Week in Preview – September 11th, 2017

“You can’t expect to soar with the eagles if you keep scratching around with the chickens.” — Myfanwy Galloway

Did you see the newsletter?

Last week there were some technical glitches!  This week it should all be worked out.  But just in case you missed the newsletter, it is linked on our website and will open in a .pdf in your browser.  Just click here.


It’s that time of year again!  Another Ktown classic, Oktoberfest, is right around the corner!  Check out their page for a countdown and to register!  They’ve released all their workouts and they have divisions for Rx, Rxish, scaled, masters, and teams!  This is a great opportunity to get out and throw down!  Let a coach know if you’re on the fence about participating, or just sign up!  Competiton will be the weekend of October 7th and 8th.



Coach Sara has two more nutrition seminars coming up this month!  Both will be out North:. Baseline Nutrition on Thursday September 14th, and then Digestion on Saturday September 23rd.  These seminars are full of valuable information to help YOU reach your goals.  To reserve your spot, just click on the number X of X next to the class name and type in your name when the pop-up appears.



Where are you?  Where are you going?  I’ll delve deeper into these questions in a later post, but for now, find out where you are with the Fit3D.  Get body circumference measurements and an accurate 3D portrayal of your body composition.  No flexing, special lighting, or filters to help out with this!  More than that, after you schedule your first Fit3D scan for FREE, you can schedule a consult with a coach to go over your results, FOR FREE.  Follow this link for WEST and this link for NORTH.



Did you know that Pure Pharma changed to Puori?  Or do you know what Pure Pharma was?  Well I have the answers for you NEXT week!  I’ll be at the West location on September 18th and the North location on September 19th with samples of their newest products and answering all your questions about their supplement line!  Be sure to be there!



The Week


Monday – 9/11 Heroes WOD

Today we honor the fallen.  You’ve seen the shirts, you know the workouts.  Get to class a little early to warm-up if you can.  We’ll cycle through on the rowers.  Lots of hard work today.  Cash in with 2001m row, then 11 reps of each of the following:  36 in box jumps, 125# thrusters, burpee chest-to-bar pull-ups, 175lb power clean, strict HSPU, 70lb American KBS, Toes-to-bar, 170# deadlift, 110# push jerk.  Check out Johnny’s e-mail, linked here, and plan on your scaling option before class.


Tuesday – Squat Day!

Déjà vu! E3MOM for 5 sets alternate between 8 and 4 reps.  Compare this to July 3rd and try to go a little heavier!


Wednesday – Squatting and climbing

10 min AMRAP between wall balls and rope climbs.  Be sure to wear some tall socks or pants!  Or you can scale up to some legless rope climbs!


Thursday – More Than Barfight

Rowing intervals today, but instead of a simple 500 m row, we’re going for 600!  Focus not only on intensity today, but on rowing technique to get the most out of it.  Rest as needed so you can go really hard.


Friday – Pain Cave Day

Burn through 3 rounds of toes-to-bar, thrusters, and burpees.  Take advantage of the scaling options to go as unbroken as possible and move quickly, trying to go sub 15 min.


Saturday – AMRAP^3

10 min partner AMRAPs of rowing and bear crawls, followed by AAB calories and box jumps, and finishing with rope turns and chest-to-bar pull-ups.  This will be a long workout, so pick a partner you can stand to be around for a while!

Week In Preview – August 27th, 2017

“Confidence in yourself and the belief that you are on the right path, and not led astray by the many tracks which cross yours of people who are hopelessly lost, though some are wandering not far from the true path.” — Seneca


Thanks to everyone who came out to participate in the Guardians for Garrett Kickball Tournament!  Proceeds are going to a great cause.


Athlete Accomplishments


Keep sending in athlete accomplishments to Coach Scott!  This doesn’t have to be gym stuff!  Bought a house?  Graduated?  Quit smoking?  Etc.  Send it in for you or a friend so we can all celebrate it!


Crossover Symmetry

Did you miss this week’s CS workshop?  Get in on the next one this Saturday at 11:00 a.m. out West!


Baseline nutrition seminars will be on Thursdays this month.  6:30 West on the 7th, 6:00 North on the 14th.

