time.
  • RDLs: picking the bar up off the floor, the reps begin at the hips. Tips For RDLs: these should NOT touch the floor each rep, cue yourself to “arch” your back as you lower the bar toward the floor with a slight knee bend. By the time you reach the knees, if you have kept enough tension in your back, and chest up, then you should feel a stretch in the hamstrings at which point you will stand back up, squeezing your glutes at the top.

Pressing: strict press, and push press.

  • Strict Press: the bar will begin on the front of the shoulder like the front squat and finish locked out overhead. Tips For Strict Press: keep the bar close to your center of gravity by pushing it as straight up and down as possible, essentially, not pushing it around your head.
  • Push Press: the bar will begin on the front of the shoulder, and finish locked out overhead, but it will be aided by a slight dip and extension in the knees and hips. Tips For Push Press: keep the elbows high and cue yourself to “drive through the bar” at the top of your extension each rep.

Lunging: front rack lunges, back rack lunges.

  • Front Rack Lunges: the barbell will rest on the front of the shoulders, just as it does for presses and front squats. Tips For Front Rack Lunges: maintain core tension when you touch your knee to the floor, because if you “bounce” on the floor and lose tension and the elbows drop, you will be in a far less stable position and you’re likely to drop the bar.
  • Back Rack Lunges:  the barbell will rest on the back of the shoulder/neck just like back squats. Tips For Back Rack Lunges: don’t let your elbow flare way up, this will roll the barbell up the neck and make it increasingly difficult to maintain and upright torso which will also make the reps even more challenging.

Don’t let the barbell be what keeps you back from reaching your goals. When used properly it becomes an amazing training tool and can help make you stronger than ever. If you ever want more details, or have questions, never hesitate to ask for help or advice from a qualified coach or athlete.

Why Does Technique Matter?

Why Is It Important To Have Good Technique?

Seems like a silly question right? It seems like an obvious answer too; safety. There is actually more to it than just safety. It’s obviously super important to have that be the main concern because no one wants to get hurt, be injured, and spend time not working out, but the importance of good technique goes deeper than safety and prevention of injury.

The CrossFit Open is coming soon. A key thing that allows high-level athletes to do well in the Open is their efficiency. Efficiency is the name of the game when it comes to doing well in workouts. Everyone knows that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, as opposed to one that zigzags and changes direction multiple times before reaching its destination. Obviously, that is the most efficient option, getting straight to the destination rather than taking a detour because it takes less time and fuel/energy to do so.

So what is efficiency exactly and how does it apply to CrossFit? Efficiency is going to be the quickest way to do something that allows for the least amount of energy spent to do so. That being said, the way it applies to CrossFit is through your efficiency in movement. The more efficient your movement is the least amount of energy that needs to be spent on each rep. Increasing your efficiency in movement comes by improving your technique.

The purpose of improving technique is not just for safety sake, but also to help you become a more efficient athlete. Let’s say we’re doing “Isabel” (30 snatches for time). If you get through 15 reps with poor technique, then chances are you will have spent far more energy to do so than you would have with proper technique. How come? With poor technique, you’re going to be muscling the bar overhead, but if you were to have proper technique then you would be able to explode through the hips to “float” the bar overhead instead, saving the arms and therefore saving energy.

Focus on improving your technique — strength and heavier/harder movements will come. The highest level athletes are not just muscling barbells overhead, or going through high amounts of bar muscles up without an efficient kip swing, they have honed in their technique to get them to where they are. The better your technique, the more efficient you will become. The more efficient you become, the better your workouts will be. The better your workouts get, the better you will get.

Steps You Can Take To Improve Technique

  1. Reduce the weight.
  2. Practice the basics.
  3. Drill a movement for 5-10 minutes after class.
  4. Take a video of yourself and it watch in slo-mo to find things to fix.
  5. Ask a coach for help/listen to your coach.

Week In Preview, Nov. 1st, 2021

“Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it.”

– Lou Holtz


Thought of the Week:

There are three main reason one chooses to do CrossFit:
  1. They want to sweat, burn some calories, feel good, and have a good time.
  2. They want to push the envelope a bit, using CrossFit as a means of training for what they do outside of the gym such as a sport, hiking, first responder, military, etc.
  3. They want to compete in CrossFit, treating it as their sport.

What are you here to do? What is your main goal?  Does your workout intention every day reflect your main goal?

Weekly WODs: 


Crossfit  – International Chest Day.
Bench Press deload day! 7-5-3 reps, nothing crazy, prepping to hit that 3RM next week. Our MetCon will have Rowing, Tuck Ups, and Burpees.
Burn – 

AMRAP x 10:00


Sit Ups


Slam Balls/Plate Ground to Overhead


10m Shuttle Run


Crossfit  –  Squat Day.
Deloading our Back Squats today with reps of 7-5-3, getting us ready to squat a house next week. The MetCon will have Single Dumbbell Front Squats coupled with Up Downs Over the Dumbbell, its going to be a fast burner!

