Week In Preview, May 31st, 2020

“You have to build calluses on your brain just like how you build calluses on your hands. Callus your mind through pain and suffering.” 


-David Goggins

Specialty Class Spotlight:

Miss OLY? We Do Too!

 CFK’s Olympic Gain Train is Open for Business

Starting this week, Olympic Weightlifting is back, and now at BOTH locations! Olympic weightlifting classes are included in all CrossFit Unlimited and 13/month memberships, so come check out a class and get your lift on!
This class is designed to increase your overall strength, and dial in your skill with a barbell. It’s great for those wanting to improve technique for better performance in CrossFit workouts, and/or increase strength for better overall bad-assery!

Weekly Weightlifting Schedule:

Tuesday (West Location, two class times): 
5:30 – 6:45 pm
7:00 – 8:15 pm
Thursday (North Location, two class times):
5:30 – 6:45 pm
7:00 – 8:15 pm
Saturday (Both Locations, one class time): 
9 – 10:15 am


Upcoming Events:

  • Saturday, June 6th
Habitat For Humanity Volunteer Opportunity

We’re so excited for the opportunity to have a CFK work day with Habitat for Humanity on June 6! Please consider helping us raise exterior framing from 7:30 am – 12:30 pm at the Charles Drive location (address in link). We need a lot of hands, looking for 19 more!

 Here’s the sign-up link,

Friends and family are welcome, but all volunteers will need to register via the link and create an individual account!




Weekly WODs (CrossFit):


Monday – Squat Day + “Brick House”

Wanna get yoked? It’s that time of the week again! We’ll be doing our weekly squat cycle session followed by a workout that will test your body’s power output. Our workout is a short double AMRAP of quick assault bike calories, hand-release push-ups, and front-rack lunges. Sky’s out, Thighs Out, Baby!


Tuesday – Cotton-Mouth

A few weeks of training with the “RONA” mask will have you ready to lay the smack-down on today’s fire-breathing workout. We have long running intervals that will be followed up with high volume slam-balls and kettle-bell swings. You can give the ski-Erg a try if you prefer it over slam-balls.


Wednesday –  Tune-Up

Want to tune-up your weightlifting skills? We have an explosive burner for today’s workout. Our workout is a ladder of double-unders and power snatches. The goal for this shoulder intensive workout is to find a light weight that we feel comfortable cycling. Our focus will be on bar path, and stringing together touch and go power snatches.


Thursday – Test the Waters

We haven’t done many traditional gymnastics movements since coming back from quarantine. Our workout today will allow us to ease back into the flow of getting upside down. The conditioning session for today includes box walks, running intervals, lunges, sit-ups, and ring rows. If you are feeling beat up, let’s recover today with full-body movement.


Friday  – Dip, Drive, Jump

We hope you like to cycle, and we aren’t talking assault bikes! Make sure to thank your coaches for dodging that bullet! Our workout for today consists of moderately heavy hang power cleans, push presses, and up down box jump-overs. As always we can scale to step-ups if jumping isn’t in your wheel house.


Saturday – Crossfit/ Level 2

Not all runs come in the form of 400 meter intervals. We train for the unknown and unknowable.  Today’s conditioning for level 2 and regular Crossfit incorporates an odd distance run with wall-balls and toes-to-bar. Come to one of our weekend classes and see if this workout is as deceiving as it looks. Our level 2 class will have an additional strength component of med-ball bench presses and dumbbell front rack holds.


Saturday –  Burn Class – “Spicy 16”

Our 30-minute express workout will have you asking yourself, “What just happened?” at the end. Our workout is 16 minutes of short rowing intervals, box-jump overs, and slam-balls. You’ll be glad the masks are optional for this workout!

Week in Preview, May 17th, 2020

“”The investor of today does not profit from yesterday’s growth.”


-Warren Buffet

Murph T-Shirt Pre-Orders

Due by 8pm today
This is the final call to get your Murph shirts! Please click the link to fill out the order form. Click here to fill out the order form (you’ll be charged upon distribution).

Shirts and tanks are $25/each, and there’s a handy sizing spec sheet in the order form for your reference.

You may order multiple shirts of varying types and colors in the same form. If you’d like to order multiples of the same shirt, write that into your comments at the bottom of the form, or fill out one form for each individual shirt.

Let’s represent on Memorial Day!!

]Weekly WODs (CrossFit):


Monday – Hand-Release Hay Day

“Murph” is just around the corner, and we have been ramping up our efforts to prepare  for the challenges that lay ahead this month. Today’s conditioning will require consistent pacing and appropriate scaling for the hand-release push-up. The chipper-style workout for today also includes kettlebell front-rack lunges, box-jumps, running intervals, and up-downs.