Labor Day

We will have limited hours on Labor Day!

West – 8:30am, 9:30am, Noon, 3:30pm, 4:30pm
North – 8am, 9am, Noon, 4pm, 5pm


Virtuosity Practice

Virtuosity:  doing the common, uncommonly well.  Maybe you’ve heard the coaches say this, maybe not, but it is one of the fundamentals of CrossFit.  We strive for virtuosity everyday, but I’ve got a new challenge for you.


We got a lot of extra work done during SOGO (and there will be more of it to come!), but until then, we have some homework for you.  We will begin with our warm-ups.


Warm-ups are often seen as just something to get the blood flowing and we move through them sloppily.  For this week, I challenge you to do your warm-ups with virtuosity.  If there are 10 air squats, do 10 perfect air squats.  Knock out perfect push-ups.   Look for more challenges to come.


The Week

Monday – Triple G Chipper

You may have seen this at the CrossFit Games this year.  100 pull-ups, 80 GHD sit-ups, 60 pistols, 40 cal row, and 20 single arm DB push press (100/70lbs).  We will of course be modifying few things!  Your workout will be 100 sit-ups, 80 pull-ups, 60 pistols, 40 cal row, and 20 single arm DB shoulder to Overhead.  This will most likely be a “get in where you fit in” workout and get a good sweat on.


Tuesday – Snatch Day!

Take 15 minutes to find a 1 rep max snatch!  You’ll have a complex to run through to work on your technique.  There will also be a lean workout with some high rep bar complexes.


Wednesday – Odd Ball Workout

Today’s workout has a little of everything.  Every 8 minutes for 4 sets:  Run, KB Front Rack walk, double unders, and with the remaining time AFTER all of that, power cleans!


Thursday – Get Strong!

A twist on our normal strength workout.  Go through 5 rounds, not for time, of strict ring dips, back squats, and sled/KB pulls.  Press/squat/pull day!  Give maximal effort on each, and adjust the “rx” weights to get the appropriate stimulus for you today.


Friday – Partner Friday

Alternate full rounds with a partner until you both complete 3 rounds.  First workout will be 15 thrusters and 21/15 calories on the bike or rower.  Then at the 17:00 min mark switch to 15 deadlifts and 25 lateral PVC jump overs.  This should be high intensity!


Saturday – Sprint Work

This will be tricky!  Alternate with a partner:  20×100 m runs at near sprint pace.  Then do 200 ft overhead walking lunges, then another 20×100 m runs!  Get some core work in afterward with stretching.

Week In Preview – July 31st, 2017

“The true masters are still on the field when the fun ends.” — Reinhold Messner

WIP Highlights

Get to a nutrition seminar this month!  Spots fill up fast.  SOGO is really heating up and we’re almost to the end.  Jordan Garcia will be here this weekend for the handstand workshop.  The 4th annual Guardians for Garrett Kickball Tournament is upon us!


Get to those nutrition seminars!  We have another one this week out North at 6 p.m., and in two weeks, August 22nd, we have another specialty seminar at West called “The Skinny on Fat” where Coach Sara will talk about why fat has gotten a bad rap over the years, and why you really need it in your nutrition.


The workshop is filling up and spots are limited!  Check out the blog post or Facebook page for more details, or just e-mail Coach Rick!


I know you guys are stacking on a ton of reps and the commitment has been awesome!  I was baffled to see so many athletes finish the Bring Sally Up planks and immediately hit up some sit-ups and handstand holds.  Amazing work guys and gals!  Here’s your next week:


Cut out sugar!  That’s right, no added sugars.  Check your labels!  Usually this is the first thing in the challenge and the hardest, but you will get the most bang for your buck in changing your nutrition by cutting out this one little ingredient.  You will be uncomfortable for a few days if you have a lot of sugar in your diet already, but just commit to it!


Plank holds!

Novice:  accumulate 4 minutes

Rx: accumulate 8 minutes

Rx+:  accumulate 12 minutes

Don’t forget, you have all the other things as well!  Run/row, sit-ups, push-ups, handstands, and planks.

