Week In Preview, December 6th, 2020

“Gratitude is a quality similar to electricity: it must be produced and discharged and used up in order to exist at all.”

– William Faulkner

Supplement Spotlight:

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Weekly WODs: 



Crossfit – Back Squat Deload + Two Minutes Too Much

Great job crushing the squats, deadlifts, and presses for our Wendler Cycle. We’re taking a step back this week in order to allow our central nervous system to reboot. Our deload for the back squat should allow us to feel confident and explosive under the barbell! These weights should be well within your wheelhouse, but give you a slight challenge. Our conditioning is alternating intervals of 400m runs and wall balls. Our goal today is to keep the intensity high and attempt to keep moving when we’re smoked.


21 Cal Row
15 Pike Push-Ups
9 KB/DB Suitcase Deadlifts



Crossfit – Positions, Parameters, and Progressions

You often hear Coach Johnny talk about “The 3 P’s”. Today’s workout incorporates a skill session that focuses on one of our favorite P’s.  Our skill session in today’s workout clearly gives athletes an opportunity to nail  the “P” of Progressions. Each movement in Crossfit has a scalable progression.  Each progression’s purpose is geared toward the mastery of a high skill movement. Our pre-WOD practice is geared toward bar-muscle up development.  Our conditioning includes bar muscle ups, burpees to plate, and kettlebell swings.


MIN 1: 45 seconds of Max  Slam Balls
MIN 2: 45 seconds of Max Tuck Ups
MIN 3: 45 seconds of Max Wall Sit
MIN 4: 45 seconds of Max Mountain Climbers



Crossfit –  Deadlift Deload + Midline Mash-Up

We are holding true to our deload in all of our lifts this week.  Day 3 brings us lots of opportunity to drill key aspects of the deadlift to include bar path. Our conditioning consists of light deadlifts and sit-ups. The workout for today prescribes a male and female RX weight of 185 for males and 135 for females on the deadlift. As you can tell these weights are considerably lighter than previous workouts we’ve done. Our main priority is to move the barbell efficiently and unbroken throughout our workout.


10 Box Jumps
100m DB/KB Cross Body Carry*
10 Russian Swings
*One kettlebell/dumbbell held in front rack and the other KB/DB will be held overhead.



Crossfit – Press Deload + Press Pull EMOM

You guessed it. We’ve got more shoulders coming at you!  Today’s 20 minute EMOM will tax the shoulders and the lungs. Athletes will get the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy high volume push press, max rower cals, and double-unders.


Every 3:00 for 5 Sets
10/8 Cal Row
30 Russian Twists
20 Alt. Dumbbell Lunges


Crossfit – Backside Blitz

We’ve got running and tons of air squats on day 5. Our task oriented workout gives athletes a chunk of work to complete inside of an 18 minute time cap. Running isn’t everyone’s bread and butter, so scale those distances if needed!


Teams of 2 will have 18:00 to Complete
140 Wall Balls
200m Run
140 Cal Bike/Row
200m Run
140 Sit-Ups
200m Run
140 Alt. Dumbbell Snatches
200m Run



 Crossfit/ Level 2 – Jacob’s Ladder

We’ll be climbing an ascending rep ladder of decreasing barbell weights in today’s workout. Some of the workout movements include hang power cleans and bike calories. Our workout begins slow and becomes progressively harder as grip fatigue sets in. Hang in there!

Level 2’s workout will have an added overhead strength component of 3 sets of 5 overhead squats.


Ring Rows


-Rest 2:00-


50m SA Farmer’s Carry(R)
:30 second Plank Hold
50m SA Farmer’s Carry(L)
:30 second Plank Hold

Week In Preview, November 29th, 2020

“Some people are motivated one or two days, others are motivated one or two weeks, winners are motivated all the time.”

– Unknown

Supplement Spotlight:

Black Market Raw Creatine

In order to progress in Crossfit your body must adapt to the demands placed on it each day. If you are consistently challenging yourself with the appropriate doses of intensity then you’ve most likely seen results through improvements in strength and endurance.

