Week In Preview, October 20th, 2019

“We are all self-made but, only the successful will admit it.”

-Earl Nightingale

Supplement Spotlight:

RAW Creatine MonohydrateBlackMarket – Raw Creatine

It’s no secret that creatine has been widely used in sports and exercise programs for a few decades. But why? Creatine is critical in the production of cellular energy in working muscles.  Creatine helps the body create creatine phosphate which is one of the primary energy sources for explosive movements such as sprinting and olympic lifting. Since Creatine helps with energy production it reduces recovery time that allows muscles to grow much quicker! The reduction in recovery time allows you to accomplish more during tough WODs than without supplementation.  So give BlackMarket Labs Creatine a try! It’s time to do a experiment with one of the fitness industry’s time tested and result driven supplements!



Upcoming Events:

  • Crossfit Open Workout 20.3

    See the source image

We’re two weeks into the 2020 Open and things are heating up!!! Remember to tune into The CrossFit Games Website Thursday at 8 pm for the live announcement of 20.3. Two opportunities to perform the workout, just like last week – Friday during classes, or Saturday at 10:15 am. See you there!



Weekly WODs:

Monday – Squat Day (Week 3)

And the squats roll on! Add a little weight to last week’s numbers, and continue to focus on TEMPO (20X1). The “X” means eXplode so when coming out of the hole, treat that barbell with extreme disrespect!

Tuesday – The Grind

A 24-minute grinder that will tax your grip, your lungs, and your will to continue. Lots of dumbbells and kettlebells in this one, come ready to get sweaty.

Wednesday – Humpty Dumpty

On Hump Day we’ll tackle some skills in the single-leg squat (pistol squat), and get upside down in a bit of handstand work. After this, a short and spicy barbell burner awaits. We won’t tell you the movements, but one of them rhymes with “Schmuster”.

Thursday  – Not Your Normal Recovery WOD

Two ways to approach this 3-Rounder – smooth and steady recovery session, or get after it and try to hit negative splits (fancy speak for faster each round). See how you feel coming in, and do what you need to get ready for 20.3 tomorrow!

Friday  – Open Workout 20.3 (Released Thursday Night)

We don’t know, and we don’t care. Twenty-point-three doesn’t stand a chance!!

Saturday –  Free Community WOD at 9 am

Just because it’s the community WOD doesn’t mean we’re taking it easy… this might be one of the toughest WODs of the week! A 14-minute AMRAP with running, and whole-lotta dumbbell work. Bring your friends, we’ll take good care of them.

Saturday  – Level 2  at 10:15 am

20.3 Again! If you can’t hit RED Friday with us, come out on Saturday and lay it on the line in the third edition of the 2020 Open.

Week In Preview, October 13th, 2019

“Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.”

-Newt Gingrich

Supplement Spotlight:

Transparent Labs

Organic Vegan Rice and Pea Protein

Muscle gains don’t have to be hard to come by if you adhere to a strictly plant based diet.  Many companies who create plant based protein powders load their products with added sugar to cover the displeasing taste that is common within vegan protein powders. Transparent Labs’ Vegan Protein has only 2 grams of sugar per serving, and contains a healthy dose of stomach filling fiber.  Even if you aren’t a vegan athlete Transparent Lab Vegan Protein is a great source of high quality protein to aid recovery!

ProteinSeries Organic Vegan







Upcoming Events:

  • Crossover Symmetry Workshop,   Saturday 8am at West

Come join coach Derrick this Saturday, and learn how to properly use the symmetry bands to develop bulletproof shoulders! This simple 5-minute program can change the game for your gymnastics and olympic lifts, as well as increase your durability and resistance to injury. Plus, it’s FREE!

See the source image

  • Crossfit OpenWorkout 20.2

Hopefully, you crushed 20.1 this weekend and are fired up for 20.2! Tune into the  Rogue Iron Game Thursday at 8pm for the live announcement, and remember to come to Saturday’s L2 to participate in the judged workout!