Guardians for Garrett

We’re getting teams together for the Guardians for Garrett Kickball Tournament taking place on August 26th!  It will be a lot of fun and it’s for a great cause.  Mark your calendars and keep an eye out for more information on how to register your teams.  We’re looking to get a team of 10 from each location.

The Week

Monday – Alternating EMOM+

Alternate between rowing, KBS, rope turns, and l-sits every 90 seconds.  Just enough rest to make a hard interval each round!

Tuesday – Tank Top Tuesday!

Break out those tanks today!  It’s all shoulder work.  Start with some handstand push-up work, then a metcon of 2 rounds of 25 and 50 handstand push-ups and wall balls.

Wednesday – Strength Day

Work up to a heavy single on hang power cleans, then hit a tabata mash-up of sit-ups, RDLs, and jumping lunges.  Focus on quality reps and strength development, not just all the reps you can get.

Thursday – Shoulder and Midline Stability

Work through 3 rounds of KB waiters walks, ring push-ups, and medball runs.

Wednesday – “Rich”

Start off with 13 full snatches at 155/105, then move on to 10 rounds of 10 pull-ups and 100 meter sprints.  Finish with 13 full cleans with the same barbell.

Saturday – Synchronized CrossFit

In teams of 2, complete 5 rounds of toes to bar, hand release push-ups, deadlifts, and box jumps.  Pick your partner wisely!  Push each other, but don’t try to beat them.

Week In Preview – July 17th, 2017

“Everyday is filled with time and excuses. Which one are you choosing to use today?” — LG Fries

WIP Highlights

We are halfway through the month of July and the summer heat is finally here!  Make sure you’re still hydrating, but also helping others out via our Sweat Angels check-in with H2OpenDoors.  Are you ready for Week 3 of SunzOutGunzOut??  Are you ready to dominate your handstands?  You’ve probably seen some random athletes and coaches using those bands with handles, but now you can learn about CrossOver Symmetry in one of our workshops!  Have you heard of Pyrros Dimas?  How about Tanner Paul?  The two of them hung out this week.  Stay focused on your nutrition in all situations with Social Nutrition!


Sweat Angels

The numbers are in, and as a community we helped donate 48 pairs of shoes last month!  Great work community!  You are crushing it this month with 297 check-ins, each one providing 100 gallons of water to someone in need.   Keep up the good work and let’s see where we can get by the end of the month!


Keep crushing it guys and gals!  If you’re out doing your long run or getting in your accessory work at home, please tag us on Facebook or Instagram!  Use #CFKSOGO2017 to let us know what you’re up to!  Also, if you’ve completed the fitness challenge for the week, please sign your name on the SOGO board!  Yes, we want you to strive to complete the nutrition challenges as well, but we are only tracking the fitness components on the board.  And if you miss a week, you’re not out!  Just complete the following week and sign up then!  Now for week 3!


Half your body weight in ounces of water

2 fists of veggies at each meal

Add some healthy fats!  Your brain runs off of healthy fats and they are also involved in many hormonal processes.  So make sure you’re eating some nuts and seeds, avocado, grass-fed butter, coconut oil, etc.  These are healthy options, not trans fats or animal fats from grain fed animals.  Personal favorite:  avocado.  Full of omega 3’s and lots of fiber.  Two things that many standard diets lack.  Just throw it on your food, or the side, or make some guac!


Remember, you still have your 5 or 4k run or row, plus your 100 situps/150 situps/125 toes to bar, but now we add in….

Novice 50 elevate push-ups

Rx 100 push-ups

Rx+  150 push-ups

Focus on quality reps!  This is not meant to be sets of really fast, sloppy push-ups.  Focus on a really tight core, moving your entire body as one unit, and really protracting the shoulder blades at the top, like we do for our gymnastics plank.


Don’t forget that we have a workshop for handstands coming up!  This will be open to the entire Knoxville Community, but our members get a discounted rate.  If you have wanted to develop your handstand, or maybe you’re already pretty good and want to work towards more advanced skills, this is a unique opportunity!  Check out our blog post for more details.

