5k Challenge

Are you ready for a challenge?  

The average CrossFitter should posses the fitness necessary to complete a 5k and running distance is very much a part of CrossFit.  However, nobody want’s to show up at the box and run around the parking lot for 3.1 miles.  That’s where the CFK Holiday 5k Challenge comes in.  

The 5k is one of the best ways to test your fitness level and be opened up to the benefits of endurance training.  It’s the perfect distance to push yourself and your conditioning, but not so far that you’ll spend 3 days recovering on the couch.  Are you ready to take the CFK Holiday 5K Challenge and give yourself a goal to stay motivated?

We’ll kick off the holiday season and start with a traditional bench mark 5k on Thanksgiving Day at the annual  Hot to Trot 5k through Turkey Creek where a group of your peers will give you water and cheer you on.  Once you have your “baseline time” Coach Mary will provide an additional running workout each week to add to your current Crossfit training schedule.  Runners will do the additional weekly workout, along with the regular Saturday endurance class to train towards a 5k PR to ring in the New Year.   The Calhoun’s New Year’s Day 5k will be held on January 1st at Calhoun’s on the River. *Use discount code C5CrossFit for $5 off your Hot to Trot registration!

Hot 2 Trot
When:  November 24th
Where:  Farragut
Cost:  $30 before November 20th, use code C5CrossFit for $5 off

Calhoun’s New Year’s Day 5k
When:  New year’s day
Where:  Calhoun’s on the River
Cost: $20 before November 30th

CFK Holiday 5k Challenge FAQ’s:

Q-Who’s it for?
Anyone and Everyone.  It’s truly for anyone looking to boost fitness and have a goal to stay active during the holidays or just try a new challenge and have a little fun during the holidays

Q-What if I want to do a different 5k, or I’m traveling for Thanksgiving?
All good!  We are not sponsors and don’t make any money off of these races.  Thanksgiving day 5Ks have become very popular all over the country, so you can find one almost anywhere!

Q-What if I can’t run a full 5k?
That’s perfectly fine. You can run/walk and train through the holidays and hope for a PR on New Year’s Day.

Do I have to do both races?
No, but we can’t see improvement without a baseline time so we highly encourage you to do both!  

Q-What’s the cost to train?
Not a dime to train, though you do have to pay to race.  You’ll get 1 workout each week to add to your current crossfit program and you’ll attend Saturday morning Endurance class at 10am at West.

Q-I’ve never done more than the 600m warmup loop.  How am I supposed to do this?
All good!  That’s how we set benchmarks.  Take a run/walk approach and we’re sure you can finish it.  Talk to a coach or come to Endurance class before the first run to create a plan!

Q-Do I have to go to every Endurance class on Saturday?
It is not required to go to everyone, but it will be excellent training to help you reach your goals.  Try to get in at least one of the additional workouts every week if not both of them.

Q-I still have questions – who can help me?
Email coach Mary at [email protected]