Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!  We know it can be hard at times to get the workout in, but many of you show up and kill it and we stand in awe of you!

In honor of all the current and future moms out there we wanted to share a post about being a new mom in CrossFit.  We found this great article from Inside The Affiliate all about expectant and new moms doing CrossFit.

At CrossFit Knoxville we encourage all moms at any stage to come in and workout.  We will modify a few things, and you’ll learn a lot about things that are going on under the hood to affect your endurance and strength, but it can lead to an overall healthier and happier pregnancy.

Other than the article from Inside The Affiliate, we reached out to several moms in the CFK Community for some of their stories and advice for expectant mothers doing CrossFit.  The following are a couple responses we received back.  If you have a pregnancy and CrossFit story you want to share, we’re happy to hear it!  This will be a periodically updated article, so fill free to e-mail Coach Scott to get your story added!

Somer and Evie Chyz



I did Crossfit all through my second pregnancy. I had been with Crossfit Knoxville for about 3 and a half years and when I found out I was pregnant felt excited to continue.  In fact, I got into Crossfit in the first place because I had such a difficult time regaining my fitness level after my first baby. My first pregnancy was nearly 6 years ago and kept very active during it, doing the traditional gym thing of cardio and weights.  That said, I worked pretty hard at it and the day before I went into labor with my first I was doing heavy (for me) squats.  This time around, I did a Red Friday workout the day before I delivered and felt amazing doing it.  In fact, all my Crossfit workouts during pregnancy felt wonderful. Granted, I had to incorporate certain modifications (see below) and I certainly wasn’t achieving PRs, but I felt strong and healthy the whole 40 weeks and I know that I have Crossfit to thank for it.
I, fortunately, had a very easy pregnancy.  I didn’t have morning sickness and never really experienced the common first trimester fatigue.  The result was that I didn’t have to modify my training at all until about week 18-ish.  My first modification was subbing kick backs for burpees.  I was showing by then and didn’t feel comfortable dropping onto my stomach. Shortly thereafter I started doing step ups in place of box jumps.  I could still physically do box jumps, but I began to get pretty frightened about what would happen if I missed a jump.  Around 26 or 27 weeks is when I cut out all ab-based movement save planks for fear of separating my abdominal muscles (which happened with my first pregnancy), and began subbing dumbbell cleans and snatches for the barbell.  I greatly missed using the barbell but got a lot of value out of the dumbbells.  I will never underestimate dumbbell cleans and snatches again! Dumbbell movements made it painfully obvious how asymmetrical I am; the right side of my upper body is definitely stronger than the left.  All in all, during a workout I just listened to my body.  If something hurt (and I mean actual pain rather than ordinary exercise based discomfort) then I wouldn’t do it.  Fortunately, those occasions were few and far between.
Where I feel that Crossfit helped the most is with the post partum period.  Sleep deprivation aside, I feel great!  After my first baby I was horribly weak, particularly in my core.  I could barely sit up and felt like the upper and lower halves of my body weren’t connected.  I am happy to report that this hasn’t been an issue at all this time around.  While my core certainly needs work, I have way more strength in it than I expected- even at a day or two post partum.  There is no doubt in my mind that this strength is because of Crossfit.  I am now 3 weeks post partum.  I’ve done some light workouts here at home and am very much looking forward to getting back into regular WODs. I know I’ll need to ease back into it and not go too fast, but I think that will actually be fun.  It will be like beginning Crossfit all over again, when every new move yielded a PR.
