Week In Preview, August 18th, 2019

“We don’t develop courage by being happy every day. We develop it by surviving difficult times, and challenging adversity”

–Barbara De Angelis


Supplement Spotlight

Transparent Labs Turmeric

Turn To Turmeric

Your body’s ability to recover from training is one of the most important factors to consider when trying to reach your fitness goals. As crossfitters, we often experience the repercussions of our training through inflammation and the dreaded post workout delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Our body instinctively translates workout stress into inflammation. The active ingredient in Turmeric called Curcumin has extremely potent anti-inflammatory properties which can aid our recovery from tough workouts. Some research suggests that all natural Turmeric might be as effective in reducing inflammation as ibuprofen! Turmeric’s health benefits include reducing the effects of rheumatoid arthritis, joint pain, and even depression! It’s no secret why it has been used as a staple supplement in India and China for thousands of years. Transparent Labs has created an excellent combination of Turmeric and Bioprene that allows nutrients to be absorbed to their full potential. Say bye to those cranky knees with Turmeric!

RawSeries Turmeric 95% Curcuminoids

Upcoming Events

CrossFit Level 1 Course @ West

We’re hosting a Level 1 Certificate Course on September 14-15 at West! We’re excited about this opportunity to host some of the best coaches around, as well as aspiring coaches from all over the country. If you’ve ever been interested in earning your Level 1 certificate, there’s no better time than now. You can get more details on the course here!

Image result for crossfit level 1 pictures
*Due to the nature of the course, all classes at West will be cancelled on Saturday, September 14.

Wodapalooza Online Qualifier

If you have been itching to test your skills prior to the Crossfit Open a great opportunity has come! The creators of Wodapalooza are releasing workouts for the next 3 weeks. If you have never attempted any of these great workouts it’s an overall great opportunity to see where you are at in your fitness journey. For details on due dates and submissions please click here!

Rhema Rumble

The 2019 Rhema Rumble is almost underway. Our fellow Knoxville crossfit gym is holding a competitive crossfit competition on Saturday, August 24th.  Teams of two in RX and Scaled divisions will battle it out for spots on the podium. For more information and how you can register click here!

Weekly WODs

Monday – Tour De CFK

We are ramping it up on the assault bike as we head into the week! Turn your frown upside down! We will begin the day with a heavy set of 3 on the push jerk for our strength portion. Our conditioning piece will tax the shoulders with push jerks, and assault bike sprints for calories.


Tuesday – Double “Barfight” and Open Prep

If you like rowing fast today is your day! The second training day of the week is going to test our skills with some unfamiliar movements that we are likely to see in the open. We have single dumbbell overhead lunges, single dumbbell burpees, and double-unders.  However, we begin the workout with a 1000m buy in on the rower! Be fast and furious!


Wednesday – Recover from Squats with More Squats

We retested last week for the new cycle, and have made it to the first week of 5×5 squats. We will be dropping the weights down this week in order to focus on technique, and establishing great positions! We will finish the day off with a squat filled WOD that incorporates sprint intervals, hang cleans, and front squats.


Thursday – WODability

We are getting a nice recovery workout near the middle of the week because we need it! We will spend some time getting our heart rates elevated, and going through full-range of motion on non-complex movements. We will be recovering through perfect squats, slam-balls, and lunges.


Friday – TBD Wodapalooza Online Qualifier

Prepare yourself for the unknown each Friday for the next 3 weeks! We won’t know what to expect until Wednesday when the workout is released!


Saturday – Level 2  “Straight 100”

We end the week with a benchmark workout that includes 100 reps of wall balls, 100 calories on the rower, and 100 box jumps. The key to this workout is big sets on the wall balls while maintaining a lower heart rate.


Saturday – Community WOD “Farmer Fran”

Bring your friends to our free weekly 9am class. We have a partner workout in which each partner will spend time blasting through calories while the other partner does pec pumping push-ups. We will also be testing our grip strength with a heavy 400m partner farmer’s carry!



