RED Friday Shirts Coming in HOT!!!!

Requests were made and we heard you, CFK!!  New RED Friday shirts are now available for preorder, with a fresh design in both unisex t-shirt AND ladies’ racerback tank!  ORDER HERE! 

The details about CrossFit Knoxville’s RED Friday Project:

As most of you know, Red Friday and giving back to Veterans’ Charities such as the Travis Manion Foundation are very important to CFK and have been since the beginning.  Over the years we have raised over $30k for various Veteran’s charities but settled on Travis Manion Foundation a few years back.  Read about Travis Manion Foundation here.  (Dig around on their site as there is tons of information)

RED Friday shirts are $25 and each CFK RED Friday shirt or tank purchased equals a $10 donation to TMF so get one for you, your relatives, friends, etc…   Since we don’t have payment info for those outside of CFK, please put their shirts in your name and collect funds from them separately!  Thanks so much!

Shirt Details

The unisex t-shirt is the same one we always order, so fear not on ordering your usual size.

The ladies’ tank is a different brand, so we are providing sample sizes for you to try on!!  Sample sizes will be available at WEST from Wednesday-Saturday (7/14-7/17), and at NORTH from Monday-Wednesday (7/19-7/21).

We will also order extras so if the size still doesn’t work, we will have more sizes available!

LAST DAY TO ORDER:  JULY 21, 2021 by 9 PM, FIRM!

Here is the sizing info for the women’s tank:


Hit us up with any questions you may have!

CF Squared 2020: CrossFit for Cystic Fibrosis

More than 30,000 people in the United States are living with Cystic Fibrosis, and approximately 1,000 new cases of CF are diagnosed each year. A progressive, genetic disease caused by a defective gene mutation, Cystic Fibrosis is a potentially deadly disease that causes persistent lung infections and restricts the ability to breathe over time. More than 75% of those affected are diagnosed by age 2.

A note from Johnny Davis:


CrossFit Knoxville is proud to be hosting our 6th Annual CF Squared event to raise money and awareness for the East TN Chapter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

My 4 month old sister, Jennifer, died of Cystic Fibrosis when I was 4 years old. I saw what it did to my parents and how it devastated them and would like to help others avoid that if possible. 

Cystic Fibrosis is one of the rare diseases that a cure might actually be in sight and your donations and efforts can legitimately make a difference.  Come join us for some friendly competition to raise awareness and fundraising dollars to help those living with Cystic Fibrosis in Tennessee. One hundred percent of proceeds will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation!

Event Details

  • When: Saturday, March 14 2020 (9:15 am – 11:30 am)
  • Where: CFK North (906 Callahan Drive)
  • How to Register & purchase T-shirt: Click HERE (both team members must register individually)
  • Cost: $40/athlete (includes event t-shirt!) – 100% of all proceeds donated to CFF!!
    • $20 for event only – no t-shirt
    • $25 for t-shirt only – no event)

Workout Info:

  • Partner format: 2-person any sex teams (If you don’t have a partner we will find you one!)
    • Both team members must register individually
  • Divisions: Rx, Rx-ish, Beginner
  • T-Shirts will be printed after the event to allow for late sign ups.
CF Squared Challenge WOD:

As with the symptoms and demands of the disease, this competition will include one lung-demanding workout designed to challenge athletes’ airways and ability to breathe.

In teams of 2, complete the following for time:
3 Rounds:
500m Simultaneous Row
21 Alternating Thrusters, EACH
  • Partner A’s barbell must be completely stopped and resting on the shoulders or overhead before Partner B can start their Thruster
  • 5 Burpee penalty for setting the bar down. Both athletes must complete 5 burpees each!
  • Thruster weights: Rx (95/65), Rx-ish (65/45), Beginner (45/25)
    • We’ll make it as light as you need if you are a beginner.  Come have fun and help out CFF!


Q: What if I don’t do CrossFit?

A: No worries!  We have a beginner friendly version for everyone.

Q: Can I bring my kids?

A: Kids can definitely participate but they’ll probably need to be 10 and above or really tall.  The rower is very challenging for smaller kids.

Q: What size shirt should I order, how are they cut?

A: We are using a unisex Bella + Canvas Tri-blend shirt. Check out this sizing chart.

Q: How will the heats work?