And now to hear from our very own former Coach Amanda and Evelyn Freels!
I definitely agree with everything in the article. It’s said all the time, but definitely listening to your body is the best advice you can give. Every day, every workout and every movement is different. Some days I would feel fine doing certain work outs and other days my body wasn’t up to it. I think that it is really important for pregnant women to not compare themselves to other pregnant women in the gym or even to past pregnancies. Everyone is different and every pregnancy is different. The biggest mistake I made was comparing myself to friends from my old gym I knew that were pregnant. I expected to be able to do the same things they could and I ended up pulling a muscle which caused me to have to stop working out all together from week 20 to week 24. It was hard for me to listen to my body then, but resting all together was what I had to do for that time. Here is my personal experience throughout each trimester:
In the first trimester I didn’t really modify my training much except for my cardio really slowed down. Especially in the first few weeks, breathing becomes difficult. So my body naturally slowed me down. I didn’t scale weights yet but I wasn’t maxing out anything either. I was still able to do burpees because I wasn’t showing yet, and really didn’t have to modify any movements.
In the second trimester, I got my energy back. For a few weeks I felt more like myself and actually picked up the pace a little in my work outs. But because I felt good, I wasn’t thinking about how much my body was changing. It’s easy to forget that your ligaments are stretching and relaxing so I ended up pulling something at 20 weeks attempting a strict muscle up. This caused me to have to rest for a month. When I came back I was much more aware of my body. I gave up the barbell and burpees once I started to show and I started decreasing weight.
In the third trimester i had to start modifying workouts and movements. The closer I got to my due date, a lot of things felt awkward. My balance was off and it was easy for me to hurt myself. One day I pulled something in my groin just from going into a squat too quickly. It was hard not to get frustrated and to remind myself of the changes my body was going through. Near the very end of my pregnancy I just came in to move. At this point just walking the stairs felt like a work out so I didn’t need to do much. A lot of the times I didn’t join in on the warm up because it would be too much. I think it’s important for the coaches to recognize when the warm up is longer/more difficult and suggest an alternative if they have a woman further along in their pregnancy.
Listening to your body daily is the best thing you can do when working out while pregnant! I will let you know my experience when I get back in the gym. Childbirth is hard on the body, so I’m sure it will be a challenge haha.
Coach Amanda hits what we’re looking for!  Don’t compare yourself to others!  We don’t ask you to do that any other day, we just ask for you to give us your best.  You may see videos of pregnant ladies still doing Olympic lifting and burpees, and while it seems cool, is it worth it?  Other than the danger to your baby, we work really hard at keeping that bar in close, so we don’t want to spend several month swinging it out and away!
One common thread we know of for before and after pregnancy is the loss of abdominal strength.  Check out this article from TheMroningChalkUp for some tips on how to develop and keep that strength before and during your pregnancy.
And as always, please talk to the coach!  We’ve coach a lot of pregnant ladies, and we’re prepared to help out!
So to all the moms and future moms out there, keep coming in!  We’ll look forward to coaching you today and your little one down the road!