Week In Preview, August 11th, 2019

“Winning means your willing to go longer, work harder, and give more than anyone else”

-Vince Lombardi

Supplement Spotlight

Don’t Race Towards Rickets!

Some people believe that by consuming large amounts of calcium in their diet  that it allows them to have strong bones, but this is only a half truth. Calcium absorption is solely dependent on the amount of vitamin D contained in the cells throughout the body.  Without sufficient levels of Vitamin D, Calcium cannot be absorbed through the intestines. Sufficient Vitamin D levels are critical to maintenance of bone, and overall critical to the crossfit athlete. Crossfit athletes often put their bones under extraordinary stress from heavy weight training. These situations cause bone to degenerate and regenerate. We need Vitamin D to facilitate this regeneration of bone, and to help increase bone density.

Puori D3

Upcoming Events:

Strength and Powerlifting Seminar at CFK North

Want to meet one of the best in the biz? 60 dollars might be your ticket to the 1,000 pound club! Jeremy Augusta, the creator of the Swing Block Method will assisting CFK athletes with technique perfection on the big three( bench press, squat, and deadlift) lifts. The training will last all-day at our North location on Saturday, September 7th. Need more info? Check out the event on Facebook, and sign-up!


Weekly WODs:

Monday – Squat Day 5RM Retest

Hopefully by Monday you have shaken off the lingering effects of “California Love”! We will be performing a retest for the new squat cycle, and will follow it up with descending rep ladder of hip flexion and extension movements. Be prepared to go unbroken on  higher rep burpees and kettlebell swings!

Tuesday – Demystify the Muscle Up

The philosophy at CFK is to “get better, not done”. On day 2 we take our time in a skill work session that will open our eyes to the finer points of the ring muscle up. We will follow it up with a conditioning workout that includes ring muscle ups, calories on the rower, and wall balls.

Wednesday – Old School

We have an old school warm-up planned for your third training day of the week! It’s weightlifting Wednesday so we will be cycling the barbell and  practicing our positional awareness during deadlifts, hang cleans, push jerks, and split jerks. Yes, you read correctly! We are doing split jerks!

Thursday – Dottir for a Day

Have you ever wondered how to build a cardiovascular engine like every athlete with the last name “Dottir”? EMOM training can provide you the stimulus necessary to get you to that next level. However, its up to you to put the pedal to the metal! We have rowing, kickback box-jumps,  farmer’s carries, situps and if the GHD is open you can give it a go!

Friday – Pick Six

We have another weightlifting day towards the end of our week! We will begin with a strength and technique session that is every 2 minutes on the minute of hang squat snatches and overhead squats. We have those movements again in the conditioning portion, and will add some double unders to the mix!

Saturday – Community WOD

Bring your friends and come push yourselves….Literally…. at our 9am community WOD.  We will be performing push-ups, kickbacks, dumbbell renegade rows, and suitcase deadlifts. Our workout is sure to smoke your upper and lower body for 15 minutes.

Saturday – Level 2

Bring your running shoes to class this week! We will be putting in a fair amount of distance on our feet! Our workout also includes toes to bar and walking lunges!









Week In Preview July 28th, 2019

“We think, mistakenly, that success is the result of the amount of time we put in at work, instead of the quality of time we put in.”

— Ariana Huffington

Supplement Spotlight:

Transparent Labs PRE-ORDER!

Due 12pm Monday!

-Attention all TPL lovers-

TPL offers a clean variety of products with clinically effective doses of ingredients. They’re gluten free, nonGMO, and are free from artificial sweeteners, dyes, and harmful additives. They even have vegan friendly options for all of you plant based athletes. Check out their products here for options and tasty flavors. Sign up at the gym or email Coach Kenzi with your order.

Upcoming Events:

Bring – A – Friend Friday

Grab a buddy and bring them to the gym this Friday! We’ve got an awesome “Chipper” style AMRAP for everyone to tackle. Plenty of sweat to go around! Please shoot this waiver over to your friends so they can fill out prior to the workout.

