Week In Preview, November 3rd, 2019

“The success of our efforts depends not so much on the efforts themselves, but rather on our motive for doing them.”

-Dennis Waitely

Supplement Spotlight:

Transparent Labs Turmeric

Turn To Turmeric

Your body’s ability to recover from training is one of the most important factors to consider when trying to reach your fitness goals. As crossfitters, we often experience the repercussions of our training through inflammation and the dreaded post workout delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Our body instinctively translates workout stress into inflammation. The active ingredient in Turmeric called Curcumin has extremely potent anti-inflammatory properties which can aid our recovery from tough workouts. Some research suggests that all natural Turmeric might be as effective in reducing inflammation as ibuprofen! Turmeric’s health benefits include reducing the effects of rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain, and even depression! It’s no secret why it has been used as a staple supplement in India and China for thousands of years. Transparent Labs has created an excellent combination of Turmeric and Bioprene that allows nutrients to be absorbed to their full potential. Say bye to those cranky knees with Turmeric!

RawSeries Turmeric 95% Curcuminoids


Upcoming Events:


Friday Night Lights – This Friday!

It’s time! This Friday we’ll wrap up the Open season with Friday Night Lights! Starting at 4pm (West Location), we’ll run heats for 20.5, followed by a Thanksgiving potluck. Bring a side or drink to share, CRUSH 20.5, then hang out and grub out. Friends and family are welcome, we won’t MAKE them do the workout, but they’re more than welcome to!


Athlete Registration 

***How to Register for A Heat***

*Heats will be available for registration on Thursday night after 20.5 is released

1. Open Wodify App and navigate to Class Schedule 

2. Make sure Program is set toCrossFitand Location is set to West 

3. Click Reserve on your preferred heat time





**Show up early enough to warm-up (at least 30 minutes early) as there will not be a group led warm-up. We’ll have one written up for you to do prior to your heat. When your heat is called, jump on the floor and KILL IT!

Weekly WODs:

Monday – Open Workout 20.4

The weights will feel heavier and so will your legs as you progress through a 20-minute AMRAP of clean and jerks, box jumps, step-ups, and pistols. Our coaches will happily judge you if you wish to submit your scores online!


Tuesday – Feetwerk

Wanna practice cool things with your feet? Learn how to climb a rope on day 3 through practice with the J-Hook. We have team workout planned for hump day! We will be practicing double unders, kettle-bell deadlifts, rope climbs, and pull-ups in a few four-minute AMRAPs. Beware of the penalty for taking breaks though!

Wednesday – Squat Day (Week 5) + L.I.F.T

We should be getting pretty heavy this week as we add another 5 pounds to the barbell. We will be keeping the 2-second tempo going down to the “hole” this week!  Our low-intensity functional training will incorporate weighted push-ups, weighted sit-ups, sandbag plank pull-throughs, and farmer’s carries.



Thursday  – The Real ROMWOD

You’ve heard your coaches preach it! You’ve probably heard it a thousand times! The worst thing we can do when we feel “beat-up” is stop moving!  Come in for a spicy recovery EMOM of muscle snatches, overhead squats, and filly lunges! Don’t forget to sign up for a “Friday Night Lights” heat tonight (Directions in Upcoming Events section).


Friday  Night Lights – Heats start at 4pm!

Be sure to sign up in Wodify on Thursday Night to get your spot!


Saturday –  Free Community WOD at 9 am

We have a community WOD version of 20.1 coming at you this week! We have 8 rounds for time of burpees over dumbbells and alternating dumbbell snatches! We threw in an interval run on this one just for fun! Smooth and steady is the name of the game on this one!


Saturday  – Level 2  at 10:15 am

We have a partner strength workout that will test your barbell cycling skills! We will be developing our technique with a moderately heavy load on a 3 rep power snatch. We have a 10 round partner workout to help you feel better about taking a rest day Sunday! We have kickbacks, box jumps, power snatches, and assault bike calories in this one!

Week In Preview, August 25th 2019

“You have the most opportunity to grow from the things you suck the most at.”