CrossOver Symmetry

CrossOver Symmetry is a little bit about mobility, but a lot about stability.  We do a lot of work with our shoulders in CrossFit, but we generally just focus on the big muscle groups.  This can lead to some imbalances and instability.  Enter CrossOver Symmetry, a warm-up, cool down, and strengthening routine for the tiny, often forgotten muscle groups.  CS can help with a large variety of things in the shoulder including pain, coordination, overhead mobility, and stability.  Athletes have seen improvements in pull-ups, kipping, overhead positions, snatch/overhead squat, and handstands, all from incorporating a 5 minute warm-up and cool-down with CS.  (personal note from the writer:  I went from occasionally being able to hold a free standing handstand for 3-5 seconds or walk for about 4 feet, to holding for close to 10 seconds or walking up to 12 feet with no additional practice, but simply adding this routine in to my normal workouts)

Coach Cameron will be leading workshops on CS after the regular CrossFit classes the next two weekends.

July 22nd @ 11:15 a.m. WEST

July 29th @ 10:15 a.m. NORTH

It’s free to you but spaces will be limited, so let a coach know ASAP if you would like to sign up!


Are you struggling to fit your new lifestyle in with your old one?  Have some serious fitness and/or nutrition goals, but maybe you fall off in social situations?  It’s happened to all of us!  This week Coach Sara is leading a nutrition workshop all about this and more at North, Tuesday at 6 p.m.  Sign up soon to get in!

As always, you can use one of Johnny’s e-mails as a reference, too.


Many of you know we have some strong weightlifters at the gym, but did you see that Tanner Paul got to go train with Pyrros Dimas this last week??  Pyrros is the most decorated Olympic Weightlifter of all time, with 3 golds and 1 bronze from the Olympics, and now is in charge of training for USA Weightlifting.  He had some great things to say to Tanner, and we hope to hear more soon!

The Week

Monday – Long Chipper

Start the week off with a favorite of many athletes:  the chipper.  You must complete the reps for each movement before going on to the next.  Double unders, handstand push-ups, squat cleans, pull-ups, and more double unders!  There is a high gymnastics load in this, plus a challenging squat clean.

Tuesday – Field Day!

We haven’t seen field day in a long time!  We’ll be rolling out the tires, carrying some kettlebells, practicing rope climbs, using slam balls backwards, and getting some fast sled sprints in.  Move at your own pace, work for 35 minutes, and focus on quality movement.  No score today!

Wednesday – Rower and Wall ball training

EMOMs are great for practicing technique and focusing on getting a certain amount of work done in a short period of time.  Alternate between 20/15 cal row, 20 wall balls, and rest.  Cap your row at 50 seconds and try to hit that number each time.  Do all of the wall balls unbroken.  If you stop to rest, whether that is on the catch or dropping the ball, just call it there.  This is training to do 20 unbroken, not sets of 5!  No score again today.

Thursday – “Keep ya abs tight!” – Lee Cross

Five rounds of sit-ups, power cleans, and 300 meter runs!  Scale to a weight that allows the power cleans to be unbroken for at least the first round.  And don’t save your SOGO sit-ups for today!  Get them done early!

Friday – Shoulder Day!

10 rounds for total reps of BURPEES.  The breakdown:  30 sec work 30 sec rest of burpees and push press (NOT shoulder to overhead) with dumbbells or kettlebells.  Remember, score is just the burpees.  Don’t rush the push press, but instead focus on some quality movement.

Saturday – Partner 800s

Run 800 m with your partner before each new movement.  100 T2B, 100 Russian Swings, 100 Push-ups, 20 rope climbs.  Rep schemes will be designated, so you don’t even have to think about how to break up the work load!

In Closing

We’re halfway through the month!  If you’ve had a lifetime accomplishment, or just something you’re proud of or want to brag on a friend, send us your notes!  We’d love to feature them in the upcoming newsletter.  Send your e-mails to coach Scott!  [email protected]

Week In Preview – July 10th, 2017

“The true masters are still on the field when the fun ends.” — Reinhold Messner

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate the 4th of July at CFK!  We had a blast!