Back-to-School Promo – 2-for-1 Bootcamp!

We’re running this the entire month of August! Two 5-week Bootcamps for the price of 1. To qualify, two friends (or family members, battle buddies, etc.) must sign-up and each will pay 1/2 of a 5-week bootcamp ($99.50/each). Since it’s BAFF this Friday, let your friends know to get a friend of their own and bring the whole crew! Let’s spread the love as we approach the end of Summer!

Weekly WODS:

Monday – Ricky Bobby

If you ain’t first, you’re last! Ladies and Gentleman, Start Your Engines! We have a descending ladder of Deadlifts, Push Press, and Box Jumps.

Tuesday – Back Attack

We have an exciting AMRAP planned for Day 2. We will be combining rope climbs, hand-release pushups, and calories on the rower for a back blasting workout. Don’t worry! We have scaling options!

Wednesday – Squat Day (Week 7)

We have arrived at our last building week! You can already hear Coach Derrick screaming “Let’s be great Today”! We should be adding the last few pounds to our squats in preparation for test week. Our strength workout will end with “Speed Demon” which includes high rep kickbacks and dumbbell front squats.

Thursday –  Dub like Demarcus

Some of you that knew coach Demarcus know that he loved double-unders! Today we practice what we learned from him! We have a long row, some plate ground to overheads, and max double-unders! Make Demarcus proud!

Friday – Grip Gauntlet

Training day 5 will tax our grip to the max! We will be performing dumbbell  deadlifts, hang squat cleans, and Kettle-bell farmer’s carries.

Saturday – Community WOD

We have a “Sweet 16” minute EMOM coming up on Saturday! Bring your friends to a party that celebrates bent-over rows, calories on the rower, box step-overs, and push presses every minute on the minute!

 Saturday – Level 2

Don’t be a buster! Come and get some hang clean thrusters! We will kick off Saturday with a heavy 3 rep hang clean thruster.  Our conditioning piece allows you to pick your favorite static holds! We will combine these static hold choices with timed efforts on the bike, step-ups, and Russian swings.

CFK Supplements – Fat Loss, Muscle Gain, Inflammation and more

Consume Quality Proteins, Veggies, and Fats in proportions that support activity levels but not excess bodyfat!

What’s up CFK?