Tuesday – Squat Day (Week 2)

Our focus today should be on owning the squat from top to bottom regardless of what’s on the bar. This week’s weight should give us confidence in our ability to have absolute control over our squat descent tempo. Week 2 is not the time to trade shaky knees and instabilities for “that-a-boys” and “high fives” at the squat rack.  As always, remember to check your ego at the door!


Wednesday – Technique Before Load, Period

Is your footwork holding you back from lifting maximal loads overhead? If so, don’t miss today’s workout. In today’s strength session we’ll be dialing in the finer points of the split jerk as well as developing skills in other overhead lifts. We’ll follow it up with a fast paced 10 minute AMRAP of rower calories and push jerks.


Thursday – Hip Hop Fundamentals

Get ready! DJ D-Hump and MC Rick are gonna be “on the 1s and 2s” at both locations. Our workout includes a breakdance flow,  kettle-bell flow, and pull-up EMOM.


Friday – “Isabel”

If you’ve done this workout before you know that you begin reevaluating your life choices at around rep 20. Isabel is 30 snatches for time at 135 pounds for males and 95 pounds for females. We are looking for a sprint-style workout that lasts no more than 6 to 7 minutes. Make sure to find a weight you can cycle for at least 5 to 7 reps each minute.


Saturday – Crossfit / Level 2

Our conditioning workout for both Level 2 and Crossfit will be a 3 round burner of 2:00 rowing intervals, burpees, and wall balls. Don’t let this one deceive you. You might feel great in round 1, but round 3 might sneak up on you! Our Level 2 class will include a strength segment of unbroken toes-to-bar and back rack barbell lunges. If you don’t have toes-to-bar or, just don’t have that many we can always scale to a variation that you are comfortable with.


Saturday – Burn

If you haven’t felt the burn, you don’t know what you’re missing. You won’t believe how much you can accomplish in only 30 minutes. We have goblet step-ups, single-arm kettlebell swings, and situps for our workout for today. Hit the Burn, don’t hit the couch!

Week In Preview, May 10th, 2020

“I already know what giving up feels like.  I wanna see what happens if I don’t.”


-Neila Rey

New Schedule Spotlight

In an attempt to accommodate as many members as possible, our class schedule has changed once again. Please be sure to view the spreadsheet for the upcoming week. We will also be posting an updated schedule Sunday night on our main website. We appreciate the feedback we’ve received on the CFKBurn program, and hope to continue to give our members and guests the best gym experience possible.

Click here for a link to our new class schedule starting Monday, May 11th

Updated Class Schedule





9 am – https://us02web.zoom.us/j/768492405




Weekly WODs (CrossFit):


Monday – Murph Prep Monday + Squat Cycle

We begin the week with our 5×5 or 5×3 squat cycle. Last week we reset to 60% of our previous squat cycle 5-rep max. In our strength segment for today’s workout we will be adding 5 pounds if we can continue to produce great looking squats.  Today’s workout will make sure you are firing on all cylinders for our annual Murph WOD.  Get ready to squat, push, and pull!

Tuesday – Burpee Burner

Large ladders of lateral burpees and power cleans are in store for you on day 2. The athlete’s goal in our conditioning workout is to set a consistent pace on the lateral burpees. If we set a smooth pace on the burpees it will allow us to cycle large sets of touch and go power cleans without taking too many time-outs.

Wednesday – Hump Day Handstands

We have a great gymnastics workout planned for your mid-week sweat session. Our workout is 5 rounds for time of a 400 meter run, handstands pushups, and dumbbell reverse lunges. We will scale this workout by finding an appropriate overhead pressing substitute, finding a dumbbell weight that allows for unbroken lunges, and establishing a running distance that we can accomplish in 2 minutes or less.

Thursday – Heal Yo Self

Most of our athletes that participated in the Crossfit Open workouts for 2020, and the Wodapalooza workouts at the tail end of 2019 remember our Thursday recovery days. Good News! They are back. If you are feeling beat up from “getting after it” then find your way to the gym for a chill sweat session. We have 20 minute recovery EMOM of up-downs, box jumps, light kettlebell swings and air squats.

Friday – Crossfit Open Workout 19.1

It’s one of those days where you “flip the switch”. It’s days like this were you see what those early morning training sessions have really done for you. It’s also one of those days that can be eye opening and help you mentally recommit yourself to training. Our workout is Crossfit Open workout 19.1 and we are TESTING! However, if we haven’t been training consistently, or are injured we will dial this one back a couple of notches.

