Week In Preview, March 14th, 2021

“Whether you think you can or you can’t either way you are right.”    

– Henry Ford


Black Market Raw Glutamine

Your muscle fibers take a beating after tough WODs, and when it’s time to recover sleep isn’t the only thing your body needs. One of the most abundant amino acids found in muscle is Glutamine. Its roles  include being a important neurotransmitter for brain activities and alleviating muscle soreness post-WOD. There’s no secret why high level athletes keep this in their supplement cabinet or gym bag.



Weekly WODs: 


Crossfit  – Nowhere to Row, Nowhere to Hide

We’ve got a two-piece strength and conditioning workout beginning with an E2MOM of either a clean and jerk or power snatch. Our strength is solely athlete choice. Athletes should be prepared to keep their heart in their throats for a full fifteen minutes. We have rower sprints, ground-to-overhead, and slam balls. Athletes can opt for plate ground to overhead if they want to make this one a little less spicy. You do you boo boo.

We love burn because it takes only 30 minutes to leave you laying on the floor gasping for air.  Our workout today will fry the lower-body and grip. Athletes will knock out four rounds for time of Russian swings and rower calories.


Crossfit  – Squat Day + “Speed Demon”

We’ll be prepping for our conditioning with four sets of 3 moderately-heavy back squats. Our conditioning will make up-downs feel way more challenging than normal. The WOD for today pairs high-rep front squats with kick-backs.


Today’s Burn is seven sets of heaven. We have burpees and rower intervals with rest incorporated in between sets. Athletes should really smash the gas on each interval in order to improve power output.


Crossfit – Butterfingers

Your grip will be toast after today’s workout so be prepared to stretch out those forearms after class. Gymnastics is the overall theme of today’s class starting with a short gymnastics skill session. For the conditioning athletes will complete 5 rounds for time of a gymnastics pull of their choice, Russian swings, and double-unders. The cash-out for this workout will be an 800 meter running interval.


The key for today’s workout is elbow positioning. Anytime we go overhead we must keep the elbows completely locked out for safety.  Today’s double six minute AMRAP is full of overhead stability challenges. We have dumbbell snatches, overhead lunges, and double-unders.


Crossfit –  Full Body Flow

We’ve planned a recovery day in preparation for the release of 21.2. Our workout is for quality and will consist of front squats, ground to overhead, and med ball sit-ups.


You’ll be jumping rope quite a bit today so be sure to pack your calves when head to the gym. Our short workout consists of rower intervals, single-unders, and running.


Crossfit  – Open 21.2

Be sure to check Wodify Thursday night to prepare yourselves for Friday’s WOD.


Burn athletes will have a workout modeled after the Crossfit Open workout that will be released on Thursday night. That means you’ll be able to join in on all the fun!


 8am Crossfit – Clean Complex + “DT”

Our early morning fitness fanatics will get an opportunity to work up to a heavy complex of a deadlift, hang power clean, and overhead pressing variation of their choice (push jerk or split jerk). The good news is you’ll be fighting with barbell after the strength in a CFK favorite named “DT”.


10:15am Crossfit – Level 2

 One of our locations will be hosting a re-run of 21.2 and the other location will be getting their “DT” on!

Burn’s 15 minute EMOM will toast the shoulders and the lungs. Athletes should expect to see up-downs EMOM as well as renegade rows, push-ups, and suitcase deadlifts.

Week In Preview, February 7th, 2021

“My valleys are higher than most people’s peaks. I stay at that level.” 

– Dan Gable

Supplement Spotlight

Puori C3

We love Puori products because we know what we’re getting inside the bottle. Puori only uses the purest  of ingredients, and is free from heavy metals that other products may contain. Puori’s C3 is a potent concoction of three sources of vitamin C. C3’s powerful vitamin C supplement is sourced from rose hips, acerola berry, and goji berry. This product also includes an energy blend of Yerba mate powder and polyphenol rich ginseng.

Vitamin C is not only an important immune booster, but plays important roles in other bodily functions as well. Some of these functions include bone formation, gum health, and targeting harmful free radicals. Make sure to pick up a bottle at the end of your next WOD!


Weekly WODs: 


Crossfit  – Hot Hands

Today’s WOD is a grip heavy gymnastics workout. We have a triple AMRAP of handstand push-ups, dumbbell power cleans, and toes-to-bar.  Our goal is to stay consistent for each set of toes-to-bar in today’s workout. Find a break -up strategy that allows you to keep moving even when your forearms are in a bad place!