In Crossfit, power production is the name of the game.  The energy needed to perform intense exercise as well as muscular contractions is fueled by Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). Most know ATP as the muscle cell’s energy currency. BlackMarket’s Raw Creatine helps to convert creatine phosphate into ATP to fuel intense exercise. Creatine is one of the most highly researched and proven sports performance supplements on the market. It’s no wonder why athletes have been supplementing with it for years. Get Some and Get At It!




Weekly WODs: 



Crossfit – Back Squat Wendler Cycle + 3 Round Burner

Today is all about the legs. We begin class with our Back Squat Wendler cycle, and will head into our conditioning workout afterwards. Our conditioning is high volume dumbbell front squats followed by chest-to-bar pull-ups and dumbbell up-downs.



Every 5:00 for 3 Sets
200m Run
20 Ring Rows
20/15 Cal Row
20 Alt. Plank Shoulder Taps
10 Push Ups
-Rest Remainder of Running Clock-




Crossfit – Overhead Bro Session + “The Cali Bear”

It’s time for one of CFK’s favorite overhead challenges. It’s 1 Clean and Jerk every 30 seconds for 20 minutes. Can you hang on for all 40 reps, or will you tap out at the halfway point when things get t0ugh. Our workout is as  mental as it is physical. Stay in the Fight!


Min 1 : 15/12 Cal Bike or 150-200m Run
Min 2: 7 “Lunge-Lunge- Squats” with a Single DB
Min 3: 9 Box Jumps


Crossfit – Turkish Twenty

Our twenty minute AMRAP of Turkish-get ups will test your stability and mobility overhead.  We love this movement pattern because of it’s role in helping to stabilize the shoulder.  The Turkish- get ups ability to  build the small stabilizer muscles of the rotator cuff is second to none. We also will be performing bike calories, sit-ups, and walking lunges.



6/6 KB/DB Strict Press
6 KB/DB Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
-Rest 2:00-
8/6 Cal Row
6 Burpees



Crossfit – Wendler Press + Upper Body Push Pump

We’ll knock out three sets of our Wendler press cycle, and get straight to work on our conditioning. It’s 7 sets of gnarly interval work on a running clock. You’ll have 2 minutes to burn through a 200 meter run, 5 burpees, and max double unders in the remaining time. Our goal is to scale the run to a distance we can accomplish in around 45 seconds.


400m Run
30 Dumbbell Hang Power Cleans
50m Farmer’s Carry
30 Air Squats


Crossfit – Wendler Deadlift + Library Lifter

The king of lifts is scheduled for Friday’s strength and conditioning. We will run through our deadlift Wendler, and follow it up with a sweaty strength piece. Our goal is to “own” all weights and movements in today’s workout. We have library deadlifts, strict dips, and strict toes to bar for 4 sets of complete quality.


5 Plate Ground to Overhead
6 Overhead Plate Lunges
7 Bent Over Plate Rows
8 Sit-Ups


 Crossfit/ Level 2 – Row Snatch Couplet

Our workout for today includes tons of opportunities to get better at the jumping portion of the snatch. We begin our strength session with snatch skill work followed by a 5 round burner. In our conditioning, we will set our forearms ablaze as we row 500 meter intervals followed by squat snatches from the hang. We finish up with a static core finisher of plank variations.


Med Ball Squat Cleans
Double Unders

Week In Preview, November 22, 2020

“Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”

-Edward Stanely



Healthier Habits Challenge


Our new 6-week free challenge on the horizon its a great time to embrace different healthy habits.


When is the last time you got “flexy”?

You’ve heard it before.. “Great Job, Everyone let’s circle up for some stretching”. You may be running for the door as quickly as you can, but there is a specific reason we mobilize after each workout. One of the main reasons is preservation. We must preserve our range of motion as we age in order to continue move well in the future.