March 2017 Newsletter

Happy April, CFK!

I hope you all enjoyed kicking off the month with a little April Fools about our programming, though some of you seemed to like it!

March saw the bulk of the CrossFit Open go down.  As coaches, it was an amazing experience.  We saw so many firsts ranging from first gymnastics movements such as pull-ups, muscle-ups, and toes to bar, to PR snatches and repeat workouts.  We also saw an absolutely amazing community, which we’ve always known was there, but still leaves us in awe and grateful every time you guys show up.

Throughout March and into the first two days of April, we saw this drive and community continue with the Knoxville Covenant Half and Full Marathons.  We had a number of athletes from both gyms train for and complete their first or umpteenth race, with tons of support from friends and fellow athletes either through aid stations or physically running and riding next to the racers.

All in all, each and every one of you rock.  I speak for all the coaches when I say again that it is an honor for us to know you and coach you.

So we want to acknowledge EVERYONE who participated in these events.  So let’s start off our Athlete Accomplishments with that participation!

CFK Open

Abby Caplan, Adam Brophy, Alayna Wardroup, Alex Gavin, Ali Dorsey, Alison Oakes, Alvin Manabat, Angie Johnson, Artie Hill, Bart Russell, Becca Bowen, Bill Maddox, Brad Lokitz, Brian C. Jackson, Brian Welch, Bridgett Smith, Brittany Hadlock, Brittney Crump, Cameron Rayment, Caroline Johnson, Cassidy Taylor, Cassidy Tipton, Cathy Speck, Chelsea Johnson, Chris Cole, Chris Davis, Chris Griffeth, Christina Marshall, Cody Cothron, Corey LaRue, Dana Young, Dani Ray, Daniel Ingram, David Blevins, Deborah Burley, Denise Carr, Desiree Francisco, Drew Perkerson, Eric Berngruber, Erin Plyler, Hannah Prendergast, Heather England, Hongdin Loi, Jamah Wilkerson, James Hinderer, Janey Byers, Jared Hubbard, Jason Collett, Jason Hamilton, Jason Pan, Jason Salandy, Jeff Hall, Jeffery Dix, Jen Ward, Jennifer Black, Jennifer Brody, Jessica Greene, Joe Hurley, John Adams, John Faulconer, John Sanford, John Stowers, Johnny Davis, Josie O’Gorman, Jusston Hale, Justin Metzger, Kate del Solar, Kate Von Blohn, Kelsey McCormick, Kim Garvin, Kristin Drumheller, Lance Capobianco, LeeAnn Shelton, Leslie James, Lucas Whitworth, Lydia Greiner, Maha Abdalla, Maria Haun, Marissa Turner, Mark Inge, Matt Garrett, Meaghan Roland, Michael Love, Michael Selcer, Michele Ketchum, Mike Shelton, Mike Shopene, Miriam Mendoza, Mitchell Tipton, Molly McCormick, Nate Deal, Nate England, Nita Pettibone, Patrick Klepper, Phillip Burggess, Rachel Kronyak, Rebecca Jackson, Reece Foster, Reggie Nichols, Richard Sain, Rick Mulholland, Rickey Luttrell, Robert James, Ross Dempster, Ryan Bolt, Ryan Chapman, Samantha Roberts, Samara Griffin, Sara Erdner, Sara Uzzle, Scott Beasley, Scott Ward, Shannon Schupp, Shaun Dunlap, Shauna Welch, Shawn Adams, Spencer Smith, Steven Aungst, Tammy Debow, Tanner Paul, Tara Hurley, Tay Tobin, Terry Keltner, Tim Holseberg, Todd Gerringer, Tracie Worley, Truman Bonds, Whitney Seiber


Ashley McCloud, Ellen Patty, Janet Jentilet, Lola Alapo, Rachel Kronyak, Holly Porch, Alex Armstrong, Carrie Baker, Marcus Watson, Kelly Milligan, Elizabeth Neutens, Elizabeth Love, Michael Love, Jason Salandy, Derrick Sparkman, Stacy Johnson


Brandy Pittman, Julie Utterback, Kim Brophy, Amy Kouvas

Relay Teams

Marssia Turner, Lydia Greiner, Tara Hurley.

Athlete Accomplishments:

Shaun Dunlap was accepted into nursing school

Nate England 1st place overall in Dark Hollow Wallow 10k Trail Race

Heather England 2nd place in age division Dark Hollow Wallow 10k Trail Race

First Pull-ups or combining kipping pull-ups in the Open:

Kim Garvin, Alex Garvin, Jeff Dix, Jen Brody, Samantha Roberts, Cathy Speck, Tracie Worley, Becky Jackson, Rachel Kronyak, Abby Caplan.

Snatch PRs in the Open:

Rich Sain, Cody Cothron.

Most Workouts:

Becky Jackson did every workout scaled and RX!


How about Athletes of the Month??

Congrats to our two athletes of the month for March!  From CFK West, Becca Bowen!  And CFK North, Brittany Copeland!

First up this month, Becca Bowen!

How long have you been with Crossfit Knoxville?  

I joined in August of 2016 – going on 8 months!

What got you interested in, or made you decide to try, Crossfit Knoxville?

After working with a couple of personal trainers in 2012&2013 at The Rush, I dropped about 60 pounds and 3 pant sizes. Sure, I had a smaller frame and could do burpees for days and jog my way through 7 half-marathons (and one full marathon!), but put a barbell in my hand and I’d stand there like a deer in headlights. Fast-forward to 2016 after a fairly long gym drought – I wanted to get back in the gym, but personal training had become too expensive and I had never really figured out how to workout on my own. So when I learned from my former trainer that many of my favorite sessions were Crossfit based, it just seemed to make sense!

How has Crossfit Knoxville changed you?