Burn – Lunch Money
This workout will take your lunch money! We have a 10 minute EMOM of dumbbell hang power cleans and burpees. Each minute athletes will need to quickly knock out 10 dumbbell hang cleans and crush 5 burpees before the :50 second mark. Our finisher is a 6 minute EMOM of arch rocks and tuck holds.


Crossfit  – Lord of The Legs

The legs will take a beating in today’s strength and our 4 round WOD. In our strength, we’ll knock out four sets of five front squats. Our workout is geared toward mastery of the front squat. The mantra of today’s rowing and front squat WOD should be “technique over load”.


Burn – Toasted On a Tuesday
Our interval workout for today will make athletes earn their rest. We have three 5-minute intervals where athletes will perform a short running interval, v-ups, bike calories, and weighted lunges.



Crossfit –  Beaten and Breathless

You’ll feel like you are breathing through a coffee straw in today’s workout. We have a five round workout where intensity is priority. Athletes should expect to see fast running intervals, slam balls, hand-release pushups, and bike calories.


Burn –  Rope Work Wednesday
Be ready for lots of hopping in our 12 minute AMRAP!  Athletes can perform either 35 double-unders or 70 single-under depending on their ability to stay consistent. Other movements include Russian swings and up-downs.


Crossfit – Kitchen Sink

It’s a little bit of everything in today’s workout. Our thirty minute EMOM will give athletes multiple chances to dial in their technique on pistols, muscle-ups, Russian Swings, and the elusive double-under. We also threw in a single-arm kettlebell front-rack hold because we know y’all love those!


Burn –  Legs and Lungs
Today’s EMOM gives athletes an opportunity to dial in their pacing strategy. Each minute athletes will perform either rower calories, slam balls, or step-ups. It’s a good day to come in and sweat if you’re feeling beat up!



Crossfit  – Shoulder Showdown + Heavy 1 Rep Snatch

We begin class with a heavy 1 rep snatch followed by a shoulder stinging conditioning. We have 30 dumbbell devil’s presses for time with an added twist. Upon completion of each devil’s press, each athlete will complete an added push press before returning the dumbbells to the ground. Good luck, this one might sting a little!


Burn –  Ring-Roasted Cindy
It’s your favorite 5-10-15 schemed bodyweight WOD for today’s sweat session. Athletes will  complete ring rows, push-ups, and air squats. It’s a good idea to pick a ring row option that you could knock out 15 reps with when fresh. It’s a long workout, and we don’t want to burn those arms out too early!


 Crossfit/ Level 2  – Benchmark WOD  “Galentines”

The NCFit Benchmark “Galentines” is a mixture of the popular benchmarks “Annie” and “Kelly”. Athletes will complete 1 round of “Kelly” after each ODD round of “Annie”. Athletes should prepare to do double-unders, sit-ups, wall-balls, box jumps, and running intervals.

Level 2 will have the added luxury of knocking out a heavy 3 rep back squat and heavy triple shoulder to overhead.


Burn – Saturday Sweat
Our conditioning will have more of an endurance feel because of the movements used. Athletes will perform running intervals, bodyweight lunges, planks, and push press. Since none of these movements feed off each other athletes are highly encouraged to smash the gas on the runs!


Recovery Crash Course : Patella Tendinitis

“Are you moving poorly because you are in pain? Or are you in pain because you are moving poorly?
-Gray Cook


 Guess how good you’re getting at box jumps by not doing them?

Are you tired of being nervous on box jumps, lunges, or step-up during the pre-wod brief? Some things don’t get better with time and,  it’s at that point that we must seek other avenues of approach. Many athletes have used the coaching staff at CFK as a resource in pain management. We’ve seen athletes make major strides in their performance by training movement patterns to fix problems.

As a student physical therapist assistant and lifelong fitness enthusiast, I’ve gained an appreciation for human movement patterns. It’s not uncommon for me to spend a Saturday night researching new ways to dial in an athlete’s squat (Nerdy, I know..), or searching for creative ways to decrease persistent elbow pain. Some of my most enjoyable times coaching have been showing athletes  how to perform special mobilizations and stretches that alleviate pain and eliminate stiffness.

CFK has a set of principles that allow the coaches and athletes to strive for fitness gains while reducing the risk of injury. Our principles, or the 3’Ps as you may have heard them called hold true in any aspect of training or rehab.  If you’ve heard the 3 P’s in class you’ll be happy to know that they are also used in our injury recovery sessions. If you have no clue what the 3 P’s are, let’s review.

Positions:  Every movement has a specific positions that must be achieved.

Parameters:  These are movement guidelines that help athletes move safely and reduce injury

Progressions:  Each movement has a specific progression or regression depending on the needs of the athlete.

