Healthier Holiday

The holidays are right around the corner…

and for many this can equal a hurdle for our fitness and nutrition needs. It’s a great time of year but typically brings travel and less time in the gym.  Multiple Thanksgiving dinners, Holiday Parties, Football, etc… bring many obstacles to the journey…


… Fast Forward to the new year when we once again resolve to do better, lose weight, and get in the best shape of our lives.  Terrible Cycle, happens every year.  Forget “winter bulking” and join the Team of 10!  Enter 2018 with Dialed Nutrition and Greater Fitness than you had entering the Holidays!

Healthier Holiday and a Kick Ass 2018!

This is an extremely personalized Experience.  You will have all the tools for a high level of Success!

Cost:  $350

Dates:  November 4th – December 30


Available Slots: 8 of 10


What’s Included:


  1.  Accountability and a Support Team of Coaches and Peers
  2. Kick Off Event with a Nutrition Seminar and fun Fitness/MobilityTest
  3. Pre/Post Fit 3D Testing – ($40 value)
  4. 8 Weeks of Individualized Nutrition Programming from Coach Sara  ($200 Value) – This is designed to not only help you achieve goals but also form a plan that will last long term!
  5. 8 Weeks of Individualized CFK WOD modifications and Personalized assistance from Coach Jonathan – ($200 value)
  6. Travel Workouts with Modifications if necessary
  7. 2 Offsite Team PT Sessions – ($25 each)
  8. Private Facebook Group for support and urgent questions
  9. Finale Event with workout retest (priceless).

Total Value: $465

To register, contact Coach Jonathan ([email protected]) or Coach Sara ([email protected])


Who this is for:

1)  Those looking for a little added accountability and support through the holidays beyond the scope of the everyday class.

2)  Athletes looking for not just a detailed nutrition plan but also personalize Workout Plan (scaling, mobility, goal specific assistance work).

3)  Those looking to come out of the holidays better than they came in and already have a jump on those 2018 resolutions.

Which Omega 3 to take?

Have you heard that you should take fish oil and just don’t know what kind?


Maybe you picked some up at a big store because it touted thousands of milligrams of fish oil…


That’s not the whole story.


What you are actually looking for is EPA and DHA, omega 3 fatty acids.  Many of those suppliers may say they have 1000mg or more of fish oil, but only around 300mg is combined EPA and DHA.  Not so cost effective now!


Another problem is knowing where the fish come from.  Haven’t we all heard that we should eat more fish throughout the week, but not so much as to get mercury poisoning?  Who wants mercury poisoning?!?!


Most of that mercury can be found in fish that were either farmed other poor conditions, or large fish that have lived a long life accumulating more mercury from their environment and eating other fish that have mercury in them.


Ideally, you want small fish that have a short life and fast reproduction.  This way they are more sustainable and have a shorter time to accumulate all that unwanted mercury.


At CFK we carry two different brands of fish oil to fit your needs:  Puroi and SFH.  In the past we were able to say that one was in a liquid form and one was in a capsule form, but now BOTH companies carry both options, so it may not be quite that easy anymore!



Both SFH and Puori are on point.  SFH uses Alaskan Pollock, Sardines, Herring, and Anchovies sourced in cold water up North.  Puori uses just wild anchovies from the Pacific Ocean in South America where there are generally better fishing practices.  Both companies have received certifications from the International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) Program for sustainable practices.



Again, both companies care about the quality they give you.  SFH performs cold extraction for their oils immediately after the fish are caught.  Puori puts their fish oil back into triglyceride form to increase absorption in the body.



SFH capsules are enteric coated, meaning they will bypass your stomach and get into your system faster.  Puori uses dark soft gels to prevent oxidation of the fish oil.


SFH liquid form is highly concentrated, comes in four flavors, and includes 1000 IUs of Vitamin D3.  Puori combines their liquid with MCTs and antioxidants from Rosemary to add to the flavor and reduce inflammation.



SFH Liquid provides 3.5 grams in 1 tsp, and caps provide 3 grams in 4 caps.

Puori Liquid provides 1.8 grams in 1 tsp, and caps provide 1.7 grams in 3 caps.


What should you take?

That’s up to you!  Both are great products, and while one does provide more overall omega 3’s than the other, that doesn’t mean it’s for you.  In the end, you can’t go wrong as long as you’re taking one of them.




