Week In Preview, April 19th, 2020

“The human body is an incredible machine, but most people only get out of that machine what their mind allows them to.”
Rich Froning

Supplement Spotlight

Puori C3

“Protect Yo’self  Before You Wreck Yo’self” 

Recovery is one of the few things that YOU have complete control of. If you train hard, you must recover hard. Stretching and resting are great tools in our pursuit of recovery, but only a piece of the recovery puzzle. Supplements like Vitamin C have long been known to play roles in blunting our body’s negative response to exercise. Vitamin C also plays additional roles in the prevention of oxidative stress from free radicals. Puori’s C3 not only contains Vitamin C, but hosts a few other helpful ingredients. C3 contains added Zinc that increases immune cell movement and function. In many cases, a Zinc deficiency can lead to the sluggish mobilization of immune cells. Supplementation with C3’s potent blend of minerals and Vitamin C can speed your recovery times from hard workouts, and can help to fight your body’s next battle.Now more than ever, is a great time to invest in your immune health by starting with C3.

If you’d like some C3 or anything else from our shelves, shoot us an email to schedule a time to come by!


Weekly WODs:

Listed below are a description of our CFK Go programming workouts for the week. If you’ve been following our CFK power programming, those workouts will be released daily on our Youtube channel playlist. Click here to view our CFK Power program playlist, and make sure to subscribe to our channel and turn notifications on so you get new content immediately!

Both CFK Power and CFK Go (descriptions below) can be adapted to whatever equipment you have available at home.


Monday – Squat Day Accessory Work

It’s all about the glutes today. We have a strength session that involves static glute bridge holds as well as horizontal pressing. Our conditioning today consists of two short AMRAPs that prioritize explosive movement. In our workout, we have dumbbell hang snatches, jump squats, and push press. Our finisher will incorporate a few unilateral glute exercises as well as more static holds.


Tuesday – Classic Cardio

Our workout today starts with 15 minute monostructural segment followed by a repeated descending ladder of  devil’s presses and front squats. We encourage you to pick a cardio option for the 15 minute segment that you DON’T enjoy. If you are a bike lover, then let’s run today! We get better outside our comfort zone.


Wednesday – Midline Madness

Our strength session today will carve out a few more valleys in your abs. Our conditioning workout today is a triple 8 minute EMOM that focuses multiple hinging patterns. The movements in today’s workout range from hollow holds to burpees. Grab a buddy and let’s smash this one!


Thursday –  Terrible Two’s

Want to find out how long two minutes really is? Show up to one of our zoom classes and find out. Our workout today will be performed on a 10 minute running clock, and involves performing certain movements for two minute intervals. We’ll finish it off with a push-up and plank EMOM in preparation for this year’s Murph WOD.


Friday – Triple AMRAP

You know things are about to get spicy when you see a shorter duration AMRAP. We have three short AMRAPs separated by even shorter rest intervals in today’s workout. We’ll be cycling dumbbell hang cleans and blasting through up-downs for 15 minutes.

Saturday – Captain Quads

Is swoll the goal? If so, we won’t let you down in this weekend workout. During our strength session we will crush intense running intervals, and add front squats for fun. Our conditioning piece is an alternating leg day EMOM of  dumbbell swings and goblet squats.


Sunday – Slow Roast

We have a long workout planned for the end of the week. We’ll be performing longer interval runs, sumo deadlifts, alternating hang snatches, and double unders. Our goal today is to pick a pace, and stay consistent for 25 minutes. Get ready for a long slow burn!


Week In Preview, April 12th, 2020

“One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted.  Do it now.”
-Paulo Coelho

Equipment Spotlight:

 During the last few weeks we have unfortunately learned to cope without many of the things we normally take for granted. We’ve traded barbells and squat racks for dumbbells and jump ropes. The last few weeks have changed our training routines and helped up embrace a “no excuse” attitude. At CFK, we understand the profound impact fitness has on our lives. That being said, we will never let quarantine stop this way of life. As coaches, we want our members to make the most of their training even it occurs outside the four walls of the box. There are many ways to maximize performance gains without all the bells and whistles the gym has to offer.
Shoulder Performance and Mobility Bands
If you follow our social media pages you’ve heard Coach Brad brag about the stability and strength he’s gained since using these bands. The program focuses on  strengthening lagging stabilizing muscles, that lead to the creation of a more stable overhead platform. If smashing a personal record snatch isn’t your goal these bands can be used to increase range of motion as well as alleviate pain from shoulder impingement.
Athletics, shoulderresistanceperformanceworkouttraining, Anchor
Guess What?
We sell these bands, and they are a perfect addition to your official quarantine “house of gains”.
Contact [email protected] or [email protected] if you are interested!

Weekly WODs:

Listed below are a description of our CFK Go programming workouts for the week. If you’ve been following our CFK power programming, those workouts will be released daily on our Youtube channel playlist. Click here to view our CFK Power program playlist, and make sure to subscribe to our channel and turn notifications on so you get new content immediately!