A: We will be able to run 8-10 teams at a time. We will not send out a heat schedule prior to the event, rather we’ll determine heats on the day of. Please plan to stay the whole time and cheer teams on as they work!

Girls on the Run 5k Water Table

The Girls on the Run of Greater Knoxville is holding the fall 5k on Saturday, December 7 and CFK is bringing the water!

We’re honored to continue to be a part of this wonderful event and help an organization that helps young girls in Knoxville develop life skills through fitness and mentorship.

If you’d like to help with the water table, just email Coach Rick or sign-up on the sign-up sheet at the gym. If you’d like to run in the race, just click HERE!

Volunteer Info:

  • Meet at 9:00 am at the entrance to Safety City
  • The race starts at 10:00 am, and usually ends around 11:00 am
  • Check the weather and wear warm clothes and rain boots for water spills

Race Sign-Up: Click HERE

More info on Girls on the Run of Greater Knoxville: Click HERE


Week In Preview – October 23, 2017

“I have no trouble with someone who strives to be the best and finishes in the middle of the pack. There’s honor in that. I don’t see that person as a failure. To the contrary, he will come to the end of his days with a smile on his face, because he spent the time and talent God gave him having a ball, finding out how good he could get.” — Dr. Bob Rotella, “How Champions Think”


A huge congrats to all of our ultra runners who ran in the Firewater Ultra!  Kim Brophy and Deb Burley completed the 50 k trail run, Bridgett Smith won first place in the female 100k, and Ali got 3rd female in the 100k!  Awesome work ladies!  We also had some mountain bike racers tearing it up this weekend!  Congrats to everyone!


If you or someone you know at the gym had a huge accomplishment in the gym or in life, let us know!  Submit your athlete accomplishments this week to [email protected]


In life, I like to say “Focus on your Strengths” but more importantly, just Focus!


At CFK our goal is to spend our time and efforts on what gets us the closest to peak health and fitness in the least amount of time.  i.e. Intensity over Volume, Technique First, Nutrition and Recovery, etc…  All of these things are a very individual process and sometimes that might require a shift in focus with approach to training.  We are not all created the same and whatever moves your needle in the right direction is where we need to focus your efforts.


Personalization requires assessment, and assessment requires your full commitment, engagement, and focus.  The Fit3d* and a consultation with a coach can give you the accurate picture necessary to modify your lifestyle for success.  With training sometimes it’s not quite as easy and some testing is required.


-Johnny Davis

Lift for L5 this week!

This Friday night, head out to North to throw down for Lift for L5!  We’ll be doing the workout Grace and raising money for a great cause.  This is open to EVERYONE!  So invite any friends from other CrossFit gyms to come out as well!


5ks for Days!

It’s not too late to sign up for Coach Nate’s 5k training program!  They will kick off with a group run on Saturday.  Contact him for more details!


And if you can’t make either of these, don’t worry because we have just what you need!

Crossover symmetry

Do you want better handstands?  Better pull-ups?  Less shoulder pain?  A solid snatch or overhead squat?  If so, have you gotten to a Crossover symmetry seminar?  If not, get to one!  They are hugely beneficial and informative about shoulder health and how you can get stronger!




The Week


Monday – Shoulder Day


Shoulder press up to a heavy 3 in 10 minutes, then an ascending ladder of burpees and Russian KB swings.  Remember to use that hip drive on the swings so you don’t wear out your arms!


Tuesday – Training Day


No score for today’s workout, but work for a minute on power snatch, 1 minute on rope climbs, and get a minute of rest.  Your weight on snatches will change as you go, so be ready!


Wednesday – Long EMOM


Work every minute on muscleups, wall balls, and rowing, with some rest built in!  Pick a scaling option for muscleups to get in some good skill practice and accumulate some volume.


Thursday – 5k Day!


Remember that time on April 14th that we ran a 5k?  We’re doing it again!  Hope for some cool weather and let’s get it in!  See if we can improve our 5k times and set another benchmark for some of these fall 5ks.


Friday – Lift for L5!


We’ll be doing Grace all day!  Head out to North in the evening to throw down with CrossFitters from all over Knoxville!

Lift for L5

Hey CrossFitters of Knoxville!


October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and as many of you know, time for our annual Barbells for Boobs fundraising event. For the last 6 years we have partnered with B4B, a great organization, and we still support and respect them greatly. Zionna and the team even came to visit us in 2013 as part of the Pink Bra tour because of how our amazing the Knoxville CrossFit community was. Many of you veteran CrossFitters were there and we’ve made a lot of great friends through this event over the years, we hope to see all of you this year!