See the source image


Weekly WODs:

Monday –  Squat Day (Week 2)

Last week we established a new 5 rep max for our squat of choice for the upcoming cycle. Today we will be de-loading the bar back down to 75% of that newly established 5 -rep max. We will focus on positional awareness and technique this week even as the bar moves fairly quickly. These initial weeks of the cycle are critical for our ability to PR in 6 weeks!


Tuesday –  Static Addict

We have a long duration EMOM workout planned for Day 2. The diverse selection of these movements will pack a punch to your upper body. We will have heavy push presses, legless rope climbs, and assault bike calories. We will also work a static hold during the EMOM! These holds include kettlebell rack holds, superman holds, hollow holds, and wall sits!


Wednesday – NCfit Benchmark “Power+ Amanda”

Our strength section of today’s workout includes 3 moderately heavy sets of 5 power snatches. The key word here is “moderately”. We are not looking for a 5 rep max today, but we are looking for good technique and position with a heavier load. Our conditioning includes more power snatches and bar muscle ups! If we don’t have bar muscle ups then we will scale appropriately to get the correct stimulus.


Thursday  – Team AMRAP

We will pair up today with our buddies to get some restorative blood flow to those hard worked muscles. We will get the opportunity to row, bike, air squat, bent- over row, and perform a CFK favorite the kickback. Come join us, and prep your body for day 5’s open workout.


Friday  – Open Workout 20.2 (Released Thursday Night)

Many of us tuned in last week to watch the Rogue Iron Game show that featured a grueling duel between Rich Froning and Scott Panchik. We watched in awe as they completed a seemingly endless workout of bar-facing burpees and ground to overheads. The staff at Crossfit HQ kept us humble last week! We can’t wait to see what he has in store for us this week!


Saturday –  Free Community WOD at 9am

We have dumbbell hang power cleans, wall balls, running intervals, and kickbacks this week in community WOD. Bring your friends and try to be quick on those runs!


Saturday  – Level 2  at 10:15am

The level 2 class will run the open workout 20.2 for judging! Come in and get an official score! You can even reattempt Friday’s workout if you weren’t feeling it!

Week In Preview, October 6, 2019

““Act the way you want to be and soon you’ll be the way you act.”

-Les Brown




Supplement Spotlight

“Go the Distance” with Extreme Endurance

If your looking for a way to increase your capacity for throwing it down in the gym look no further than extreme endurance tablets. You may have seen these products on our shelves recently,  but skipped out on their amazing benefits.  Extreme endurance has created a product that acts as a lactic acid buffer, and helps muscles to recover more than 5 times faster than their regular rate. As we workout we damage muscle fibers that allow blood creatine kinase levels to rise. Creatine kinase is an enzyme created from damaged muscles. The result of high levels of creatine kinase can manifest itself as muscle fatigue, decreased athletic performance, and even injury! Extreme Endurance is also known for its ability to decrease lactic acid production by up to 26%! The answer is clear… if you want to go the distance start with Extreme Endurance Tablets.

Image result for extreme endurance





Upcoming Events

CrossFit Open

The 2020 CrossFit Open starts this week! We’ll perform the workouts each week on Fridays, so get ready! If you haven’t registered yet, you can find the registration link as well as everything else you need to know in our blog here:


The biggest determining factor in you reaching your goals is your ability to SHOW UP! That’s why we have the 20 Committee each month. For anyone who achieves the 20 committee during each of the last 3 months of the year, we’re awarding our Special Edition CFK Athlete #COMMITTED T-shirt! You don’t have to attend 20 classes (although we’d love you to!). The 20 committee recognizes 20 ACTIVE DAYS each month. Check out this blog post on everything you need to know about getting on, and staying on the board:









CFK Squat Cycle Personal Record Board

We believe in the proper application of intensity at CFK. The time tested method of our 5×5  squat cycle programming results in better bods and better quads! CFK members that follow correct loading procedures and are consistent are likely to earn that sweet gold star in Wodify.Congrats to all the athletes that smashed this cycle. We are excited to see how far you come next cycle!