The most overwhelming difference I’ve seen in myself is my mentality. I have struggled with disordered eating on and off since I was 13 – a little more than half my life. I’d had a lot of success in losing weight the healthy way with my trainers, but weight loss became an obsession and the feeling  of finally feeling “skinny” very much overshadowed the original focus on overall health and wellness. With the overwhelming support of CFK coaches and athletes who have quickly become family, CrossFit has been the first and only outlet in nearly 14 years that has cultivated a desire in me to be bigger, better, faster, stronger. I now get excited about fueling my body and I feel like a true athlete for the first time in my life. Besides, I’m going to need a little fuel in the tank if I want to ring that PR bell ?

What advice would you give to a beginner?

1) Don’t be intimidated by experienced Crossfitters. Learn from them, use them as resources, and ask questions. Even that giant sweaty tank of a dude next to you had a day one. 2) Trust and believe in your own strength. Nothing will hold you back more than the voice in your head telling you you can’t do it. That voice is wrong — I promise. 3) When all else fails, “keep your chest up, butt back, and abs tight.” 

(As a side note, I feel obligated to mention the importance of rest days. Unless you want to serve as inspiration for a CFK bulletin, just…remember to take them ?)

What’s your favorite Crossfit movement, and why?

I really enjoy deadlifts and back squats – there is something oddly satisfying anytime I get to use 45# plates on the bar. Though, everyone knows Rowling is definitely my favorite warm-up activity! #fourstrikesoneburpee

What’s your least favorite Crossfit movement?

I have a love/hate relationship with squat cleans, and anyone who witnessed 17.4 can attest to my extreme dislike of wall balls. I am, however, learning to let those weaknesses strengthen me. It’s far more rewarding to overcome obstacles that force me out of my comfort zone than it is to sit pretty with movements that come more naturally.

And next up, Brittany Copeland from North!


How long have you been with Crossfit Knoxville? 

-Started full time September 2016

What got you interested in, or made you decide to try Crossfit Knoxville?

-Some great friends were already involved in Crossfit and I started asking questions and knew I needed a change in my exercise routine. I was considering personal training until I talked to these CrossFitters about the classes and structured workouts. They were so encouraging and uplifting I knew I had to be apart of it!!  

How has Crossfit Knoxville changed you? 
-Wow where do I start?! It has changed me mentally and physically. Mentally I feel I have gained confidence in myself and my ability to complete and finish workouts. That voice of doubt that I had in the beginning is now a voice saying “I can do this.” I have developed a since of guilt when I eat bad or miss a workout because it becomes addicting once you start seeing results. It just makes you feel great for going and tackling the workout and living a healthier lifestyle. Physically I am retaining muscle memory and can tell when I try doing an exercise I wasn’t  able to do in the beginning and then getting  back to that exercise weeks later and seeing the improvement of being able to do it.  Crossfit has just changed my life all around for the better. 

What advice would you give to a beginner?  

-That every workout is doable and the coaches will teach and train you to do it and do it correctly. Crossfit is great at challenging you to do more than you think you can but everything is scalable to fit your your ability. I think most importantly I would tell Crossfit beginners is it’s a judgement free atmosphere. There is always encouragement and a welcoming community of people just like you!!

What’s your favorite Crossfit movement, and why?

-I like the gymnastic movements because of increasing my flexibility. 

What’s your least favorite Crossfit movement? 

– I would say front squats and chin over bar pull ups are my least favorite and most challenging

20 Committee!

One thing both of these ladies have in common is a high level of attendance.  Many of you do as well, so here’s a shout out to our 20 committee this month!

Terry Keltner, Jamie Becraft, Hongdin Loi, Becca Bowen, Donna Rosseland, Kate Von Blohn, Alayna Wardroup, Erin Plyler, Scott Ward, Rachel Holland, Michael Selcer, Tay Tobin, Cameron Rayment, Dana Young, Kim Garvin, Josie O-Gormna, Georges Brandan, Spencer Smith, Andy Parker, Andy Lorenz, John Hassett, Cody Cothron, Jeffery Dix.

The list was a little shorter this month thanks to spring break!  Let us know if you took your fitness on vacation and worked out in a different gym!  We’d love to see some pics as well.

April Challenges:

Every month begin looking for some challenges to go out!  These challenges are meant to make you better at CrossFit and life.  They take just a little bit more time, but will be great for you.