We hope everyone has also gotten in their SunzOut GunzOut challenge for the week!  For the next week you still have your challenges from week 1, plus:

Nutrition:  Eat your greens!  Make sure to get a serving, 2 fists, of healthy vegetables at each meal!


Novice – Accumulate 100 sit-ups

Rx – Accumulate 150 sit-ups

Rx+ – Accumulate 125 toes to bar

Don’t try and do these all in one day!  Get them done throughout the week!  As with all the coming fitness challenges, make sure to go for quality.  Stop before bad reps.  We want you to practice perfect reps and get the most out of it that you can, not just fumbling through.


Want to do handstands like this guy?

Jordan Garcia Balance demo 2016 from Jordan Garcia 亀 悟 on Vimeo.

Well lucky for you he is coming to CFK for a workshop on handstands!  Check out this blog post for all the info for how you can sign up.

We have another speciality seminar in nutrition coming up out North on the 18th about Social Nutrition.  How to still eat healthy when you’re out with friends and family.

The Week Ahead

Monday – Track and Gymnastics

800 m repeats, and use your pace from the 1 mile test run from June 16th.  Try and maintain your pace for each round.  In between rounds you will be performing some gymnastics skill work to both develop the skill and also practice under fatigue.

Tuesday – Push/Pull/Squat

21-15-9 of thrusters, pull-ups, overhead squats, and hand release push-ups.  The goal will be sub 15 minutes, hopefully closer to 10.  Try to go unbroken on barbell work.

Wednesday – Scotty

In honor of Scott Deem of the San Antonio Fire Department, who lost his life in a four-alarm fire while searching for survivors.

AMRAP 11 minutes of 5 deadlifts, 18 wall balls, and 17 burpees over the bar.  The deadlifts will be heavy!

Thursday – Split Jerk Work

Split jerks from behind the neck, which helps keep the elbows under the bar and push straight up.  Start with doubles for four sets, then drop down to singles for six sets.

Friday – 4 person teams!

Partner 1: Row 500/400 m, or bike 1250/1000.  Rotate stations when this is completed.

Partner 2: Max distance DB bear crawl

Partner 3: Max reps single leg lateral plyo skier

Partner 4: 50 ft med ball crab walk, the max KB swings until rower is finished.

Saturday – Partner Run and S2O

Run 200 m together, then accumulate some shoulder to overhead.  Start at 50 reps at 135/95.  Once completed, run 200 m together again, then divide up 40 at 155/105.  Continue running in between sets for 30 at 185/125, 20 at 205/135, and 10 at 225/145.  Finish with another 200 m run.


Week in Preview – April 24, 2017

What’s up guys and gals! We hope you had an exciting Earth Day filled with being outside and enjoying beautiful East Tennessee in all her varying weather!

After our post CrossFit Open lull we have a lot of things ramping up over the next few weekends! Be sure to be tuned in to see all the events, but we’ll hit on a few here:

This weekend we have teams competing in Asheville, NC at River Rukus. This event is a ton of fun with four workouts, all outside, spanning the day. And once it’s done, you’re in beer city! So if you want to get away for the weekend head over to Asheville on Saturday and cheer some of our teams on!

Next weekend we’re in May! Whoa! It always seems to sneak up on us! The first two weekends in May feature two differ 5k’s: Girls On The Run and Mudder’s Day Madness. We have several athletes who are highly involved with these organizations and we love supporting them. Have some fun and get a race in!

Sunday May 14th our very own CFK athlete Shannon Beasley will be competing in Chicago at USA Weightlifting Nationals! We’ll be posting a link to watch online as soon as it becomes available, but in the mean time head over to her fundraising page to help her get there!

Now for your week ahead!

Monday – Squat Day!

Heavy front squats in a wave.  We’ve done this one before, 3-2-1-3-2-1-3-2-1.  The second set of 3 should be heavier than the first, and so on.  We have a little accessory work after as well, so don’t run off!

Tuesday – Bar Beat Down

Pyramid rep scheme of chest to bar pull-ups, overhead squats, and burpees over the bar.  Overhead squat weight is 155/105, so not too light!  Be ready to scale because this should be sub 10, capped at 15:00.

Wednesday – Grace!