Saturday – Crossfit / Level 2

Both strength and conditioning workouts for Crossfit and Level 2 will be the same for this weekend. Our conditioning session will consist of an alternating EMOM that includes ring rows, core strengthening static positions, and moderate efforts on the rower or bike. We will also take time in both classes to establish a heavy 5-rep strict press. Level 2’s workout will be slightly modified to incorporate a muscle-up EMOM.

Saturday – CFK Burn

It’s that time to stoke the flames again in our Burn class this weekend. We have an 18-minute conditioning EMOM of up-downs, kettlebell front rack holds, and a cardio option of your choice!

Week in Preview, May 3rd, 2020

“Any weight you make is better than any weight you miss.”


-Greg Everett, Catalyst Athletics

Program Spotlight

Try CFK Burn!


CFK Bun combines fast paced cardio with moderate-load weightlifting to provide a quick, hard-hitting workout. We’ll combine plyometrics and cardio with, dumbbells, kettlebells, plates, wall balls, and slam balls. If you want fast-paced aerobic capacity training, CFK Burn is for you.


Think of it as CrossFt without the complicated movements! Still makes you strong, still makes you fit, still challenges the crap out of you and for many, Burn will deliver better results due to the reduction of complexity and joint impact.


Don’t want to give up the strength work? No worries there. Since Burn is a 30-minute class, it’s a great opportunity to add in individualized accessory strength & skill work (after COVID-19 of course, when we can all stick around before/after classes).


In Burn, we apply the same basic principals of training we use in all of our classes. The 30-minute class time gets you in and out quickly, and on to the rest of your day. No extra fluff, no fillers, just hard work. It’s the most efficient use of 30 minutes you’ll find!

Our new class schedule rotates daily, so check out the full schedule of classes HERE (scroll down for North’s schedule), and make sure to pre-register for all classes in the Wodify app!



9 am – https://us02web.zoom.us/j/768492405


Weekly WODs (CrossFit):


Monday – “Rannie”

We’ll be testing our gears in our opening workout of the week. Our workout today is a version of the classic benchmark workout “Annie”. However, during “Rannie” we will throw in a 4oo meter run in after each set of double-unders and sit-ups. The most exciting part is that you’ll be able to brag to your friends about how hard this one was with a mask on!


Tuesday – Long Lost Friend

We know ya’ll missed taking the barbell for a ride! Our workout today is a 16 minute AMRAP of higher volume air squats, light hang power snatches, and pull-ups.  For the gymnastics movement in our workout,  select a version of the pull-up that you can accomplish in no more than two sets when fatigued.


Wednesday – Smurf

What color will you turn when you do an all out “masked” effort on the assault bike followed 50 up-downs? The only way to know is to show up and show out.  We’ll be bringing the intensity level to 100 in our workout for today.


Thursday – Back to the Basics

The squat is arguably one of the most important functional movements in Crossfit and in life! The weights on the bar for this week’s squat cycle workout should feel light and snappy. Your coach will be more than happy to help you find a load that you can dominate as we reset back to 60% of our pre-pandemic squat numbers.

Friday – 16-Minute Seesaw

We’ve got a moderate duration workout at the end of our work week! We have a sixteen minute training EMOM of seesaw bent-over rows, hollow holds, farmer’s holds, and wall balls. It’s a perfect chance to get grippy.

Saturday – Crossfit/ Level 2

Our workout today is in EMOM format. Our workout consists of an overhead dumbbell complex, short running intervals, and pull-ups.  If you join us for level 2 you’ll have an awesome added finisher with a red-band and lots of reps!


Saturday – CFK Burn

Ready to burn? Our workout is a 15 minute AMRAP of push presses, alternating step-ups, and calories on the rower.  Our goal is to smash those calories with tons of intensity and get to the dumbbells ASAP!

Week In Preview, April 19th, 2020

“The human body is an incredible machine, but most people only get out of that machine what their mind allows them to.”
Rich Froning

Supplement Spotlight

Puori C3

“Protect Yo’self  Before You Wreck Yo’self” 

Recovery is one of the few things that YOU have complete control of. If you train hard, you must recover hard. Stretching and resting are great tools in our pursuit of recovery, but only a piece of the recovery puzzle. Supplements like Vitamin C have long been known to play roles in blunting our body’s negative response to exercise. Vitamin C also plays additional roles in the prevention of oxidative stress from free radicals. Puori’s C3 not only contains Vitamin C, but hosts a few other helpful ingredients. C3 contains added Zinc that increases immune cell movement and function. In many cases, a Zinc deficiency can lead to the sluggish mobilization of immune cells. Supplementation with C3’s potent blend of minerals and Vitamin C can speed your recovery times from hard workouts, and can help to fight your body’s next battle.Now more than ever, is a great time to invest in your immune health by starting with C3.