Every 2:00 x 4 Sets

200m Run

Immediately Into Max Reps of –

Set 1: Dumbbell Strict Press

Set 2: Dumbbell Burpees

Set 3: Dumbbell Front Squats

Set 4: Devils Press

1:00 Rest Between Sets


Crossfit – Push Jerks.
Deloading our Shoulder to Overhead today. The MetCon is simple, yet effective: running and more push jerks!

5 Rounds For Time

20 Alternating Lunges

15 Ring Rows

10 Calorie Bike/Row

12:00 Cap


Crossfit – Aerobic Capacity Day
MetCon today will have Rowing, Wall Sits, and some special skill work: Hand Stand Walking! And of course, we will have scaling options available to get everyone doing something upside down today. Following the MetCon we will have some Body Armor: Banded PVC Lat Pull Downs, Banded Overhead Tricep Extensions, and Curls.

For Time

500m Row

Rest 1:00

EMOM x 6:00

MIN 1: 6 Push Ups + 15 Sit Ups

MIN 2: 6 Burpees + 20 Kettlebell Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Rest 1:00

AMRAP x 2:00

Max Effort Row For Meters


Crossfit  – “THE INFERNO”
Today begins with some Sumo Deadlift waves for strength. Following the Sumo Deadlift, we have benchmark workout “THE INFERNO”, which consists of: Double Unders, Air Squats, and regular conventional Deadlifts.

AMRAP x 12:00

12 Alternating Kettlebell Push Press

100m Run

12 Alternating Kettlebell Suitcase Step Ups


Crossfit – Partner Workout Saturday (8AM); “ROCKY HORROR” (10:15AM, Level 2)
We will begin with a strength piece for both classes today which is building in weight for a complex of hang power cleans plus a hang squat clean. The 8AM class has a partner MetCon of Box Jumps, Dumbbell Thrusters, Dumbbell Snatches, and Pull Ups. The Level 2 class will also have the same strength piece followed by “ROCKY HORROR”, a MetCon with the same movements as the 8AM class, just with less volume as it is not a partner version. Level 2 will then finish the day with some Pistol Squat skill work.

In Teams of 2

AMRAP x 14:00

60 Calorie Bike

60 Russian Kettlebell Swings

60 Wall Balls

Week In Preview, October 25th, 2021

“The man who thinks he can and man who thinks he can’t are both right.”

– Confucius


Upcoming Events:

This Saturday (10/30): Take Back Your Back with Shift Performance PT, 11:30am-12:30pm, at West.
Blake Bohannon, DPT and CFK Coach, will be running a seminar all about keeping your back healthy and strong with steps on how to not only recover from injury, but prevent it from occurring in the first place!

Weekly WODs: 


Crossfit  – Squat Day!
Continuing our strength cycle, week 6, you can expect 4×3 tempo back squats, followed by a MetCon consisting of Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans, Single Dumbbell Lunges, and sit ups. Today is all about the drumsticks!
Burn – 
For Time

2k Row

10:00 Time Cap

Finisher, 3 Sets

10/10 Weighted Step Ups

20 Banded Hamstring Curls


Crossfit  –  “FIGHT GONE BAD”
Starting the day off with some strength work, supersets of Sumo Deadlift building to a moderate weight and tall Box Jumps. Then finish strong with a CrossFit Classic!
EMOM x 15:00

MIN1: 6/6 Single Arm Dumbbell Burpee

MIN2: 12/12 Single Arm Dumbbell Push Press

MIN3: 18 Sit Ups


Crossfit – Benchpress
Strength cycle day today with our 4×3 tempo benchpress! The MetCon will consist of Burpees, Running (1 miles worth, so grab your running shoes), and Plate Ground to Overhead.
AMRAP x 7:00

12/10 Calorie Row

7 Box Jumps

12/10 Calorie Bike

7 Box Jumps

– Rest 2:30 –



Crossfit – Aerobic Capacity Day
Intervals for 20:00 consisting of Rowing, Air Squats, and Strict Pull Ups! We’ll finish the day with some bodybuilding, 3 sets of Zottman Curls, Skull Crushers, and Banded Upright Rows!
8 Rounds For Time

10 Wall Ball Squat Clean

12 Wall Ball Reverse Lunges

14 Wall Ball Plank Rolls

16:00 Cap


Crossfit  – Shoulder to Overhead Work
Today you can look forward to continuing our overhead work with push presses and push jerks. The MetCon will consist of push ups and American kettlebell swings, sprint style! Then to finish out the day we will have some core work at the very end.
“Helen Goes To Bun”

3 Rounds For Time

400m Run

21 Kettlebell Swings

12 Ring Rows

15:00 Cap


Crossfit – “Painkiller”
Really cool complex to start the day today, Hang Squat Clean + Squat Clean Thruster, building to a moderate weight. Next will be the MetCon “Painkiller”, a workout made up of Thrusters, Toes to Bar, and Calorie Rowing. For the Level 2 class, you will have a skill finisher working on your Hand Stand Push Ups.

AMRAP x 10:00

10 Burpees

:30 Double Kettlebell Overhead Hold

10 Kettlebell Suitcase Step Ups

:30 Wall Sit

6-Week Teen Strength & Performance Program

The mission of Tri-Star Strength & Performance is to increase athletic performance through hard work and discipline.