-Kaitlyn Kassis

Supplement Spotlight

Clearing up the Confusion
When it’s time to chill out cannabidiol (CBD) should be a go to supplement in your stash. At CFK, we are confident in the abilities of Julian Marley to produce a supplement capable of reducing inflammation, decreasing anxiety, and giving you a more sound slumber. CBD does not contain the psychoactive compounds that produce the sluggish “high”associated with tetrahydrocannibinol (THC) . Often, people mistakenly identify CBD as THC. Receptors in the brain are highly involved with this “high”. These cannabinoid receptors found in the brain control our pain sensations, appetite, and even our changing moods.  One of the brain’s most common cannabinoid receptors , the CB1 ,  is responsible for the hunger binges and fogginess caused by THC. CBD does not produce these undesired effects because it does not attach to CB1 receptors like THC. No need to be scared! Try it today!  Whether your trying to win the battle against inflammation, or hit the sheets early Juju Royal is the way to go!

Upcoming Events

“I Am CFK” Retest

The challenge is coming to a close, and we are excited to share your results! We have our retest in place of the 10:15 Level 2 workout at North on the 31st of August.

Crossfit Level 1 Certification

We are hosting a Crossfit Level 1 Certification at our gym on September 14-15. The value of this training will transfer to your lifts and new PRs. Don’t let an excellent opportunity to be coached by the best slip away!

To Register Click Here

Image result for level 1 crossfit

Strength Seminar with Jeremy Augusta

Don’t miss your chance to get instruction from a world-class strength coach on September 7th. Jeremy Augusta, a renowned strength coach, will cover the finer points of the Bench, Squat, and Deadlift. Tickets are $60.00. Get yours here!

Image result for jeremy augusta


Coach’s Challenge


1 Rep Max Bottoms up Kettle Bell Press (Both Arms)

The coaching staff at CFK have come up with a unique challenge that will test your core stability, posture, strength, and coordination. Post your video to  Instagram and insert these hashtags with your posting #cfk#bottomsup#coach’schallenge#crossfit.

 Good luck, this one is tough!



Weekly WODs


Monday – Colt 45.

We begin class with our regularly scheduled squat cycle. We will shake off Monday’s frustrations with an AMRAP of slam balls, slam ball lunges, and toes to bar. It’s a perfect day to release negative energy on the slam ball!


Tuesday – Thick Rick

Double-unders are hard, but some people seem to make them look  absolutely effortless! We will get some practice with the elusive double under, and work a gymnastics weakness at the first part of our class. Our conditioning is going to be a burner with double unders, running intervals, and handstand pushups.


Wednesday – Klokov

We will take 20 minutes to build to a 1 rep max snatch at the beginning of class. The focus for today is to hit the same positions with big weight as you would with lighter weights. The WOD for today will challenge our positioning by elevating our heart rate on the rower, and heading straight into maximum repetition of snatches at lighter loads.


Thursday – Get Moving and Stay Moving

One of the best ways to recover from workouts is to get moving. Day 4 is going to be lower intensity workout that will allow us sufficient recovery before Wodapalooza on Friday. Our recovery WOD includes jump squats, sit- ups, kettle-bell swings, and rowing.


Friday – Wodapalooza Online Qualifier

Ask your favorite coaches on Wednesday night what the WOD is so you’ll be prepared! Otherwise it’s a mystery until then!


Saturday – Level 2

We have a two part workout that consist of heavy deadlifts…everywhere! Our strength session includes a heavy 3 rep deadlift followed by a conditioning workout that may bake your back! Don’t worry we sprinkled in a few burpees over the bar for good measure!


Saturday – Community WOD

We have a very globo gym friendly workout planned for your weekend! We have dumbbell bicep curls, strict pressing, mountain climbers, and box step-ups. Show your friends crossfit isn’t as scary as it seems! Bring them out and, work those beach muscles!



Who should try Olympic Weightlifting and Why


Why Weightlifting?

 Weightlifting is not just for weightlifters – it is one of the most transferable training systems around! You will see benefits in your daily life, such as increased joint and bone strength, improved balance and stability, and mental confidence, among others.


Lifting objects from the floor and putting them over your head is a very basic and required skill for everyday life.  Having a strong core, back, and legs will not only benefit you in everyday life but make you stronger and healthier so you can enjoy your life more.