If you’d like some C3 or anything else from our shelves, shoot us an email to schedule a time to come by!


Weekly WODs:

Listed below are a description of our CFK Go programming workouts for the week. If you’ve been following our CFK power programming, those workouts will be released daily on our Youtube channel playlist. Click here to view our CFK Power program playlist, and make sure to subscribe to our channel and turn notifications on so you get new content immediately!

Both CFK Power and CFK Go (descriptions below) can be adapted to whatever equipment you have available at home.


Monday – Squat Day Accessory Work

It’s all about the glutes today. We have a strength session that involves static glute bridge holds as well as horizontal pressing. Our conditioning today consists of two short AMRAPs that prioritize explosive movement. In our workout, we have dumbbell hang snatches, jump squats, and push press. Our finisher will incorporate a few unilateral glute exercises as well as more static holds.


Tuesday – Classic Cardio

Our workout today starts with 15 minute monostructural segment followed by a repeated descending ladder of  devil’s presses and front squats. We encourage you to pick a cardio option for the 15 minute segment that you DON’T enjoy. If you are a bike lover, then let’s run today! We get better outside our comfort zone.


Wednesday – Midline Madness

Our strength session today will carve out a few more valleys in your abs. Our conditioning workout today is a triple 8 minute EMOM that focuses multiple hinging patterns. The movements in today’s workout range from hollow holds to burpees. Grab a buddy and let’s smash this one!


Thursday –  Terrible Two’s

Want to find out how long two minutes really is? Show up to one of our zoom classes and find out. Our workout today will be performed on a 10 minute running clock, and involves performing certain movements for two minute intervals. We’ll finish it off with a push-up and plank EMOM in preparation for this year’s Murph WOD.


Friday – Triple AMRAP

You know things are about to get spicy when you see a shorter duration AMRAP. We have three short AMRAPs separated by even shorter rest intervals in today’s workout. We’ll be cycling dumbbell hang cleans and blasting through up-downs for 15 minutes.

Saturday – Captain Quads

Is swoll the goal? If so, we won’t let you down in this weekend workout. During our strength session we will crush intense running intervals, and add front squats for fun. Our conditioning piece is an alternating leg day EMOM of  dumbbell swings and goblet squats.


Sunday – Slow Roast

We have a long workout planned for the end of the week. We’ll be performing longer interval runs, sumo deadlifts, alternating hang snatches, and double unders. Our goal today is to pick a pace, and stay consistent for 25 minutes. Get ready for a long slow burn!


I Am NOT A Victim

Written by CFK’s self-defense coach and PROTECTOR-IN-CHIEF…
Jeff Cravens


Thought for the moment: I am not a victim.


A defining characteristic of a victim is the loss of control over one’s life. Global pandemic. Mandated closures and lock-downs. Economic upheavals. Easy to feel victimized. But I don’t want to be a victim! So, I’ll be something else.


Most of us recognize this picture… it’s Tom Hanks and his buddy, Wilson, from the movie Cast Away.


Many may believe Wilson was created simply as a companion to the marooned and lonely Hanks. But the movie writers understood a very important principle in the psychology of survival.


Wilson was actually much more significant than just a friend. Wilson couldn’t do anything for himself… he needed help. Wilson NEEDED Tom Hanks. And that need elevated Hanks from victim, to RESCUER.


Were you a little surprised by the depth of emotion Hanks showed when Wilson was lost at sea? He hadn’t just lost a friend. In his mind, he had failed his main mission… his reason for surviving: to rescue his friend, Wilson.


So, back to you and me. Don’t want to be a victim? Then be a rescuer!


Find a way to serve someone. Make a gift for a friend, or mow a neighbor’s yard. Write letters to people you know… or don’t know (many are “trapped” in assisted living facilities).


Make someone smile. Get outside yourself.


For us “crossfitters” specifically, hit “like” on someone’s workout score… some of us are jazzed by that! Post your WODs or thoughts about your WODs on social media… major props to Diana Koza for that hilarious post-WOD face-plant pic!!


There’s one more survival tip from Cast Away I want to point out…

Give yourself a mission.


Tom Hanks had that one FedEx package he HAD to take back to the owner, it was his mission. What’s your’s?