Weekly WODs


Monday – Squat Day (Retest Day)

We have arrived at week one of the new squat cycle! If we are are staying with the same squat we can attempt to break last week’s number. If we are trying another variation of squat during our new cycle we will be looking to find a new 5 rep technical max.  Get ready for a savage shoulder pump afterwards! We have high repetition overhead pressing movements, and quick interval runs!

Tuesday – Fiery 50

We have a triplet AMRAP consisting of tough rowing intervals, kickbacks, and strict pullups for day 2. We will use scaling today as necessary to accomplish all pull-ups within 2 to 3 sets. Rowing posture and sequencing will be extremely imperative during the ascending meter interval sprints!


Wednesday – NC Fit Benchmark “Eliza- Plus”

We have another benchmark this week! Be sure to record your scores! We will begin with 5 sets of 3 moderately heavy power cleans followed by our conditioning. Our WOD for today is a descending ladder of power cleans and ring dips. However, if ring dips aren’t our thing we can substitute them for hand-release push-ups! Try to find a weight on the cleans you can do for 7-10 reps unbroken, and make sure not to go to failure on the pressing movements.


Thursday – R and R

The rest and recovery workouts on day 4 are back! We last saw this type of programming during the Wodapalooza workouts a few weeks ago! The 2020 Crossfit Open has arrived, and we need to flush out before we crush those scorecards! We have an  EMOM format for today’s work that incorporates med ball hang cleans, med ball strict press, and some low key rowing!


Friday – Crossfit Open 20.1 (Workout Released Thursday at 5pm)

We won’t know what to expect until the day before, but don’t let the anticipation scare you away! Get in the gym, and let’s spread those good CFK crossfit open vibes! Friday’s classes will not be judged for online competitors!


Saturday Level 2 – Crossfit Open Retest

If you need a judge for 20.1 make sure to make it out to our level 2 workout at 10:15am! We will be retesting the WOD for those that didn’t get a chance to test Friday.


Community WOD – Bring your Bros!

We have three short AMRAPs that are all separated by a quick recovery period. We will test our ability to recover from burpees, plate ground to overhead, and plate hops as we “we keep on, keeping on”. Bring a buddy and try to stick to the same pace throughout each!



Week In Preview, September 29th, 2019

“Working hard for something we do not care about is called stress, working hard for something we love is called passion.”

-Simon Sinek





Supplement Spotlight

Puori “Daily 3”

There is a reason we finish off every foundations class with a product sampling of the Puori 03, D3, and M3.  03 is an all around must have in any supplement stash because of its well known ability to reduce inflammation, its role in healthy heart function, and its facilitation of hair growth. D3 is critical to athletes because it improves calcium absorption in the intestines.D3 assist calcium in the creation of more dense bones as they recover from our hard workouts . Vitamin D deficiencies can lead to depression, muscle pain, and premature hair loss. M3 is vital to muscle and nerve function because of its important role in the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in muscle tissue. ATP, as we all learned in biology class is the energy currency of the cell! Magnesium is responsible for supplying the muscles with a steady stream of that invaluable energy source during strenuous exercise.

Buy Puori Stack and Take 20% Off

Image result for puori





Upcoming Events


2-week free promo for October Bring-a-Friend Friday!

This was such a hit last time that we’re rolling it back for this month’s Bring-a-Friend Friday! All guests who show up for this week’s BAFF or the community WOD this weekend will receive a 2-week free coupon to use anytime during the month of October! Let’s spread the word and spread the fitness this week y’all!

Crossover Symmetry

Whether you want to PR your snatch or just get rid of a little shoulder pain, the Crossover Symmetry program can help you out! Jus 5 minutes a day will get you bulletproof shoulders that are durable, stable, and hella strong! Here are the two upcoming October dates:
Upcoming Crossover Class Dates:
Saturday, October 5 @ 8am (North location)
Saturday, October 19 @ 8am (West location)



Weekly WODs

Monday – Quasimodo Monday!!!