What’s Patella Tendinitis and What Causes It?

 Patella Tendinitis is caused by overuse, and is typically seen in athletes that perform repetitive explosive exercise. Overuse of this tendon is caused from high compressive force causing small tears in tendon tissue leading to inflammation and swelling. It’s characterized by pain coming from the inferior aspect of the knee cap, and is often confused with quadricep tendinopathy that is located above the knee.


Immediate Actions to Take

This particular injury is from overuse, so athletes should take extreme caution in exercise selection. Providing an atmosphere where the tendon can actually begin healing and not become re-injured is critical. Many of the exercises I would suggest would reduce the load on the tendon, but provide a strength building stimulus to surrounding muscles.


Load Tolerance is the Name of the Game


Goal #1:  Stiff Tendons are Strong Tendons

My plan of attack at the beginning stages of this injury is to build stiffness in the patella tendon. By creating  tendon stiffness our load capacity for exercise and movement increases. Isometric loading keeps muscles in one position and does not allow them to contract or lengthen.  These types of exercises are usually performed in static positions. Exercises like wall-sits and spanish squats will be used to provide a stimulus to nearby muscles(quads, glutes, hamstrings), but not allow compressive force or friction to be placed on the injured tendon.

Ex. 5 sets of 45 second Spanish Squats

 Ex. 5 Sets of 45 second Wall Sits

*Shoutout to Phillip Burgess for the awesome technique!

Goal #2: Single-Leg Strength

It’s always important to add single leg training to any exercise  program.  Single leg training addresses any asymmetries  or weaknesses that are likely to go unnoticed in double limb stance. The term Isotonic used to describe the consistency of speed across a full rep of a movement. Isotonic movements allow the athlete to move throughout the full range of motion without tension change in the muscles.  We will be performing a variety of exercises in this portion that include Bulgarian split squats, split squats, and reverse lunges. Our focus will be increasing our load tolerance and accessing range of motion on the injured side.

Ex. 3-4 Sets of 15 quality Bulgarian split squats with a focus on stability and control



Goal #3: Take Flight Again

Now that we’ve built the pre-requisite load tolerance for more normal activities we can begin to introduce jumping exercises.


Goal #4: Back to Bending Bars and Causing PRs

You can return to training at this point, but it’s always a good idea to keep the rehab exercises in your back pocket to avoid future injuries. It’s a good idea to use these as accessory movements post-workout in order to keep your tendons strong and stiff.


Week In Preview, December 20th, 2020

“Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general.”

– Mark Rippetoe

Coach Alex’s Challenge


All goals in life and in the gym require effort. Your first pull-up, muscle-up, or pistol doesn’t just happen by chance.  Higher skill movements require dedicated time and practice in order to achieve mastery.  Athletes that begin Coach Alex’s challenge will have a one-on-one goal setting meeting with coach Alex followed by weekly mile marker challenges that help athletes in reaching their unique goals.

 Coach Alex is ready to help you with a personalized plan, and assist you with staying accountable throughout all of it.

Sign Up Now!

Click HERE



Holiday Schedule

Thursday, December 24 (Christmas Eve) – Limited Hours (12 Days of Christmas WOD)

Both locations:
8am – Burn
9am – CrossFit
10:30am – Burn
11:30am – CrossFit
1:00pm – CrossFit
*Burn – 45 minute class, CrossFit – 75 minute class

Friday, December 25 (Christmas Day) – CLOSED


Thursday, December 31 (New Year’s Eve) – Limited Hours

 West Location – Last Class 6:45 pm Burn
North Location – Last Class 6:30 pm Burn

Friday, January 1 (New Year’s Day) – Limited Hours ( NYD WOD)

Both Locations:

9 am – Burn
9:45 am – CrossFit
11 am – Burn
11:45 am – CrossFit
12:45 pm – CrossFit

Weekly WODs: 



Crossfit – The Lower, The Better

You’ll be reaching for the lowest score on the whiteboard today as we crush rower calories, dumbbell up-downs and wall-balls. Your score will be your highest round minus your lowest round. The “spread” will be your score. Our goal is consistent efforts across all five sets of our workout.

3 Sets for Max Reps
1:00 Max Cal Row
1:00 Max Box/Bench Dips
1:00 Max KB Sumo DL High Pull
1:00 Max Sit-Ups
-Rest 1:00 between Sets-


Crossfit – Snatch, Burpee, Bike

We open up today’s training session with a strength piece of  power snatches. Our emphasis in the strength component will be the receiving position of the snatch.  Our conditioning workout will consist of hang power snatches, lateral burpees, and a sprint of your choice. Our goal is power output in today’s workout, so rest will be incorporated into each interval.