Could be anything… a fitness goal, the “Twenty Committee” board, a weekly uplifting word to your family/friends… anything that is out in front of you, and requires you to do the next right thing.


So, hang in there my friends!! Be a rescuer, and make someone smile today.

self defense coach in Knoxville Tennessee

In addition to being a regular CFK 5:30 am’er, Jeff Cravens is a black belt in Krav Maga and also studies Muay Thai kick boxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He is an instructor at the National Martial Arts in Oak Ridge, and previously served 5 years in the Tennessee State Guard.

Interested in learning self-defense? Shoot us a note HERE and we’ll send you details on our upcoming workshops!


Looking for At-Home Fitness?

Choose from one of our…


Click HERE to schedule a free virtual consult with one of our professional coaches.

Week In Preview, April 12th, 2020

“One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted.  Do it now.”
-Paulo Coelho

Equipment Spotlight:

 During the last few weeks we have unfortunately learned to cope without many of the things we normally take for granted. We’ve traded barbells and squat racks for dumbbells and jump ropes. The last few weeks have changed our training routines and helped up embrace a “no excuse” attitude. At CFK, we understand the profound impact fitness has on our lives. That being said, we will never let quarantine stop this way of life. As coaches, we want our members to make the most of their training even it occurs outside the four walls of the box. There are many ways to maximize performance gains without all the bells and whistles the gym has to offer.
Shoulder Performance and Mobility Bands
If you follow our social media pages you’ve heard Coach Brad brag about the stability and strength he’s gained since using these bands. The program focuses on  strengthening lagging stabilizing muscles, that lead to the creation of a more stable overhead platform. If smashing a personal record snatch isn’t your goal these bands can be used to increase range of motion as well as alleviate pain from shoulder impingement.
Athletics, shoulderresistanceperformanceworkouttraining, Anchor
Guess What?
We sell these bands, and they are a perfect addition to your official quarantine “house of gains”.
Contact [email protected] or [email protected] if you are interested!

Weekly WODs:

Listed below are a description of our CFK Go programming workouts for the week. If you’ve been following our CFK power programming, those workouts will be released daily on our Youtube channel playlist. Click here to view our CFK Power program playlist, and make sure to subscribe to our channel and turn notifications on so you get new content immediately!

Both CFK Power and CFK Go (descriptions below) can be adapted to whatever equipment you have available at home.

Monday – Running “DT” + Belly Burner

Pick your weights wisely today! Our focus today is to finding a challenging weight that will allow us to cycle through 12 deadlifts, 9 hang power cleans, and 6 shoulder to overheads. We’ll crush an interval run and head straight to our dumbbells for one unbroken cycle of dumbbell “DT”. We’ll rinse and repeat for 15 minutes! We also have some extra ab work planned as a finisher.


Tuesday – Double Burpee Burner

Two AMRAPs equals twice the fun. We have two AMRAPs today that are separated by 2 minutes of rest. Our workout includes double dumbbell swings, burpees, and bent-over rows. If you don’t have equipment don’t worry! You can swing anything you can get your hands on!


Wednesday – Jump Jam

We have 25 minutes of pure bliss planned for day 3. We have lots of running, lunges, double unders, and push-ups in today’s AMRAP style workout. Our goal is to find a break up strategy for push-ups that keeps us moving under fatigue. We are looking for a sustained effort the entire 25 minutes.

Thursday –  Haymaker

Can you keep moving when you’re tired? We’ll find out on day 4! It’s a good day to test your mental grit in our workout of the day. We will be moving for 1:00 intervals by performing sumo deadlift high pulls, burpees, push presses, and mountain climbers. Our ability to keep moving during burpees and mountain climbers won’t be determined by our strength , but by our ability to “keep on, keepin’ on”. Time to make some mental gains!


Friday – Coach Wayne’s Glute Gainz

Our workout today is brought to you by the gluteus gain train, and the 6am class at North. We have hanging dumbbell cleans, sit-ups, and walking lunges in our conditioning workout. We’ll follow it up with a finisher that comes in the form of glute bridges!

Saturday – Double Dumbbell Duster

We have an alternating EMOM of thrusters and double unders to kick off your weekend.  We’ve tossed in some old-school static exercises that will blast your legs, and you don’t even need equipment for it! Shake off your soreness and get after it today.

Sunday – Brace Yo’Self or Break Yo’Self

Our focus in today’s WOD is midline stability. In our conditioning we’ll gain more experience hitting great deadlift positions during fatigue. We’ll get an opportunity to experiment with dumbell deadlifts, planks, and a cardio challenge of your choice.