This year we wanted bring our work local and support folks dealing with all types of cancer, not just breast cancer. For 2017 we will be partnering with the Live 5 Foundation. We will still have fun, we will still do “Grace”, and we will still wear Pink, so bring your best costumes and let’s do this!


The L5 Foundation is local to Knoxville and keep all their resources in the greater Knoxville area. L5 Foundation is, first and foremost, focused on helping people at the most vulnerable times in their lives—and helping to relieve the emotional and financial burdens that can occur anytime to anyone. L5 was born out of questions like: Who’s taking care of our patients? Who is going grocery shopping or cleaning the house? Who is driving our patients to chemotherapy? Is there money to pay for childcare?


Basically L5 is there for those “in the thick of the fight” and they are doing great work, now we’ll help them. See you Oct. 27 in your best pink outfit!

When: Friday, October 27 (5-8 p.m.)

Where: CFK North, evening classes after 3:30 and 4:30 at West will be cancelled

Workout: Grace

Suggested Donation:  $10 but we’ll happily accept more!)

Donation Link:

Heat signup:

Week In Preview – September 25th, 2017

“I have no trouble with someone who strives to be the best and finishes in the middle of the pack. There’s honor in that. I don’t see that person as a failure. To the contrary, he will come to the end of his days with a smile on his face, because he spent the time and talent God gave him having a ball, finding out how good he could get.” — Dr. Bob Rotella, “How Champions Think”


Fall is in the air (sorta)

Fall is finally here!  Can you feel it in the air??  Probably not, because we do live in East TN, but there have definitely been hints of it!  Some colder mornings, a few trees changing their leaves, and of course the return of football season (I know, it’s always a rough start).


One thing that has become ubiquitous in the last five years or so is the onslaught of pumpkin EVERYTHING once fall hits.  Some of us do enjoy this, and some of us do think it’s a bit crazy how many things you can add artificial pumpkin flavor to, but just remember:  that may not actually be what a pumpkin tastes like.  Often times it is just artificial flavoring and a lot of syrup!


This season try something a little more natural!  You’ve probably heard of bulletproof coffee before, and it is both and item and a brand.  They made a blog post about a sugar-free pumpkin version of their original product.


If you’re looking for other pumpkin ideas, a great snack would be to use the pumpkin seeds that you would normally throw away after carving pumpkins.  Check out this quick video to see how to roast them in the oven.


As the end of the month approaches, we also approach the beginning of the most difficult time of the year for nutrition and achieving your goals, but if approached correctly, this could be the time of the year that helps you the most!


The month of October begins the cycle of candy, sweets, and holiday feasts.  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years all hit back-to-back and can ruin all the work you’ve put in for the previous 9 months or more.  But go into it prepared and it could set you up for your greatest success by the turn of the year!  More to come in your newsletter, but start changing your mindset now!


WOD for a Rescue

It’s almost here!  We have a few days left to get supplies to the gym and make some monetary donations!  We’ll be doing the workout on Thursday the 28th.


Post Partum Info Session

If you didn’t already see it, check out the blog post on two upcoming information sessions about training postpartum and what to expect.

Team Series Update

Great work to all who have been participating!  We’ve seen some great performances all around and can’t wait for the next week.  First up though, we have one more event for the team series on Monday.

Athlete Accomplishments

It’s the end of the month and that means I need to here from YOU about things you have accomplished over the last month, or if you know someone who has crushed it.  Remember, we are not just looking for things in the gym.  Quit smoking, bought a house, graduated, accepted into college or speciality programs, making change in the community, having a baby, anything to be proud of!  Just e-mail [email protected]


The Week


Monday – Team Series WOD 3


Must move fast to finish this one!  12:00 cap.  50 synchronized wall balls, 30 cleans at 135/95, 50 synchronized wall balls, 20 cleans at 185/135, 50 synchronized wall balls, 10 cleans at 225/155.


Tuesday – More Cleans


Work up to a heavy hang squat clean for the day, then take 70% of whatever you get and do as many reps as you can of front squats without setting the bar down.


Wednesday – Not for Time


Unbroken everything today.  Banded pull-ups for all!  Sandbag walking lunges.  Dumbbell Bench Press!  Touch-and-go power snatches!  take rest where you need it and focus on performing everything unbroken.