Here’s a quick List of Benefits but there are many more:

  • Injury prevention and overall fitness
  • Increased Core Strength = less back pain
  • Increased CardioVascular health! (your heart rate still gets up and you will gain muscular endurance and a decent level of conditioning.
  • Lifting weight can be a challenging but fun alternative to conventional gym workouts
  • It’s a great way to burn fat because you are building muscle and increasing your metabolism
  • It’s an awesome community since you have lots of time to socialize with those around, and your not constantly out of breath!
  • It’s a little less fast paced than say our CrossFit classes so it’s a fun alternative to those days when just don’t feel like breathing hard!

How does that apply to me?  

Most people know that Olympic weightlifting is an amazing Sports and athletic performance program.  As a sport it’s contested both on a local, national, and international level (think Olympics).  What a lot of people don’t know is that from a training perspective, the lifts, or versions of (power clean, push press, front squats, etc…) provide amazing benefits to any training or fitness program.


Implementing the lifts in your training program can be both intimidating and risky if you aren’t doing them correctly.  Our team of coaches are very educated and well trained on a National level and have experience working with both high level competitors and people who have never lifted a barbell. Through proper skill development and progressions, they’ll teach you how to safely reap the many benefits of Olympic Weightlifting.

So how can try it out to see if it’s for me?  

Drop in and try a class!  Click here to fill out the Free Class Form and we’ll schedule a trial for you.
Session Times:
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-7:30 pm
Saturdays from 9-11 am
*North Location –

906 Callahan Drive, Knoxville 37920

CFK Performance Memberships are divided into three tracks:

Competitor Track – ($129/Month: 3 coached sessions, includes open gym access)

Weightlifting is an Olympic sport – yes those Olympics – and has the opportunity for sponsorship and competition at the international level. We facilitate a respectful, team environment for those interested in training for Weightlifting competition. As coaches, we continue to broaden our knowledge of the sport and help devise the best individual approach to training for our competitors – from exercise selection, volume, and training frequency, to nutrition, sleep, and recovery.


We have competition experience ourselves, have trained in, and coached Weightlifting for years.  We continuously seek the expertise of advanced coaches beyond our level, and have taken our own lifters to National level competitions. Let us help you today, and watch the kilos pile on the bar!


Programming is event focused and the goal is 1 rep max Snatch and  Clean and Jerk as that’s what’s tested at competitions.  Workouts will include lots of classic lifts plus squatting, pulling, and plenty of accessory work to create balance and longevity in the athlete.


Sports Performance Track– ($99/Month: 3 classes/week)

The main focus of Sports Performance is to increase general athletic ability and strength to improve performance on the field of play or in endurance events.  This programming will include more Squatting, Pressing, Strongman conditioning, and lots of accessory work for injury prevention.  The classic lifts will be incorporated but more used as tools to build a higher athletic base and prevent injury as opposed to training for lifting competitions.  Your lifts will go up, it’s just not the overall goal.


CrossFit Track – (All Programs are included in CFK Membership)

Weightlifting is a third of the system we follow.  In CrossFit we want to be incrementally better over time and Life is the contest, not the gym.  We use the lifts because of the general preparedness they bring to the challenges we may see in an emergency situation.  Body awareness, moving loads efficiently, core stability, mobility, and general coordination are all valuable skills for life that are learned and improved through weightlifting. The workouts will be similar to the Competitive Program but much more technique focussed.  No Squatting or heavy pulling, but plenty of skill and assistance work for injury prevention.



Hot Topics – Plateaus


Are you feeling like your progress has stopped? If you’ve noticed that your metcon times haven’t gotten faster, or your strength numbers haven’t gotten bigger, you might be reaching a point in the CrossFit athletes life cycle where you start to plateau.



Plateauing is a natural part of everyone’s fitness journey where they have progressed far enough that the rapid growth fades, and the slow gains over time are harder to see. Check out what Coach Johnny and Coach Scott have to say about what causes this plateau effect, and how to fight through it and keep on climbing.

13.1 and CFK

13.1: That’s the number of miles you’ll run around East Tennessee to complete the Covenant Health Knoxville half-marathon.If the thought crossed your mind but you weren’t sure you could do it, or maybe you’re no stranger to racing and you’re ready to reach for a new PR; this is for you. Fitness comes in many forms and training at CFK prepares us to perform better in daily life, as that’s the goal.  It also helps us to set and achieve goals or take on new challenges. Take the challenge today and come train with us for the Covenant 1/2!