We are opening the week up again with dead-lifts. We have 3 sets of interval running, box jump overs, wall balls, and Touch and Go dead-lifts with a heavy weight.


Tuesday – Don’t Forget your Grips

Our conditioning workout for today will test our ability alternating between dynamic and strict movements. Today’s WOD includes power snatches followed by a challenging complex of toes to bar and strict pull-ups.


Wednesday – NCFit Benchmark “DeathRow”

No growth happens in the comfort zone! This alternating EMOM for 20 minutes is sure to have you begging for the buzzer! Let’s push ourselves today on the rower and through all ten sets of burpees to callus our minds! The dark place is where the gains are made!


Thursday – Squat Cycle (TEST YO SELF)

We have come to the end of yet another squat cycle, and it’s time to see how far we come over the last 8 weeks. Following the squats, we will have a 3 person duathlon style conditioning workout with biking, running intervals, and sit-ups.


Friday – Bring – A – Friend Friday /  “Ace”

Your favorite piece of equipment? The assault bike? Your favorite movement? Thrusters? We took your needs into consideration when we cooked up an alternating EMOM of bike calories and dumbbell squat clean thrusters. It wouldn’t be Crossfit if it didn’t sting a little!


Saturday – Community WOD

Ain’t no party like a CFK party, cause a CFK party don’t stop! Bring your friends to our free weekly WOD! Come get your fill of ring rows, running intervals, Russian swings, and box jumps!


Saturday – Level 2

We are going to check in on our vertical pulling strength this weekend with a 2 rep max pull-up. We will then move into three 3-minute AMRAPs of Russian swings, weighted box step ups, and a kickback pull-up. Have fun with this one, and try to complete 50 kickback pull-ups in  three minutes!




Week In Preview, September 22, 2019

“A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” 

Supplement Spotlight

“All aboard the Gain Train”

BlackMarket Labs


 Are you doing your bicep curls RX? If not, look no further than our Blackmarket Labs L-Citrulline. You’ve probably seen this product in many of the pre-workout supplements that we carry, but might not understand the benefits of this great amino acid. When it comes to crossfit, oxygen delivery is the name of the game. Our high intensity workouts deprive our working tissues of oxygen, which forces us to take recovery breaks mid-WOD.

Blackmarket Labs RAW L-Citrulline

Our exhaustion is a direct result of blood ammonia and lactate levels beginning to spike. L-Citrulline has been found to blunt the rise of blood ammonia and lactate. This great product is also often used as a pumping agent for bodybuilders! Citrulline has the ability to convert to other amino acids that assist in giving you sleeve stretching muscle pump! So if you use L-Citrulline don’t hide the gun show!

Weekly WODs:

Monday – Hefty Hinge

Bring your lifters on day 1! We have a 3RM deadlift, and will push the pace in our conditioning workout. For the conditioning, we will hack away at 3 rounds of moderately heavy deadlifts and a few double unders. The fun won’t end until we finish off with a 200m run.


Tuesday – Eazy-E

Don’t let the name fool you! This workout will be everything, but easy! We have a 21 minute EMOM of Dumbbell split snatches, calories on the bike, and unbroken wall-balls.


Wednesday – 5×5 / 5×3 Squat Cycle

We are adding that last five pounds before test week. You could say things are getting pretty serious! As always, let’s focus on bracing and treat each rep as a chance to get better. We will finish up with two minutes of max calories on the bike or rower followed by kettlebell swings.


Thursday – Belly Flop

Is it an Up-Down or a Kickback? Call it what you want, but we will have a good time regardless. In our conditioning workout we will perform kickbacks and power cleans as a descending rep ladder.


Friday – Bodyweight Ninja

What better way to honor a fallen hero than some old school military style workouts! We have a max effort run followed by a max distance row in the remaining allotted time.  We will get an awesome bodyweight workout with pull-ups, sit-ups, and hand release pushups afterwards!