You’ve probably heard at some point about postural imbalances caused by “desk jobs”. Many of us would be quick to attribute our T-spine immobility, and neck pain to a forward head posture. However, we can trace many other muscle performance issues back to this common position. Sitting also has an impact on the lower limbs. When we sit our hip flexors become tight because they are in a more shortened and contracted position.  The Hamstrings become tight because of your glute’s inability to support bodyweight. Overtime lethargic glute muscles and overworked hamstrings won’t be able to contribute equally to hip extension (“standing”). The imbalances between these prime movers is a recipe for disaster. You can’t bend bars and make PR’s with a pulled hamstring so spend some quality time getting flexy. Maybe becoming a part-time yogi isn’t such a bad idea after all? 


This challenge is FREE and open to all!

Starts: Monday, November 23

Ends: Sunday, January 3

Weekly WODs: 


Monday  -Wendler Back Squat + Burpee Barbell Burnout

It’s time to ratchet up the intensity on training day 1. We have a descending ladder of front squats and burpee pull-ups. Options for scaling today include burpee ring rows, burpee jumping pull-ups, and don’t forget up-downs are also an awesome burpee sub.


Tuesday  – Wendler Strict Press  + Shoulder Smoke Show

Today’s class begins with our Wendler strict press and will be followed by a conditioning workout of push press, box jumps, and plate runs. Our goal today is to find a cycle weight for the push press that will allow us to go unbroken throughout all three rounds of our workout. The box jumps will seem like a much needed break after all of the runs and pressing.


Wednesday  – Wendler Deadlift + Quality Conditioning

We begin today by knock out three sets of deadlifts based off the numbers we established at the beginning of the cycle.  Our conditioning EMOM for today is 15 minutes of quality work after two tough workouts on Monday and Tuesday. Some of the movements in our quality EMOM include dead stop sumo deadlifts, sit ups, and rower calories.


Thursday – CFK Turkey Trot

We may be closed on Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean your gain train can halt. We’ve added a special home WOD in the form of a 5k run. Grab a buddy and lace up your running shoes. It’s time to show them what Crossfit has done for your health. You also have the option of performing the CFK Go WOD through wodify if running doesn’t sound too appetizing.


Friday – NCFit Benchmark “BOGO”

Our workout is ready to get you moving before you head out on your shopping spree. We have hang power cleans, running and double-unders to get your blood pumping before you attack the strip malls. Our arm finisher will make sure you win the “flex-off” at the check out line.

**THE FIRST CLASS OF THE DAY WILL START AT 8:30AM. It’s not fun to Crossfit alone so be sure to set a reminder.


Saturday  –  Crossfit/ Level 2

Crossfit and level 2 will both do their fair share of burpees, toes to bar, and barbell jerks today. 10:15 will have an added 1 RM split jerk before getting into the conditioning.


Week In Preview, November 15th, 2020

“First move well, then move often.”

-Gray Cook



Supplement Spotlight:

Is your Repair system broken?

You might have overheard Coach Johnny or Coach Rick talking to athletes about the stress, recovery, and adaptation cycle. CFK’s formula for athlete success is a delicate balance. As a crossfitter, you most likely have experienced some form of physical stress. If you haven’t please see your nearest coach, and we’ll gladly assist you! Finding a balance between too much stress or too little stress is not always an easy task, but is critical to our development as an athlete.  Too much stress can lead to debilitating muscle soreness, and too little stress can leave us feeling a little more fluffy than we would like.  The next and arguably the most important piece of this cycle is recovery. Recovery encompasses many aspects that can stretch from “blacking out” your room at night to your post WOD protein supplement.

Adaptation is the last phase of our cycle. If you allow your body to have sufficient recovery time between periods of stress it will become more strong and resilient. Supplementation with supplements like glutamine are critical in this process. If your training frequency and recovery times increase you will see results in the mirror and on the white board.  It’s time to train, recover, and become the best version of yourself!

Glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acids found in the body and is responsible for tissue repair. It is responsible for providing working tissues with fuel during intense bouts of exercise. During workouts we deplete glutamine and it must be replenished by further intake.  Supplementation with glutamine has been linked to decreased muscle soreness and faster recovery times. 


Weekly WODs: 


Monday  –  Wendler Deadlift + Hammie Hammer-Time

Last week we had many tests in the form of the strict press, deadlift, and squat. On training day 1 we will be working from certain percentages based off our 2-rep max deadlift from last week.  Our conditioning workout for today is for quality.  The WOD will consist of many unilateral exercises that will build single leg strength. Some of the exercises include Bulgarian split squats and stagger stance dumbbell Romanian deadlifts.


Tuesday  –  Blistering Burpees

Day two will be a cardio gut check! There will be 4 rounds of burpees, rowing calories, and sit-ups in an order that might surprise you. Today’s test will be holding your composure as you crush relatively large sets of burpees. Will you crush it, or will it crush you?


Wednesday  –  Coach Rick’s Blessing

We know your lower body may have taken a beating earlier in the week. You can thank coach Rick for sparing your legs on day 3. The original workout was written for hang squat cleans. However, today we’ll give the legs a break and hone our skills on the hang power clean.  The olympic lifts in our conditioning workout will be followed up with short and spicy running intervals.


Thursday –  Wendler Back Squat +  Swoll N’ Flexy

We have a great mix of strength and conditioning in today’s workout.  The first part of class will be focused on the back squat Wendler cycle. Our conditioning gives athletes choices of either air squats or pistol squats. Athletes will also need to choose if they would like to perform chest to bar pull-ups or ring muscle ups.  It’s a great day to work on some high skill movements!


Friday –  Wendler Strict Press

We’ll continue our Wendler pressing cycle with a few sets of strict press based off of our 2 rep max from last week. Our conditioning will help you to shake out your legs with box jump overs and push press. Our goal today is timing of the push press and ensuring it doesn’t turn into the “standing bench press”.


Saturday  –  Crossfit/ Level 2

It’s seven rounds of 400 meter running intervals and 29 back squats. Let’s honor “Manion” the right way with sound mechanics and intensity! Our goal today is to pick a scaling option that will allow us to wake up on Sunday and not feel too terrible. Our workout incorporates a lot of volume on the legs so be sure to scale appropriately.


Week In Preview, November 8th, 2020

“A winner never stops trying.”

-Tom Landry

Event Spotlight

On Saturday, November 21st we’ll be hosting our annual Travis Manion WOD. The proceeds for this event will support veterans, their families, and families of fallen veterans.  The workout for this event consists of 7 rounds of 400 meter running intervals and 29 Back Squats. The weights and variations of the squat will be altered to allow all athletes to participate. Come out and show your support for this awesome cause. Here’s how you can register.

Registration Fee: $29 (Individual workout), $58 (Partner workout) – includes event T-shirt, pictured below!

*Register by October 28 to guarantee a shirt day-of. Last day to register is November 9

How to Register: Click  Here for North, Click Here for West

Date: Saturday, November 21

Time: 10:00 AM

Location: CFK West & CFK North

Who’s Welcome: EVERYONE! Share with friends!

Weekly WODs: 

Monday  –  Squat Day 2-Rep Max

We’ll be putting some heavier weights on our backs this week as we take 20 minutes to build to a 2 rep max back squat. Our conditioning consists of light weight back squats and up-downs over the bar.  We want athletes to go unbroken throughout the conditioning. The goal is to stay moving at all costs!


Tuesday  – Chesty Puller

In honor of the Marine Corps birthday we’ve got a push pull workout. Class will begin with a 2 rep max strict press. The weights for our strength session should be challenging, but allow us to keep our knees fairly straight as we press. Our coaches wouldn’t want you to cheat yourself by bending your knees. Our conditioning will give us a great mix of pushing and pulling with the dumbbells. Some of the movements include the renegade row and push press.