When training for a race as a CFK athlete, there’s often confusion about what to do on which days and many times people end up over or undertraining and getting hurt. The goal is to build an aerobic base, improve running technique, increase speed, and promote the overall flexibility necessary to stay healthy as a runner without sacrificing the strength and power needed for everyday life. Trying to do both on your own can become overwhelming.  A customized program from a coach who’s walked the walk is critical to success.


The CFK Endurance Half-Marathon program is unique because we blend the strength and conditioning components that exist at Crossfit Knoxville with a traditional running program to complement not take away. This isn’t a cookie cutter training program. While you’ll be training in a group, each athlete will be focused on his or her individual needs. The CFK Endurance “Team” aspect and support from your training partners is an added critical bonus. Who doesn’t need a little extra accountability and motivation when things get tough, right?


Your weekly schedules will be designed around individual training needs, based on the current Crossfit class programming (scaling provided for each day you will be expected to attend), and fully customized to your individual requirements.  Whatever your goals, we can help you get to work. 


If you’re still on the fence and have a few questions, shoot me an email and let me help. Training starts in January and I’d love to see you there!

Upcoming 1/2 Marathon Training Program

Cost: $360 +tax ($30/week for the 12-week program)

Non-CFK Members: $600 +tax ($50/week includes 12-week CrossFit membership)

Duration: 12 weeks

How to register: Email coach Mary

(Not currently a CFK Member? Fill out This Form)


What you get:

  • Bi-weekly group training sessions with coach Mary
    • Training sessions will mix short interval, long interval, and time trial efforts
    • Athletes will receive instruction & coaching on running technique, pacing & strategy, mental approach, and mobility necessary to perform their best on race day (see below)
  • Weekly custom scaling for your Crossfit WODs
    • Integrate mixed-modal training with your running in order to maintain and build core strength for faster finish times!
    • Find balance between disciplines to help you become a more healthy and durable athlete
  • Race-Day coaching
    • Everyone needs a helping hand on race day! Mary will be on the course to help you pace, get you water, and cheer you on to the finish!


**If you’re up for the full marathon, please contact Mary directly for an individualized training program sure to propel you to that PR!


Why Technique? 

The way you run directly correlates to how fast you run. Why is this? It’s all boils down to efficiency. The most efficient runners exert the most power with the least effort. If there’s a flaw in your gait, no matter how small, it’s going to compound over the thousands of strides taken in a race, leading to lost power and speed or worse, injury.


Why Mobility?

Mobility and recovery work keep your body healthy and ready for the next training session. Many overuse injuries (plantar fasciitis, shin splints, tendonitis) and acute injuries (pulled calves, hamstrings, hip flexors) can be avoided with properly executed mobility and recovery work. These things aren’t “sexy” or “fun” so few runners will take the time to perform on their own. A coach who holds you accountable in taking care of your body will keep you healthy and strong going into race day.


Why Pacing/strategy/mental approach?

Ever come out too fast on race day trying to “keep up with the crowd”, only to crash and burn during the last few miles? This was likely because you didn’t either:


a. have a plan, or..

b. stick to your plan


If you didn’t have a plan, the first step is developing one. A pacing strategy that will keep you consistent throughout the race with the energy to push the last few miles is hard to dial in. Coach Mary will work with you individually to make sure you’ve got the right plan.


Sticking to your plan is all about mental toughness, which needs to be practiced just like anything else. Sticking to your plan regardless of external circumstances, and knowing how to get back to your plan if you get derailed during the race are tricky skills to develop, but lead to huge success when mastered.


If you’re interested in learning more about our approach to endurance training and other programs offered, click here!

Week in Preview – April 30th, 2018

“Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.” — George Bernard Shaw



Congrats Runners!

We had a lot of athletes running in multiple states this weekend!  Give them a high five next time you see them!


Dogwood 5k – Amanda Hardcastle, Amy Kouvas


Derby 1/2 Marathon in Louisville, KY – Roch Moning, Lauren Von Ohlen


3 Sisters 12 Hour Ultra  in Maryville – Kim Brophy


Promised Land 50k in Virginia – Marianne Hitchcox


Congrats everyone!



SunzOutGunzOut 2018 is finally here!  If you’ve had any confusion, yes the Murph Prep is part of that.  It’s all rolled into one!  We’re very excited to start this challenge and we’ve got an app for it!  We already sent an e-mail last week outlining how to download the app.  Below are the instructions; please follow them from beginning to the end.  If you jump to the end and download the app and try to sign in, you won’t be able to.  Register first!