Saturday – Community WOD

Bring your friends and come get sweaty with our community at 9am! We have burpee box jump overs, and alternating dumbbell snatches. We will conclude our 45 minute class with some single leg box squats!


Saturday – Level 2

We are gonna get a core blast this weekend! We have Russian swings, box jumps, overhead plate lunges, and V-Ups.  Our goal is to spend about 1 minute with each for four sets!

Week In Preview, September 15th, 2019

“If you are afraid of failure you don’t deserve to be successful.”

-Charles Barkely




New Products from Transparent Labs and Puori

Pre-order due by Wednesday September 18th at 8am

Click Here for More Details

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Image result for puori


Be a Beast 5K

September is ovarian cancer awareness month.  The “Be a Beast” 5K is in memory of Ann Higginbotham, a lifelong educator who battled this deadly cancer. All proceeds for the race will go toward the Ann Higginbotham Memorial Scholarship Fund. The race will begin at Anderson County High School on September 21st at around 8:30am. For more details on the race click here!

Crossover Symmetry Workshop with Coach Derrick

Poor overhead mobility? Aches and pains? Cranky shoulders? Coach Derrick has your back on September 21st at our West location at 8am.  Don’t sleep on on progress!

Image result for crossover symmetry


Monday – Keg Stand

Our workout on day one will tax the legs as well as your shoulders. We have high rep front rack lunges and handstand pushups.  We will follow it up with a long distance interval run. Try not to fall over when your legs feel drunk on this one!


Tuesday – Simone

We know all of the CFK gymnasts won’t miss day 2! We have a descending rep ladder of Russian swings and chest to bar pull-ups followed by an additional conditioning ladder. The second ladder will incorporate American swings and bar muscle-ups.

Wednesday –  Squat Day

We are getting heavy by this point in the squat cycle. Brace yourself for some tough sets during our 5×5, or 5×3 heavy training day. We also have thrusters, double-unders, and front squats in a quick hitting 10 minute AMRAP.


Thursday – Salt N’ Pepa

It’s time to heat things up with an EMOM style conditioning workout that will prioritize quick transitions, mental grit, and cardiovascular fitness. We have rowing intervals, burpees, and touch and go snatches for an entire 20 minutes.

Friday – DT

Staff Sergeant Timothy Davis must have been a barbell freak because the popular hero WOD DT is one of the most brutal workouts in our sport. We have 5 rounds for time of 12 deadlifts, 9 Hang Cleans, and 6 Shoulder to Overhead.  Ask your coach about scaling!

Saturday – Community WOD

We usually program lower skill movements for our free workout on Saturday, but that doesn’t mean we dial down the intensity. You can make your weekend workout with your friends as hard as you want! We have med ball cleans and med ball push presses topped off with spicy short running intervals.


Saturday – Level 2

Our new programming has taught us that holding static positions with kettlebells is a lot harder than it seems. We have a fantastic kettlebell routine planned for our warmup which includes windmills, around the worlds, and single arm front rack carries. Our longer duration conditioning workout afterwards will pump up our chest, give our quads a challenge on the bike, and heat up our calves from box jump overs.

Pre-Order Your Stacks and Receive 20% off

Pre-Order Today and Save

It’s true when you buy in bulk you save! We are slashing 20% off the top of select Puori and Transparent Labs “stacks”. Members and Non-Members receive this special discount when they purchase ALL products from a custom supplement program built by CFK.  The programs are tailored to meet the needs of each athlete, and support their hard training endeavors. We are bringing some new, and exciting products to CFK so be sure to check out all the links!

To order your supplements email us at [email protected] or use the sign up sheet!