Both CFK Power and CFK Go (descriptions below) can be adapted to whatever equipment you have available at home.

Monday – Running “DT” + Belly Burner

Pick your weights wisely today! Our focus today is to finding a challenging weight that will allow us to cycle through 12 deadlifts, 9 hang power cleans, and 6 shoulder to overheads. We’ll crush an interval run and head straight to our dumbbells for one unbroken cycle of dumbbell “DT”. We’ll rinse and repeat for 15 minutes! We also have some extra ab work planned as a finisher.


Tuesday – Double Burpee Burner

Two AMRAPs equals twice the fun. We have two AMRAPs today that are separated by 2 minutes of rest. Our workout includes double dumbbell swings, burpees, and bent-over rows. If you don’t have equipment don’t worry! You can swing anything you can get your hands on!


Wednesday – Jump Jam

We have 25 minutes of pure bliss planned for day 3. We have lots of running, lunges, double unders, and push-ups in today’s AMRAP style workout. Our goal is to find a break up strategy for push-ups that keeps us moving under fatigue. We are looking for a sustained effort the entire 25 minutes.

Thursday –  Haymaker

Can you keep moving when you’re tired? We’ll find out on day 4! It’s a good day to test your mental grit in our workout of the day. We will be moving for 1:00 intervals by performing sumo deadlift high pulls, burpees, push presses, and mountain climbers. Our ability to keep moving during burpees and mountain climbers won’t be determined by our strength , but by our ability to “keep on, keepin’ on”. Time to make some mental gains!


Friday – Coach Wayne’s Glute Gainz

Our workout today is brought to you by the gluteus gain train, and the 6am class at North. We have hanging dumbbell cleans, sit-ups, and walking lunges in our conditioning workout. We’ll follow it up with a finisher that comes in the form of glute bridges!

Saturday – Double Dumbbell Duster

We have an alternating EMOM of thrusters and double unders to kick off your weekend.  We’ve tossed in some old-school static exercises that will blast your legs, and you don’t even need equipment for it! Shake off your soreness and get after it today.

Sunday – Brace Yo’Self or Break Yo’Self

Our focus in today’s WOD is midline stability. In our conditioning we’ll gain more experience hitting great deadlift positions during fatigue. We’ll get an opportunity to experiment with dumbell deadlifts, planks, and a cardio challenge of your choice.

Week In Preview, April 5th, 2020

“You must expect great things of yourself before you can do them.”
-Michael Jordan


COVID-19 Update

Equipment Pick-up #3

Monday, 5-7 pm, both locations

For those of you who haven’t been able to get equipment, or if you have but would like something else. Come GET SOME!

Zoom Classes

Workouts will be in Wodify again this week under the “CFK Remote – Zoom” Program. Please sign-in to Wodify so your attendance can get counted!

CFK Go (Formerly Home/Travel WOD)

We’re STOKED to bring you the newly re-vamped at-home or on-the-go workout track, CFK Go! We’ll have an incredible fat-burning and muscle-building workout 7 days/week, and all you need to get started is your body, a pair of dumbbells, and a jump rope.

What if I don’t have dumbbells or a jump rope? 

No problem! While these are highly recommended, jump rope can always be subbed for mountain climbers, line jumps, or jumping jacks. If you don’t have Dumbbells, fill a backpack full of water bottles, cast iron skillets, or any other objects you can find around the home, secure them inside the backpack with towels, and you’re good to go. Kettlebells and single weight plates work well too!

CFK Go Weekly Snapshot:
MONDAY — Full-Body
TUESDAY — Push x Pull
WEDNESDAY — Body Pump & Full Body (Grind)
THURSDAY — Push x Pull
FRIDAY — Full-Body (Sprint)
SATURDAY — Saturday Squats
SUNDAY — Sunday Sweat
What size dumbbells should I get?

This is of course relative the each individual, but we can break it down by your individual goals and fitness levels. If you’re new and just learning the movements, go for a lighter pair (10-20lbs) and shoot for a cardio focused approach. Otherwise see below:

  • STRONG — If you’re looking to get stronger and build more muscle, we recommend a pair of DBs between 50lb-35lb.
    • Athletes with this goal should be able to perform 5-7 unbroken reps of most movements with their DBs
  • FIT — If you’re looking to develop amazing fitness and lean muscle, we recommend a pair of DBs between 40lb-20lb.
    • Athletes with this goal should be able to perform 10-12 unbroken reps of most movements with their DBs
  • CARDIO — If you’re looking to get more cardio and burn fat, we recommend a pair of DBs between 25lb-10lb.
    • Athletes with this goal should be able to perform 12+ unbroken reps of most movements with their DBs

Weekly WODs:

Listed below are a description of our CFK Go programming workouts for the week. If you’ve been following our CFK power programming, those workouts will be released daily on our Youtube channel playlist. Click here to view our CFK Power program playlist, and make sure to subscribe to our channel and turn notifications on so you get new content immediately!