Week In Preview – July 31st, 2017

“The true masters are still on the field when the fun ends.” — Reinhold Messner

WIP Highlights

Get to a nutrition seminar this month!  Spots fill up fast.  SOGO is really heating up and we’re almost to the end.  Jordan Garcia will be here this weekend for the handstand workshop.  The 4th annual Guardians for Garrett Kickball Tournament is upon us!


Get to those nutrition seminars!  We have another one this week out North at 6 p.m., and in two weeks, August 22nd, we have another specialty seminar at West called “The Skinny on Fat” where Coach Sara will talk about why fat has gotten a bad rap over the years, and why you really need it in your nutrition.


The workshop is filling up and spots are limited!  Check out the blog post or Facebook page for more details, or just e-mail Coach Rick!


I know you guys are stacking on a ton of reps and the commitment has been awesome!  I was baffled to see so many athletes finish the Bring Sally Up planks and immediately hit up some sit-ups and handstand holds.  Amazing work guys and gals!  Here’s your next week:


Cut out sugar!  That’s right, no added sugars.  Check your labels!  Usually this is the first thing in the challenge and the hardest, but you will get the most bang for your buck in changing your nutrition by cutting out this one little ingredient.  You will be uncomfortable for a few days if you have a lot of sugar in your diet already, but just commit to it!


Plank holds!

Novice:  accumulate 4 minutes

Rx: accumulate 8 minutes

Rx+:  accumulate 12 minutes

Don’t forget, you have all the other things as well!  Run/row, sit-ups, push-ups, handstands, and planks.

Guardians for Garrett

We’re getting teams together for the Guardians for Garrett Kickball Tournament taking place on August 26th!  It will be a lot of fun and it’s for a great cause.  Mark your calendars and keep an eye out for more information on how to register your teams.  We’re looking to get a team of 10 from each location.

The Week

Monday – Alternating EMOM+

Alternate between rowing, KBS, rope turns, and l-sits every 90 seconds.  Just enough rest to make a hard interval each round!

Tuesday – Tank Top Tuesday!

Break out those tanks today!  It’s all shoulder work.  Start with some handstand push-up work, then a metcon of 2 rounds of 25 and 50 handstand push-ups and wall balls.

Wednesday – Strength Day

Work up to a heavy single on hang power cleans, then hit a tabata mash-up of sit-ups, RDLs, and jumping lunges.  Focus on quality reps and strength development, not just all the reps you can get.

Thursday – Shoulder and Midline Stability

Work through 3 rounds of KB waiters walks, ring push-ups, and medball runs.

Wednesday – “Rich”

Start off with 13 full snatches at 155/105, then move on to 10 rounds of 10 pull-ups and 100 meter sprints.  Finish with 13 full cleans with the same barbell.

Saturday – Synchronized CrossFit

In teams of 2, complete 5 rounds of toes to bar, hand release push-ups, deadlifts, and box jumps.  Pick your partner wisely!  Push each other, but don’t try to beat them.

Week In Preview – July 24th, 2017

“The commitment that I have made is greater than the feelings that I have in this moment.” — Unattributed

WIP Highlights

The Fit3D is out West!  #CFKSOGO2017 is halfway through!  What do you know about local foods?  Have you crushed it this month?  Made a big accomplishment?  Or have a friend at the gym who has?  Tell us!  Check out Jacked and Tan this weekend!


We’ve talked a lot about this, hyped it up, and it’s finally here!  The Fit3D, in case you’ve missed it, is a body scan that tells us what your body fat percentage is and gives all around measurements.  For more details, check out this blog post about it, but I’ll give you some need-to-knows here:

What does it cost? Nothing for the first scan, or on your yearly anniversary!

What does it do? It spins you on a platform, a camera takes measurements, then in about 15 minutes you will receive an e-mail with all the data you need.

Is it invasive? Nope!  The most invasive part is just going to be undressing for it.  Guys will wear some sort of compression shorts, ladies will wear compression shorts with a sports bra or bathing suit.  The camera picks up every piece of fabric and uses it in its analysis, so you’ll want to be very form fitting.

I don’t want anyone to see me! Not a problem.  We have the room set up so that you will be in their alone with the window blocked and you can even lock the door.  We’ll show you how to set it up by yourself so you can have complete privacy.  The only person who will see your scans when they are sent to you, is you!  Coaches will get an e-mail with numbers, but we can’t see anything unless you share it with us.  Complete privacy!