Pre Order By Wednesday September 18th  by 8:00am

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Beast Mode Stack


Betaine Anhydrous



Muscle Building Stack

Mass Gainer

100% Grass Fed Whey Isolate

Creatine HMB

CoreSeries BCAA Glutamine

Body Fat Attack Stack

Fat Burner Stim Free


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Daily Supplements

Omega 3


Vitamin D




Week In Preview, September 8th, 2019

“Am I committing everything I have to make myself the tiniest percentage better than I am right now, no matter how hard I have to work, no matter what I have to give up, no matter how long it takes?”

-Ben Burgeron

Supplement Spotlight

Transparent Labs

Fat Burner Stim-Free

Sometimes we need a little extra help vacating that last little bit of stubborn belly fat. You are in luck if you are in the market for a fat-burning supplement! Often times, fat burning supplements are loaded with stimulants that keep you on edge and awake! Don’t worry though, Transparent Labs has you covered with their Stimulant Free Fat Burner. One of the key ingredients in Transparent Labs’ Stimulant Free Fat Burner is Forskolin. Forskolin acts as a fat cell liberator by producing enzymes like lipase to break down fat cells.


Image result for transparent labs stim free fat burner



However, there are a few other helpful products inside this fat busting genie! 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is a naturally occurring amino acid that helps create the neurotransmitter Serotonin. 5-HTP is responsible for elevating your mood, assisting with sleep, and may even be used as an appetite suppressant. So don’t sacrifice your sleep for shedding that last little bit of body fat! Try the effective non-stimulant fat-burner from Transparent Labs!

Upcoming Events

9/11 Tribute WOD

On Wednesday September 11th we will honor those we lost by sacrificing a little sweat for those we lost in  cowardly acts of terrorism 18 years ago.  All classes will perform the tribute workout on the 11th,  which is representative of certain events that occurred that day.  Put your game face on, and let’s honor their memory the right way!

Image result for 9/11 tribute

Class Cancelations at CFK West on September 14th

Due to CFK hosting the Crossfit Level 1 Seminar we will not be having any classes on September 14th. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Image result for level 1 seminar

Crossover Symmetry Workshop

Coach Derrick will be leading a workshop at the west location on Saturday the 21st of September.  We’ve been doing a lot of overhead movements, and it’s critical that we address any issues that we have with strengthening those shoulders, rotator cuffs, and scapulas!

Image result for crossover symmetry

Weekly WODs

Monday – Squat Day

Things should be heating up this week our squats! We have our regularly scheduled 5×5 or, 5×3 squat cycle planned for the beginning of the week.  We will also get some work with heavy push presses. You can pick your poison for the conditioning portion. Your options are the CFK benchmark “Barfight” (Max effort 500m row), or her ugly step-sister “Moshpit” (Max Effort Assault Bike Calories in 1:00).


Tuesday – Earthquake

On day 2 we will shake the earth with heavy deadlifts in our conditioning workout. We have deadlifts, double-unders, and rope climbs. If double-unders don’t excite you than we will scale to plate hops. Bring leg protection! It’s all fun and games until you get burned!

Wednesday – 9/11 Tribute WOD

The initial release of the week in preview had “Daniel” marked as the WOD for the day. We apologize for the confusion. As previously mentioned in the upcoming events, ALL classes will be performing the 9/11 Tribute WOD. Let’s get after it in this one in support of those we lost.



Thursday – Mac Truck

On day 4 we have three intense AMRAPs  that will reintroduce you to double dumbbell ground to overhead, dumbbell kickbacks, and push-ups.


Friday – Drop it Like it’s Hot

We have a two part strength and conditioning piece on day 5. Our main focus is smooth cycling long barbell complexes. We will build to a heavy set of  a hang clean, hang squat clean,  and front squat complex. We will see those movements again in the conditioning portion along with toes to bar.


Saturday – Community WOD

We have not one…not two…but, three 4-minute AMRAPs for our free community workout this week. Bring a friend and share your undying love for wall balls, push-ups, and sprints.


Saturday – Level 2

We will close our week with the “Fight Gone Bad” WOD.  However, before we ratchet up the intensity to level 10 we will get an attempt at a 1 rep max Turkish Get Up.