Triple AMRAP
10 Right Arm DB Thrusters
8 Burpees over DB
10 Left Arm DB Thrusters
-Rest 2:00-
8 Right Arm Thrusters
6 Burpees over DB
8 Left Arm DB Thrusters
-Rest 2:00-
6 Right Arm DB Thrusters
4 Burpees over DB
6 Left Arm DB Thrusters



Crossfit –  CFK Strength Day + Max Effort 1k

We’ll be doing CFK style strength day with a focus on quality. We have 20 minutes to work our way through front squats from the ground, strict-pullups, farmer’s carries, and toes-to-barbell. If you’ve never tried a 1k row it’s a great day to log a score in Wodify! Our best advice for this one is to close your eyes and hang on for dear life.


20 Russian Kettlebell Swings
20/15 Cal Row
50m Double KB Front Rack Carry
1:00 Plank Hold



Crossfit – 12 Days Of COVID Christmas

We’re still doing our annual 12 days of Christmas WOD as scheduled. However, this year we will be making sure there are a few more precautions in place in order to keep us all safe and healthy for the holidays. Our thirty five minute workout is a steady pace grinder that has a little bit of everything!



We’ll also have a BURN 12 Days of Christmas WOD to ring in the holiday! Class will be on a 45 minute timeline to accommodate a longer workout, so come ring in the holiday with this fan favorite!


Friday – CLOSED 



 Crossfit/ Level 2 – NCFit Benchmark “Kettlebell Rock”

We’ve got four rounds of handstand push-ups, kettlebell goblet squats, and pull-ups planned for both level 2 and Crossfit. Level 2 will take the first portion of class to build to a 1 rep max squat clean prior to the conditioning.


Every 2:30 for 6 Sets
100m Run
10 KB/DB Goblet Squats (AHAP)
150/100m Row
10 KB/DB Floor Press

Week In Preview, December 13th, 2020

“The world breaks everyone, and afterward, many are strong at the broken places.”

– Ernest Hemingway

Supplement Spotlight:

Transparent Labs 100% GrassFed Whey

You don’t have to guess what ingredients are used to create this delicious Grass-fed Whey product.  All TPL protein is free from artificial sweeteners, food colorings, and preservatives. Each serving has a total of 28 grams of fast digesting isolate protein and only 120 calories. Transparent Labs’s Grass-fed Whey has all the things you need and nothing you don’t! Try it in your next post bro session shake or morning smoothie!


Weekly WODs: 



Crossfit – 2 Rep Max Deadlift +Leg Day Ladder

It’s test week, and we’re kicking off day 1 with a max 2-rep deadlift. Our task oriented conditioning will bring the pump to your rump! Athletes will complete a descending ladder of deadlifts and rower calories for time.  It’s a good idea to pace the row in order to crush large sets of deadlifts today.


EMOM x 15 Minutes
Min 1: 16/13 Cal Bike
Min 2:  14 KB Goblet Box Step Ups
Min 3: 18 KB Upright High Pulls


Crossfit – Bar Star Bicep Blowout

Today’s conditioning calls for multiple sets of chest-to-bar pull-ups in our workout. The intent of this workout is to pull the bar a little lower than normal. The preferred scaling option for level two will be the banded chest to bar pull-up. However, athletes will also have the option of performing regular chin-over-bar pull-ups. Other movements in our conditioning include double dumbbell suitcase lunges and bike calories.


Every 3:00 for 4 Sets
200m Run
20 DB Hang Power Cleans
20 Push-Ups



Crossfit –  2 Rep Max Press + Bobble Head

Our workout for today includes many opportunities to make adjustments to our bar path in the press. Athletes will perform strict press, push press, and double-unders on a two and half minute running clock for 5 sets. The weights are fairly light, and should allow athletes to only take one break during the pressing movements.


12/10 Cal Bike
12 Alt. DB Renegade Rows
12/10 Cal Row
12 Wall Balls



Crossfit – The Long Game

You might be able to crush those 12-15 minute conditioning workouts we routinely do, but can you go the distance in a long sweat session? Our chipper for today has a little bit of everything, and we’ll be in it for the long haul. Some of the movements include wall-walks, slam-balls, and burpees. If y’all had fun in the first half of the chipper wait until the bonus movement at the halfway point!


