2021 Open

What’s up CFK?

The 2021 CrossFit open officially kicks off tonight and we couldn’t be more excited to watch everyone test their abilities. Coach Alex and Coach Jesse wanted to remind everyone of CFK’s plan for this year’s open.


Remember, its not to late to register if you are on the fence! Not sure what the open is?


This is the largest fitness competition in the world. Don’t let the word competition scare you, but what an awesome opportunity to find your weaknesses, test yourself, and push harder than you have before.


The Open is so much fun, because it accommodates any skill level with multiple divisions and workouts. This year, the open is 3 weeks long instead of the traditional 5 weeks, which allows us to stay motivated and push to do your best. Registering for the open allows you to not only test yourself, but see where you rank worldwide against others.


Anyone can do the open without registering, but we highly encourage registration for the open because it allows you to see the leaderboard, record your results, and gives you the accountability to push yourself. Each week, on Thursdays, a new workout will be released and you have until the following Monday to complete. If you register, you will do the workout with a judge who counts your reps and solidifies your score. To register, use the link below!


Register here: https://games.crossfit.com

Learn more about the Open here: https://open.crossfit.com



Non-registered Athletes:

In class on Friday, we will do the open workout that is released the night before. This will be a non judged version. So if you’d like to do the workout without a judge, you will be able to come to your regular class time and do the workout.

Registered Athletes: 

Those who are registered and need a judge, we will be doing the open workouts on Saturday mornings, starting at 9:45am and going through noon. The first open workout is released March 11th, 2021 and we will have our first CF Open class on March 13th, and for the next two Saturdays. Each athlete will need to reserve their spot in a heat in Wodify by no later than 9:30a Saturday!! The size of the heats will be dependent on what equipment is required for the workout. This is why you must reserve, if you don’t there won’t be proper equipment for you!!


**For both registered and non registered athletes, we will have a gym wide leaderboard for all the age groups, so we can compete and see where we rank among our peers!


Judges course: 

We will also need some help judging, so if you are registering for the open, please highly consider taking the judges course to help out with other heats. If we don’t have enough judges, heats will be limited. The course is a small fee of $10, should take no more than 1 hour, and certifies you and helps us out in the process. The link to the judges course is below.


Judge course: https://oc.crossfit.com/course?id=43



Remember, we are combining both gyms for one event each week. This will not be at both locations. The location of the workout will be released Thursday night after we see the workout and determine the best flow for the heats. We will release the location of the workout in the facebook groups. Each group link is below. It will also be in announcements on Friday.

Heat times:

10am-12pm (subject to change based on length of workout) with 5-10m breaks to set up the next heat. You must use wodify to register for a spot in a heat before 9:30am on Saturday morning. No matter what heat you sign up for please be at the gym no later than 10a! We will be doing the one and only WOD briefing at 10a for everyone all at once!


Facebook Groups:

We will be posting all versions of the workout, strategy, and the location that we choose for each week in the groups. The link to each group is below.


CFK West Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CFKAthletes/?ref=share


CFK North Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/427884824246846/?ref=share



Workout briefing: 10am-10:15

Heats will begin promptly at 10:15 with 10 min gaps in between to set up for the next group.

Warm up:

The oly room will be set up for athletes to stage and warm up. We will have a generalized warm up, as well as strategy tips for the workout.


Coach Alex and Coach Jesse will be competing at 12 at the end of the day, so stick around and cheer us on!


We are super excited for this year! It’s going to be so much fun competing together and testing our fitness. Remember to bring your coolers, drinks, snacks, and let’s crush it together!