Week In Preview, September 1st, 2019

“No one ever drowned in sweat”

-author unknown

Supplement Spotlight

Transparent Labs

Mass Gainer

If you wanna get big, you gotta eat big! When it comes to claiming your spot on the “swoll patrol” mass gainer can help. Your body naturally needs more calories to repair those sleeve busting biceps and triceps you’ve been working on. Transparent labs has created a mass gaining protein complete with 100% Grass Fed Whey, long lasting carbohydrate sources, healthy fat sources, and even added creatine monohydrate. One serving has a perfect muscle building ratio of carbohydrates to fat, and has more than enough calories to kick-start the good gains! Even if your goal is maintaining lean muscle mass, a half-serving of mass-gainer will do the trick for muscle recovery! Try transparent Labs Mass Gainer today! Your tanktop will thank you!
Image result for transparent labs mass gainer

Upcoming Events

9/11 Memorial T-Shirt Pre-Order

We are now accepting pre-orders for the 9/11 memorial T-shirts. Show your support for those who gave their lives on that tragic day 18 years ago.

Tank-Top or T-Shirt: $20.00

Pre Order Due: Wednesday September 4th by 4pm

Email: [email protected]

Strength Seminar with Jeremy Augusta

Renowned strength coach, Jeremy Augusta, will be visiting our gym on September 7th. It is apparent by the picture that Jeremy is a subject matter expert when it comes to lifting heavy things for fun. He will share his expertise in injury prevention as well as in-depth training on the bench, squat and deadlift.

Tickets: $60.00

Get yours here!

Image result for jeremy augusta

“Hey Love!” Crossover Symmetry is Back

Coach Derrick will be instructing a free crossover symmetry workshop on Saturday September 7th at 8am at North! Come out to have some fun and fix those shoulders!


Coach’s Challenge

Swoll Patrol

-100m Row using only biceps

-10 calories on the assault Bike only using arms followed by 10 pushups

We’ve cooked up a nasty little bicep and tricep workout for the challenge this week. Post your video to  Instagram and insert these hashtags with your posting #cfk#bro’sandbi’s#coach’schallenge#crossfit.


Weekly WODs


Monday – Squat Day

We will be adding 5 pounds this week to our 5×5 or 5×3 squat cycle. Let’s focus on owning positions with the tempo, and get after it in the conditioning workout. We have a moderately long AMRAP filled with situps, calories on the rower, and a gymnastics pull of choice.

Tuesday – Gump

Day 2 will force us to flex our grit muscles as we attempt to hold a tough pace throughout a long duration workout. We have lots of conditioning today that includes running intervals, double-unders, single dumbbell step-ups,  and rowing.

Wednesday – Grace

You read correctly, We have Grace! We will first work up to a heavy 1 rep max with the clean and jerk then head into our conditioning.  Grace is a pretty soulless type of girl so choose your weights wisely!

Thursday – Treat Yo Self

We have another dose of Thursday therapy planned this week! We have crushed some hard WODs now it’s time to take a step back. We will be doing a full body flush  with rowing, plate ground to overheads, and plate overhead lunges. You’ll see the same format for the workout as we’ve seen each Thursday before the qualifier workouts.

Friday – Wodapalooza Online Qualifier (Released Wednesday Night)

These workouts are tough, but as a resilient and experienced CFK athlete we know you have done everything in order to prepare. It’s time to perform! Drop the Hammer and Go!

Saturday – Level 2

Chest Day! We haven’t had one in awhile so its a great time to see where we are at with a heavy 3 rep bench. We also have a cool partner WOD planned that incorporates the elements of the benchmark Cindy, and max calories on the bike.

Saturday – Community WOD

Our free workout this week will test our ability to maintain consistency across 4 rounds of calories on the bike, kick-backs, and kettle-bell cross body static holds. It’s an excellent day to bring a friend, and learn some less familiar movements with our experienced coaches.