Both CFK Power and CFK Go (descriptions below) can be adapted to whatever equipment you have available at home.

Monday – Mr. Freeze

We have a long training day planned for day one! Today’s workout includes a 15 minute EMOM of dynamic movements into static holds. We will follow it up with a 15 minute AMRAP of jumping lunges, sumo deadlifts, and push press. Our workout finale will be 5 minute finisher of russian twists, hollow rocks, and leg lifts.


Tuesday – Bar Room Brawl

Our workout is for today is “fight gone bad” with a few extra cheap shots. Our workout is 4 rounds of  4 movements that are performed for 1:00 minute followed by 1:00 minute of rest. We dropped one movement from the traditional “fight gone bad” style workout because this one could be extra nasty! Our movements include thrusters, bent-over rows,  up-downs, and hang snatches.


Wednesday – Slow Feet Don’t Eat

Our workout today comes to you courtesy of coach Derrick. We begin today’s workout with a 12 minute EMOM of running intervals and burpees. Want more? If you aren’t as sweaty as you would like we’ve got your back with an lung scorching AMRAP. We’ll turn up the heat with intense running intervals, up-downs, and lateral hops.

Thursday – Swoll Patrol Tryout

We won’t judge if you go look at yourself in the mirror after our strength session on day 4. We have a tempo floor press and upright row strength session that will have you busting out of those tiny tank tops. Our “bro session” will be followed by a conditioning piece that incorporates  Romanian deadlifts, planks, floor press, and hang cleans to overhead.


Friday –  Don’t forget to workout in Red

Our red Friday workout this week begins with an alternating 15 minute EMOM of double dumbbell swings, double dumbbell front rack holds, and heel taps over the dumbbells to light up your abs! Our conditioning workout will test your short bursts of speed with 4om shuttle runs, up-downs, and front squats.

Saturday – Earn Your Rest

If you move fast in today’s workout you’ll reap the benefits. The strength portion of today’s workout will toast your legs without question. Our strength includes a heavy emphasis on front loaded squats that will make your quads feel the burn. Our conditioning consists of consecutive 1 minute work intervals followed by a brief 1 minute recovery. The work intervals include double unders, push press, jump squats, and a spectacular static position you’ll love.

Sunday – Lace Up

If you didn’t perform any accessory ab work this week, don’t fear. Our session begins with 5 sets of 30 second core work intervals. We will spend quite a bit of time on our feet today in our conditioning workout. Today’s long sweat session consists of running intervals, devil’s press, renegade rows, and dumbbell power cleans.


Week In Preview, February 16th, 2020

“The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses–behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.”
— Muhammad Ali

Supplement Spotlight:


 Get your cup at either location! 


Upcoming Events:



Join us for our 6th annual Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser Partner WOD on March 14 at North! Check out all of the details HERE, and get registered! It’s open to the public, so spread the word and let’s raise some dollars. One Hundred percent get donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation!

(If you can’t make the event, but want to LOOK like you did and support the cause, there’s a T-shirt only option in the registration link)


Shoulder Stability Workshop at 8am on February 22nd, Both Locations

Do you have cranky or irritating shoulder pain? Learn how to properly activate, strengthen, and stabilize the small  muscles of the scapula. These muscles allow you to put large objects overhead, and become pain free in the process! Coach Derrick and Coach Wayne will be guiding athletes through the crossover symmetry protocol at 8am at each location!Crossover Symmetry

Weekly WODs:


Monday – Gutcheck Grinder

We often don’t see workouts that extend beyond 20 minutes. However, today is that day. We have a long duration workout consisting of box jumps, running intervals, kettlebell front rack lunges, and hand-release pushups. Our goal is to stay present during this longer workout and perform each rep with the intention of becoming better.


Tuesday –  Squat Day + Peg Leg

We will continue to build in weight this week as we focus on proper technique and mechanics. Squat day is an excellent day to take accountability of movement patterns, and really “own” your movements. Our conditioning is a quick hit of intensity that features large lets of double unders, sit-ups, and air squats.


Wednesday –  No Rep

We have a two piece strength and conditioning workout on hump day! Today’s goal is to gain more confidence in the push jerk, split jerk, and push press for the strength segment. We will also heat the shoulders up with a 10 minute AMRAP of push jerks and rower calories.


Thursday – Kettlebell Kingz (*Bring Leg Protection)

If you love kettlebell training, you’ll love today’s workout. We’ll spend some time learning how to cycle a kettlebell and perform a core strengthening bodyweight breakdance. Our 18 minute conditioning piece will put our skills to the test as we cycle the kettlebell, perform a bodyweight flow, and scale the ropes!


Friday – Test Day

If we have been consistent and have been moving well in the gym. It is time for a test. Our test comes in the form of “Isabel”. Isabel is 30 snatches for time with a goal of under 10 minutes.


Saturday Community WOD

We’ll be belly flopping through this alternating EMOM for nearly 16 minutes. Our workout incorporates  kick backs, lunges, dumbbell snatches,  and sumo deadlifts!