I still don’t know…. That’s understandable, but our goal is to have every current and new athlete get a scan.  We’re training the whole coaching staff so that we can be the most efficient.  Appointments will work best, but if you want to get a scan when you come to your regular class, talk to a coach.  If they are trained we can get you in and out in under 5 minutes.

Remember guys and gals, we can’t improve upon something unless we have something to compare to.  That’s why we record how much we squat, deadlift, snatch, run, etc. in Wodify.  This is a new metric that we can use to help you achieve your goals.

Cool, I’m ready to sign up!  Great!  Click here to sign up out North with Jonathan or out West with Scott!  If you can’t find a time and want to just set up your account now, go here!

SOGO 2017

I hope you’re getting in all those reps!  I’ve seen a lot of people working hard and it gets me so excited!  Keep up the excellent work everyone!


Prepare at least 80% of your own meals this week.

This one may seem random, perhaps a little arbitrary.  Here’s the thought:  if I eat 5 meals a day, I have to prepare at least 4 of them myself.  I can only eat out once that day.  That doesn’t mean you should, but it can give you a break.  This will hopefully be a low barrier for entry for most of us!  Get your meal prep on!  And share in the Facebook groups!  Give us your favorite, easy meal prep ideas.  I may even throw in some of the cooking videos I made during the LuRong Challenge!


Get upside down!

Novice accumulate 5 minutes in a 45 degree wall walk

Rx accumulate 5 minutes in a handstand hold, nose and toes against the wall

Rx+ accumulate 10 minutes in a hanstand hold, nose and toes against the wall OR 5 minutes freestanding handstand hold*

Points of Performance

A handstand hold should be performed by squeezing everything in your body and pushing the floor away.  Feet must stay together, toes pointed, and ONLY nose and toes against the wall.  No quads, no hips, no stomach resting on the wall.

Avoid tumbling out.  Try to walk up and walk back down.  Yes, it’s harder.  But that will make you stronger.  Also, don’t go to failure.  Often times you want to fall out of it because you have done a max hold.  Instead, stop short of your absolute limit, and walk back down under control.

If you have been performing novice but have a solid handstand hold against the wall, go ahead and move in to the wall.

If you are performing Rx+ and want to work on freestanding handstands:  Minimum of 10 seconds in a freestanding hold.  You’re not working on getting stronger if you’re flipping up for 2-3 seconds at a time, walking around, and falling out of it.  Partners may spot, but not support legs like it’s the wall.  No WALKING.  Pick a mat, and stay in the mat!  If you can stay in one place and stabilize, walking will come naturally down the road!

Don’t forget about your 5k/4k, sit-ups, and push-ups!

Eat Local, Eat Fresh

Have you tried the Farmer’s Market?  It’s so much fun, and it’s probably about half-way through the season.  While we encourage organic, grassfed, and all those things, one big thing we don’t always say is “local.”  Local is great because produce can continue growing for longer amounts of time, so more nutrients and better taste.  Foods don’t have to be filled with preservatives.  Animals have happier, healthier lives!  And of course, you support your local economy.

It’s not always easy to buy local for various reasons.  Things are much more seasonal, as life should be!  There aren’t a ton of local avocado farmers, because we don’t necessarily live in that climate (though it may feel that way this month!).  Sometimes it’s just hard to find the right place, and even when you do it can be really expensive at times.

While this is all just some food for thought, I wanted to pass along one local resource:  White Fence Farms.  A small local farm run by Liz Wirthwein and her family.  While they don’t have much up and running yet, they do have some eggs!  I have been eating their eggs from happy hens for some time now and they are great.  I know that the chickens are treated well, I hear stories about them being rambunctious, and I know they have a healthy diet and aren’t pumped full of antibiotics and hormones.  Liz and I were recently talking and she is open to selling her eggs in orders if anyone at the gym would like some.  They will be $4.00/dozen, which honestly is cheaper than many “free range” eggs you’ll find at the grocery store.  If you’re interested, please contact me and I’ll work out the payment and delivery details with Liz!  E-mail [email protected]

If you have a small farm and want to get more people eating your locally sourced food, also contact me and I’ll make sure the gym knows about you!

