2019 “I AM CFK” Challenge

Keys to Success:    1. Develop the Habits  2. Fall in Love with the Process

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If your habits are great and you are where you want to be in life and in fitness, this challenge is not for you.  If you aren’t sure of your habits or know you need to develop better ones, this challenge IS for you!
We are a product of our habits. – We are what we eat, sleep, drink, think, and do most often.  No one event, meal, or workout will define us but what we do consistently will.  People who are fulfilled mostly do things that are fulfilling.  People who are lean, fit, strong, and look like they workout out all the time…. same, same.
Successful people rely on good habits for decision making. People who are struggling also rely on habits, they just may not realize it.  To make the correct decision day after day, requires us to chart our current behaviors and plan our positive decisions.  Then we apply a little discipline until they become habit.
The 2019 Summer I AM CFK Challenge is all about Healthy Habits.  We won’t focus on restriction or temporary lifestyle changes to get “Summer Abs.”  I AM CFK is a set of daily/weekly challenges designed to create lasting, sustainable habits.
To understand and develop habits, we must first analyze our current behaviors through tracking; then identify and incentivize healthy behaviors to replace the less desirable ones.  Watch this video and read this book to learn more.

6 Week Healthy Habits Challenge – $99

  • Extensive Before/After Fitness Testing 
    • Gymnastics – We’ll test both 1rm Pullups and Max Reps (If you don’t have pullups, we’ll use bands.
    • Mono-structural – We’ll test both your Power/Speed using the 5m Shuttle and your Endurance  using the 1 Mile.  Rowing can be subbed for running
    • Weightlifting – We’ll test over all Strength using the 1rm Bear Complex and Strength Endurance with 7 rounds of Bear Complex.  We’ll use a Clean Complex option for shoulder problems.
  • Before/After Fit3d
  • Daily and Weekly Fitness Challenges
  • Daily and Weekly Nutrition Challenges
  • Weekly 15 minute CFK Coach Check-ins

    – this is your time to ask questions and learn to make your own healthy decisions.  Check-Ins are not for coaches to “tell you what to do,” but more to help you decide for yourself what’s best, based on your goals.

  • After Party with Barb-Q and Beer!
  • Prizes
  • T-Shirt and More!
Optional Custom Nutrition from EMOM Nutrition​​​​​​​ https://www.emomnutrition.com
CFK is partnered with Emom Nutrition to offer an insane value for this challenge. You will have the option of weekly food log review through the Lose It app by a certified Nutrition Coach and a second option of a Custom Nutrition plan, complete with daily Macros as well as the food log review
  • Optional EMOM Nutritional UpGrades
    • $49 = Weekly Food Log Review through Lose It app
    • $99 = Everything above + Custom Nutrition plan, including Macros!


July 20, 2019 – 9:45 to noon 
  • 10-12 – Warmup, Testing, Cool Down
  • Bring snacks and Water, belts, lifters, running shoes, wrist wraps, etc… or Nothing.  It’s a test!
  • Active Recovery Wod on Thursday (RPE of 6-7) and take Friday Off.
  • Friday: Eat well, don’t go drinking, and if you like, come to the gym and do a light row and foam rolling on Friday with lots of water but do NOT Workout!
August 31, 2019 – 9:45 to noon
  • 10-12 – Retest
  • 12-3ish Beer, Barb-Q, Awards, Fun
How: Click link, sign up, show up, read the Nutrition Guidelines, grocery shop, food prep, win……
*There will be an overall winner.  However, if you participate in this challenge to completion you will also win.  The points are for motivation, the habits built are the prize.  Take the Challenge!

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