Saturday L2

Our level 2 class at 10:15am will allow teams of 2 to tackle 1000 meters on the rower, 80 wall balls, and an undisclosed amount of burpees. Show up and show out. If you dare!

Week In Preview, January 19th, 2020

“When you compete against everyone else, no one wants to help you. But when you compete against yourself everyone wants to help you.”
–Simon Sinek, Motivational Speaker

Supplement Spotlight:

Prebiotic Greens

WellnessSeries Prebiotic Greens


Let’s be real…  When we diet we place an overwhelming emphasis on macronutrients. Whether you follow keto, paleo, Adkins, or any other new diet trend these nutrients become the focal point. We often don’t take into account the critical role of vitamins and minerals such as zinc, magnesium, and B-vitamins. Micronutrients are responsible for many of the body’s processes. For instance, cell division, cell growth, cell repair, and even assist our senses can be traced back to the roles of vitamins and minerals.Transparent Labs Prebiotic greens contains spirullina and chlorella which are rich in water-soluble vitamins and important minerals.
A large dose of fiber is also contained in just one scoop of Prebiotic Greens. Fiber is excellent for digestive health improvement. The American Heart Association recommends a daily intake of 30 grams of fiber per day, and most Americans consume less than half the recommended daily intake. Transparent Labs Prebiotic Greens is an excellent addition to your supplement cabinet when attempting to close this gap in fiber intake. Prebiotic Greens contains acacia fiber, green banana flour, and Jerusalem artichoke fiber.  Get 4 grams of fiber fast! Be Good to Your Gut! Get one today!

Weekly WODs:


Monday – Nickels and Dimes

You know how to get better at pull-ups? Do more pull-ups. Day 1 is all about pull-ups this week! We have a 7 minute skill session that will allow us to work on the kipping pull-up progression, and hopefully have us stringing multiple reps together before class is over! Our workout includes chest to bar pull-ups and quick running intervals.


Tuesday – Hangman

In recent workouts we have overloaded the barbell during strength work to prime us for our WODs. We will be sticking to that plan today for the hang power clean! Our workout today includes strength work on the hang power clean, and a WOD that includes more hang cleans and lots of box jumps.


Wednesday – Squat Test Day

We have made it to the end of the cycle! It’s time to test! ONLY if we have been consistent throughout the squat program. We will finish off the day with the CFK benchmark workouts “Barfight” and “Knock-Out”. Your choices are a max effort 500 meter row, or 1:00 of max calories on the assault bike.


Thursday – Silent Library

We have not one, but two strength pieces today! We will start our strength session by performing quiet deadlifts.  By performing quiet deadlifts we allow our selves to hone in on positioning, and maximize time under tension. We will also be testing how quiet you can be when performing deadlifts with a double overhand grip. Our next strength segment will include tempo strict press, and a WOD that will have you hinging to high heavens.


Friday  – Inhaler

The things you want to do the least usually provide the most. So…are you ready to run? Our workout gives us 12 minutes to complete a 1 mile run along with max meters on the erg. We will finish up with pull-ups, sit-ups, and pushups in another bodyweight AMRAP following the rowing meters.


Saturday Community WOD

Bring your friends to our free 9am community workout! We have snatches, suitcase lunges, and double-unders for 12 minutes of absolute happiness.


Saturday L2 – “Faceplant”

It’s time to earn that rest day! Our two part workout today is thruster heavy! We will dedicate the first half of class to a cluster (squat clean thruster) complex that will get the quads fired up for the conditioning piece. We have a partner workout of 120 Thrusters and 120 kickbacks. Our couplet of thrusters and kickbacks can be broken up in any way  between partners.

Week In Preview, December 29th, 2019

“If nothing CHANGES, NOTHING changes”


Supplement Spotlight:

Creatine HMB

StrengthSeries Creatine HMB

In our previous blog posts we’ve covered the importance of creatine and its role in the production of muscle cell energy. The source required to fuel our muscle cells comes in the form of Adenosine Triphosphate. Transparent Labs has created a product that contains creatine monohydrate as well as hydroxy methylbutyrate, or HMB for short. HMB is responsible for the speedy recovery and protein synthesis! HMB helps to slow tissue break down during workouts, and activates the body’s natural muscle repair mechanisms. Since HMB helps the body to blunt catabolism(break down of muscle) and speed anabolism(building of muscle) it enhances the body’s ability to endure activities like running, cycling, and rowing.

Holiday Hours:

Image result for New Year 2020
New Year’s Eve (Tuesday, December 31)

Last Class: 5pm (North), 5:30pm (West)

New Year’s Day (Wednesday, January 1)


Upcoming Events

  • Bring a Friend Friday

The first BAFF of 2020 will be this Friday!! Make sure to tell your friends to wear RED, and send them this waiver link in advance so we can jump right in!