EMOM x 16 Minutes
Min 1: 5 Up-Downs + 15 DBL DB Sumo Deadlifts
Min 2: 5 Up Downs + 10 DBL DB Snatches
Min 3: 5 Up Downs + 14 DBL DB Alt. Front Rack Lunges
Min 4: 45 Seconds Max Hollow/ Deadbug Hold


Crossfit – 2 Rep Max Back Squat

Today’s workout is full of back squats! We’ll test our 2 rep max Wendler back squat followed by a 10 minute EMOM conditioning WOD. Our EMOM will include back squats from the floor and toes-to-bar. The weight on the bar should be the heaviest weight that can be controlled onto the back from the floor.


Benchmark WOD “Annie”


 Crossfit/ Level 2 – Push Jerk Strength + “DT”

Both level 2 and Crossfit will perform the same amount of work today. Our classes will include a heavy 5-rep push jerk followed by a forearm sizzling conditioning session.  DT is a great test of strength, endurance, and mental grit. It’s 5 rounds of deadlifts, hang power cleans, and shoulder to overheads!


On a 14:00 Running Clock teams of 2 will complete…
Partner 1 Completes: 400m Run
Partner 2 Completes: AMRAP OF…
20 Air Squats
15 Russian Kettlebell Swings
10 Ring Rows
**Partners will switch upon completion of Partner 1’s 400 meter running interval.

Week In Preview, December 6th, 2020

“Gratitude is a quality similar to electricity: it must be produced and discharged and used up in order to exist at all.”

– William Faulkner

Supplement Spotlight:

Let’s be real…  When we diet we place an overwhelming emphasis on macronutrients. Whether you follow keto, paleo, Adkins, or any other new diet trend these nutrients become the focal point. We often don’t take into account the critical role of vitamins and minerals such as zinc, magnesium, and B-vitamins. Micronutrients are responsible for many of the body’s processes. For instance, cell division, cell growth, cell repair, and even assist our senses can be traced back to the roles of vitamins and minerals.Transparent Labs Prebiotic greens contains spirullina and chlorella which are rich in water-soluble vitamins and important minerals.

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Weekly WODs: 



Crossfit – Back Squat Deload + Two Minutes Too Much

Great job crushing the squats, deadlifts, and presses for our Wendler Cycle. We’re taking a step back this week in order to allow our central nervous system to reboot. Our deload for the back squat should allow us to feel confident and explosive under the barbell! These weights should be well within your wheelhouse, but give you a slight challenge. Our conditioning is alternating intervals of 400m runs and wall balls. Our goal today is to keep the intensity high and attempt to keep moving when we’re smoked.


21 Cal Row
15 Pike Push-Ups
9 KB/DB Suitcase Deadlifts



Crossfit – Positions, Parameters, and Progressions

You often hear Coach Johnny talk about “The 3 P’s”. Today’s workout incorporates a skill session that focuses on one of our favorite P’s.  Our skill session in today’s workout clearly gives athletes an opportunity to nail  the “P” of Progressions. Each movement in Crossfit has a scalable progression.  Each progression’s purpose is geared toward the mastery of a high skill movement. Our pre-WOD practice is geared toward bar-muscle up development.  Our conditioning includes bar muscle ups, burpees to plate, and kettlebell swings.


MIN 1: 45 seconds of Max  Slam Balls
MIN 2: 45 seconds of Max Tuck Ups
MIN 3: 45 seconds of Max Wall Sit
MIN 4: 45 seconds of Max Mountain Climbers



Crossfit –  Deadlift Deload + Midline Mash-Up

We are holding true to our deload in all of our lifts this week.  Day 3 brings us lots of opportunity to drill key aspects of the deadlift to include bar path. Our conditioning consists of light deadlifts and sit-ups. The workout for today prescribes a male and female RX weight of 185 for males and 135 for females on the deadlift. As you can tell these weights are considerably lighter than previous workouts we’ve done. Our main priority is to move the barbell efficiently and unbroken throughout our workout.


10 Box Jumps
100m DB/KB Cross Body Carry*
10 Russian Swings
*One kettlebell/dumbbell held in front rack and the other KB/DB will be held overhead.



Crossfit – Press Deload + Press Pull EMOM

You guessed it. We’ve got more shoulders coming at you!  Today’s 20 minute EMOM will tax the shoulders and the lungs. Athletes will get the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy high volume push press, max rower cals, and double-unders.


Every 3:00 for 5 Sets
10/8 Cal Row
30 Russian Twists
20 Alt. Dumbbell Lunges


Crossfit – Backside Blitz

We’ve got running and tons of air squats on day 5. Our task oriented workout gives athletes a chunk of work to complete inside of an 18 minute time cap. Running isn’t everyone’s bread and butter, so scale those distances if needed!