Thursday – WOD For a Rescue


3 Rounds for Max Reps
1 minute each:
Box Jumps/Step-ups (24/20)
Ground-to-Overhead (115/85)
Burpees to a plate
Kettle Bell Swings (70/53)
*1 minute rest between each round


Friday/Saturday – Team Series Part 2!


We will find out Wednesday or Thursday what the next part of the Team Series will be!  Grab your same partner and let’s get it!


Week In Preview – July 31st, 2017

“The true masters are still on the field when the fun ends.” — Reinhold Messner

WIP Highlights

Get to a nutrition seminar this month!  Spots fill up fast.  SOGO is really heating up and we’re almost to the end.  Jordan Garcia will be here this weekend for the handstand workshop.  The 4th annual Guardians for Garrett Kickball Tournament is upon us!


Get to those nutrition seminars!  We have another one this week out North at 6 p.m., and in two weeks, August 22nd, we have another specialty seminar at West called “The Skinny on Fat” where Coach Sara will talk about why fat has gotten a bad rap over the years, and why you really need it in your nutrition.


The workshop is filling up and spots are limited!  Check out the blog post or Facebook page for more details, or just e-mail Coach Rick!


I know you guys are stacking on a ton of reps and the commitment has been awesome!  I was baffled to see so many athletes finish the Bring Sally Up planks and immediately hit up some sit-ups and handstand holds.  Amazing work guys and gals!  Here’s your next week:


Cut out sugar!  That’s right, no added sugars.  Check your labels!  Usually this is the first thing in the challenge and the hardest, but you will get the most bang for your buck in changing your nutrition by cutting out this one little ingredient.  You will be uncomfortable for a few days if you have a lot of sugar in your diet already, but just commit to it!


Plank holds!

Novice:  accumulate 4 minutes

Rx: accumulate 8 minutes

Rx+:  accumulate 12 minutes

Don’t forget, you have all the other things as well!  Run/row, sit-ups, push-ups, handstands, and planks.

Guardians for Garrett

We’re getting teams together for the Guardians for Garrett Kickball Tournament taking place on August 26th!  It will be a lot of fun and it’s for a great cause.  Mark your calendars and keep an eye out for more information on how to register your teams.  We’re looking to get a team of 10 from each location.

The Week

Monday – Alternating EMOM+

Alternate between rowing, KBS, rope turns, and l-sits every 90 seconds.  Just enough rest to make a hard interval each round!

Tuesday – Tank Top Tuesday!

Break out those tanks today!  It’s all shoulder work.  Start with some handstand push-up work, then a metcon of 2 rounds of 25 and 50 handstand push-ups and wall balls.

Wednesday – Strength Day

Work up to a heavy single on hang power cleans, then hit a tabata mash-up of sit-ups, RDLs, and jumping lunges.  Focus on quality reps and strength development, not just all the reps you can get.

Thursday – Shoulder and Midline Stability

Work through 3 rounds of KB waiters walks, ring push-ups, and medball runs.

Wednesday – “Rich”

Start off with 13 full snatches at 155/105, then move on to 10 rounds of 10 pull-ups and 100 meter sprints.  Finish with 13 full cleans with the same barbell.

Saturday – Synchronized CrossFit

In teams of 2, complete 5 rounds of toes to bar, hand release push-ups, deadlifts, and box jumps.  Pick your partner wisely!  Push each other, but don’t try to beat them.

Week in Preview – May 22nd, 2017

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” — Zig Zigler

We’ve got a lot coming up in the next few weeks!

First off, many of you connected through Facebook may have noticed that we now have closed groups for each gym.  These groups are there for you guys to ask questions, give encouragement, and maybe talk a little smack!  Coaches will be posting things in the group that we see as important, like mobility work, technique tips, and nutrition info, but we want you to be an active part as well!  If you crushed a metcon or got a PR, or know someone who did, post away!  If you want to get a trail run together or you’re going to a festival downtown over the weekend and are looking for some friends, let us know!  The group can be anything you want it to be.

Murph is coming!  Remember that to get a Murph t-shirt you have to get your order in by Monday (22nd) evening!  We will charge you when you order.  Shirts are $30, all proceeds will go to the Travis Manion Foundation.  If you are wondering about what size to order, go up in size.  The shirts should be in by the end of the week just in time for…

Lone Survivor viewing party!  Come hang out at your favorite box and watch the movie that tells the story of Lt. Michael Murphy and his platoon and the sacrifice they made.  Show starts at 7 p.m.!  Bring food, drink, and chairs.