  • Conquer Knoxville’s favorite 13.1 with coach Mary
The New Year is coming fast, and with a new year comes new goals! Many of us set our sights on getting that first pull-up, muscle-up or, even that first race under our belt. CFK’s coach Mary is offering a 12 week half marathon program that will get you to the finish line much faster! Seasoned running Vet? Great! Aspiring Runner? Even Better! For more details click HERE!
Image result for Knoxville half marathon





Weekly WODs:


Monday – Big Batch of Snatches

Don’t have a one rep max snatch in Wodify yet? No problem! We’ll find it on day one! We will follow up our 1 rep max snatch with big batches of power snatches and burpees in our conditioning workout. You’ll be breathing fire after this one!


Tuesday – Squat Day + L.I.F.T

*Last Class 5pm (North) ,  5:3o pm (West)

Let’s end 2019 with some good ole’ fashioned squats! Squats are so important for our longevity, and make a large impact on our sport performance. If we squat well we can increase our endocrine response, improve our mobility, and see positive changes in our performance. We follow up our squats today with low intensity functional training! Our L.I.F.T training between squat sets consists of legless rope climbs, see-saw strict press, and a heavy farmer’s carry!


Wednesday – New Year’s Day WOD

*One WOD Each Location- 10am

Day 1 of 2020! The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step! Let’s crush it this year! Today we have an AMRAP workout lasting 20 minutes and 20 seconds! Try to get as many rounds as possible of pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups, and air squats as you can! We also threw in a 220 meter run ,or 20 calorie row option for “funzies”!


Thursday – Pick Things Up and Put Them Down

We have a 1 rep max clean and jerk planned for the first half of class. Our main points of emphasis will be directed toward foot work in the split jerk, and focusing on fast hands while going overhead. The next part of class will be a quick shoulder scorcher with 3 rounds for time of 10 power cleans and 10 shoulder to overhead.


Friday  – Go Hard with a Homie

We are throwing some longer running intervals and dumbbell hang squat cleans at you! Bring your friends and let’s get after it! Why not? It’s free!


Saturday – Community WOD

Our next free workout this week is open to everyone! It includes everything you need to give your friends the full CFK experience! We have rowing intervals, large sets of box jumps, and dumbbell strict press. Make sure to pick a weight for the dumbbell you can go unbroken with each time! We have many box jumps today, and we must treat each box jump as a single rep! Our goal is to focus on the initiation of the jump and sticking the landing!


Saturday – Level 2

How do we know if we improve? WE TEST, WE TRAIN, and WE RETEST! If the crossfit open workouts hit you in the “feels” this year we have an opportunity to get another stab at 20.5. We have ring muscle ups, rowing, and wallballs this weekend at level 2. We can definitely find a scaling option to meet your needs if ring muscle-ups aren’t your cup of tea! TEST YO SELF!

Week In Preview, December 8th, 2019

“Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”


-Steve Jobs

Supplement Spotlight:

Transparent Labs Mass Gainer


ProteinSeries MASS GAINER

Most people will look at a protein container that reads “Mass Gainer”, and automatically assume that it actually reads “Fat Gainer”. This common assumption couldn’t be farther from the truth! Transparent Labs Mass Gainer is created with no artificial sweeteners, no artificial coloring, and is overall just CLEAN! Even if your goal is to muscle maintenance you could opt to take 3/4 of a serving of Transparent Labs Mass Gainer. It nearly triples the amount of servings you get for your hard earned dollar! A full serving is complete with excellent carbohydrate sources which are needed for optimal recovery. These sources include oat, tapioca, and even sweet potatoes! These long term energy sources will help you restore glycogen, and get you ready for the next trip to the top of the leaderboard! Try Transparent Labs Mass Gainer Today!


Upcoming Events:

  • Shoulder Stability Workshop – This Saturday, 8 am @ CFK West with
If you experience shoulder pain while lifting, or just want to increase your strength and stability in the overhead positions, join coach Derrick this Saturday at West to learn how to earn those boulder shoulders!
Image result for shoulder pain
  • Knoxville Full and 1/2 Marathon training Program with coach Mary
The new year is coming which means, at least at CFK, training for the Knoxville half and full marathon! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran looking to smash a PR, or aspiring runner with your sights on your first race finish, coach Mary’s got
your back! Check out the details of our training program HERE
Mary Cates











  • Jingle Bell Run – This Saturday!
Get out and use that fitness this weekend! This year’s race is special to CrossFit Knoxville and our community as a whole. Our athlete Jason Hamilton is on the committee and his daughter, Claire is the honoree! Check out the details and registrationHERE
Image result for jingle bell run knoxville


Weekly WODs:


Monday – Get Good at a Get Up

We will cover the Turkish Get-Up in a low intensity skill session at the beginning of class. Our conditioning workout today will test our ability holding static positions during periods of heart rate elevation. We have double unders, kettlebell swings, planks, and wall sits in our 20 minute AMRAP!