Let’s talk supplementation with a purpose vs. trying to supplement our way around eating correctly. CFK is a “WHOLE FOODS FIRST” gym and supplements are meant to “supplement” or compliment our current strategy, not “replace” real food or fix bad habits.  
Transparent Labs, Black Market, and Puori have proven themselves to meet our standards. Here’s a break down of my recommendations as well as an outline of my personal supplement regimen.  
Side note: Inflammation and lack of sleep is a real struggle for some folks. Supplementing things like Turmeric, Magnesium, Glutamine, and Post Workout Protein can speed recovery, reduce inflammation, and improve sleep and digestive function. Turmeric, o3, m3, and d3 are recommended for all athletes! 
Adult Male over 30, fairly lean: (This would be me so I’ll start here)  
Goal: Preserve and/or build muscle mass, reduce overall inflammation, and keep Testosterone levels up in an aging body. 
AM: Black Market d-aspartic acid (natural Testosterone booster), creatine (builds muscle), l- citrulline (heart, immune, muscle pump)
Post Workout: 3/4 scoop Mass Gainer, 3/4 scoop 100% Whey or Organic Vegan, Glutamine. (all recovery.  Recover faster, workout more, quicker/better results)
*Eat a full meal about an hour later 
PM: O3 (3/day, 2 grams)*, M3 (3/day for Sleep/Recovery), D3 (3-4/day for various reasons but mainly proper hormone function), ZMO (Natural Testosterone Booster)
*Turmeric mid day with food to reduce Inflammation
Adult Male, not lean:   
Goal: Reduce belly fat as it’s dangerous long term. We do so by resetting hormones, building muscle, and reducing junk calories.  
Same prescription as lean male except post workout we’d do 1-1/2 scoops of 100% Whey or Organic Vegan, drop the Mass Gainer, and increase the amount of Omega 3 to 4 grams/day instead of 2 grams (3 capsules am with food, 3 capsules pm with food)
Adult Female, fairly lean:   
Goal: Preserve or build muscle, keep hormones in check, reduce inflammation.  
O3 (3/day), M3 (3/day before bed), D3 (3/day), 1/2 scoop of Mass Gainer, 3/4 to full scoop of 100% or Organic Vegan.  l-citrulline and creatine could be good if building muscle and gaining strength is appealing to you! (creatine can make you retain water, be aware)
Adult Female, not lean:  
Goal: Reduce belly fat as it’s dangerous long term. We do so by resetting hormones, building muscle, and reducing junk calories.  
Increase O3 from 2 to 4 grams per day (3 capsules in Am with food, 3 capsules Pm with food), M3 (3/day at bedtime), D3 (3/day), full to 1-1/2 scoop of 100% or Vegan, l-citrulline
Full Transparency: As a Coach and business owner my mission for our supplement program is two fold:
  • Provide a service for our Athletes by: 
    • Reducing confusion: Limiting products to essential and useful
    • Creating convenience: Have quality products on hand and extra flavors and special items available via pre-order
    • Provide only quality products by doing the research for our athletes (This is why you have seen brands change.  If a new brand is better/cleaner we make the change)
    • Find the highest Value (not cheapest or most expensive) in each category
  • “Supplement” our income (Pun intended)
*I’m sure there are others but one exception to the replacement rule being Omega 3.  O3 is basically missing from the SAD ( Standard American Diet) and there’s an abundance of Omega 6. Balance between Omega 3 and Omega 6 is critical for decreased inflammation and increased fat loss. I highly recommend sourcing a quality fish oil for omega 3 supplementation.  Puori, Nordic Naturals, SFH, etc…  Do not trust cheap o3.  It’s expensive to source quality o3 and if you see it cheap it will be just that.
**If you are using a different source that Puori, Black Market, or Transparent Labs and would like my help simply email me a picture of the label and we can compare the dosages.  

Hot Topics – Plateaus


Are you feeling like your progress has stopped? If you’ve noticed that your metcon times haven’t gotten faster, or your strength numbers haven’t gotten bigger, you might be reaching a point in the CrossFit athletes life cycle where you start to plateau.



Plateauing is a natural part of everyone’s fitness journey where they have progressed far enough that the rapid growth fades, and the slow gains over time are harder to see. Check out what Coach Johnny and Coach Scott have to say about what causes this plateau effect, and how to fight through it and keep on climbing.

Hot Topics – Prioritizing Fitness

Hot Topics is a weekly series where our coaches dive deep into the things their passionate about. From building strength and mobility, to giving you practical steps to take towards mastering your nutrition.


We all have priorities in life, from family to work, to everything in between. Here’s how Coach Johnny and Coach Scott are prioritizing fitness in their lives right now. Check it out!

Pure Spectrum CBD @ CFK!

CrossFit Knoxville is excited to announce the arrival of Pure Spectrum CBD oils.

What’s up CFK?  I’m absolutely stoked to introduce to you some new products for 2019, starting with Pure Spectrum CBD’s.  Some of you are well versed on CBD oil and the Endocannabinoid system, some may have no clue what this is.


For those not well versed, I have attached a product guide and will include a link to an entire library of peer reviewed articles on the usage of CBD oils in relation to various conditions.  I’ll speak to just a couple to inspire you to click the link and learn about the endocannabinoid system and it’s affects on the body.