  1. Go to http://sunzoutgunzout2018.wodifyrise.com
  2. Feel free to read all the information.  There are lots of details about the challenge as well as an FAQ section!
  3. When you’re ready, click “Register” at the top of the page
  4. Select 1 ticket (it’s free)
  5. Before you enter all your details, there is a big red button that says “Sign in to your account”.  Hopefully you remember your Wodify e-mail and password!  If not, there are a few extra steps to reset your password for Wodify.
  6. Once you are logged in there it will ask you to accept terms, then just accept!
  7. If you’re on your smartphone already it will prompt you to download the Wodify Rise app and log in.  Please do this ASAP!
  8. If you’re NOT on your smartphone, you can search the app store or google play for Wodify Rise and download the app there.
    1. You CANNOT register for the challenge from within the app.



SOGO Challenges and Points


We’ve published a lot of materials about SunzOutGunzOut this year, so it may be hard to keep track of everything!  Please read the outline on the registration page and the FAQs near the bottom and most of your questions will be answered.  Here’s another brief outline:


We will be tracking points for all the things you do!  Using the Wodify Rise app should make this very simple.  You could accumulate over 300 points by the end of the challenge if you do everything plus some of the bonus point opportunities.  Why track your points?  To hold yourself accountable AND to evaluate where you are.  We score WODs that are measurable, observable, and repeatable to see where we stand and how we improve, and the points for nutrition, sleep, hydration, and workouts does the same thing for us outside of the gym.


Nutrition and the habits formed outside of the gym will be the hardest part.  But they are also the ones that help make the biggest change.  Make sure to check out this post about nutrition and the various levels if you haven’t already.


Each week we will add a physical component to be performed outside of class time.  Any work we have programmed for the warm-up or workout doesn’t count!  But you can throw some reps in here and there, and of course show up early/stay late to get the reps in.  Week 1 is easy and it is….


Test/retest pull-ups for the CFK Pull-up program + 1 pull-up workout from the program AND complete a 20 min run, 30 min bike ride, or 45+ min walk/hike.


Each week you will be completing these tasks.  You will not have to retest your pull-ups every week, but simply complete 2 days of the CFK pull-up program.  The run/bike/walk/hike is intended to get in some long, slow distance training for increased aerobic capacity.  We encourage you to get these in on a Saturday or Sunday, and you can go it solo but we also encourage including friends and family.




What do you get points for?


Food – up to 5 points a day, depending on how you rank yourself.  Be honest!  This is to help you evaluate and improve.


Battle Buddy check ins – accountability is key.  Pick a battle buddy or 2 to hold you accountable and for you to hold accountable and check in with them 2 times per week.  2 points per week for this.


WODs and WOD Journaling – limited to 6 points per week (1 per day) for each of these, you can get to the gym, do a WOD at home, or get in a travel WOD to get your points in.  You also get a point for logging your performance in Wodify.  We can never know if we’re improving if we don’t have a history of this.  If you’re doing a home/travel WOD, simply change the program from ‘Crossfit’ to ‘home workout/skill work’ where you would normally log into a class and log in that way.  You can also add performance that way by clicking ‘add performance’ and searching through the weightlifting or metcons.


Core 4 Stretches – get 1 point per day that you (7 per week) for performing CFK’s Core 4 Stretches.  We will be uploading a video this week to show you what they are, but we’ll also perform them in class.


Sleep 7+ hours – This one will be a major challenge for most of us!  We have busy lives, but sleep is one of the most important recovery tools.  Get 7 hours or more of solid sleep and get a point.  If you can’t do it every day, that’s okay, but shoot for it!  Go to bed a little earlier, prep things the night before to get an extra bit of sleep.  You can do it!  1 point per day, 7 per week.


Hydration – Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water per day!  1 point per day, 7 per week.  Add some sort of electrolyte like pink sea salt to make sure you’re actually hydrating and not just flushing your system.


SOGO Accessory work – Each week we’re adding more challenges, this week begins with pull-ups and cardio.  Complete ALL of the work every week and get 5 points per week.


Complete all of those every week and get 300 points!  Can’t make it all happen?  We will have bonus point opportunities along the way!  The first one will be this weekend with Girls On The Run 5k!