Introducing… CFK Go!

It’s GO Time! CFK Go is all about convenience, hard work, and results. In a fitness world where everything is too complicated, we’ve stripped things down to create an easy to use and insanely effective new workout track.

CFK Go doesn’t mess around – we get after it every workout, every day, every week with a training program built around dumbbell-focused, time priority, high-power output workouts. We took everything we love from different disciplines and brought them together in one simple, effective program.

Specifically, CFK Go combines the power of functional movements with the regime of traditional strength and conditioning. Each week of training consists of Full-Body and Push x Pull days through the week, and special weekend focuses of Saturday Squats and Sunday Sweat.

Scroll to the bottom to get a free sample week of workouts!

CFK Go Weeklong Snapshot…

  • MONDAY — Full-Body
  • TUESDAY — Push x Pull
  • WEDNESDAY — Body Pump & Full Body (Grind)
  • THURSDAY — Push x Pull
  • FRIDAY — Full-Body (Sprint)
  • SATURDAY — Saturday Squats
  • SUNDAY — Sunday Sweat

Whatcha Need for CFK Go…

Now, to get started with CFK Go, you can get by with only (1) pair of Dumbbells even if you don’t have a Jump Rope. The Jump Rope is highly recommended, but you can perform most of our CFK Go workouts by making a few easy substitutions.

Without a Jump Rope, you could substitute Mountain Climbers, Running in Place, “Phantom” Jump Rope Hops, Jumping Jacks or Plate Hops. These fast-paced cardio moves will give you a similar stimulus to the Jump Rope.

When choosing your Dumbbells to start CFK Go, we suggest you select your starting pair based on your goals. Are you STRONG, FIT, or CARDIO focused…

CFK Go | Your DB x Your Goals…

This is, of course, relative to each individual, but we can break it down by your individual goals and fitness levels.

If you’re new and just learning the movements, go for a lighter pair (10-20lbs) and shoot for a cardio-focused approach. Otherwise, see below:

  • STRONG — If you’re looking to get stronger and build more muscle, we recommend a pair of DBs between 50lb-35lb.
    • Athletes with this goal should be able to perform 5-7 unbroken reps of most movements with their DBs
  • FIT — If you’re looking to develop amazing fitness and lean muscle, we recommend a pair of DBs between 40lb-20lb.
    • Athletes with this goal should be able to perform 10-12 unbroken reps of most movements with their DBs
  • CARDIO — If you’re looking to get more cardio and burn fat, we recommend a pair of DBs between 25lb-10lb.
    • Athletes with this goal should be able to perform 12+ unbroken reps of most movements with their DBs

A Few Final Points…

What if You’re Just Learning the Movements?

As with any new program (or new movements), it might take some getting used to the weight as you learn the ropes. We always recommend that you focus on moving well and at a pace that you are comfortable with. You are always in control of the intensity in every workout. If you want to push it a little more on some days, go for it. If you want to pull it back a little on other days, it’s all good. Always do you!

What if You Want a Little Bit of Everything?

We love that! Our recommendation would be to have a pair of DBs that are a little bit on the heavier side for you, another pair that’s a little bit on the lighter side for you, and a third pair that is right smack in the middle between heavy and light. This way you can mix up the DBs you choose for each workout depending on your goal!

Get your FREE sample 1-week program!

Just fill out the form below and we’ll send you your first week of workouts!

Week In Preview, April 5th, 2020

“You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.”
-Michael Jordan


COVID-19 Update

Equipment Pick-up #3

Monday, 5-7 pm, both locations

For those of you who haven’t been able to get equipment, or if you have but would like something else. Come GET SOME!

Zoom Classes

Workouts will be in Wodify again this week under the “CFK Remote – Zoom” Program. Please sign-in to Wodify so your attendance can get counted!

CFK Go (Formerly Home/Travel WOD)

We’re STOKED to bring you the newly re-vamped at-home or on-the-go workout track, CFK Go! We’ll have an incredible fat-burning and muscle-building workout 7 days/week, and all you need to get started is your body, a pair of dumbbells, and a jump rope.

What if I don’t have dumbbells or a jump rope? 

No problem! While these are highly recommended, jump rope can always be subbed for mountain climbers, line jumps, or jumping jacks. If you don’t have Dumbbells, fill a backpack full of water bottles, cast iron skillets, or any other objects you can find around the home, secure them inside the backpack with towels, and you’re good to go. Kettlebells and single weight plates work well too!