This month I’m throwing out one for mobility and one for strength.  For your strength challenge, keep an eye out the next few days to see your strength challenge!  Hint:  It’s going to help with Murph!

Let’s work on those ankles!  Tight ankles and calves can affect everything in CrossFit from running and double unders to your squat and olympic weightlifting.  If your ankles have more flexibility, you can get lower in your squats, and you can keep your calves from cramping up after lots impact.

Here’s your challenge:  90 seconds per leg, twice a day.  I’ve prescribed this for lots of athletes over the years and anyone who has followed through has seen huge benefits!  Just like we normally do after a workout, find a post, door frame, elevated surface on the floor (foam rollers or large books are great at home), put your mid foot on it as high as you can, heel on the floor, then squeeze your butt and drive the hips forward.  You will feel a deep stretch and I want you to stay there for 90 seconds!  Set a timer!  Do it on commercials!  Just get in one set per leg, twice a day.  You’ll squat lower, and PR your snatch.

To Close Out:

Thanks for reading this far if you did.  We’re working to redevelop the newsletter and we want your input!  Please comment below or e-mail [email protected]  Things you like seeing, don’t like seeing, or more things you’d like to see!  If you send questions, we’ll answer them as well!

For now, I leave you with a post from CrossFit Mainsite.  They’re a great resource, and this is a great article for everyone to read and keep in mind as we chase those ever allusive PRs.

Thanks for reading, and see you on the floor!

-Coach Scott

Week In Preview – April 3rd, 2017

Happy April!

Hopefully you all enjoyed the April Fool’s joke we had and didn’t try to cancel your membership for fear of all the burpees!

Keep your eye out for the newsletter and athlete accomplishments for March.  If you didn’t get in your own accomplishment or one for someone else, it’s not too late to send them to [email protected]

While it’s fresh on our minds and before the end of the month, congrats to ALL the racers this weekend!  We had some people do amazing things in completing the relay, half-, and full-marathons this weekend, and even one completing an ultra of over 70 miles.  You guys are all killing it!  Recover this week and let’s kill it again!

This weekend is the CFK Games!  Come throw down to see who is the fittest around!  If you haven’t signed up, e-mail [email protected]

What’s in your week??

Monday – Leg Day No Squats

All legs today, but no heavy squatting!  Three rounds with box jumps, pistols, and moderately heavy deadlifts.  This should be a very fast paced metcon.  We’ll have plenty of scaling options for pistols, so show up and try some out!

Tuesday – Tank Top Tuesday is Back!

Get out those tanks, guys and girls!  We’re working those guns today with some push press, strict pull-ups, and handstand work.  Get ready for a shoulder and lat burn!

Wednesday – All Out Intervals

Two minutes of work and two minutes of rest between double-unders, unbroken wallballs, and then max calorie row.  Get through the first two movements quick and get as many calories as you can before time runs out!

Thursday – Work Fast to PR!

This one is a little different!  We’ll start a 20 minute clock, then go through 5 rounds of power cleans and burpee pull-ups.  The faster you finish the more time you have to build to a 1 RM power clean before the clock runs out!

Friday – RED Friday Liam

Liam begins and ends with an 800 m run with a 45/25-lb plate carry.  In the middle it’s Murph style:  100 T2B, 50 Front Squats at 155/105, and 10 rope climbs, break it up however you want.

Saturday – CFK Games!

Gather at the West gym for the 2017 CFK Games!  It’s going to be a blast with some killer workouts to find out who the fittest of the gym is.

Hope to see you at the CFK Games on Saturday!  After the Open and the races, it’s time to start setting some goals!  Think about what you may want to achieve in the next few months and talk to a coach about it.

See you on the floor.

-Coach Scott

Open Recap

It’s been a week since our last CrossFit Open workout was released and we want to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who helped and/or participated in the Open, and a huge congrats to everyone who did the Open!

The Open is a great name for than just “this is open to anyone who wants to participate.”  It is an eye opener for many of us.

Every year, every CrossFitter has some sort of experience such as, “Holy cow, I can’t believe I did that!” relating to both PRs and bombs.  Maybe you got your first pull-up or first muscle-up, double unders, or a heavy snatch.  Maybe you realized that you’ve been cutting reps short and there was a little more precision involved.