Athlete Accomplishments

Get in your athlete accomplishments!  Whether you or a friend did something great in the gym or life this weekend, e-mail me!  [email protected]

Jacked and Tan Classic

We’ve got a few athletes going out the the Jacked and Tan Classic this Saturday to compete!  Coach Rick will be there in the Rx Division, so get out there and cheer him and some others on!

The Week

Monday – Clusters and Thrusters

Five sets of 1 cluster + 2 Thrusters.  The cluster is just a clean to thruster, so if you want to think about it like 3 thrusters from the floor, that’s okay, too.  Build up to a heavy set.  Then 10 to 1 of unbroken thrusters at 115/75.  If you break a set, say 5 on the set of 8, you have to rest and repeat that set.  10 minute cap.

Tuesday – Dallas 5

This workout is in honor of the 5 Dallas Police officers who were shot down on July 7th by a sniper.

This is a light weight workout, and you should accumulate a lot of reps.  Remember that though weights may seem light in general, they are meant to be unbroken for very large sets.  Scale accordingly today!

5 minutes of burpees

5 minutes of 7 deadlifts 155/105, 7 box jumps

5 minutes of Turkish get-ups 40/30 lb

5 minutes of 7 snatches @ 75/55, 7 push-ups

5 minutes of rowing for calories

Rest 1 minute between stations.

Wednesday – Ready to Run!

E2MOM x 4, 200 m sprint

E2.5MOM x 3, 300 m sprint

E3MOM x 2, 400 m sprint

Be sure to stretch after this one!

Thursday – Strength Day

After 2 days of really hard cardio, today is strength focused.  Alternating minutes between 4 strict press and 12 front rack lunges.  We have a very fun plank workout to follow!

Friday – 10 rounds FAST

Every time we see 10 rounds it seems like it will go on forever, but this one is meant to be short and sweet.  5 chest to bar pull-ups, 10 overhead squats 75/55, and 20 double unders.  Try to get between 10-15 minutes.

Saturday – Gather Your Teams!

We may have to start getting team names for all this Saturday workouts!  Teams of 3 today, and this gets a little complicated:

Always run together.  When doing the work in the room, one partner is accumulate reps, one partner will be holding a handstand or hanging from the rig, and one will be resting.  Reps stop when the one holding or hanging has to rotate.

200m run

150 KB Sumo DL High Pull, one partner in a handstand

200m run

100 v-ups, one partner hanging from the pull-up bar

200m run

50 synchronized burpees, jump to plate.  All partners get chest to floor at the same time, and stand up on the plate at the same time.

200 m run

I hope you all have enjoyed the content!  If you have anything you’d like to see added in, please e-mail me!

Week In Preview – July 10th, 2017

“The true masters are still on the field when the fun ends.” — Reinhold Messner

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate the 4th of July at CFK!  We had a blast!

We hope everyone has also gotten in their SunzOut GunzOut challenge for the week!  For the next week you still have your challenges from week 1, plus:

Nutrition:  Eat your greens!  Make sure to get a serving, 2 fists, of healthy vegetables at each meal!


Novice – Accumulate 100 sit-ups

Rx – Accumulate 150 sit-ups

Rx+ – Accumulate 125 toes to bar

Don’t try and do these all in one day!  Get them done throughout the week!  As with all the coming fitness challenges, make sure to go for quality.  Stop before bad reps.  We want you to practice perfect reps and get the most out of it that you can, not just fumbling through.


Want to do handstands like this guy?

Jordan Garcia Balance demo 2016 from Jordan Garcia 亀 悟 on Vimeo.

Well lucky for you he is coming to CFK for a workshop on handstands!  Check out this blog post for all the info for how you can sign up.

We have another speciality seminar in nutrition coming up out North on the 18th about Social Nutrition.  How to still eat healthy when you’re out with friends and family.

The Week Ahead

Monday – Track and Gymnastics

800 m repeats, and use your pace from the 1 mile test run from June 16th.  Try and maintain your pace for each round.  In between rounds you will be performing some gymnastics skill work to both develop the skill and also practice under fatigue.

Tuesday – Push/Pull/Squat

21-15-9 of thrusters, pull-ups, overhead squats, and hand release push-ups.  The goal will be sub 15 minutes, hopefully closer to 10.  Try to go unbroken on barbell work.

