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9 years in the making!

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Happy St. Patty’s day everyone!

17.4 is here and we’re pumped about hosting SML tomorrow, but did you know that today has way more significance than just the Open and drinking to your Irish heritage?

Eight years ago CFK held it’s first workout in Cedar Bluff.  The former location was across the street from the current West gym, where there is now Tandy Leather.  At that time the gym only occupied half of the space, and the other half was a Radio Shack.

Before that, CrossFit Knoxville was established in October 2008 in Johnny Davis’s garage gym.  This is how the majority of CrossFit gym originally started:  the home gym.  Communities would build, expand, and over the years have turned into what we have today.

So today we’re celebrating 8 years in the Cedar Bluff Shopping Center and looking on some old times!  Check out some of these GREAT pictures and videos from back in the day.  You may even see a few familiar faces!

The OG crew

Hanging out in the garage gym.

Running in the streets!

Hanging around before and after class.  Some things never change!

Our fearless leader in with some of the OGs of CrossFit at his CF Level 1 Cert.  Zoom in and see which CrossFit celebrities you can spot.  HINT:  One of them writes our programming and one of them is on the live broadcasts of the Open workout releases.

Johnny’s neighbors probably had enough of him filling up the streets with all his friends.  Time to move to a new location!

First workout at the new place!  Check out those polished kettlebells!

Empty space to start.

Next to Radio Shack.  They would come to love loud music and barbells slamming.

Filling it out!  Rig, rings, squat stands, platforms, rowers, boxes, and of course, kettlebells.

For even more flashbacks, check out the following videos provided by our favorite gym juggler:

Benchmark WOD Angie

Doing dumbbell snatches WAY before they were cool and in the Open

Grace on Christmas Eve.  Listen and the beginning for some good coaching.

And finally, as the Open draws to an end, we look to the CFK Games.  Here’s a flashback to the original CFK Games!

-Coach Scott

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