Week In Preview, August 25th 2019

“You have the most opportunity to grow from the things you suck the most at.”

-Kaitlyn Kassis

Supplement Spotlight

Clearing up the Confusion
When it’s time to chill out cannabidiol (CBD) should be a go to supplement in your stash. At CFK, we are confident in the abilities of Julian Marley to produce a supplement capable of reducing inflammation, decreasing anxiety, and giving you a more sound slumber. CBD does not contain the psychoactive compounds that produce the sluggish “high”associated with tetrahydrocannibinol (THC) . Often, people mistakenly identify CBD as THC. Receptors in the brain are highly involved with this “high”. These cannabinoid receptors found in the brain control our pain sensations, appetite, and even our changing moods.  One of the brain’s most common cannabinoid receptors , the CB1 ,  is responsible for the hunger binges and fogginess caused by THC. CBD does not produce these undesired effects because it does not attach to CB1 receptors like THC. No need to be scared! Try it today!  Whether your trying to win the battle against inflammation, or hit the sheets early Juju Royal is the way to go!

Upcoming Events

“I Am CFK” Retest

The challenge is coming to a close, and we are excited to share your results! We have our retest in place of the 10:15 Level 2 workout at North on the 31st of August.

Crossfit Level 1 Certification

We are hosting a Crossfit Level 1 Certification at our gym on September 14-15. The value of this training will transfer to your lifts and new PRs. Don’t let an excellent opportunity to be coached by the best slip away!

To Register Click Here

Image result for level 1 crossfit

Strength Seminar with Jeremy Augusta

Don’t miss your chance to get instruction from a world-class strength coach on September 7th. Jeremy Augusta, a renowned strength coach, will cover the finer points of the Bench, Squat, and Deadlift. Tickets are $60.00. Get yours here!

Image result for jeremy augusta


Coach’s Challenge


1 Rep Max Bottoms up Kettle Bell Press (Both Arms)

The coaching staff at CFK have come up with a unique challenge that will test your core stability, posture, strength, and coordination. Post your video to  Instagram and insert these hashtags with your posting #cfk#bottomsup#coach’schallenge#crossfit.

 Good luck, this one is tough!



Weekly WODs


Monday – Colt 45.

We begin class with our regularly scheduled squat cycle. We will shake off Monday’s frustrations with an AMRAP of slam balls, slam ball lunges, and toes to bar. It’s a perfect day to release negative energy on the slam ball!


Tuesday – Thick Rick

Double-unders are hard, but some people seem to make them look  absolutely effortless! We will get some practice with the elusive double under, and work a gymnastics weakness at the first part of our class. Our conditioning is going to be a burner with double unders, running intervals, and handstand pushups.


Wednesday – Klokov

We will take 20 minutes to build to a 1 rep max snatch at the beginning of class. The focus for today is to hit the same positions with big weight as you would with lighter weights. The WOD for today will challenge our positioning by elevating our heart rate on the rower, and heading straight into maximum repetition of snatches at lighter loads.


Thursday – Get Moving and Stay Moving

One of the best ways to recover from workouts is to get moving. Day 4 is going to be lower intensity workout that will allow us sufficient recovery before Wodapalooza on Friday. Our recovery WOD includes jump squats, sit- ups, kettle-bell swings, and rowing.


Friday – Wodapalooza Online Qualifier

Ask your favorite coaches on Wednesday night what the WOD is so you’ll be prepared! Otherwise it’s a mystery until then!


Saturday – Level 2

We have a two part workout that consist of heavy deadlifts…everywhere! Our strength session includes a heavy 3 rep deadlift followed by a conditioning workout that may bake your back! Don’t worry we sprinkled in a few burpees over the bar for good measure!


Saturday – Community WOD

We have a very globo gym friendly workout planned for your weekend! We have dumbbell bicep curls, strict pressing, mountain climbers, and box step-ups. Show your friends crossfit isn’t as scary as it seems! Bring them out and, work those beach muscles!