Wednesday – Scotty

In honor of Scott Deem of the San Antonio Fire Department, who lost his life in a four-alarm fire while searching for survivors.

AMRAP 11 minutes of 5 deadlifts, 18 wall balls, and 17 burpees over the bar.  The deadlifts will be heavy!

Thursday – Split Jerk Work

Split jerks from behind the neck, which helps keep the elbows under the bar and push straight up.  Start with doubles for four sets, then drop down to singles for six sets.

Friday – 4 person teams!

Partner 1: Row 500/400 m, or bike 1250/1000.  Rotate stations when this is completed.

Partner 2: Max distance DB bear crawl

Partner 3: Max reps single leg lateral plyo skier

Partner 4: 50 ft med ball crab walk, the max KB swings until rower is finished.

Saturday – Partner Run and S2O

Run 200 m together, then accumulate some shoulder to overhead.  Start at 50 reps at 135/95.  Once completed, run 200 m together again, then divide up 40 at 155/105.  Continue running in between sets for 30 at 185/125, 20 at 205/135, and 10 at 225/145.  Finish with another 200 m run.


Week In Preview – July 3rd, 2017

“Your life is a reflection of your habits. If you want different results, choose different habits.” — Unknown

WIP Highlights

It’s the start of the month!  That means your newsletter is coming.  Be sure to check your e-mail this week to see all the events, changes, and athlete accomplishments for the month!  Our new wrist wraps look really cool and can help with your wrist pain.  Hydration is really important, and that’s why it’s your first nutrition challenge for SOGO!  Only 1 class on Tuesday, which moves our nutrition seminar to Thursday, along with the new CFK Endurance time!


Make sure to get your order in for your wrist wraps by Monday July, 3rd.  We try to order only what we need!  We’ve also got a new shirt design coming out soon, so keep your eyes out for that one!


It’s finally here!  Your 6-week challenge begins today!  Before we get into the workouts, let’s figure out where we’re starting.  Under each of these headings, see if any point or combination describes you:


  1. New to Crossfit- In your first 5 weeks
  2. Inconsistent in attendance
  3. Time Off…i.e vacation, work travel…etc
  4. Injured
  5. Lack of mobility to perform full range of movements


  1. Consistent in training
  2. Well trained
  3. Uninjured


  1. Advanced Athlete
  2. Full working knowledge of movements, progressions, and posses all the necessary skills

Don’t be afraid to be a little conservative!  Follow these divisions week-to-week in the challenge to get the most appropriate stimulus.  In addition to your new physical challenge each week you will also receive a nutritional challenge.  So here it goes!

Week 1

Nutrition:  It’s hot outside, and you’re going to be spending a lot of time outside, so your first challenge is to drink half your body weight in ounces of water a day.  So if I am a 200 lb male, I will drink 100 ounces of water a day!  Not so bad.

Physical: time to practice some looooong, slow distance, which we don’t always get in CrossFit.

Novice Accumulate 4000 m in a Run or Row

Rx Accumulate 5000 m in a Run or Row

Rx+ Accumulate 5000 m in a Run or Row

You may accumulate these meters in any way you choose, but we do encourage most of you to try and knock them out in big chunks over the weekend by going to a park or trail, even a hike!  However, if you want to do it in smaller segments you are welcome to knock it out as your warm-up or cool-down around class times.  That’s a great habit to build.  Don’t forget, any running during the WOD, or even the group warm-up run, does not count toward your total!


Want to really crush the SOGO challenge?  Get your nutrition in line!  Coach Sara has a nutrition seminar this Thursday at West at 6:30 p.m.!


Know what else is coming to EVERY Thursday at 6:30?  If you haven’t heard, Coach Mary’s Endurance class has moved from Saturday mornings to Thursday evenings!  If you’ve never tried a class, talk to a coach or just drop in!  She will help you get better at running itself, or in WODs.

The Week Ahead

Monday – Back Squats

Alternating rep schemes on back squat, 8-4-8-4-8 while going up and down in weights.  Focus on being aggressive with the bar from the first lift, not just casually lifting because the weight is lighter!

Tuesday – 4th of July!

Only one workout today at both locations, 9 a.m.!  The workout is 1776!  In teams of 3, 60:00 AMRAP with power cleans, air squats, and sandbag runs!

Wednesday – Rowing Test!

Test your 2k row time!  Then get some handstand skills in after the workout.