In the A’s only:

  • ADHD
  • Alzheimers
  • Autism
  • arthritis
  • anxiety
  • addiction

You can see the power of CBD oil.  The fact that the endocannabinoid system even exists is mind-blowing, let alone the benefits of CBD oil and how it affects your bodily functions.  It’s literally a ‘lock and key’ system where your body has the receptors or “locks” and the plants produce the “keys” to your health and well being by bringing you back to homeostasis.  (google it)


If you have followed me back when I actually posted on FB you will know I’ve been following the medical use of marijuana and CBD for years.  I don’t even want to use the words medical marijuana because of the negative connotations but I did, so keep reading for me to explain.


CBD’s are responsible for most of the powerful healing properties of marijuana and that’s what we’re focussed on here.  CBD’s have literally saved lives in certain conditions such as epilepsy and cancer.  I have been waiting for a product that I could trust to be Organic, possess the potencies claimed, etc..  Basically a company I could trust, and we’ve found it in Pure Spectrum.


**Note: While THC is effective for certain conditions but also makes you “high” and is illegal in some states and we won’t really go into that.   Pure Spectrum CBD oils, salves, and vapor cartridges are THC free.  You won’t fail a drug test or be “high”.


I have been personally using the Pure Spectrum tinctures, salves, and vape pen for about 3 months at this point.  The major benefits have been as follows in order of importance for me:

  • Anxiety – I’m very “high strung” as some of you know!
  • Inflammation – Specifically joint pain relief.
  • Improved Focus – See #1.

I’ll shut up now and provide the links.  Happy reading and look for a usage guide and how to decide how much CBD’s you require in a separate blog post.  Do yourself a favor and do some research and try it out.  There are zero negative affects if it doesn’t work for you and it’s not expensive to try.



The Open: A Celebration of Fitness

The world’s largest fitness event, The CrossFit Open, kicks off in exactly 11 days. To a select minority (less than 0.2% of open participants), this is the first step in qualification for the CrossFit Games. For the rest of us, the Open represents something much more tangible and, quite honestly, more important; a global celebration of our health and fitness.



On February 22, hundreds of thousands of CrossFitters worldwide will tune in and gear up for 5 weeks of friendly competition. Think about that for a second. What other event brings so many people together to celebrate something so positive and meaningful as our health? This is our opportunity to come together as a community and celebrate the fact that we are fit and capable human beings.


If you’re on the fence and wondering whether the CrossFit Open is for you, let me make that easy for you.



At CFK, we will have an Rx, Scaled and Beginner division, so whether you’re in your 10th year, or 10th day, sign-up and join us!

Note: The online competition will not have a beginner division, but we will here at CFK!


“But I don’t like to compete, I just want to get fit and have fun.”


Great! Do the Open. You don’t have to compete with anybody if you don’t wish to, but I guarantee that through participating in the Open with us, you’ll:


  1. Push yourself harder than you have all year, likely setting a PR or doing a movement you’ve never been able to before. I can’t recall a year where at least a handful of CFK’ers get their first pull-up, toes-to-bar, muscle-up, or set a weightlifting PR.
  2. Learn that you can go to places of discomfort that you weren’t sure of before (and that it will be o.k.!) thus setting you up for a more successful year of training in 2018.
  3. Have an absolute blast tuning in and hanging out each week with all of your CFK buddies, cheering each other on, high fiving, chest bumping, and ringing PR bells.


No matter your motivation, the Open offers something for everyone. If you enjoy competing with your friends, this is the mecca of fitness competitions! If you only want to compete with yourself, this is the perfect yearly benchmark. If this is your first year, go have a blast and set the bar for years to come! If you’re not into competing but you’re here for improved fitness and long-term health and wellness, then come have fun doing some tough WODs and learn something new about yourself in the process.


No matter your “why”, make sure you take a moment and celebrate the fact that you’re healthy, you’re fit, and you’re capable!


Ready to get started? Here’s all you need to know about the Open schedule, and what we’ll be doing to celebrate it at CFK:


Opening Night (Thursday, February 22, 8 p.m.)

Potluck WOD reveal viewing party at each location! Bring a dish or drink to share, and let’s get together to watch the first workout be released and tried by the top athletes in the world!