Wednesday  –  “Hansen”

We’ll thank the men and women that have served our country with a hero WOD on day 3. The benchmark workout Hansen consists of burpees, kettlebell swings and sit-ups. There will be 30 reps of each movements in this workout.It is likely that some athletes may need to scale the reps down in order to reduce the workout’s volume.


Thursday  – Rings and Rowers

Are you a champion on the rings?If so, you’re in luck. We have rowing and ring muscle-ups. Today’s workout is lots of pulling and lots of lats!


Friday  – Double Under Doozie

Christmas has come early this year in the form of heavy deadlifts. We have a 2 rep max deadlift followed by a conditioning ladder. Our workout is a descending rep couplet of double unders and deadlifts. Athletes will add weights to their barbell after each round.


Saturday  –  Crossfit/ Level 2

Our workout this weekend is all about the midline. We’ve got a 3 part workout that includes a skill session, conditioning workout, and an ab finisher. Our workout includes dumbbell step ups, box jumps, and toes to bar. We’ll use our skill session to prime ourselves for the type of toes-to-bar variation we plan on doing in the WOD.


Saturday  –  Burn

We’ve gifted you with wall balls, burpees, and bike calories in today’s burn class. Our goal today is to pick an appropriate volume of squats. Newer athletes may be better off reducing the volume of today’s workout in order to avoid excessive soreness. If you’re a seasoned athlete you may consider scaling up your wall ball weight!

Week In Preview, November 1st, 2020

“Is that it?”

Tia-Clair Toomey after hearing Dave Castro announce the details of “Atalanta.”


Swag Spotlight:


Hey CFK, get your orders in for our winter Skyline Hoodies!

Samples for sizing will be available to try-on at West through Wednesday 11/3, and at North Thursday through Monday 11/9. Deadline to order is end of day on 11/9!

Price: $35 each

Submit your orders and view sizing chart HERE

Weekly WODs: 

Monday  –  Power up your Pecs

Our conditioning piece is a spicy couplet of hand-release pushups and power snatches.  The goal for our conditioning workout is to go unbroken through the our power snatches and hand-release push-ups. Our post-workout pump will be a short bro-session of bench press.


Tuesday  –  The Rebate

Did you get your butt kicked doing Crossfit Open workout 20.2 a couple of weeks ago? That’s okay we’ll retest our longer duration open workout once again with a new strategy. Our 20 minute workout of dumbbell thrusters, toes-to-bar, and double unders is sure to challenge every athlete. If you found yourself swinging on the bar uncontrollably in the last few minutes of this workout it might be time to try a new break up strategy for toes-to-bar from the start.


Wednesday  –  Punch and Pray

We’ll be getting under some heavy weights to start the week off.  We have the final retest of our 3 rep max clean and jerk in the first portion of class. Our conditioning couplet will smoke the legs and the forearms as we crush assault bike calories and hang cleans. If high intensity cycling isn’t your thing (or you’re just scared) we’ll have a running interval option to sub for calories.


Thursday  – “Death Row”

This one is always an extreme challenge for most athletes. We’ll be trying to hold on as we add one rowing calorie or one burpee to our previous “Death Row” score. If you haven’t done this workout then it’s a great day to stay conservative. “Death Row” can turn into a train wreck in later rounds if an athlete becomes overly ambitious. We’ll have calorie and burpee rep schemes prepared for our “Death Row” newbies.


Friday  – Liar, Liar, My Arms are on Fire

It’s grip city in today’s workout. We’ll be performing 15 Chest to bar pull-ups followed by Russian swings and goblet squats. If Chest-to-Bar pull-ups aren’t in your wheelhouse we’ll find a pull-up option that allows you to get off the bar in no more than two sets.  We would like to see unbroken Russian swings during the entire workout so choose wisely.