Thursday – 50, but not the Filthy 50

50 of everything today.  Single arm overhead carries, sumo deadlift high pulls, box jumps, and goblet squats!  This is a long chipper with some odd movements thrown in.

Friday – G.I. Jane

100 burpee pull-ups for time!  Capped at 20 minutes!

Saturday – Partner Shoulder Work

10 rounds with a partner, alternating full rounds.  Everything should be unbroken, so scale weights accordingly!  10 push jerks, 20 wall balls, 40 double unders.

That’s the week!  Be sure to check your e-mail this week for the Newsletter!  If you have any last minute additions such as athlete accomplishments, e-mail Coach Scott!

See you on the floor!

-Coach Scott

Week In Preview – June 26th, 2017

“Indecision is the thief of opportunity.” — Jim Rohn

WIP Hightlights

There is a nutrition seminar Tuesday covering Digestion.  The hardest and fastest way to effect your nutrition may be a sugar detox, but it’s gonna be tough!  Got a friend or family member who wants to try out CrossFit?  We’ve got Sidekick Saturday this weekend!  Coach Mary’s Endurance class is moving!  The Fit3Ds are being set up before SOGO.



There’s a lot here!  Nutrition is the basis of health and fitness, but it can also be the hardest.  We’re here to help guide you along the way, but we can’t monitor your food 23 hours a day.  Ask questions, attend seminars, send e-mails, and we’ll be there for you!

The nutrition workshop series is taking on a new shape.  There will be baseline nutrition seminars the first and second week each month, at both locations, so you’ve got a lot of opportunities to get in and learn about what to eat and what not to eat!

In addition to that there will be more focused speciality seminar once a month at alternating locations.  This month Coach Sara will be covering digestion at the West location on Tuesday evening at 6:30.  It’s not too late to sign up!  Come to just the seminar, or get a workout in before or after in the 5:30 or 7:30 classes.

Hopefully you saw the blog post about sugar this week, and if you didn’t you can check it out here to learn more about sugar and sugar alternatives.  Then check out this post from CNN about going through a sugar detox, what it takes, how hard it will be, but also how it really is worth it.

A final word on nutrition from the week, because it was crazy this week:  coconut oil.  Okay, that was two words.

The AHA came out with a study recently saying that coconut oil is bad for all of us and it was never healthy.  That may be true in some instances, but coconut oil has a lot of healthy properties, as well as just being great to use for a lot of other things.  If you want to know more about coconut oil, or any other supplement, check out for unbiased facts about almost any supplement.


Got a friend or family member wanting to try out CrossFit?  We’ve changed our introductory process, but we also know that sometimes you just want them to try a class with you.  This Saturday at 11 a.m. we will have Sidekick Saturday where you can bring a friend who is new to CrossFit and workout with them and show them what all the fuss is about!  Fill out the Refer A Friend form first so that we can get waivers out of the way!

Did you or a friend complete a big accomplishment this past month?  First chin-up? Graduate from college?  Complete your first race or competition?  E-mail Coach Scott to add to the athlete accomplishments for June!


We are excited to announce that Coach Mary’s Endurance class, normally on Saturday morning at 10 a.m., is moving to Thursday evenings next month!  More details to come, but we hope to be able to offer more technical running to more athletes in the week AND to open up Saturday mornings for more races for all!

The Fit3Ds will be set up soon!  Coaches are learning about them and testing, and soon you’ll see them at both locations.  If you’ve wondered if you’re making the changes you need, or if you need to step up your game, this will be a great tool for that.  Talk to a coach or e-mail Coaches Scott or Jonathan to get more info.

The Week

Monday – Part Deux

Two parts to the workout today:  push hard with 3 rounds of running, light snatches, and push-ups, then work to a 1 rep max snatch.

Tuesday – Tank Top Tuesday!

Ring dip progressions and gymnastics strength work, followed by 10 sets of split jerk doubles.  Practice technique today and freeze on that catch.

Wednesday – EMOM with rest!

Leg conditioning day:  EMOM for 5 rounds, box jumps, wall balls, and calorie row, followed with 1 minute of rest.

Thursday – Ascending Chipper

Front squats, HSPU, burpees, run, and DB walking lunge.  The reps start low and get higher and higher.  23 minute cap!