18.1 – 18.4 – Saturday Showdown @ each location (2/24, 3/3, 3/10, 3/17)

Saturday mornings, in place of the regularly scheduled CF class, we’ll run heats at each location during weeks 1-4. This is your time to shine! We will also be tracking participation rates at each location, and the winning gym will host…


18.5 – Friday Night Lights! (Friday, March 23)

The final Open WOD. The gym with the most athletes, per capita, to complete 18.1-18.4 will play host to 18.5 WOD and after party!


The CFK Games (Saturday, April 7 @ CFK West)

Our annual 1-day inner-gym competition to crown the fittest in the gym! We’ll have Rx, Scaled, and Beginner divisions, plus a coaches heat to kick off each WOD!


Here’s how to register:

  1. Sign-up for the CrossFit Open HERE.
  2. Register for the CFK Games HERE (Please note your desired division Rx, Scaled, Beginner)

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I’m not sure if I should do the Open, should I?

A: Yes.


Q: What exactly is the “CFK Games”??

A: As stated above, our annual inter-gym competition! We get together on the 2nd Saturday following the Open, do a few workouts, cheer each other on, high five, and hand out some medals. Anyone can participate whether you do the Open or not, however, your finishing position in the Open compared to the rest of your division counts as your first score at the CFK Games. This means that it usually weighs between 15-20% of your total CFK Games Score.


Q: Which division should I compete in?

A: You don’t need to designate it right this moment. See what the first workout is, view the scaling options, and then decide.


Q: I really want to try the Rx workouts, but I’d like to compete in the scaled division at the CFK Games. Can I do that?

A: Yes, but your CFK Games score might suffer. Your Open performance weighs intro your CFK Games scoring (about 1/5 of your total score), and we have to be able to compare athlete-to-athlete in each division. Therefore, you can either choose to do each Open workout twice (once as Rx and once as scaled for CFK Games scoring), or choose to only perform the Rx workouts, but you’ll begin the CFK Games at a slight deficit.


Q: How do I register for a heat time on Saturdays?

A: We will have a heat schedule posted in Wodify under the “CFK Games” program on Friday. Simply open the class schedule, filter to the “CFK Games” program, and reserve your spot in a heat!


Q: What if I can’t make Saturdays for the Open throwdowns?

A: We’ll do our very best to program the Open WODs on Mondays during CrossFit class. However, if logistics do not allow us to do so, you’ll need to perform the Open WODs during Open gym.


Q: What is the deadline for submitting scores?

A: For the CrossFit Open (online), you’ll need to submit prior to Monday at 8 p.m. EST. For the CFK Games, you’ll need to submit your score prior to the next Open WOD being released.


Q: How do I submit my scores?

A: For the online competition, submit at https://games.crossfit.com/. For the CFK Games, your score will be recorded if you complete the workout on Saturdays or Mondays during class. If performing on your own, submit scores via email (photo of scoresheet) to [email protected].


Q: Is there a beginner division?

A: Yes, in the CFK Games. Not in the CrossFit Open online competition. We will have a beginner version of each Open workout posted in Wodify!

Parent/Child Jump Rope Clinic with Nick Woodard & Kaylee Couvillion

Bring the family out to CFK North to practice and learn jump rope skills from two of the best jump rope performers around! Nick & Kaylee will help you and your child learn a variety of skills in single rope, long rope, and double Dutch. Techniques learned in this class will help develop and improve footwork, coordination and body control, but most importantly, you’ll have a blast bonding with your child through FUN-ctional exercise!


Date: Saturday, October 14

Time: 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

Location: CFK North

Cost: $35 (CFK Members), $45 (non-CFK members)

*Cost is per parent/child combo. Extra children are welcome at a +$10/child rate



To register, simply email coach Rick ([email protected])




Coach bio’s:




Nick Woodard is a native of Houston, Texas.  He graduated from Sam Houston State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and a concentration in Business Management. 