A classic workout that we’ve done time and again!  30 clean and jerks for time at 135/95.  See if you can get a PR!

Thursday – Interval Day

Five rounds of double unders, running, and calories on the bike, rower, or ski erg.  Rest 3 minutes between rounds and try to get that heart rate back down so that you can give your all each time!  High intensity today!

Friday – Shoulder Day

Ring dips, thrusters, and walking lunges.  Ring dips are hard, thrusters are light.  Get done as fast as you can because you have until the 20:00 mark to find a 2 RM thruster from the floor!

Saturday – 150’s

Accumulate 150 reps between you and your partner of each movement:  KB swings, Calories, and Burpees.  But you have to follow this rep scheme:  25/20/15/10/5!

Don’t forget, you can head over to Asheville Saturday morning to check out a few of our teams competing in River Rukus!  It will be a blast.

Have a great week!

-Coach Scott

Week In Preview – April 17th, 2017

Happy Easter!  And congrats to everyone who ran the 5k on Friday!  We’re super proud of all of you.

This weekend is the Spring Fling competition at CrossFit Ktown.  It’s a 2 person, co-ed team competition, so if you’re interested in participating, tell a coach fast!

Let’s get to your week!

Monday – Hardcastle

Today is the anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombings, but this year instead of honoring the fallen with our traditional Boston WOD, we’re going to honor our own CFK athlete Amanda Hardcastle who is running the marathon today!

The workout will be a 20 min AMRAP of 1 Deadlift (365/225), 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 air squats.

Tuesday – Jerks and GHD

Working up to a heavy split jerk over 7 sets.  We’ve done this one before, so check your performance history!

After split jerks, we’ve got some really cool accessory work.  We’re going to teach you guys about GHDs!  The GHD stands for Glute-Ham Developer (that’s glutes and hamstrings).  They are not primarily for sit-ups, as you may often see in CrossFit.  The true value in them is found in the progression from hip extension, to back extension, to sit-ups at parallel, to full range of motion sit-ups.  This is a great learning opportunity not only for this progression, but to look at all other advanced CrossFit movements.  Just as we teach you the basics for the GHD, there are basics for pull-ups, muscle-ups, snatches, etc.

Wednesday – Leg Day

Every 4 minutes for 5 rounds, move fast to complete 5 back squats, 10 box jumps, and 200 meter runs.  The back squats will be heavy, the box jumps high.  You can use a rack today!  Shoot for sub 2 minute rounds today.

Thursday – Handstand Work!

5 rounds, 2 minutes of work and 2 minutes of rest.  15 handstand push-ups, or max in 40 seconds, followed by a 50 foot double KB front rack walk, then max calories on the rower, ski erg, or assault bike with your remaining time.  This one will BURN!

Friday – Multi WOD day!

For the first part of the workout, EMOM 10 min of 2 power snatches, working up in weight.  Following that, Hero WOD Randy.  75 snatches at 75/55.  Light and fast, should not exceed 10 minutes!

Saturday – Parter Running and Doubles

With a partner, you will complete 4×400 m relay style.  Tag your partner to switch!  After that, accumulate 300 double unders between the two of you.  Do all of this twice.

Quite the week of conditioning with some new movements!

How about a different pace for recipes?  This week, check out this video from Tasty about how to pick the perfect steak.  You know our favorite is anything grass-fed with lots of marbling!  Healthy fats in there!

See you on the floor!

-Coach Scott

Week in Preview – April 10th, 2017

Congrats to everyone who participated in the CFK Games 2017!  We had a blast and saw amazing performances and amazing community.  Thanks as well to all the volunteers who helped make it happen.

With all the excitement and events going on, you may have missed our March Newsletter!  Check it out at this link.  We also made an addendum because Ashley McCloud was originally left off of the list as having completed the half-marathon.  Sorry, Ashley!

The coaches all got together today to discuss the future of CFK and it is BRIGHT!  We’re so excited and motivated to make some positive changes and help our community be the best it can be.

Since we’ve had a ton of activity and recaps already, let’s just get to your week!