Teams of 2 will have 18:00 to Complete
140 Wall Balls
200m Run
140 Cal Bike/Row
200m Run
140 Sit-Ups
200m Run
140 Alt. Dumbbell Snatches
200m Run



 Crossfit/ Level 2 – Jacob’s Ladder

We’ll be climbing an ascending rep ladder of decreasing barbell weights in today’s workout. Some of the workout movements include hang power cleans and bike calories. Our workout begins slow and becomes progressively harder as grip fatigue sets in. Hang in there!

Level 2’s workout will have an added overhead strength component of 3 sets of 5 overhead squats.


Ring Rows


-Rest 2:00-


50m SA Farmer’s Carry(R)
:30 second Plank Hold
50m SA Farmer’s Carry(L)
:30 second Plank Hold

Week In Preview, November 29th, 2020

“Some people are motivated one or two days, others are motivated one or two weeks, winners are motivated all the time.”

– Unknown

Supplement Spotlight:

Black Market Raw Creatine

In order to progress in Crossfit your body must adapt to the demands placed on it each day. If you are consistently challenging yourself with the appropriate doses of intensity then you’ve most likely seen results through improvements in strength and endurance.

In Crossfit, power production is the name of the game.  The energy needed to perform intense exercise as well as muscular contractions is fueled by Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). Most know ATP as the muscle cell’s energy currency. BlackMarket’s Raw Creatine helps to convert creatine phosphate into ATP to fuel intense exercise. Creatine is one of the most highly researched and proven sports performance supplements on the market. It’s no wonder why athletes have been supplementing with it for years. Get Some and Get At It!




Weekly WODs: 



Crossfit – Back Squat Wendler Cycle + 3 Round Burner

Today is all about the legs. We begin class with our Back Squat Wendler cycle, and will head into our conditioning workout afterwards. Our conditioning is high volume dumbbell front squats followed by chest-to-bar pull-ups and dumbbell up-downs.



Every 5:00 for 3 Sets
200m Run
20 Ring Rows
20/15 Cal Row
20 Alt. Plank Shoulder Taps
10 Push Ups
-Rest Remainder of Running Clock-




Crossfit – Overhead Bro Session + “The Cali Bear”

It’s time for one of CFK’s favorite overhead challenges. It’s 1 Clean and Jerk every 30 seconds for 20 minutes. Can you hang on for all 40 reps, or will you tap out at the halfway point when things get t0ugh. Our workout is as  mental as it is physical. Stay in the Fight!


Min 1 : 15/12 Cal Bike or 150-200m Run
Min 2: 7 “Lunge-Lunge- Squats” with a Single DB
Min 3: 9 Box Jumps


Crossfit – Turkish Twenty

Our twenty minute AMRAP of Turkish-get ups will test your stability and mobility overhead.  We love this movement pattern because of it’s role in helping to stabilize the shoulder.  The Turkish- get ups ability to  build the small stabilizer muscles of the rotator cuff is second to none. We also will be performing bike calories, sit-ups, and walking lunges.



6/6 KB/DB Strict Press
6 KB/DB Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
-Rest 2:00-
8/6 Cal Row
6 Burpees



Crossfit – Wendler Press + Upper Body Push Pump

We’ll knock out three sets of our Wendler press cycle, and get straight to work on our conditioning. It’s 7 sets of gnarly interval work on a running clock. You’ll have 2 minutes to burn through a 200 meter run, 5 burpees, and max double unders in the remaining time. Our goal is to scale the run to a distance we can accomplish in around 45 seconds.


400m Run
30 Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans
50m Farmer’s Carry
30 Air Squats


Crossfit – Wendler Deadlift + Library Lifter

The king of lifts is scheduled for Friday’s strength and conditioning. We will run through our deadlift Wendler, and follow it up with a sweaty strength piece. Our goal is to “own” all weights and movements in today’s workout. We have library deadlifts, strict dips, and strict toes to bar for 4 sets of complete quality.


5 Plate Ground to Overhead
6 Overhead Plate Lunges
7 Bent Over Plate Rows
8 Sit-Ups


 Crossfit/ Level 2 – Row Snatch Couplet

Our workout for today includes tons of opportunities to get better at the jumping portion of the snatch. We begin our strength session with snatch skill work followed by a 5 round burner. In our conditioning, we will set our forearms ablaze as we row 500 meter intervals followed by squat snatches from the hang. We finish up with a static core finisher of plank variations.


Med Ball Squat Cleans
Double Unders

Week In Preview, October 18th, 2020

A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd.” 