Saturday  – Crossfit/ Level 2

Don’t dodge the the deadlifts this weekend! Our workout is filled with them. We have an buy in style interval run followed by a large number of moderately heavy deadlifts and box-jump overs. Our workout will end with an interval run “cash-out”.

Level 2’s class will have an added core strengthening EMOM from our competitor’s programming. Athlete’s will alternate through three static movements for five cycles. The movements in our level 2 EMOM will include the ring front leaning rest, active squat hold, and the hollow hold.


Saturday  –  Burn

There will be no swings left behind in today’s double AMRAP. We have lunges, tuck-ups, American Swings, and Russian swings in today’s burn class. If you aren’t too enthusiastic about going overhead in the American swing we can always modify to the eye-level Russian swing.

Week In Preview, Saturday October 25th, 2020

“Talent without grit is just potential. Talent plus grit is unstoppable.” 

-Ben Bergeron


Event Spotlight:

On Saturday, November 21st we’ll be hosting our annual Travis Manion WOD. The proceeds for this event will support veterans, their families, and families of fallen veterans.  The workout for this event consists of 7 rounds of 400 meter running intervals and 29 Back Squats. The weights and variations of the squat will be altered to allow all athletes to participate. Come out and show your support for this awesome cause. Here’s how you can register.

Registration Fee: $29 (Individual workout), $58 (Partner workout) – includes event T-shirt, pictured below!

*Register by October 28 to guarantee a shirt day-of. Last day to register is November 9

How to Register: Click  Here for North, Click Here for West

Date: Saturday, November 21

Time: 10:00 AM

Location: CFK West & CFK North

Who’s Welcome: EVERYONE! Share with friends!

Weekly WODs: 

Monday  –  Triple Under Wonder

If you’ve been crushing double-unders then today’s workout will give you a chance to work the triple under. We kick today’s workout off with a 12 minute low intensity skill session of tempo sumo deadlifts, static holds, and rope work. Don’t let the EMOM format of today’s workout fool you! You should expect to see sumo deadlifts, up-downs, double-unders, and sit-ups in our 16 minute conditioning workout.


Tuesday  –  Tricep Tuesday

Tuesday is all arms! We have a five round for time workout of dumbbell snatches and the athlete’s choice of either box dips or ring dips. It’s wise to pick a dumbbell option that allows you to achieve 20 unbroken snatches in today’s workout.


Wednesday  –  Target Practice

We’ll be kicking off today’s workout with a heavy 5 rep front squat followed by a quad intensive conditioning workout. We’ll spend plenty of time at the wall as we complete over 100 wall balls in today’s workout. We’ll break up our sets of wall balls with longer running intervals to flush the legs.


Thursday  –  Push Pull Recovery WOD

We won’t lie the programming has been tough in the last few weeks! We’ll dial it back in today’s workout as we perform an AMRAP style 30 minute recovery WOD. Our workout includes rowing intervals, pull-ups, step-ups, and push-ups.


Friday  – Capacity Testing Couplet

Our day five workout will challenge even the fittest of athletes. We’ll  combine hang power cleans with high skill gymnastics. Our gymnastics movement for today’s workout is the handstand push-up, or a variation of the handstand push-up that allows each athlete to do quick sets of 5 reps.


Saturday  – Happy Halloween

Whatever your plans are for halloween be sure to do some damage control before raiding your candy stash! Our workout for today is “Elm Street”. Our regular crossfit class will perform one round of devil’s presses, sumo power cleans, floor presses, and front squats. Each movement in the workout will followed by a running interval. Level 2 will be performing two rounds of Elm Street.


Saturday  –  Burn

Pick your weights wisely in Burn class today. Our workout will test your grit as you attempt to perform each movement for two minutes each. The movements include russian swings, goblet reverse lunges, and Turkish-get ups. In workouts like this its always better to go lighter and stay moving.

Week In Preview, October 18th, 2020

A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd.” 