CFK Go Weekly Snapshot:
MONDAY — Full-Body
TUESDAY — Push x Pull
WEDNESDAY — Body Pump & Full Body (Grind)
THURSDAY — Push x Pull
FRIDAY — Full-Body (Sprint)
SATURDAY — Saturday Squats
SUNDAY — Sunday Sweat
What size dumbbells should I get?

This is of course relative the each individual, but we can break it down by your individual goals and fitness levels. If you’re new and just learning the movements, go for a lighter pair (10-20lbs) and shoot for a cardio focused approach. Otherwise see below:

  • STRONG — If you’re looking to get stronger and build more muscle, we recommend a pair of DBs between 50lb-35lb.
    • Athletes with this goal should be able to perform 5-7 unbroken reps of most movements with their DBs
  • FIT — If you’re looking to develop amazing fitness and lean muscle, we recommend a pair of DBs between 40lb-20lb.
    • Athletes with this goal should be able to perform 10-12 unbroken reps of most movements with their DBs
  • CARDIO — If you’re looking to get more cardio and burn fat, we recommend a pair of DBs between 25lb-10lb.
    • Athletes with this goal should be able to perform 12+ unbroken reps of most movements with their DBs

Weekly WODs:

Listed below are a description of our CFK Go programming workouts for the week. If you’ve been following our CFK power programming, those workouts will be released daily on our Youtube channel playlist. Click here to view our CFK Power program playlist, and make sure to subscribe to our channel and turn notifications on so you get new content immediately!

Both CFK Power and CFK Go (descriptions below) can be adapted to whatever equipment you have available at home.

Monday – Mr. Freeze

We have a long training day planned for day one! Today’s workout includes a 15 minute EMOM of dynamic movements into static holds. We will follow it up with a 15 minute AMRAP of jumping lunges, sumo deadlifts, and push press. Our workout finale will be 5 minute finisher of russian twists, hollow rocks, and leg lifts.


Tuesday – Bar Room Brawl

Our workout is for today is “fight gone bad” with a few extra cheap shots. Our workout is 4 rounds of  4 movements that are performed for 1:00 minute followed by 1:00 minute of rest. We dropped one movement from the traditional “fight gone bad” style workout because this one could be extra nasty! Our movements include thrusters, bent-over rows,  up-downs, and hang snatches.


Wednesday – Slow Feet Don’t Eat

Our workout today comes to you courtesy of coach Derrick. We begin today’s workout with a 12 minute EMOM of running intervals and burpees. Want more? If you aren’t as sweaty as you would like we’ve got your back with an lung scorching AMRAP. We’ll turn up the heat with intense running intervals, up-downs, and lateral hops.

Thursday – Swoll Patrol Tryout

We won’t judge if you go look at yourself in the mirror after our strength session on day 4. We have a tempo floor press and upright row strength session that will have you busting out of those tiny tank tops. Our “bro session” will be followed by a conditioning piece that incorporates  Romanian deadlifts, planks, floor press, and hang cleans to overhead.


Friday –  Don’t forget to workout in Red

Our red Friday workout this week begins with an alternating 15 minute EMOM of double dumbbell swings, double dumbbell front rack holds, and heel taps over the dumbbells to light up your abs! Our conditioning workout will test your short bursts of speed with 4om shuttle runs, up-downs, and front squats.

Saturday – Earn Your Rest

If you move fast in today’s workout you’ll reap the benefits. The strength portion of today’s workout will toast your legs without question. Our strength includes a heavy emphasis on front loaded squats that will make your quads feel the burn. Our conditioning consists of consecutive 1 minute work intervals followed by a brief 1 minute recovery. The work intervals include double unders, push press, jump squats, and a spectacular static position you’ll love.

Sunday – Lace Up

If you didn’t perform any accessory ab work this week, don’t fear. Our session begins with 5 sets of 30 second core work intervals. We will spend quite a bit of time on our feet today in our conditioning workout. Today’s long sweat session consists of running intervals, devil’s press, renegade rows, and dumbbell power cleans.


Week In Preview, March 15th, 2020

“Functional strength is the successful application of force along productive lines.

-Greg Glassman

Coronavirus Update:

The COVID-19 situation is clearly evolving and should be taken seriously. Please read this recent blog post on everything we’re doing at CFK to minimize the germs around the gym.

However, we understand if you feel more comfortable staying home, in which case we’re working hard to provide the tools you need to continue maintaining a high level of activity and keep your body and immune system operating at peak performance, while staying engaged with your CFK family of athletes and coaches.