Our mechanics-first approach improves power, explosiveness, and athleticism while decreasing the risk of injuries in sport. Our goal is to produce the most durable, athletic version of the athlete.

Principals: Be Disciplined, Show Respect, Encourage Others, Work Hard.
  • Be Disciplined: Never cut corners – train like everyone is watching, even if no one is.
  • Show Respect: Treat others how you want to be treated.
  • Encourage Others: Be supportive of teammates, and those around you.
  • Work Hard: Effort over everything. Give 100% and never quit until the task is complete.

6-Week Teen Program (13-18 years old)


  • July 6 – August 14

Pricing Options & Registration Links:

  • Saturday Only (6 total classes): $90 – Register HERE
  • Tuesday/Thursday Only (12 total classes): $145 – Register HERE
  • Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday (18 total classes): $200 – Register HERE

Class Times & Locations:

  • Tuesday & Thursday: 5:30 p.m. (West Location – 9311 Kingston Pike)
  • Saturday: 11:45 a.m. (North Location – 906 Callahan Drive)

*All classes are 60-minutes

Who should try Olympic Weightlifting and Why


Why Weightlifting?

Weightlifting is not just for weightlifters – it is one of the most transferable training systems around! You will see benefits in your daily life, such as increased joint and bone strength, improved balance and stability, and mental confidence, among others.


Lifting objects from the floor and putting them over your head is a very basic and required skill for everyday life.  Having a strong core, back, and legs will not only benefit you in everyday life but make you stronger and healthier so you can enjoy your life more.


Here’s a quick List of Benefits but there are many more:

  • Injury prevention and overall fitness
  • Increased Core Strength = less back pain
  • Increased CardioVascular health! (your heart rate still gets up and you will gain muscular endurance and a decent level of conditioning.
  • Lifting weight can be a challenging but fun alternative to conventional gym workouts
  • It’s a great way to burn fat because you are building muscle and increasing your metabolism
  • It’s an awesome community since you have lots of time to socialize with those around, and your not constantly out of breath!
  • It’s a little less fast paced than say our CrossFit classes so it’s a fun alternative to those days when just don’t feel like breathing hard!

How does that apply to me?  

Most people know that Olympic weightlifting is an amazing Sports and athletic performance program.  As a sport it’s contested both on a local, national, and international level (think Olympics).  What a lot of people don’t know is that from a training perspective, the lifts, or versions of (power clean, push press, front squats, etc…) provide amazing benefits to any training or fitness program.


Implementing the lifts in your training program can be both intimidating and risky if you aren’t doing them correctly.  Our team of coaches are very educated and well trained on a National level and have experience working with both high level competitors and people who have never lifted a barbell. Through proper skill development and progressions, they’ll teach you how to safely reap the many benefits of Olympic Weightlifting.

So how can try it out to see if it’s for me?  

Drop in and try a class!  Click HERE, pick your location, and book your free session. Beginners are welcome!
Session Times:
Tuesdays (West Location): 5:30pm & 7pm
Thursdays (North Location): 5:30pm & 7pm
Saturdays (Both Locations): 9am

CFK Performance Memberships are divided into three tracks:

Tri-Star Weightlifting – ($99/month)


Tri-Star Compete – ($129/Month)

Weightlifting is an Olympic sport – yes those Olympics – and has the opportunity for sponsorship and competition at the international level. We facilitate a respectful, team environment for those interested in training for Weightlifting competition. As coaches, we continue to broaden our knowledge of the sport and help devise the best individual approach to training for our competitors – from exercise selection, volume, and training frequency, to nutrition, sleep, and recovery.

We have competition experience ourselves, have trained in, and coached Weightlifting for years.  We continuously seek the expertise of advanced coaches beyond our level, and have taken our own lifters to National level competitions. Let us help you today, and watch the kilos pile on the bar!

Athletes will receive 5 days/week programming, get access to CFK’s Tri-Star Weightlifting classes (3x/week), Open Gym hours, and meet coaching.

Programming is event focused and the goal is 1 rep max Snatch and  Clean and Jerk as that’s what’s tested at competitions.  Workouts will include lots of classic lifts plus squatting, pulling, and plenty of accessory work to create balance and longevity in the athlete.


Sports Performance – ($129/Month)

The focus of Tri-Star sports performance is increasing general athletic ability and improving performance on the field of play. Athletes receive access to Tri-Star Weightlifting classes (3x/week), as well as unlimited access to CFK Burn classes.

CFK Burn classes: Programming will include high-intensity conditioning training to supplement weightlifting classes. We use simple but effective movements with moderate weight loading to maximize power output and increase general athleticism.


CrossFit Track – (All Programs are included in CFK Membership)

Weightlifting is a third of the system we follow.  In CrossFit we want to be incrementally better over time and Life is the contest, not the gym.  We use the lifts because of the general preparedness they bring to the challenges we may see in an emergency situation.  Body awareness, moving loads efficiently, core stability, mobility, and general coordination are all valuable skills for life that are learned and improved through weightlifting. The workouts will be similar to the Competitive Program but much more technique focussed.  No Squatting or heavy pulling, but plenty of skill and assistance work for injury prevention.