Have you always done power snatches + overhead squat and skipped doing full snatches?

Did you skip a few too many cardio or “lean” metcons in lieu of the strong option or weightlifting day, so your cardio suffered?

Or did you go the opposite way and feel like you could chug along no problem, but the weights were stopping you?

Or maybe the truest of all, did you let your nutrition slack so you couldn’t recover and maaaaybe pull-ups or muscle-ups felt a little harder than they should have?

Whatever the case may be, you did the Open, and that’s awesome!  Perhaps you saw someone else do the Open and you realized you could do that, too and you’re resolved to sign up next year!  Awesome!

So let’s make a game plan!  Pick a few weaknesses.  Don’t say “everything!” because that’s not focussed.  Maybe one thing from each workout, or an overarching theme.  Write it down.  Focus on it.  Talk to a coach about how to get better at THAT thing.  Ask about modifying workouts so you can add in more skill, go lighter to go faster, or go heavier to build strength.

On a final note, the CFK Games are coming up next weekend and it’s going to be a BLAST!  Come out to compete or just cheer others on.  Show off your skills!  After the CFK Games we have many more competitions coming up over the summer, and if you’re interested in some, but not sure how or where to sign up, let us know!

Supporting CFK Runners!

Ever wanted to run a half or full marathon? No? What about showing your support to hundreds of East Tennesseeans, including our own CFK Endurance team? The Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon is Sunday, April 2 and we’d love for you to be a part of our official Sequoyah Hills support crew. Last year we went “rogue” and made our own little cheering squad along the route. But we were such a hit, the neighborhood association invited us to be a part of this year’s official group. Sequoyah Hills is one of the toughest but coolest parts of the race and runners will love all the extra TLC coming from our big green tent.

Make signs. Make mimosas. It’s nothing formal but it IS a lot of fun. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for more details as they come your way.

March 2017 Newsletter

Greetings all!

Week-to-week you all see the Week In Preview (WIP) with updates about what has happened the previous week, what’s coming up, and everyone’s favorite:  a preview of the workouts to come.

Here we have something a little different.  Many of you have known we have a monthly newsletter for years, but many of you may have never seen it come out!  Here we will share news of upcoming events over the next few months, athlete accomplishments, athletes of the month, and also some bits of information regarding CrossFit, weightlifting, gymnastics, mobility, and many other things.

So let’s start off with those athletes who exemplify our community and devotion to changing their lifestyle to be healthy and happy through CrossFit.

Continue reading “March 2017 Newsletter”

Week In Preview – March 6th, 2017

Spring is still in the air!  March has snuck up on us, but we’ve been pretty spoiled with all this warm weather at the gym.  And now we’re almost halfway through the CrossFit Open!

This last week in the Open we saw a LOT of firsts with bar muscle ups and pull-ups.  Make sure you ring that PR bell because we’re all proud of each of you!  That’s the beauty of the Open:  making you do something you normally wouldn’t try.

A quick heads up that for Sunday March 12th when we do Open workout 17.3 it will be DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME.  Clocks spring forward, so make sure you don’t miss your heat!  In this day of technology though, most of our clocks will automatically reset.

A quick shoutout to the 20 Committee for the month of February!  You guys showed up to 20 or more classes for the month and get your name on the board.  That’s a huge accomplishment and we’re proud of it.  Several of you are continuing your streak from January!  Let’s get more names on this list for the month of March!

Alayna Wardroup Ali Dorsey Alvin Manabat Andy Lorenz 

Becca Bowen Bill Maddox Brad Lokitz Brittany Copeland

Brittney Crump Cameron Rayment Carrie Manabat Cathy Speck

Cody Cothron Diana Koza Donna Dossett Donna Rosseland

Drew Perkerson Erin Plyler Evelyn Shockley Genn Gladwin

James Hinderer Jamie Becraft Janet Jentilet Jeffery Dix

Jennifer Black John Stowers Laurie Lenczynski Maha Abdalla

Maria Haun Matt Garrett Phillip Johnson Rachel Holland

Rachel Kronyak Ryan Bolt Samantha Wilson Samara Griffin

Savannah Prator Scott Beasley Scott Ward Shawn Adams

Spencer Smith Terry Keltner

Let’s take a look at the week ahead!