Finally, we are running a summer Strength Camp at CFK for athletes 13-17.  The focus will be on mechanics in strength movements, along with Speed-Agility-Quickness (SAQ) drills.  If you have more questions or want to sign you child up, please e-mail Coach Scott.

Monday – Leg Day!

Never skip leg day!  Four sets of paused back squats.  Add weight, but focus on perfect squats and positioning today.  Follow it up with an AMRAP that’s more like accessory work.  Toes to bar, walking lunges, death march, and turkish get-ups.

Tuesday – Tank Top Tuesday!

Show off those guns today!  Start with upper body gymnastics work to warm up the shoulders, then move into strict pull-ups and barbell work.  This one is a doozy.  The weight is light (75/55), but beware!  Press, push press, push jerk; then over head squat, front squat, and back squats.  You’ll see the reps get higher as the movements progress.

Wednesday – Murph/5k prep

One mile time trials.  Every 11 minutes for 3 rounds, run a mile.  It should be hard.  Don’t skip out on this one!  It’s a great day to practice for both Murph and the 5 k we’ll be repeating.

Thursday – Power and Push

Ascending ladder of power cleans and push-ups.  The power clean weight will start heavy, around 85-90%, and go down as the reps go up.  Push-ups will be in between each set and build volume.  Three pushups for every power clean.

Friday – Jackie!

We’ve done this one a few times!  Make sure you record your score in Wodify so we know what to do when we retest!  Row 1k, 50 barbell thrusters, 30 pull-ups.  There is some accessory work after, so don’t run off!

Saturday – Partner 5’s

Four 400 m runs together, but in between accumulate 50 kbs, 100 knees to elbow, and finally, 150 partner plank high fives!

Have a great week and don’t forget to get those shirt orders in!

-Coach Scott

Week In Preview – May 8th, 2017

Thanks to everyone who showed up to Girls On The Run this weekend!  CFK showed some serious support!

This weekend we have another event with Mudder’s Day Madness, a fun mud run in support of a great cause close to the hearts and homes of some of our members.  Check out the info here!

The heart of CrossFit is not burpees and barbells.  It’s not how much you can lift or how fast you can do Fran, Grace, or any of the other benchmark WODs.  The heart of CrossFit is in the community, working together for a goal and supporting each other no matter what.  We see this time and again with events like this past weekend with the 5k and throughout the year.

The CFK community has also rallied behind resident weightlifter Shannon Beasley to show support as she goes to her first USA Weightlifting Nationals, her second national level Weightlifting meet.  If you want to watch her lift in Chicago, tune in to this link on Sunday, May 14th.  She’ll be on at 1:30 p.m. CST, 2:30 p.m. EST, on the BLUE platform.

After all this support and teamwork, let’s get together for a little fun before one of our toughest workouts of the year!  We’ve got Murph on Memorial Monday, but before then let’s all learn the story.  We’ll be hosting a viewing party on Friday May 26th at 7:00 p.m. out West to watch Lone Survivor, which tells the tale of Lt. Michael Murphy and his sacrifice.  Bring chairs, bring food, bring drinks!  More details to come in a later blogpost.

Let’s see the week!

Monday – Unbroken Shoulders

Eighteen minute AMRAP of running with shoulder-to-overhead and double unders.  The idea behind this is to be fast and unbroken.  Scale your weight for the S2O so that you don’t have to set the bar down!

Tuesday – Squat Day!

Heavy double on back squats!  10-8-6-4-2, adding weight as you go.  Single leg accessory work when you’re done, so don’t run away!

Wednesday – Pull — Push — Squat!

Go through 5 rounds to get as many reps as you can of 1 minute in ring dips, 1 minute strict pull-ups, and 1 minute of max front squats, followed by 1 minute of rest.

Thursday – Fire That Posterior Chain

Complete 5 rounds for time of hang power cleans, bar facing burpees, and deadlifts.  185/125 on the bar the whole time!

Friday – 1 Mile Chipper

Murph Mile practice today!  Run a mile, then complete a descending chipper of DB thrusters, box jumps, toes to bar, DB snatches, handstand push-ups, and rope climbs.  This one will be rough!