Tuesday – Devil’s Delight

The push press Wendler cycle continues this week! We will be getting heavy overhead. Our WOD is a double AMRAP that will test your cycling abilities with moderately heavy dumbbells. You will cycle through dumbbell devil’s press, push press, and suitcase lunges. Push the Pace and try to EMOM this one!


Wednesday – “Straight 100” NCFIT Benchmark

We tested this workout a few months ago in our level 2 class! It’s back again and ready to blast your legs! We have 100 reps of box jumps, wall balls, and calories on the rower for time!


Thursday – Hot and Heavy

Things are going to get uncomfortable on day 4! We will be setting a very aggressive pace on the bike or rower! We will be coming out HOT in an alternating EMOM of bike/row calories,  lateral burpees, and heavy deadlifts.


Friday  – Squat Day (Week 2)

We are deloading for our new squat cycle this week! We should have established a technical 5 rep max last week in order to reset to 75% this week. These weights should MOVE! Our strength work will be followed up with a conditioning workout of chest-to-bar pull-ups and front squats.

Saturday –  Free Community WOD at 9 am

Swing into your weekend with lots of kettlebell work! We have some new movements coming at you this week in our free workout! We have single arm kettlebell thrusters this weekend. Our double AMRAP also includes rowing calories and kettlebell swings.


Saturday  – Level 2  at 10:15 am

We have monostructural, weightlifting, and gymnastics wrapped up into one butt-kicking workout! We will begin our day with a strength piece that incorporates barbell back rack walking lunges and muscle ups! The 10k team row afterwards will be sure to flush out those legs!


Week In Preview, December 1st, 2019

“Next to trying and winning, the best thing is trying and failing.”


-L.M. Montgomery

Supplement Spotlight:

Supplement Spotlight – D-Aspartic Acid


This supplement triggers the brain to increase the body’s natural production and transportation of testosterone, and luteinizing hormone (LH). According to recent studies, T levels in men have drastically declined over the past decade while women  experiencing ovarian and other reproductive issues are on the rise. This could be due to the very flawed average American diet. D- Aspartic Acid can be used to increase muscle mass, strength, definition, and promote health of the reproductive system. Guys don’t be D-ficient… Try D-Aspartic Acid.


Upcoming Events:


  • Bring-A-Friend Friday – This Friday (All Classes)
All classes are free and open to the public this Friday for December BAFF! Just for showing up, we’ll give your friends a $100 gift card to use toward any renewing membership, so spread the word, and the fitness!
Image result for bring a friend workout





  • CFK Holiday Chili Party & Gift Exchange – This Friday, 7:15 pm @ North
Bring your favorite chili or side dish to share, and a wrapped gift, less than $20, to participate in the white elephant gift exchange! There will be plenty of drinks and cheer to go around!
Image result for chili gains
  • Girls on the Run 5k (Volunteer Water Table) – This Saturday, 9am – 11:30am
We’ve got another water table to staff this weekend, with the Girls on the Run! This race helps raise money for the Knoxville chapter, which helps young girls in the area learn life skills through exercise and running! If you’d like to help out, please register on the sign-up sheet at the gym, or email Coach Rick, or register to run HERE
Image result for girls on the run 5k knoxville
  • Jingle Bell Run – Saturday, December 14
This years race is special to CrossFit Knoxville and our community as a whole. Our athlete Jason Hamilton is on the committee and his daughter, Claire is the honoree! Check out the details and our CFK Discount code HERE
Image result for jingle bell run knoxville


Weekly WODs:


Monday – “Rannie”

“Rannie” might not be as sweet as her sister “Annie”! The NCFIT benchmark “Rannie” incorporates a 400 meter run after each complete set of the original “Annie” workout. Get ready to bust up the midline with a high volume sit-up and double under workout!

Tuesday – Muscle-Up Buttercup

What’s on the menu for Day two? Hang power snatches, lots of air squats, and muscle-ups! If we don’t have the muscle up just yet we have a few options! We can do jumping bar muscle-ups or maybe even scale the reps if we have a few of them.


Wednesday – Wendler Cycle (3×3) and Assault Bike Appreciation Day

We established a 1-rep max on the push press a couple of weeks ago. We will be using these numbers for 3 sets of 3 push presses as we continue our short Wendler cycle. If you didn’t test your one rep max it’s okay! Today’s workout can still be used to work technique and perfect your craft on the vertical “dip and drive”! We will be making use of our favorite piece of gym equipment in a short and snappy WOD. We have 1 round for time of 50/40 assault bike calories and 50 kickbacks!


Thursday – “Do you Even Box Jump, Bro?”

We have a four round for time workout today consisting of high box jumps, heavy deadlifts, handstand pushups, and strict pull-ups. The deadlifts should be completed only as singles. Do you know what that means? You might need to eat some wheaties before you pick up these bars! You’ll sleep good tonight!


Friday  – Squat Day (Retest) and “Point Break”

We will be testing again for the new 8 week squat cycle! Our squats will be followed by a lighter version of the NCFIT benchmark workout “Point Break”. We are scaling the loads today in attempt to go unbroken on this workout. The front squats and bar-facing burpees in this workout will heat up the quads and burn the booty.