– Max Lucado

Supplement Spotlight

Transparent Labs 100% Grass Fed Whey

Sometimes it’s nice to know what exactly is getting put in your body. However, many of the packaged foods we consume expose us t0 the unnecessary risks of eating ingredients that we can’t even pronounce. We love transparent labs because their appeal to the  “What you see, is What you get”  outlook.  Transparent Labs(TPL)  100% Grass Fed Whey is sourced from American grass fed cows and is free from unwanted additions. Each scoop of TPLs Grass Fed Whey contains 24 grams of fast digesting protein that contains no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or food colorings.


Train Hard. Recover Better.


Weekly WODs: 

Monday  –  Air Jordan

Do you have mad “hops”? We have a max height box jump in today’s 12 minute skill session. Our workout will include box jump overs, push presses, and a short running interval. Our intent for the workout is to go unbroken throughout all movements. Make sure to check your ego at the door and scale weights appropriately!


Tuesday  –  Attack the Rack + The Humbler

It’s time to put on your game face and get under some heavy weight. It’s not your average training day in our second workout of the week.  We will be performing a wave-loading style back squat workout that will allow us to get some challenging weights on our backs. Don’t know what wave-loading is? It’s okay, just show up and we’ll show you.  We hope humility is in your wheelhouse because our workout of up down devils presses, goblets squats, and dumbbell snatches won’t disappoint.


Wednesday  –  NCFit Benchmark “Uppercut”

Our buy in for today’s workout is 20 ring muscle-ups. Don’t let that discourage you from coming to class. We’ll have scaling options ready to meet your training goals. Upon completion of the gymnastics buy-in we will be going through several rounds of lateral burpees and power cleans. We’ve done this workout awhile back so check your previous scores.


Thursday  –  Blazing Fury

Bring a fire extinguisher and a bag of  ice to the gym today. You’ll need it to put out the fire in your thighs. Our conditioning will slow roast your quads with wall balls, bike calories, and double-unders. Don’t forget post workout mobility after class.


Friday  –  Form Focus Friday

We’ll be learning the fundamental life skill of picking heavy things up off the ground today.Let’s clean up our deadlift today with proper tensioning. We begin today’s workout with a heavy 3 rep deadlift, and will follow it up with a very grippy conditioning workout. Our workout will include toes-to-bar and dumbbell deadlifts. Train with intention today, and let’s get better.


Saturday  –  Crossfit / Level 2

Our conditioning workout for both classes will include hang power snatches, rower calories, and overhead barbell lunge. It’s a long workout today.Our complex will increase in reps and calories as we progress through our 20 minute workout.


Saturday  –  Burn Class

We’ll be spending quality time with the med balls today as we complete the NCFit Benchmark workout “Med Ballin”. Our workout is 4 rounds for time of wall ball hang squat cleans, wall balls, wall ball lunges, and a 200m wall ball run. It’s time to toast the legs!

Week In Preview, August 2nd, 2020

“Humans are not physically normal in the absence of hard physical effort.”

-Mark Rippetoe

 Event Spotlight:

Clash at the Creek

Clash at the Creek

We have a couple of athletes participating in Crossfit First Creek’s first annual competition. Come out and cheer on our fellow athletes as they tackle 4 grueling workouts Saturday, August 15th. The event will have plenty of vendors to check out between heats. The competition will be held from 9am – 3pm. For more details about the event check out their facebook page under “Clash at the Creek”.

Upcoming Events:

Saturday, August 29th – Powell Station Celebration

Don’t forget about the Powell Station Celebration at the end of the month. There will be lots of great activities for the entire family.

Weekly WODs: 

Monday – Show off those Shoulders

We’ve got plenty of overhead movements in today’s strength and conditioning. We start today’s workload with a strength piece as we build to a heavy 2-rep strict press. Our conditioning today will be in EMOM format and will include burpees over the bar, power snatches, and more pressing.


Tuesday – Pulling Paradise

Our conditioning piece for today’s workout will increase in complexity as time goes on. Our triple AMRAP incorporates tons of horizontal and vertical pulling. We have sumo deadlifts, kipping pull-ups, chest-to-bar pull-ups, running intervals, and renegade rows in store for day 2.


Wednesday  – Squat Day (Week 6)

The bar will be moving a lot slower this week as we head into week 6 of our squat cycle. We’ve got one more build week ahead which will be followed by our test week. Make the most of your 5 sets of 5, or 5 sets of 3 this week. If you are feeling great today try adding a two second pause in the hole on each rep. We finish up today’s workout with a fun race of rowing, sit-ups, and air squats.


Thursday  – Hinge Binge

Our workout for today allows you the opportunity to earn your rest. We have five 4 minute intervals of Russian swings , single-arm front rack step-ups, and box jump overs. We’ll finish today’s workout off with bird dogs and quad heel taps. Bird dogs are an excellent exercise to build stability, decrease back pain, and encourage great posture.