The Week


Monday – Marathon Monday


Get ready for some running today!  No, you won’t run a full marathon, but alternate between sets of 26 with a variety of movements and 400 m runs.  Push-ups, kettlebell swings, sit-ups, deadlifts, air squats, and box jumps will all be on the docket for today!


Tuesday – Ring of Fire


Start off the class working to a heavy squat snatch.  Work on catching in the bottom today!  Follow up with a metcon similar to Amanda.  9 min AMRAP of 1 ring muscle-up, 1 squat snatch, then 2+2, 3+3, until you run out of time.


Wednesday – Full Circle


Big cardio day!  Row, double unders, and shuttle runs.  If you trip up on double unders a lot, scale it down a bit to make sure you can keep moving.


Thursday – Squat day!


Here’s our chance to test a new heavy set of 5!  Try not to miss it.  Remember, solid form on these.  No ugly squats.


Friday – Surfer on Acid


Simple and fast on this one.  Three rounds of 400 m run and 21 burpees.  What is the fastest pace you can hold without blowing up?


Saturday – Century Club


Teams of 3 for today’s WOD, complete 100 of everything:  row, box jump overs, power snatches, thrusters, chest to bar pull-ups….and then back up the ladder!

Feet to the Fire

From Coach Mary Cates:

“I set this big goal, but now I’m struggling to make it happen.”  It’s a common feeling for many athletes, even coaches but the key is embracing
the struggles AND having the right support system to hold your feet to the fire.  That’s right. FEET TO THE FIRE. 


As athletes, we work really hard to create the perfect training program, pick the right gear and get the best supplements to get us where we want to go…and then…life happens.  That’s right!  It derails all those best laid plans and it doesn’t care what you wanted.  Instead it gives the “what is,” and you have a choice – fold…or buck up and get it done.  But, that’s where your support system comes into play.


As a coach, one of my most important jobs is to keep YOU from giving up on YOU and how that looks might surprise you.  It’s easy to let circumstances stack up over time.  We get sick.  Work sucks.  We fought with a spouse and our car broke down on the way to gym.  And then it happens -“I think I’m taking a day because I just can’t get it all done.”  These words start a trend that eventually derails any goal. 


But that’s where I come in.


As a coach, our jobs are to remind why you started.  Why you invested so much time on the front end and why it’s not time to throw in the towel just because life is giving you hell.  We’re going to hold you accountable and give you all the reasons you gave us on day one.  We’re your partners. Your support system.  So don’t be surprised when we’re asking all the tough questions and working our mental magic to remind you just how worth it you really are!  You really are worth it, ya know? And we’re holding your feet to the fire all the way to the finish.




Mary Cates has been a runner most of her life.  She’s raced every distance from the 400m to the 100mile and beyond.  Cates spent over a decade as a television producer and then made the leap into the land of coaching.  While she loves to run and race, she also loves to help others fall in love with the sport as well.


“Running can be such a powerful tool for both physical and mental health.  It’s one of the most basic forms of movement but it’s a skill that’s largely overlooked and honestly it all starts inside the mind.  My motto is simple but it takes a long time to embrace: brain before legs.  Training the body is great but to get to the next level, you’ve got to dig inside.”


Coach Mary coaches every distance from the 5k to the ultramarathon, as well as multi-sport endurance athletes including Sprint, Olympic and Ironman Tri’s.  You can find her at Tennessee Endurance and also as the Crossfit Endurance coach at Crossfit Knoxville.  She is also a running ambassador for lululemon athletica and Orange Mud Sports.

Knoxville 1/2 Marathon Training Program with Coach Mary

It’s been a busy Fall for the CFK Endurance team! We’ve seen athletes racing many different distances all the way from 5ks to 100 MILES, both on-road and off.  Many athletes have completed their first race of any distance, and some have even won races!  Many have overcome obstacles, done things they never thought possible, and have continued to set bigger and bigger goals through training.


All of these types of races require different things, but the one thing that’s super important in all training programs is consistency.  For running that doesn’t just mean consistently running, but also core strength, mobility, and nutrition during training and on race day, all of which is provided through Coach Mary’s Endurance programs.


 “But Coach, I HATE running!  I just want to be good at CrossFit!”

Have you ever noticed how much of CrossFit relies on running or endurance, aka aerobic capacity, to do well?  After completing the Endurance Program many athletes report increased endurance in regular WODs and less fear when running is involved!