Monday – Double Chipper Sandwich

Complete a chipper of Rowing, wall balls, box jump overs, power cleans, front squats, and rope climbs, but at the beginning, end, and everywhere in between, get 30 double unders.

Tuesday – Muscle Up Work

If you hated those bar muscle ups in the Open, we’ve got you covered with ring muscle ups today.  There are some cool progressions to work on the strength at the beginning of class, then the actual workout will be 3 rounds of muscle ups, light power snatches, and…oh wait…more toes-to-bar!  Feel that forearm burn!

Wednesday – EMOM Skillz

20 min rotating EMOM of Cal Row, chest-to-bar pull-ups, bar facing burpees, and handstand push-ups!  Lots of options here to focus on developing the skills under fatigue.


We know you’ve been missing back squats, but we’ll throw you for a loop.  1-10-1-10-1-10.  Start at about 80% of your 1 RM for a single, then drop a little weight and test out a moderate 10.  go back and forth adding for 1, then dropping a bit for 10.  This should be interesting!  Get gymnasty at the end with a little TTB skill work.

Friday – 17.3

You guessed it!  Halfway there.

Saturday – A Century of Clean and Jerks

It’s like triple Grace, plus 10, but with a partner.   It’ll be fun!

Mix it up this week with a different style of paleo recipe!  Check out these spaghetti squash fritters or maybe some chicken tenders, all from paleocomfortfoods.com.

Got any questions for us, or want to see some content featured on our blog?  Leave a comment or e-mail me!  [email protected]

See you on the floor!

-Coach Scott

January Athlete Accomplishments

The new year saw a lot of CFK athletes doing some amazing things in and out of the gym.  We compiled all the amazing feats that we could find for December of 2016 and January of 2017.  Check out what your friends and workout buddies are doing and give them a high 5!


Ali Dorsey – First 50 mile trail ultra

Karen Rousseau – First 50 mile trail ultra

Bridgett Smith – First 50 mile trail ultra

Nathan Alexander – 50 mile trail ultra

Samara Griffith – Spartan Trifecta, Graduated from Nursing School

Kristy Gay – Third Spartan Trifecta, acquired MBA

Marcus Watson – Graduate from UTK

Shannon Beasley – Competed at American Open for Olympic Weightlifting, ranked top 10 nationally


Jennifer Brody – Key West Half Marathon

Holy Webb – Key West Half Marathon

Kathryn Woodall – Key West Half Marathon

Tricia Cheadle – Key West Half Marathon

Deborah Noe – Key West Half Marathon

Maria Haun – Knoxville New s Sentinel 40 Under 40

Sara Erdner – Row’d Royalty 5th place worldwide (age group 18-29)

Jason Evans – Row’d Royalty 4th place worldwide (age group 40-44)

Jason Collett – Row’d Royalty 8th place worldwide (age group 35-39)

Amanda and Corey Freels – had a baby girl!


And last but not least, the January 20 committee!  Going forward we want to highlight those in the gym who make it to 20 or more classes a month!

Drew Perkerson

Rachel Holland

Janet Jentilet

Cody Cothron

Robert James

Jennifer Black

Mark Inge

Matt Garrett

Bridgett Smith

Michael Selcer

Tracie Worley

Alex Armstrong

Becca Bowen

Bill Maddox

Laurie Lenczynski

Brittney Crump

John Sanford

John Stowers

Phillip Burgess

Rebecca Jackson

Shaun Dunlap

Spencer Smith

Donna Rosseland

Genn Gladwin

Holly Selcer

Reggie Nichols

Tanner Paul

Alayna Wardroup

Alvin Manabat

Brian C. Jackson

Hongdin Loi

Jamie Becraft

Jeffery Dix

Julie Utterback

Kimberley Brophy

Rick Mulholland

Ali Dorsey

Christy Hicks

James Hinderer

Leslie James

Michael Love

Nate Deal

Lots of cool things happening, but we want to know more!  If you have a great accomplishment or know someone in the gym who has achieved something great, please e-mail Coach Scott so we can recognize those accomplishments.