Starting this week you’ll see a completely re-vamped Home/Travel WOD program, with workouts that only require the use of a backpack. Fill the backpack with household items (water bottles, book, towels, etc.) to make it as heavy or light as necessary, and GET TO WORK!

Check-in on WODIFY to the Home/Travel WOD program (instructions HERE) to log your scores and stay on the 20 Committee! If you have any questions about the workouts, or anything else going on at CFK, just shoot us an email or phone call (865-356-9000).

Lastly, we’re well aware of social distancing practices and their impact on “flattening the curve” of this pandemic. We’ll continue to hold classes at this time, while assessing and keeping you informed as the situation changes.

Stay active & strong CFK!

-Coach Rick


Supplement Spotlight

Puori Immune Package – 20% off

Our good friends at Puori just rolled out a new Vitamin C supplement, C3, designed to boost immune health and antioxidants, so we want to pass along a discounted package to you.


Our D3/C3 package (Vitamin D and Vitamin C) will be sold at 20% off the package price, or $24/package (normally $30 bought individually).


We have a limited supply at each location, so please shoot Coach Rick [email protected] an email to reserve yours, or pick it up at the gym next time you’re in!


Upcoming Events:

Unlock your Mobility

Saturday, March 21st

Mobilize your Shoulders

Coach Wayne and Coach Derrick will be teaching a shoulder mobility seminar at 8am at each location. Come out and learn more about our shoulder mobility bands, and how to use them!


Image result for crossover symmetry

Habitat For Humanity –  Volunteers Still Needed

Saturday, March 21st

Habitat for Humanity logo

We believe in serving others in our community, but we need your help! We are excited to assist Habitat for Humanity by helping them to raise exterior framing at a local build site. We will be assisting with this project from 8am – 12:30pm at the Charles Drive location. We are still looking for a few volunteers ( 15 total).  All volunteers are welcome!

*If you would like to help with this awesome event please register and create your own individual account.

The link can be found HERE

Travis Manion Fundraiser WOD 

Saturday, April 25th

We’re SO EXCITED to be a host gym for the 2020 Manion WOD! All proceeds go to the Travis Manion Foundation, who we’ve supported for a long time through our RED Friday campaign. This is an amazing organization that does wonderful things for veterans and their families, so please register and participate with us in the BRUTAL workout! We’ll do it at both locations, registration links are below.
Image result for travis manion
7 Rounds:
400m Run
29 Back Squats (athlete choice on weight, suggested Rx is 135/95)
Scaling – options for everyone, down to Air Squats and Partner-style workouts!

CFK North Registration: HERE

CFK West Registration: HERE

Weekly WODs:


Monday – Squat Cycle Test Day + “Hello, my legs are Jello”

We will take 15 minutes to build to a heavy 5 or 3 rep max at the beginning of class. The coaches will lay out certain squat parameters to ensure we are moving to basic squat standards for our test.We have something spicy after our squat cycle test day that consists of 100 Wall balls for time. 

Tuesday – “Do Work Tuesday”

Day 2 will consist of 45 minutes of movement. We will have a field day style workout with plenty of different skills and exercises to work on.  Our workout will also give more advanced athletes an opportunity to work on higher skill movements such as bar or ring muscle-ups.

Wednesday – Get Low, Get Sumo

Come pick up some heavy weights with us on day 3! We kick off today’s workout with a strength segment that incorporates sumo style deadlifts. We’ll finish off with an AMRAP of rowing intervals, single dumbbell power cleans, and double-unders.

Thursday – Pace your Pull Day

We have 20 minute EMOM workout that will test your pulling power with renegade rows, rope climbs, toes-to-bar, and bike calories. Our workout is designed to help improve our ability to move at sub-maximal efforts for longer time domains.

Friday – Top Gun

Today is a doozy that will make you dizzy. It’s time to spend some time inverted.  Our WOD is an ascending rep chipper that consists of handstand push-ups, running intervals, and box jumps.


Saturday Community WOD

We have an intense ascending and descending ladder of kickbacks, push-ups, and kettlebell sumo deadlift high pulls in today’s workout. Our goal is to effectively scale the push-up to increase intensity. We also need to pick weights on the kettlebell sumo deadlift high pulls which will allow us to go unbroken each time.

Saturday L2  – Snatching “Gwen”

The floor is lava, and the barbell can’t touch it. We have snatching “Gwen” today which consists of 36 total unbroken snatches. Our goal today is keeping the barbell close and maintaining efficiency while cycling the barbell. Our conditioning workout will build on this efficiency practice during rowing intervals and power snatches.