Nick began jumping rope at the age of 6 with a team called Razz-Ma-Tazz and has now been actively involved with the sport for 23 years.  Throughout Nick’s jump rope career he has been blessed with many opportunities to travel around the world promoting the sport through workshops, exhibitions, shows, competitions, etc.  He has earned several titles including Grand National Champion and Grand World Champion. 



Nick has also performed with Cirque du Soleil, jumped for several television networks, and been featured on a documentary called JUMP!. He has traveled to 30 states within the United States as well as 16 countries across 5 continents.


Currently, Nick serves as the World Jump Rope Federation Camp Director and the Sports Development Committee Chair. He enjoys being in this role because he is able to help the sport he loves grow and flourish. 





Kaylee Couvillion is 27 years old and has been involved with the sport of jump rope for 19 years. During that time, Kaylee has been blessed with many opportunities to compete, teach, and perform all around the world. She has earned multiple national and international titles and has performed with Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Dreams, Saltare, and a variety of other companies. She has also taught jump rope in 9 countries and over 30 states.



Kaylee’s passion for athletics and fitness has also impacted her academic endeavors. In 2013, Kaylee earned a degree in Kinesiology from Louisiana State University. She then completed her Master’s degree in Exercise Science at the University of South Florida and is currently working on her Ph.D. in Motor Behavior and Sport Psychology at the University of Tennessee. Kaylee is also an NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. 


Kaylee is dedicated to using her education, unique experiences, and passion for the sport of jump rope to make a positive difference in people’s lives. She aims to educate others about health and fitness and instill within them a drive for excellence. 


9/11 Memorial WOD

Hey CFK!


On Monday, Sep 11, 2017, we (CFK as a Community) will complete a tribute workout to the folks who suffered, the folks who gave all of themselves, and the many who lost family members and dear friends in the terrible tragedy that struck our Country in the form of terrorism.  Regardless of your political views or opinions, we can all come together in the notion that it was an unnecessary loss and should not soon be forgotten.


See below for scaling options, stimulus, and attitude required for Monday’s workout.  It is very likely that it will take more than an hour to get bigger classes through this workout but we will be doing our best and highly encourage you to get here early and perform any extra warming up you may need prior to classes starting.  If you are unfamiliar with any of the movements we will scale them to practice weights.


This will be a very good day for the community and it is quite a good workout.  We will start in waves on the rowers so make sure to get in Wave 1 if you know you will need to leave early.  As rowers become available, remaining athletes will begin.  This is an untimed workout so start time and scoring are irrelevant.


“9/11 Heroes WOD” 

For Time:

2001m Row
, followed by 11 Reps each of the following movements:



36″ Box Jumps (24” Step Ups or Jumps)

125# Thruster (95/65# or 45/25#) 

Burpee C2B Pull-ups (11 Burpees/11 Ring Rows)

175# Power Clean (135/95 or 95/55# Dead Lift)

Strict HSPU (Pike Pushups or Dumbell Push Press)

70# American KBS (70/53# KB Deadlift)

 (Supine Toes to Barbell)

170# Deadlift
 (135/95 or 95/55# Deadlift)

110# Push Jerk (75/55 or 45/25# Push press)


Cash Out: 2001m  Row/Run/Ski (Bike 3k)


: Longer WOD, Get in where you fit in and do work for as long as it takes.  Pacing is key, not intended to be a sprint.  The goal is to remember what happened to our great nation on Sep 11, 2001 and those that sacrificed all for others.  Frustration on this day will not be tolerated, be solemn, be appreciative of our freedoms and have a great Wod!


*All movements are extremely scalable and should be scaled as necessary.  Everyone should be able to perform one of the scaled versions of each movement.  Use weights that allow athletes to perform the movements with correct technique but provide a challenge.  This is a “get in where you fit in” type workout.  Nobody should be in a hurry and we aren’t scoring in Wodify.   


I’m looking forward to seeing everyone work hard and pay tribute!




Coach Johnny