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Saturday –  Free Community WOD at 9 am

Box Jump over with a buddy on Saturday! We have an alternating partner workout that includes rowing intervals and box jump overs. We’ll cap the day off with some ab work afterwards!


Saturday  – Level 2  at 10:15 am

We have a skill and conditioning workout today in an EMOM format that will make your upper body as stout as an ox! We have an alternating EMOM of dumbbell push press, dumbbell push jerks, and a rope climb variation of your choice. If bands make you dance, then you’ll have fun with our finisher! It’s all about banded strength work!

Week In Preview, November 24th, 2019

“Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”


-Henry Ford

Supplement Spotlight:

Extreme Endurance Creatine-JB

Creatine has been a staple in most fitness supplementation regimens for    many years now. It’s no surprise that it has allowed many professional athletes to become bigger, stronger, and faster. But why? And How? Your body’s muscle cells are filled with creatine phosphate which help in the production of your body’s main energy source adenosine triphosphate (ATP). During intense bouts of exercise the body depletes these stores of creatine phosphate resulting in decreased performance.


Image result for extreme endurance creatine jb


Extreme Endurance Creatine-JB is made with one of the most bio-available creatine supplements on the market today. The creatine monohydrate that is contained in this product is nearly identical to the creatine produced naturally in the body, and it quickly restores ATP levels back to normal. If you want to board the gain train, don’t forget your  Extreme Endurance Creatine JB.







Upcoming Events:


    • Shoulder Stability Workshop – November 30th, 8am at North

    This Saturday, 8am, North location. Come learn how to use the symmetry bands to create BULLETPROOF shoulders! Whether it’s pain reduction, increased range of motion, or a Snatch PR you’re seeking, this is the program that will get you there. Five minutes a day is all you need, but the program must be done correctly. Come learn how this Saturday with coach Derrick!

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  • Hot to Trot 5k/10k Volunteer Water Table

Turkey Day is almost here, which at CFK means thirsty runners needing water! This will be our 9th year staffing the water table and we’d love to have a lot of happy CFK faces there to help. If you’d like to volunteer, please register HERE. We’ll get set up by 7:15 am, and pass out water until around 9.
Image result for hot to trot 5k
If you’d rather run/walk in the race, we’d love to cheer you on! Register to race HERE
  • Christmas Shindig

Friday – Dec 6. 2019 – CFK North (7pm-9:30pm)

Let’s ring in the holidays with a chili-eating, gift-giving, tacky-sweater-wearing, corn-hole-playing shindig! Bring your favorite chili recipe (cooked, preferably!) or side dish, a gift for the white elephant gift exchange (no more than $20), and wear your tackiest sweater (not mandatory, but encouraged) and celebrate with us with some holiday cheer! Check out the event on Facebook and make sure to RSVP!
  • Holiday Class Schedule

Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) – Closed Both Locations


Friday (Black Friday) – Limited Hours

West – 9:30 am , 12 pm , 3:30 pm , 4:30 pm

North – 9am , 12pm , 4pm , 5pm


Weekly WODs:


Monday – Wendler Cycle

We tested a 1-rep “technical” max last week on the push press.  We will use this number to gauge weights during 3 sets of 5 reps in our strength workout. We also have handstand pushups, dumbbell push press, calories on the rower, and toes to bar in the conditioning workout. A banded shoulder stretch would not be a bad idea today!


Tuesday – Handful

We are busting out the ropes and the barbells for an alternating EMOM of rope climbs and heavy power cleans. Things are gonna get grippy because we are going heavy on the cleans, and hard on the ropes. Our goal to day is to pick a specific number of reps for each movement, and stay consistent throughout each round.


Wednesday – Squat Day (Test Day)

It’s the end of the squat cycle. That means its time to ring the bell loudly and proudly! We will follow up our test with a couple of intense sets of calories on the bike and burpees. We’ll also knock the dust off the prowler sleds with a few sled pushes.


Thursday – Thanksgiving (All Classes Cancelled)

Come hang out with us at the Turkey Trot 5k/10k in Turkey Creek!


Friday  – Black Friday Gainz (Limited Hours)

Our workout for today is the definition of “functional fitness”. We have a single arm farmer’s carry followed by 5 sets of deadlifts and double-unders! You should think of it as training for carrying all those shopping bags today!


Saturday –  Free Community WOD at 9 am

Show your friends WHY the only thing you talk about is crossfit! This weeks free workout includes burpee box jump overs, dumbbell snatches, running intervals, and deficit pushups!

Saturday  – Level 2  at 10:15 am

Do you have a buddy who is a bodyweight ninja? Bring them to the level 2 workout this week! You’ll need help knocking out 150 reps of sit-ups, pull-ups, and box jumps. We also will have a strength and gymnastics finisher to end our 75 minute workout!

Why 20 Committee?