So if you missed out on any of the fun this fall, don’t worry. There’s always a race to be run! First up in the new year is the Covenant Health Knoxville Half and Full Marathon. Training will start the first week of January, and the race will take runners through the streets of Knoxville on a very challenging (but fun!) route through this city.  Run your city!!


Check out the details below, and look for details on the Grayson Highlands Trail 1/2 Marathon to come in the new year!

Knoxville Marathon & 1/2 Marathon on March 25th

12-Week Half Marathon Training Program – January 2nd – March 25


Cost: $250

How to register: Email coach Mary


  • Bi-weekly group training sessions with coach Mary
    • Training sessions will mix short interval, long interval, and time trial efforts
    • Athletes will receive instruction & coaching on running technique, pacing & strategy, mental approach, and mobility necessary to perform their best on race day
  • Weekly custom scaling for your Crossfit WODs
    • Integrate mixed-modal training with your running in order to maintain and build core strength for faster finish times!
    • Find balance between disciplines to help you become a more healthy and durable athlete
  • Race-Day coaching
    • Everyone needs a helping hand on race day! Mary will be on the course to help you pace, get you water, and cheer you on to the finish!

**If you’re up for the full marathon, please contact Mary directly for an individualized training program sure to propel you to that PR!

About Coach Mary


“Set a goal and if it’s easy to achieve, then we’ll set a bigger one,” words endurance coach, Mary Cates says often. Her goal is to build faster, stronger and healthier athletes and help them on the road to success.


Mary started running track in middle school and ran competitively through high school and college, but it wasn’t until she graduated that she understood the need for balance as an athlete. “I’d only focused on running. Putting up as many miles as I could, and over time, my body was starting to rebel against me a little.”


A few years later, Mary faced a different challenge, battling cancer and again, trying to find that balance of staying active while keeping her body as healthy as possible in order to fight her disease. It was during that time that Mary tried her very first Crossfit class. “It was so intimidating but there were so many things I struggled with, that I knew I really needed to stick with it.” And she did. She ran her first ultramarathon a few months after starting at CFK and fell in love with making the two sports work together.


Now Mary’s goal is to help other people run efficiently, build endurance and gain strength, but one of the things she’s most proud of is the CFK Endurance community. “We’ve become like a little family within an already amazing family. We go to each other’s races, no matter how far away, and we’re out there giving support and pacing to help people get to the finish. Our motto is that no one runs alone.”


When Mary’s not coaching athletes, you can find her spending time in the mountains or racing anything from the 5k to 100milers!


Girls On the Run 5K

Hey CFK,


Girls On the Run is a great, local and national organization that helps young girls build confidence through training for and running a 5k.  Our very own athlete Terry Keltner is the Board President for our local chapter.  Please follow this link to learn more about the organization and how you can participate!

Hot to Trot 5k Training!

The Hot to Trot 5k on Thanksgiving day is coming up!


This year come out and Crush your first 5k with the CFK Endurance Team!  We will make sure you have the physical tools to finish, but also have a plan for pacing, dealing with the excitement, understanding the flow of people, the crazy CFK Water station volunteers, etc…



5K Training Program designed to peak on Thanksgiving Day 2017 at the Race of your choice





Kickoff Date:

October 28 @ West High School @ 10 a.m.


What you get:

Individualized CFK Program scalings + additional mobility and endurance Wod’s; Track days on Saturdays at West High School @ 10 a.m.



Who this program is for:

1. I have never run a 5k, but always wanted to
2. I have ran a 5k, and want to PR this time!
3. I have a 1/2 or full marathon on your bucket list, but haven’t ever taken the first step
4. I’ve been eyeballing CFK Endurance programs, seen how much fun everyone’s having, but were afraid to jump in!

Who this program is not for:


I already know how to run a 5k effectively and have a plan
I’m ready for a 10k or 1/2 marathon
I’m going to be Volunteering for the Water Table!!!!!


If you fall into the NOT category but love running, we also have personalized programs available in all race distances and would be happy to assist you in achieving your goals! Simply email coach Nate, or coach Mary for details.

* If you love CFK and want to hang out with the coaches and fellow athletes at 7 a.m. on Turkey Day email Rick to get on the Water Table list.  It’s a blast!