Endurance Programs

Whether your goal is to run your first 5k or 100k trail race, we have training programs to help you crush PRs while staying strong and balanced. Coaches Mary and Nate have years of experience racing and coaching at all levels of endurance sport. We host training programs throughout the year for races on both trail and road, and if you have a specific race or goal we have remote coaching and personal training options available as well!

Simply fill out the form and tell us what you’re interested in, on of our coaches will contact you to set up an introductory discovery session where we’ll discuss your goals, current training, and discover how we can help!

 Training Options Available:

  • Weekly Endurance Class - Crossfit Knoxville’s Endurance class takes place every Thursday evening at CFK’s West location. If you’re looking to add some extra conditioning to your current training or learn to become a more efficient runner, it’s a great addition to your program. Scalable to any fitness level!
    • Pricing: FREE with CFK membership!
  • Large Group Training - CFK Endurance offers Training programs for various races and events. This allows members to train together on the same program, working towards a common goal. Programs are designed for the entire group, in order to make sure athletes are moving and training safely, reducing the risk of injury or overtraining
    • Pricing: Varies by length of program
  • Small Group Training - Small group training programs allow a few athletes to train together for specific races or events on a smaller scale than large group training.  This allows athletes the benefit of a group setting, while also getting a more personal feel of a 1-on-1 training program. Small groups may be 3-6 athletes.
    • Pricing: Small group sessions offer advantages over PT and large group training.  Small groups are more cost-effective, and price varies based on group size and length of training
  • Personal Training - One-on-one training plans tailored for your specific discipline and goals. Whether it’s for a 5k, 100miler or an Ironman, we’ll work to create a plan that is safe and effective, specific to your needs.
    • Pricing: Starts at $75/session, discounts forCFK Members
  • Remote coaching - CFK Endurance offers consultations and online training programs for various races or events, designed to help you train for and achieve your goals without the need to meet in person each week. Remote Coaching is done in 4-week blocks. You will receive each block on Monday after a weekly feedback session. Each week will be adjusted based on several variables
    • Pricing: Starts at $100 per 4-week block, depending on goals and level of programming needed

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- Team CFK