Show Up

Work Hard

Have Fun


Nothing you do will make more of an impact than these 4 actions. The cool thing is you can apply these actions to nearly anything in life and, depending on how quickly you apply the 4th (REPEAT!), achieve positive results.


For those of you unaware, our 20 Committee is reserved for those who are hitting 20 exercise sessions per month, typically comprised of mostly CFK classes and 1-2 home workouts per week. The point here is that we move WAY more than we are sedentary, because movement is the key to longevity.


At CFK, your coaches want to see your name on the 20 Committee board every month! The more consistently your name is on the board, the more quickly you’ll progress toward your goals, no matter what they are.


If you’ve been on the board consistently, please accept our virtual fist bump and keep up the great work! If you haven’t been hitting your goals, start with this question:




If you’d like to speak with a coach about your goals and set a plan for hitting the board, we’d love to chat. Just hit us up for a quick 30-minute check-in here: https://crossfitknoxville.com/member-check-in/



…Log a Home/Travel WOD so it counts toward the 20 Committee?

IMPORTANT: Our 20 committee report counts class check-in’s. So you’ll need to follow these steps to log into a class, then you can log a performance if you wish for your own performance tracking.

Open the Wodify app and navigate to “Class Schedule”. Filter the Program to “CFK Go” (Formerly names “Home/Travel WOD”, which the video below shows), and click “Sign-in”. It should take you to the “Add Results” screen, where you can choose to add a performance. Note that there is a workout of the day listed every day in the CFK Go program. You can choose to do this workout and log a performance, or do your own workout and add a “custom performance”!

…Add performance to a Home/Travel WOD

From the “Add Results” screen, search a benchmark workout or click “Create a Metcon” and add it!

NOTE: A performance log is not necessary to get on the 20 committee, but it is recommended for tracking your performance history.

…Find the programmed CFK Go WOD?

In WODIFY, navigate to “WOD”, and filter to “CFK Go” (Formerly, “Home/Travel WOD” as the video below shows)

…See my attendance history?

Login to www.wodify.com on a web browser (not the mobile app), click “My Profile”, then “Attendance”



Q: What kind of workout should I do if I can’t make it to the gym?

A: We have 3 optional workouts that can be done at home with little or no equipment

  1. Travel WOD Blog PostAll bodyweight movements with no equipment needed
  2. WODIFY: CFK Go Program – Some modifications may be needed depending on equipment access. Sub a similar bodyweight movement where needed. Air squats, push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, etc.
  3. WODIFY: CFK Burn Program – CFK Burn workouts can often be modified to be performed at home or on the road.
  4. Of course, you can always make up your own workout!

Q: Will signing into a CFK Go class count against my attendance limit, if I’m on a 13 visit/month membership?

A: Nope! The CFK Go classes don’t count toward attendance limits, so you should still make the 20 committee!

Q: Where can I see how many classes I’ve attended this month?

A: Sign-in to www.wodify.com on a web browser (not a phone app), and click “My Profile” in the upper right-hand corner, then “Attendance” on the left menu. This will show all historical attendance logged in Wodify.

Q: What qualifies as a Home/Travel WOD I can count toward the 20 Committee?

A: Depends on intensity. Any of the 3 options above count, and anything you make up on your own counts if it’s done with appropriate intensity. If you do 10 minutes of fast burpees, that would be a significant stimulus to qualify as a workout. Typically, the lower the intensity, the longer the required duration.

Walk – over 40 minutes

Bike – over 30 minutes

Jog – over 20 minutes

Run fast – Intervals are great! Total work/rest should still be over 20 minutes


Q: Does Yoga count?

A: Absolutely, if it’s more than 30 minutes. Any sort of functional movement practice moves us forward from a health and longevity standpoint. We choose CrossFit because it covers all aspects of fitness and Yoga, spin, cardio kickboxing, Zumba, Barre, Krav Maga, etc… are all great supplementary workouts. Mountain biking, weekend run in the neighborhood, hike in the smokies, it’s all great activity!!


Q: Do my workouts need to be “high intensity” to count?

A: No, unless they are short. At CFK, we’re typically going to work with relatively high intensity. When you work on your own, we expect the intensity to be a little lower. Many of our training sessions need to be of medium intensity but high focus. Now, if intensity is going to be lower, we will need to go longer to elicit improvement (i.e. short and intense or long and slow). In your heart, you know if you did enough to call it a workout. The goal is to move well and often and learn to enjoy short-term discomfort for long-term gains.


Q: Can I do a Home/Travel WOD and a CFK Class on the same day?

A: We sure won’t stop you! However, the purpose of the 20 committee is to encourage 20+ ACTIVE DAYS/month. Multiple workouts in the same day can be great in the correct dosages. Once/week, or every-other-week are fine. Performed too often, and 2-a-days will hinder recovery, causing diminishing returns over time. The goal of the 20 Committee is consistency across each week and each month, not cramming on Thursday because you missed Monday-Wednesday. It’s better to workout once/day Monday-Friday, than twice on Wednesday and three times on Friday.