– Max Lucado

Supplement Spotlight

Transparent Labs 100% Grass Fed Whey

Sometimes it’s nice to know what exactly is getting put in your body. However, many of the packaged foods we consume expose us t0 the unnecessary risks of eating ingredients that we can’t even pronounce. We love transparent labs because their appeal to the  “What you see, is What you get”  outlook.  Transparent Labs(TPL)  100% Grass Fed Whey is sourced from American grass fed cows and is free from unwanted additions. Each scoop of TPLs Grass Fed Whey contains 24 grams of fast digesting protein that contains no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or food colorings.


Train Hard. Recover Better.


Weekly WODs: 

Monday  –  Air Jordan

Do you have mad “hops”? We have a max height box jump in today’s 12 minute skill session. Our workout will include box jump overs, push presses, and a short running interval. Our intent for the workout is to go unbroken throughout all movements. Make sure to check your ego at the door and scale weights appropriately!


Tuesday  –  Attack the Rack + The Humbler

It’s time to put on your game face and get under some heavy weight. It’s not your average training day in our second workout of the week.  We will be performing a wave-loading style back squat workout that will allow us to get some challenging weights on our backs. Don’t know what wave-loading is? It’s okay, just show up and we’ll show you.  We hope humility is in your wheelhouse because our workout of up down devils presses, goblets squats, and dumbbell snatches won’t disappoint.


Wednesday  –  NCFit Benchmark “Uppercut”

Our buy in for today’s workout is 20 ring muscle-ups. Don’t let that discourage you from coming to class. We’ll have scaling options ready to meet your training goals. Upon completion of the gymnastics buy-in we will be going through several rounds of lateral burpees and power cleans. We’ve done this workout awhile back so check your previous scores.


Thursday  –  Blazing Fury

Bring a fire extinguisher and a bag of  ice to the gym today. You’ll need it to put out the fire in your thighs. Our conditioning will slow roast your quads with wall balls, bike calories, and double-unders. Don’t forget post workout mobility after class.


Friday  –  Form Focus Friday

We’ll be learning the fundamental life skill of picking heavy things up off the ground today.Let’s clean up our deadlift today with proper tensioning. We begin today’s workout with a heavy 3 rep deadlift, and will follow it up with a very grippy conditioning workout. Our workout will include toes-to-bar and dumbbell deadlifts. Train with intention today, and let’s get better.


Saturday  –  Crossfit / Level 2

Our conditioning workout for both classes will include hang power snatches, rower calories, and overhead barbell lunge. It’s a long workout today.Our complex will increase in reps and calories as we progress through our 20 minute workout.


Saturday  –  Burn Class

We’ll be spending quality time with the med balls today as we complete the NCFit Benchmark workout “Med Ballin”. Our workout is 4 rounds for time of wall ball hang squat cleans, wall balls, wall ball lunges, and a 200m wall ball run. It’s time to toast the legs!

Week In Preview, October 11th, 2020

“How you do ANYTHING is how you do EVERYTHING. 

– T. Harv Eker

Membership Give-Away

Don’t forget your opportunity to gain entries for  one free 3 month-membership. Bring your buddy’s to Burn class for free for the rest of October in order to gain an entry. If your friend likes the burn program and decides to join then each person will gain 10 entries. November 2nd we’ll be drawing names from the bucket so be on the lookout for the winner!


Weekly WODs: 

Monday – Quad Smash

You might need the roller with the serrated edges after today’s workout. We’ve got a ladder style workout where reps will decrease and weights will increase. If you’ve been trying to fill out your skinny jeans this will do it! Get ready for some front squats and sit-ups.

Tuesday – Isabel

It’s all about he snatch on day 2 as we prepare for the benchmark workout Isabel with a 3 rep max power snatch. During our strength session we are looking to receive the bar above parallel in the squat.  During our benchmark workout athletes will have the choice to either power snatch or squat snatch.


Wednesday  – Chinny Chin Chin

Our conditioning will force athletes to maintain strict movement while their heart rates remain  elevated.  Our workout is a moderate duration AMRAP of russian swings, double unders, and strict chin-ups. Don’t cheat your self and reach for the bar with your chin!