Saturday – 2400 ft

With a partner complete 3 rounds of 200ft each:  plate push, overhead lunges, broad jumps, and wheelbarrows.  A true team workout!

It should be another fun week!  Have you checked your shoulder mobility?  If not, check out the newsletter for some tips on getting that front rack position under control!

Got a friend or family member who should try out CrossFit?  Check out our blog post about the new and improved system of introducing them to CrossFit!

See you on the floor!

-Coach Scott

Barbells For Boobs – 2016

It’s that time again, Crossfit Knoxville’s 6th annual Barbells for Boobs event is upon us! Mark your calendars, set your phone reminders, tell all your friends, Barbells for Boobs is coming – Thursday, October 27th 4:30 – 8pm @ CFK West

The Cause and Donations

Every year, our goal is to bring the community together to create awareness and raise donations for early detection breast cancer screenings among women and men. One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, making it the second most common cancer for women aged 40 and above. Every woman and man has a right to know about their health and these screenings help provide patients with potentially life saving knowledge.

Over the last 5 years, the CrossFitters in Knoxville have raised over $42,000 for the cause. We can’t thank you enough for your generosity and we hope to make this year’s donation contribution equally successful!

Since this is a fundraising event, we’d like to suggest a donation of $20 per participant. However, we also understand that funds may be tight for some and we still welcome your participation as support of the B4B effort. We’ve all been there, do what moves you.

Athletes are encouraged to create their own donation page via Crossfit Knoxville’s Barbells for Boobs portal – please select “Join Team” at the following to get started:

Individuals who create their own page and raise $80 or more will receive this year’s Barbells for Boobs custom t-shirt directly from the Barbells for Boobs organization. You can find the full list of Rewards here:

The Workout

As is tradition, individuals who’d like to participate will be performing the workout “Grace” (30 reps for time Ground-to-Overhead). However, this year is a little different in that we’re adding a Team Competition! Teams can be made up of 2 athletes in any combination (male/male, male/female and female/female) in the Rx or scaled division**.

With one person working at a time, teams will complete*:

  • 0:00 – 7:00 – 60 reps GTO (Rx Men – 135, Rx Women – 85, Scaled Men – 95, Scaled Women – 55)
  • 7:00 – 10:00 – Rest; transition into next heat
  • 10:00 – 17:00 – Calorie row (M/M – 100, M/F – 90, F/F – 80)

*Weights and calories have been adjusted appropriately for a mixed gender, head-to-head competition. 

**In the spirit of fairness, if you can complete RX “Grace” in under 4 minutes, please enter the RX division.

Team score is the combined time to complete GTO + Calorie Row. For every rep not completed when the 7:00 time cap expires, :10 seconds will be added to the team score. In the event of a tie, there will be a 1 minute C2B pull-up contest between the two teams to determine rankings.

Podium rankings will be announced for individual “Grace” but prize packages will be reserved for team division winners. Please note: There are only 2 team divisions (Rx & Scaled). All teams in these divisions, regardless of gender make-up, will be competing against one another.

Registration and Heat Times

If you would like to participate in the team division, please register here: If you miss your heat time, we will do our best to accommodate where slots are available. Teams not registered will need to get in where they fit in. Individual participants do not need to register, we will give you a heat upon registration at the door. We are reserving individual slots for all heats. Please keep in mind this is a Fundraiser first!

Heats will run every 10 minutes starting at 5pm until 8pm. All heats will have 12 slots and will be a blend of individuals and teams with a max of 7 teams per heat. With any fundraising event, unforeseeable circumstances may arise delaying heat start times and resulting in longer rest times for some team athletes. We will do our best to keep delays to an absolute minimum, but should another team receive an additional minute of rest, we ask all athletes to exhibit good sportsmanship and understanding that our goal for the event is to have fun and support a worthy cause.

A Kids Heat will run exclusively at 6:00pm! If you have a youth athlete ages 5-12 who’d like to perform the workout “Grace”, be sure to have them checked-in and meet Coach Nita in the oly room at 5:45 so we can warm-up and get the correct barbell and weight (or PVC Pipe) for them.

Additional Details

Also new this year, B4B will be halloween themed! Be sure to wear a costume and plan to bring the family along. Food is available for purchase through Naked Foods and halloween treats will be provided to costume contest winners.

Here’s to another great event – we’ll see you all there!