Monday – Tabata Mash-up

We have a little bit of strength work in the beginning of class with some step-back lunges, but the conditioning is all about the tabata.  20 sec work, 10 sec rest, alternating between air squats and situps.  This should be a burner!

Tuesday – Tank Top Tuesday!

Get those tanks out, guys and girls!  Gymnastics ring strength at the beginning of class followed by a 12 min AMRAP of handstand push-ups, box jumps, and DB Push Press.

Wednesday – Lat Day

Strength work with barbell rows.  Try to focus not just on pulling with your arms, but use your back!  Twist the bar apart, drive your pinky into the bar, and feel those lats turn on as you pull.  Then hit 10 rounds of pull-ups and double unders.  One catch with the unassisted pull-ups:  only traditional gymnastics kipping!  No butterfly!

Another side note to this workout:  We are super proud and stoked for everyone who got their first pull-up in the Open and went on to do kipping pull-ups in the CFK Games, but now that the large competitions are over, let’s return to fundamentals.  3-5 STRICT pull-ups before we start kipping.  This is extremely important for long term shoulder health.  If you’re curious about some progressions for gaining that strength, talk to a coach, but stay tuned to the blog as that will be part of our April Strength Challenge.

Thursday – Squatting and Snatching!

Don’t worry, you get a break from the “squat snatch”.  Today we’re doing 15-12-9 of Back Squats and Power Snatches.  Only 1 bar, but two different weights.  The bar should come from the floor, not the rack, every time.

Friday – RED Friday Test

As always on Fridays, we Remember Everyone Deployed.  We say that “we work a little harder and complain a little less.”  This RED Friday is in many ways atypical of our traditional hero workouts such as Liam, Badger, Holleyman, or Murph, but the suck will still be the same, and the temptation to complain may be the highest ever!  But we still want you there.  This is the most commonly programmed workout from crossfit.com.

We’re running a 5k.  You heard it right.  Come to the gym, get thoroughly warmed up, go over scaling options (yes, we will have scaling options), and get a benchmark time for your 5k.  This is an excellent test of aerobic capacity for our general population of CrossFitters.  We have plotted out a 5k at both locations and will be there to cheer you on and stretch you out after.  We may even have some water stations!  We truly look forward to seeing you on Friday.

Saturday – Partner Day!

You and a partner will complete 5 rounds of 20 hang power cleans and 40 wall balls, but you may break up the work however you choose.  Time frames should be around 20 minutes, so don’t pick weights that are really easy for you and finish in 10!  Challenge yourself today and take a rest day Sunday!

That’s it for your week!  Keep an eye out for lots of great information coming at you through the blog this week!

What about this week’s recipe?  Try out some Slow Cooker Chorizo Mashed Yams!

See you on the floor!

-Coach Scott

Week In Preview – March 20, 2017

Happy first day of spring!  Longer days, warmer weather, trees in bloom, and lots of CrossFit!  Wasn’t that February, too though?

Anyway, thank you to everyone who came out and volunteered or supported on Saturday at 17.4.

IT WAS A BLAST!  If you were unable to be there, that’s too bad.  Check out some of the social media from us and other friends.  Hopefully we’ll be able to blow it up again next year!

We’ve only got one week left in the Open!  17.5 will be hosted at CrossFit First Creek in Fountain City.  If you’ve been unable to make it to even see one event, I encourage you to go check it out.

The month is almost over, so we’re putting out a call of athlete accomplishments for the month of March!  E-mail any coach or tell them in person.  It can be your own accomplishment or you can nominate another athlete.

Let’s get to the week!

Monday – Running and jumping and jumping and jumping

A long AMRAP with a 400 m run, box jumps, burpee pull-ups, and power snatches.  All explosive!  Steady pace and unloaded movements, but challenge yourself on the power snatch!

Tuesday – Squat and Press

2 rounds, 2 light weight movements.  Air squats and push press.  90 and 30 reps.  Don’t lose count!

Wednesday – Deadlift day!

Two different styles of deadlift today.  Start off finding a challenging 3 of deficit deadlifts, then work up to a challenging 3 with traditional deadlifts.  Get those hammies stretched out!  Afterwards work on some skills with toes to bar:  strict and kipping.