Thursday  – 400 Meter Madness

Our goal for today’s workout is to maintain a hard consistent effort on each 400 meter running interval. Between our running efforts we will be performing 12 push jerks at a heavy weight. The weight on the bar should be challenging but, should not hinder the athletes ability to cycle the barbell from the front-rack position.


Friday  – The Equalizer

Are you strong? Are you gymnasty? Well this workout has a great mix of weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardio rolled into one workout. We’ve our workout includes high skill gymnastics, deadlifts, and bike calories! Today’s a great day to work the muscle-up in small sets.


Saturday  –  Crossfit / Level 2

It’s going to get spicy this weekend in both classes. We’ve got an awesome test for your quads as we crush rower calories, thrusters, and box jumps. Level 2’s class will also have an added skill practice of pistols and handstand practice. Remember the Crossfit Open is around the corner, and if you are having difficulty with higher level skills then this is the time to work!


Saturday –  Burn Class

There will be lots of pushing and pulling in today’s descending and ascending ladder workout. Athlete’s will attempt to keep a consistent pace through up-down box jump overs, kettlebell sumo deadlift high pulls, and a push-up option that meets the needs of each athlete. It’s a great day to build confidence with the unique movement pattern of the sumo deadlift high pull.


Week In Preview, October 4th, 2020

“The way to get started is to quit talking, and begin doing.” 

– Walt Disney

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Upcoming Events

    • Saturday, October 10th

On the second Saturday of October we’ll be assisting other habitat for humanity volunteers as we help with building from 8am-3:30pm. No experience is necessary!  If you’re ready to give back to your community here is the link to get signed up! All volunteers MUST register through the link and create an INDIVIDUAL account.

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Weekly WODs: 

Monday – Test Day

Your coaches love you. We love you so much that we’ve cooked up “Fran” for your day 1 workout. If you haven’t done this workout before it’s a great day to put light weights on the bar and move FAST! Our goal is a 3 to 4 minute workout with some athletes finishing sub-2 minutes.

Tuesday – Battle of the Bookends

We’ll be book ending our chipper today with longer rowing intervals. Our intent is to keep the same pace on each rowing distance even when fatigued. Today’s longer duration workout will also include slam balls and power cleans. Since the reps are fairly high on the slam balls and power cleans our goal is to pick weights we feel comfortable moving for the long haul.


Wednesday  –  Rump Pump Central

We’ve got lots of legs and lungs in store for day 3. On a 4:00 running timer athletes will perform a running interval, plate ground to overhead, and overhead plate lunges. We’ll flush out the post-WOD soreness with heavy barbell back rack holds and sled-pushes!


Thursday  – Gluteus Gain Train

Our workout for today is a slower tempo workout with a focus on quality. We’ll be looking for great movement as we perform 4 sets of Romanian deadlifts, seesaw dumbbell rows, flutter kicks, and superman holds. We’ll finish of the day with a spicy finisher of arm curls and glute bridges.


Friday  – Open Workout 20.2

We’ll be revisiting a workout from the 2020 Crossfit Open. You might have crushed this workout last time, or it may have crushed you. Regardless of our previous outcome it’s time to get fired up about heavy dumbbell snatches, toes-to-bar, and double-unders. Let’s see how far we’ve come since the last Open!


Saturday  –  Crossfit / Level 2

We’ve got everything you need in order to earn your “rest day” on Sunday. Our strength session will include slow goblet step-ups with an emphasis on the eccentric portion of the lift as well as overall stability. In our conditioning, we’ve got plenty of deadlifts, bike calories, and box-step ups to wake those glutes up! Our finisher will include side planks and v-ups.


Saturday –  Burn Class

Have you ever wondered what competing in Crossfit feels like? Our team workout for burn class will allow athletes to share an AMRAP of bike calories, Russian swings, and wall balls.  May the best team win!