Friday – Doubles and Ups

Descending ladder of pull-ups with 40 double unders in between each set.  This should be fast, with a 10 minute time cap.

Saturday – Partner Ground to Overhead

Each partner completes their set before switching.  10-1 ground to overhead at 135/95.  Should be a weight that you can do unbroken T&G from the beginning.  Scale for the stimulus!

Don’t forget that on Saturday after the WOD we will have Sidekick Saturday!  You can do both if you want, just invite a friend out for the 11 a.m. WOD and let’s have some fun!

See you on the floor!

Coach Scott

Sugar or No Sugar?

People are always wondering about sugar, what it is, and should they have it.

We also often wonder, are these artificial sweeteners really okay with me? I love saving the calories!

There are a lot of those questions and there are a lot of answers. Two different articles came to me today that I want to share with you!

The first is from Precision Nutrition about sugar, plain and simple (and sometimes complex!). Check it out if you’re wondering about the real deal.

The other is from, primarily a Keto website (more discussion on that at a later date) and it covers sugar alternatives, which ones are relatively healthy, which are not, and the impact they primarily have on your insulin response. If you’ve wondered about the artificial sweeteners in your protein, BCAAs, or protein bars, check out this article.

Got more questions?  E-mail me!

-Coach Scott

Week In Preview – June 19th, 2017

“You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great.” — Zig Zigler

WIP Highlights

See how to get your friends and family involved with the refer a friend program and CFK Foundations Course.  CFK Youth will be cancelled this week.  Monday is the last day to get your Supplement order in.  Our nutrition series has started up again, now with Specialty Seminars.  Your annual summer challenge SunzOutGunzOutBunzOut is kicking off soon!


Do remember how you started out?  Did you feel like you’d never be able to complete a workout, or did you know you had fallen in love with something new and weird with a bunch of other crazy people?  Have you shared this new lifestyle with others?

If you want to encourage someone to try out CrossFit and join in the community it’s really simple!  Scroll to the bottom of our page and click “refer a friend” and pass along their information.  We’ll take it from there!

At CFK, we’re always striving to increase our value to you and new members.  That’s why we have revamped our introduction process and are now offering a Foundations Course for all new athletes!

Set your fiend or family member up with their free intro session by going through the “refer a friend” process or just telling them to go to our website and sign up for the intro.  We will schedule a time with them to go over all the ins and outs of the gym, asses mobility, and do a short workout.  If they choose to sign up they can go through our new Foundations Course and learn movements before they get into class, but also learn about scaling options and the general flow of everything.

We’re excited to offer this new course, and we’re sure many of you would have loved it!  How many started on snatch or Turkish get-up day??  We are now working to make sure everyone gets the best experience possible from day one.

In addition to this, the new Foundations Course will be taking place from 6-7 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the auxiliary rooms at the gym.  If you normally use the open gym during this time, please contact Coach Rick so that he may put you on a list to be contacted a week in advance if the Foundations Course will be too large for open gym use.  Otherwise, please use the room and stay respectful of the newest members to our gym 🙂


CFK Youth on Tuesday June 20th will be CANCELLED but will resume on Thursday June 22nd!


Supplement orders are due by the end of the day Monday June 19th!  The supplement companies we carry include Progenex, XEndurance, Puori (formerly Pure Pharma), SFH, and eBars.

At CFK we encourage a base of solid nutrition, clean food, and a caloric balance that promotes muscle growth, but not fat retention.  From there is where we look to supplementation.  We often hear “supplements” and think that they are required.  They should always be in addition to a balanced diet to improve upon it, not replace.

If you have any supplement questions, please talk to a coach!  If you have any last minute questions, e-mail Coach Scott!


Speaking of nutrition, the first speciality seminar with Coach Sara will be Tuesday, June 27th at West and cover digestion.  No matter how well you eat, if your body isn’t using the food you take in, it’s not going to do any good!  Learn about the importance of good digestion and how you can improve yours.


Monday – Weightlifting Day

Clean and Jerk complex followed by some paused front squats.  Every 2 minutes for 7 sets perform 1 squat clean, 1 front squat, and 2 split jerks.  Focus on accuracy today and perfect reps.  The two split jerks will be performed on very tired legs, so really drive under the bar.  Follow up the complexes with 3 sec pause front squat with perfect positions.  Your legs should be pretty warm already, so start with some heavyish weight on the bar.