Thursday – Monostructural day

Large sets of double unders followed by row, ski, or bike.  Efforts should be under 3 minutes each, and take some rest in between.  Try switching it up on the different ergs!

Friday – 17.5

The final Open workout of 2017!  How will you fare?

Saturday – DT Complex

5 Rounds of DT for each partner, alternating full rounds.  But your weight will pyramid up and back down.  135/95, 155/105, 185/125, 155/105, 135/95.  Push yourself on the weights!  It should not be done in 10 minutes.

That’s it for the week!  We hope you all had a great spring break because we missed you at the gym!

Having trouble getting your veggies in every day?  You should be shooting for a serving at basically every meal.  Check out some of these ideas from stupideasypaleo.com!  I’m excited to try the fermented ginger carrots!

-Coach Scott

Week In Preview – March 6th, 2017

Spring is still in the air!  March has snuck up on us, but we’ve been pretty spoiled with all this warm weather at the gym.  And now we’re almost halfway through the CrossFit Open!

This last week in the Open we saw a LOT of firsts with bar muscle ups and pull-ups.  Make sure you ring that PR bell because we’re all proud of each of you!  That’s the beauty of the Open:  making you do something you normally wouldn’t try.

A quick heads up that for Sunday March 12th when we do Open workout 17.3 it will be DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME.  Clocks spring forward, so make sure you don’t miss your heat!  In this day of technology though, most of our clocks will automatically reset.

A quick shoutout to the 20 Committee for the month of February!  You guys showed up to 20 or more classes for the month and get your name on the board.  That’s a huge accomplishment and we’re proud of it.  Several of you are continuing your streak from January!  Let’s get more names on this list for the month of March!

Alayna Wardroup Ali Dorsey Alvin Manabat Andy Lorenz 

Becca Bowen Bill Maddox Brad Lokitz Brittany Copeland

Brittney Crump Cameron Rayment Carrie Manabat Cathy Speck

Cody Cothron Diana Koza Donna Dossett Donna Rosseland

Drew Perkerson Erin Plyler Evelyn Shockley Genn Gladwin

James Hinderer Jamie Becraft Janet Jentilet Jeffery Dix

Jennifer Black John Stowers Laurie Lenczynski Maha Abdalla

Maria Haun Matt Garrett Phillip Johnson Rachel Holland

Rachel Kronyak Ryan Bolt Samantha Wilson Samara Griffin

Savannah Prator Scott Beasley Scott Ward Shawn Adams

Spencer Smith Terry Keltner

Let’s take a look at the week ahead!

Monday – Double Chipper Sandwich

Complete a chipper of Rowing, wall balls, box jump overs, power cleans, front squats, and rope climbs, but at the beginning, end, and everywhere in between, get 30 double unders.

Tuesday – Muscle Up Work

If you hated those bar muscle ups in the Open, we’ve got you covered with ring muscle ups today.  There are some cool progressions to work on the strength at the beginning of class, then the actual workout will be 3 rounds of muscle ups, light power snatches, and…oh wait…more toes-to-bar!  Feel that forearm burn!

Wednesday – EMOM Skillz

20 min rotating EMOM of Cal Row, chest-to-bar pull-ups, bar facing burpees, and handstand push-ups!  Lots of options here to focus on developing the skills under fatigue.


We know you’ve been missing back squats, but we’ll throw you for a loop.  1-10-1-10-1-10.  Start at about 80% of your 1 RM for a single, then drop a little weight and test out a moderate 10.  go back and forth adding for 1, then dropping a bit for 10.  This should be interesting!  Get gymnasty at the end with a little TTB skill work.

Friday – 17.3

You guessed it!  Halfway there.

Saturday – A Century of Clean and Jerks

It’s like triple Grace, plus 10, but with a partner.   It’ll be fun!

Mix it up this week with a different style of paleo recipe!  Check out these spaghetti squash fritters or maybe some chicken tenders, all from paleocomfortfoods.com.

Got any questions for us, or want to see some content featured on our blog?  Leave a comment or e-mail me!  [email protected]

See you on the floor!

-Coach Scott