Friday  – “DT”

We lucked out this week! We have heavy deadlifts followed by the infamous “DT”.  We’ll set a heavy 2 rep deadlift followed by 5 rounds of 12 deadlifts, 9 hang power cleans, and 6 shoulder to overhead. Bring an extra set of forearms in your gym bag today!


Saturday  – Crossfit/Level 2

Our workout for both classes this weekend is only 2 sets. Seems easy, Right? Most of the time it’s easier said than done. We’ll be getting after 2 sets of biking calories, single dumbbell thrusters, and toes to bar in our conditioning. Level 2 will have an gymnastics strength piece of pull-ups and push-ups.


Saturday  – Burn

Sumo Saturday is upon us! We have an alternating EMOM of Up-Down Step ups and bike calories followed by another EMOM of sumo deadlift high pulls and bike calories. Our goal today is to get out of our comfort zone on the bike and hold a challenging RPM throughout both EMOMs.

Week In Preview, July 19th, 2020

” The two things that most influence our physical appearance, exercise and diet, share in common the fact that doing them correctly means choosing to do things that involve discomfort.”

-Mark Rippetoe

 Supplement Spotlight

Black Market D-Aspartic Acid 

Want to lift bigger weights, increase your muscle mass, and lose fat this summer? Most males over the age of 30 see a decrease in natural testosterone levels by up to 1% each year. Testosterone is one of the primary drivers in keeping the male body in shape for the long haul. This critical male hormone is not only responsible for sex drive, but also plays roles in increasing red blood cell production and bone density.

The great news is that we can work to decrease declining levels of testosterone with supplementation of critical aminos. D- Aspartic Acid is an amino acid found in the body that stimulates testosterone production in the testes. Some studies have shown that supplementation with D- Aspartic acid has raised T levels up to 50% in just a few weeks. The benefits of high T levels include increased muscle recoveryand overall healthier overall body composition.

Weekly WODs: 

Monday –  Squat Day + Metcon

We’re rolling into week four of our squat cycle. The weights are beginning to get heavier, but we still should not be sacrificing great positions for heavier loads on the bar. Squats are not only a great exercise to develop strength in the lower limbs, but also provide performance enhancing hormone release. We’ll dedicate 9 minutes at the end of class to a challenging burpee and dumbbell front squat sweat fest.

Tuesday –  “The Cali Bear”

Our two part workout today is a CFK favorite. We’ll take 10 minutes at the beginning of class to establish a complex of clean deadlifts and power clean and jerks.  In today’s conditioning we’ll be ripping the bar off the ground every 30 seconds for twenty minutes as we perform a moderately heavy clean and jerk. We’ve done this workout quite frequently in the past so make sure to look up your scores in wodify.

Wednesday  –  Perfect your Pull

We’ve got lots of gymnastics movements in store for day 3. We kick today’s workout off with a skill session dedicated to kipping pull-up development. In our workout we’ll apply the skills we learned during our skill work. We’ll be tackling a triple AMRAP of box jumps, kipping pull-ups, chest to bar pull-ups and running intervals.

Thursday  –  Simon Says

You’ll either love or hate your coach after the warm-up, but at least you’ll be warm. We’ll play the CFK’s edition of “Simon Says” at the beginning of class to prepare for our 30 minute conditioning EMOM. Our workout will tax the lungs and the core as we crush bike calories, slam balls, Russian twists, and hand-release push-ups.

Friday  –  “Isabel”

We’ll prime the shoulders for today’s snatch-fest with a heavy three rep power snatch at the beginning of class. We’ll immediately de-load our barbells and, prepare to go to war with “Isabel”. There is no time for breaks in this fast paced snatching workout. Athletes will perform 30 snatches for time at 135 pounds for the guys and 95 pounds for the girls. Athletes can opt for quick singles during this workout or try 6 quick sets of 5 Touch-n-Go snatches.

Saturday  – Drop and Give Me 50

We decided 50 reps of just about everything under the kitchen sink would be acceptable for your weekend workout. Our chipper workout for regular crossfit and level 2 will have athletes working their way through double unders, wall balls, kettle-bell swings, box step-ups, up-downs, and sit-ups.  Level 2’s class will incorporate muscle up skill work and a pistol perfection section.

Saturday  – Burn

Our quick burner workout for the weekend will consist of plate ground to overhead, bike calories, and box jumps. We have a short time domain workout, and our goal is to go directly into plate ground to overhead after crushing an intense calorie interval on the bike.