9/11 Memorial WOD

Hey CFK!


On Monday, Sep 11, 2017, we (CFK as a Community) will complete a tribute workout to the folks who suffered, the folks who gave all of themselves, and the many who lost family members and dear friends in the terrible tragedy that struck our Country in the form of terrorism.  Regardless of your political views or opinions, we can all come together in the notion that it was an unnecessary loss and should not soon be forgotten.


See below for scaling options, stimulus, and attitude required for Monday’s workout.  It is very likely that it will take more than an hour to get bigger classes through this workout but we will be doing our best and highly encourage you to get here early and perform any extra warming up you may need prior to classes starting.  If you are unfamiliar with any of the movements we will scale them to practice weights.


This will be a very good day for the community and it is quite a good workout.  We will start in waves on the rowers so make sure to get in Wave 1 if you know you will need to leave early.  As rowers become available, remaining athletes will begin.  This is an untimed workout so start time and scoring are irrelevant.


“9/11 Heroes WOD” 

For Time:

2001m Row
, followed by 11 Reps each of the following movements:



36″ Box Jumps (24” Step Ups or Jumps)

125# Thruster (95/65# or 45/25#) 

Burpee C2B Pull-ups (11 Burpees/11 Ring Rows)

175# Power Clean (135/95 or 95/55# Dead Lift)

Strict HSPU (Pike Pushups or Dumbell Push Press)

70# American KBS (70/53# KB Deadlift)

 (Supine Toes to Barbell)

170# Deadlift
 (135/95 or 95/55# Deadlift)

110# Push Jerk (75/55 or 45/25# Push press)


Cash Out: 2001m  Row/Run/Ski (Bike 3k)


: Longer WOD, Get in where you fit in and do work for as long as it takes.  Pacing is key, not intended to be a sprint.  The goal is to remember what happened to our great nation on Sep 11, 2001 and those that sacrificed all for others.  Frustration on this day will not be tolerated, be solemn, be appreciative of our freedoms and have a great Wod!


*All movements are extremely scalable and should be scaled as necessary.  Everyone should be able to perform one of the scaled versions of each movement.  Use weights that allow athletes to perform the movements with correct technique but provide a challenge.  This is a “get in where you fit in” type workout.  Nobody should be in a hurry and we aren’t scoring in Wodify.   


I’m looking forward to seeing everyone work hard and pay tribute!




Coach Johnny