Tuesday – Overhead Squat in Tall Socks!

Complete 6 rounds of heavy overhead squats, short running, and a rope climb!  Be sure to wear some leg protection if you plan to use your feet, and check out this video for some tips on wrapping the rope from gymnastics extraordinaire Carl Paoli.

Wednesday – Press/Push/Pull

Ring dip progressions at the beginning of class to get ready for the metcon.  This is shoulder stamina in every plane.  1 minute each of DB strict press, ring dips, and Cal row.  After that move on to 4×4 strict chin-ups.  #SunzOutGunzOut is coming….

Thursday – Powerlifting Day!

Deadlifts followed by prowler pushes!  For the deadlift, quickly work up to a heavy double, then drop some weight and do 6, then drop some more and do 12, so you get in “drop sets” for more volume AND focus on perfect technique.

Friday – Team “Sweatfest” WOD

Not just partners, not just teams of 3, but teams of 4!  Each partner has a different task:  400 m run, max distance row or bike, burpees to a target, or single unders.  All partners will rotate stations for 40 minutes with the partner running being the pace setter.  Score?  Burpees of course.

Saturday – Horton

Hero WOD Horton is performed with a partner, dividing up the work however you choose.  9 rounds of 9 Bar Muscle Ups, 11 Ground to Overhead (155/105), and 50 yard buddy carry.


And last but not least, SunzOutGunzOutBunzOut!  Many of you have participated before, but many of you will be new to it.  Here are the important points:

  • There will be Novice, RX, and RX+ divisions.
  • Each week you will be given a new movement and amount of reps or time to accumulate for the movement throughout the week.
  • These movements build upon each other.  Week 1 will be 1, week 2 will have all from 1 and 2, week 3 will have weeks 1, 2, and 3, etc.
  • It will be 6 weeks long beginning Monday July 3rd.
  • The additional reps of each movement don’t accumulate during regular CFK workouts!  So if your Monday WOD has toes to bar in it, and you have toes to bar that week, the reps performed in the workout do not count toward your allotment for the week!
  • Have fun!  This will be a little extra volume each week, plus some skill development.
  • We will release the new movements week by week.


That’s it for the week!  Get your orders in, sign up for a seminar, and never be afraid to ask some questions!  We’ll see you on the floor!

-Coach Scott

Week In Preview – June 12, 2017

“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training.” — Archilochus

Check your e-mail to see your May-June Newsletter with all your athlete accomplishments and upcoming events!

Don’t forget, we have another nutrition seminar this week out North at 6:45 p.m. on Tuesday!  Talk to a coach to reserve your spot!

CFK had a great time at Knoxville’s Largest Kids’ Party on Saturday!  Thanks to all the volunteers who came out, plus everyone else who just stopped by.

We’ve got some cool testing coming up this week!

Monday – Regional Workout #3

This one is a doozy!  If you missed it, check out this link to see the top men from our region, or follow this one to jump to the top women.  The event itself involves overhead walking lunges with a dumbbell, 100 double unders, 50 wall balls, 10 rope climbs, then back through the wall balls, double unders, and lunges.  It was capped at 16 minutes for regionals, but we’ll allow 20.

Tuesday – Handstands and strict press

After a hard competition type day we’ll go to a skill heavy day with handstand hold work plus pressing, both from a handstand and barbell strict press for 10.  A good day to work out those shoulders from everything the day before.

Wednesday – Rowing and Burpees

Five rounds of 1 minute work, 1 minute rest, alternating between calorie row and burpees.  Hard efforts today!  Push hard for that 1 minute.

Thursday – Posterior Chain Conditioning

Kettlebell swings, box jump overs, and front squats.  Unbroken reps, between 10-15 minutes.  Partner weighted carries afterward!

Friday – FTW Total!

It’s test day!  Make sure to show up to a class on Friday and give it your best!  We will test 3 rep max back squat, max pull-ups, and 1 mile run.

Saturday – Partner day!

One athlete works and one rests.  150 hang DB power snatch, alternating arms, 100 burpee box jump overs, 75 power cleans, 50 front squats, 25 strict ring dips.

Here’s looking for a great week ahead!  And if you need to find another way to get some carbs into your diet in a healthy way, check out this recipe for fried rice from Working Against Gravity!

See you on the floor!

Coach Scott